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Daily Forecast The Weather Channel Friday A 80% chance of freezing rain with a potential for icing. Cloudy, with a high near 33. North wind around 15 mph. Friday Night A 10% chance of rain. Clouds coming in early and clearing late, with a low around 14. North wind at 9 mph. Saturday A 10% chance of rain. Partly cloudy, with a high near 32. North northeast wind around 11 mph. Saturday Night A 10% chance of rain. Cloudy, with a low around 20. Northeast wind at 7 mph. Sunday A 60% chance of rain and/or freezing rain. Cloudy,with a high near 37. Northeast wind around 9 mph. Sunday Night A 90% chance of rain. Cloudy, with a low around 32. Northwest wind at 5 mph. Monday A 20% chance of rain. Partly cloudy, with a high around 42. North northwest winds at 8 mph. Monday Night A 10% chance of rain. Partly cloudy, with a low around 15. North winds at 6 mph. Tuesday Mostly sunny, with a high near 33. North winds at 7 mph. Tuesday Night A 10% chance of rain. Partly cloudy, with a around 22. North winds at 4 mph.

Classroom Mariah Day

Jillian Winn Staff Writer We all know the regular routine for the average student; go to class, listen to a lecture, then go home with loads of bookwork. Although recently in Mrs. Penick’s 5th period Algebra 2 class, they are doing quite the opposite. Instead of the typical classroom scene, there are videos assigned to students outside of class in

place of lessons. The problems that would be homework are done in class, and students can ask for further help if they need classroom” concept, featuring the teacher as more of a “guide on the side.” Many students are is shown through their grades and new attitude toward the class. Lindsay Thomas, a student in Mrs. Penick’s class, said

classroom’ because with the videos, I can rewind the teacher over and over again and work at my own pace.” Mrs. Penick got the idea from a teacher in Taylor County. She heard that it was working very well, and wanted to test it out. She is also experiencing the positive impact on her class. “Overall, I think I’m really going to like it,” Mrs. Penick said. “I am seeing students

taking responsibility for their own learning like I haven’t seen in a very long time.” This trend has been going on for quite a while now. In 2007, teachers Johnathan Bergman and Aaron Sams discovered software to record their PowerPoint presentations. They posted their lectures and PowerPoint presentations online for students who missed class, and the videos eventually became very popular on the

Internet. As popularity rose, Bergman and Sams were asked to speak to teachers around the nation about their methods. GCHS administrator Jennifer Tilford is excited about the idea. She explained, “With our BYOD initiative, it seemed like a perfect way to see learning from a different, 21st century perspective. It just makes sense. I was so happy that Mrs. Penick

The program starts during Computer Science Education week which is from December 9th to 15th. The week is originally observed in recognition of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper’s birthday. The program was introducted to the school by

math teacher Jim Whitaker who believes “understanding of code


GCHS gears up GC student prepare for CSEd week for holiday giving Maranda Branum Editor-In-Cheif

This December marks a new nationwide program called “Hour of Code” from, a website dedicated to promoting computer science education around the world.


see CSED, page 3



Maranda Branum

SHOEBOX JOY-- Featured are the shoeboxes that the gifts will be packed away in for Operation Christmas Chid.

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Maranda Branum Editor-in-Chief One such group is Operation Christmas Child (OCC), a program funded by Samaritan’s Purse. Every year, OCC packs and distributes hundreds of shoeboxes to children across the world, with help from churches, schools, and businesses. Graves County High School Family Consumer Science teachers Whitney

Clark and Cyndee Carman organize local participation in Operation Christmas Child through FCCLA. “I started participating in this program when I was younger in my local church, and choose to introduce it to my students when I became a teacher. It’s a great way to involve students and also teach them the true meaning of Christmas giving,” says Clark. This year, the two teachers have chosen to sponsor little girls ages two to four and little boys

Hannah Templeton

THE HOUR STARTS -- Students and community members alike are checking up on the start of the hour of code. Students will participate during CCR next week.



The Eagle’s Eye

December 6, 2013

‘Starry Night’ is a success

Becca Green Staff Writer

Jillian Winn Staff Writer


Becca Green

Hannah Templeton


Graves County Community joins GCHS for an Eagle’s Dinner Hannah Templeton Business Manager

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The Eagle’s Eye

December 6th, 2013

In Loving Memory of Kim Fortner

Seeking a change Caleb Pack Staff Writer

Mayor Teresa Cantrell, joined by other members of the city council, attended a presentation given by the Travel and Tourism class at the Graves County High School’s Performing Arts Center for possible tourist attractions that could be added to Mayfield. Mrs. Michelle McKee’s students presented their ideas in groups of two to five and presented eight different attractions that could be introduced in Mayfield to improve the economy, decrease obesity and increase population. In Mayfield, the population has become a concern recently due to a 2.3 percent drop in population since the year 2000, according to the City-Data website. The students introduced several ideas that would provide additional options for family-oriented leisure activities in Mayfield. For example, one duo suggested bike

routes to connect 10th Street and Cuba Road for access to Kess Creek Park. This modification would save money on gas, as well as encourage healthy living styles. The next attraction was a family friendly battle of the bands performance. Students suggested that the bands performing could be of any genre, and all bands would perform family-friendly songs. Another group presented the possibility of a local skate park. Though many would have safety concerns, the group suggested the city could ensure safety by fencing in the park and requiring all participants sign a release of liability. Other suggestions included a color run, zip line, a Hispanic heritage parade and fall food frenzy. After the address, Mayor Cantrell shook hands with students, thanking them for their suggestions. She indicated her hope to implement some of their suggestions in the future.

There are already improvements being made to Mayfield, including a new and improved bowling alley across from the fair grounds, new restaurants such as Applebee’s and Taco Bell, a miniature golf course, efficiently placed gas stations and more construction underway for new businesses. These new additions allow for a more efficient and earth friendly to have family fun in Mayfield. Over the past years for the most part the only way adults, teens and children could have a joyful time with friends and family was to travel the commute to Murray, Paducah and Nashville, which is a very time and gas-consuming task. With all this talk of bringing new entertainment and other consumer highlights in the area, hopes are high for a bright and striving Mayfield KY in the future, where commutes will be short or even unnecessary to enjoy leisurely activities with friends and family alike.

A year ago today, GCHS lost a beloved student. Kim Fortner would have been a senior this year. She’s the daughter or Kevin and Becky Fortner, and sister of Rachel and Julia Fortner. Kim will always be in the heart of GC students.

Alyssa Rollston

CHANGE IS COMING -- Mayfield’s bowling alley, now called Spare Time Lanes has reopened.


Get the scoop on the latest world, national, and localnews! The Tucson man and wife accused of keeping their three stepdaughters locked in their home for two years have been arrested and charged with numous accounts of child abuse and neglect as of Wednesday. Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor told a news conference on Wednesday that the house in which the malnourished girls were held had been elaborately alarmed and outfitted with round-the-clock video security. The man who came up with the idea for Taco Bell’s billion-dollar “Doritos Locos Taco” passed away from brain cancer on Thanksgiving day, without ever receiving a cent from the fast-food chain. “Everybody that I tell about this says ‘You should be getting some money off these,’” Todd Mills said last year, shortly after Taco Bell brought this latest sensation to the marketplace. “I’ve never once said that I deserved any sort of compensation. I can’t be the first person to think of this.” With a wintry mix of weather in our forecast this week, a local church is opening its doors to anyone in need. he Grace Episcopal Church stepped up to host the warming center this month. This is the first city led warming center. Doors will open on Thursday at 6 p.m. If the weather drops below 32 degrees, church members said the doors to the warming center will be open indefinitely.

CSEd week continued is calling for every student in K-12 to participate in this program, which aims to demystify computer science for students by taking them through tutorials that can be completed on any Internet capable device. The tutorial takes about an hour and show “that anyone can learn the basics, to be a maker, a creator, and innovator.” ( The tutorials have been created with help from sponsors such as Bill Gates (Microsoft) who stated, “Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.“ Other sponsors include Mark Zuckerburg (Founder, Facebook),, (singer/producer)

Chris Bosh (NBA All-Star, Miami Heat), and Adriana

For every educator that signs up to participate in CSEd week, will be giving out 10GB of free storage as a thank you gift on, a website frequently used for online storage by teachers and adminstrators. Classrooms across the country will have a chance to win a variety of prizes for participating including: Fifty schools that organize an Hour of Code for their classroom or club will win a full class-set of computers – one winner in every state. Fifty classrooms will win a group video conference with “a technology titan” to kick off their Hour of Code. Participants include, Bill

Gates, Jack Dorsey, and Square and Susan Wojcicki. Students who take a follow-up course online will have a chance to win additional prizes, including Skype credits and online gift cards. Whitaker explained the process of bringing CSEd Week to Graves County High School. “I brought the “Hour of Code” to the attention of Mr. Madding a couple of months ago and more recently to the rest of the the administrative team. Mrs. Morris was particularly helpful in the school being able to implement our Hour of Code during our College & Career Readiness (CCR) period. Students involved in AP Computer Science will be aiding teachers in presenting coding activities and lessons designed to demystify ‘code’.”

Counselors Column

MSU will be at GCHS on Mon. December 9th to conduct a scholarship workshop during CCR in the computer lab. WKCTC will be at GCHS on Tues. December 10th to conduct a scholarship workshop during CCR in the computer lab. You should have a detailed resume prepared and ready to attach to scholarship applications. Ask teachers/community members now to write a letter of reference/recommendation for you. Give them plenty of time and provide them a copy of your resume to help them as they write about you and your accomplishments. Make sure all of you are checking university/college websites and becoming familiar with deadlines for application for admission, housing, scholarship, and any other specific requirements. Most colleges require that you be admitted before you can apply for scholarships or housing, so if you have not applied for admission, do so immediately as several university scholarship deadlines are fast approaching (January 15). Make sure both you and one of your parents have PIN numbers so that you will be ready to complete the FAFSA beginning January 1 at Local scholarships are being updated daily. Check the GCHS Guidance Website schools/gchs/guidance/ is also an excellent site for scholarship information. December 14 is the next ACT testing date. Your photo must be uploaded by Friday, Dec 6. Be sure to be here by 7:45 and bring your ticket, calculator, and photo ID. FREE ACT Prep Sessions will be held at GCHS the week of Dec 9-13.

Graves County Public Library GCPL website gives access to ebooks,, Learn-a-test, and ebsco databases for research. Come see what the library has for you! GCPL Hours: Mon. - Tues. : 9am - 8pm Wed. - Sat. : 9am - 5pm Phone: 270 - 247 - 2911

Where: Farmington Church of Christ

When: Monday & Thursday

For more information contact


Opinion The Eagle’s Eye

December 6, 2013

GC students have #Homeworkprobs Bekah Courtney Sports Co-Editor It’s a typical day. You wake up in the morning, probably unwillingly after a late night of homework, and get ready for school. You leave for school and sit in classroom for eight hours a day learning skills that teachers say will help you in life. Then you probably participate in an afterschool activity like band or basketball practice. You go home, eat and then you start on your 20 pages of history reading, 30 math problems, paper to write for English, Spanish vocabulary words to memorize and the ten Chemistry equations you have to balance. You’re dog -tired and struggling to stay focused. Its already 10:00 and you have to wake up at six the next morning and the amount of homework left to complete is overwhelming. This is a problem that many teenagers seem to be having in today’s society; too much homework and not enough time. Not only does homework require multiple hours of a student’s time, but it is starting to have a negative effect on the lives of students. Are teachers fully aware of the effects that excess amounts of homework have on students? With limited hours left in a day, homework is usually the last thing on a teens mind. And it’s usually the first thing on their mind once they wake up in the morning. Homework is leading to sleep deprevation for many teenagers. Carri Gillen-O’Neel, author of To Study or to Sleep? The Academic Costs of Extra Studying at the Expense of Sleep, studied the effects of staying up late on students. When examined that the average sleep time went from 7.6 to 6.9 hours, the results showed that by sacrificing sleep, the student will have

more trouble understanding material and will be more likely to struggle on an assignment or test the next day. Homework is also beginning to have a negative effect on families. Students are spending so much time working on their assignments, that they have no time left to spend with the people that matter most in their lives. Often, homework can cause tension between family members. If a student asks for help on a certain problem, and doesn’t like how the parent of family member is explaining it, feelings get hurt. In Curt Dudley-Marling’s How School Troubles Come Home: the Impact of Homework on Families of Struggling Learners he said, “For some of these parents, the aggravation and tension over homework outweighed the benefits of getting it done. ‘It’s not worth it,’ as one parent told me.” There are multiple negative effects that homework has on students. When asked why she felt students should not have much homework, Owensboro Middle School math teacher Sarah Sullivan said, “If a student is not able to complete a practice problem, then they should not be doing it without help.” This brings up a good point. It is really difficult for a student supposed to get better at something, by working out problems that they don’t know how to do anyway? If a student is going to spend hours working on one problem, they’re only going to get frustrated and more than likely not finish the assignment. And isn’t the whole point of the assignment to help the student? How much is too much? Are students stressing out and losing sleep because of what teachers are assigning them? To some students, it may seem that homework is more trouble than it’s worth.

In the way - #hallwayprobs Becca Green Staff Writer In many invisible-sad teen girl movies, there always seems to be a shot of the girl standing in the middle of the school hallway while all the other kids rush by her in a fast speed, not touching her. I tried this myself in the school commons and there was no sad music around to show my mood and I didn’t stand in the crowd without being pushed or shoved. No, today in school hallways everyone is in a rush to their classes or standing right in the way in packs and give you harsh looks if you try to break them apart. Everyday there is always a conflict when trying to maneuver these school hallways. To these people, or as I like to call them obstacles, I address you this letter. Dear Obstacles, To the group of girls who think they must walk in a line of three or four like Regina George in “Mean Girls”. This isn’t red rover, your line can be broken and if you would walk single file, I promise, no one will be knocked down. To the lovey-dovey couples in front of my locker, I understand my locker is in front of the cafeteria and easily accessible but must you always be in my way? There are plenty of empty walls where you can gaze into each other’s eyes. To the pack of kids who dominate the steps in the commons,

yes when there are no chairs available, the steps are a good seat -- after school. You might look cool all relaxed, laying across all three steps but it’s a bit hard to go up these steps to reach the cafeteria or the staircase when you and your buddies are sitting there. To the very large groups of students in front of the doors every morning, recall the football huddle I mentioned? This is you. I understand that hanging out together before school is crucial to starting your day, but there are so many of you! If you would stay closer together then many would be able to get around you. However, you all tend to stay in smaller groups of four or five and run back and forth, causing even more maneuvering on other students’ parts, and mine. Finally I address not certain people in the building, but everyone. When walking through these halls, it might help to think of it as a highway. You can only pass each other when there is no one is the other lane, no sudden stops, and whatever you do, don’t pass into the lane going the oncoming traffic. This just causes crashes, frustration, and takes up more time than necessary. Sincerely,

The Girl who thinks you are In The Way

Parking lot woes a frustration at Graves County High School Hannah Templeton Business Manager A parking lot, for the most part, seems irrelevant and just a place for your car and nothing more. However, here at Graves County high school, the parking lot is a bustling and important place for our students. Students pack into the parking lot as they arrive for class in the morning. Then, once the 3:06 bell rings, students pour out into the parking lot to head to work, home, or extra curricular activities. With so many student drivers, parents, and buses, the act of parking in the morning or leaving in the afternoon is a rather difficult process. To get a decent parking spot you have to beat the morning traffic to school. All of the spots close to the door fill up rather quickly in the morning. If you arrive at the parking lot any later than 7:40, you can almost kiss a good parking spot in the back parking lot good bye. After school is much worse however, parents try

to cram into spots that aren’t even parking areas and cause a traffic block when students are leaving in the afternoon. “Whenever I try to leave for the day, there are always kids standing in the middle of the isles and drivers who aren’t paying attention at all,” stated Senior Taylor Massey. If you don’t beat the buses when you’re leaving the back parking lot then you have to wait 5-10 minutes before you can make it out of the school grounds. For the front parking lot, traffic is an absolute disaster and can hold you up for 10 to 15 minutes. Unless you can get to your car just minutes after the bell rings, buses and parents picking up children stop up traffic. Also, in the front parking lot you have to watch out for children walking to the high school from the middle school and they aren’t the best at watching for cars coming. Students definitely covet their parking spots when they get a good one. Some students leave school

It is the epidemic that is hitting high schools hard. Is it bullying? Is it fighting? No, it’s the couple in the corner making out. PDA, or personal display of affection, has been practically outlawed and taught against in schools almost everywhere. And this is not a problem specific to one or two high schools. Nationally circulated news media such as Time Magazine, the Washington Post, and the Huffington Post have been writing about PDA in schools for years, and the consensus is that these displays are innappropriate. However, with as much discouragement as there is, we wonder why kids don’t refrain from that last kiss goodbye. In reality, they’ll probably see each other in less than an hour, anyway. Is it really that important?

during the day to go to trade school or go to projects for classes in the community. Upon returning there is always the frustration of

some one taking your parking spot and resulting in having to park several spots or even rows away. There more than like-

ly won’t be any beneficial change in the parking lot for future students. Unfortunately, there is just not a lot of room for more park-


In the mean time, students will have to continue doing the best they can, and being careful in the lot.

Hannah Templeton

BEEP BEEP- The Graves County High School is parking lot is packed full with teachers’ and students’ cars.

Respect, reputation, and decency seem to be the last thing on some students’ minds when walking with their boyfriend or girlfriend to class. One teacher explained that any time they see students getting a little too close, they tell them to break it up. But as much as the teachers try, some students still don’t get the idea. Maybe those students should be reminded that it’s not just the teachers who disapprove. Most students we spoke with agreed that no one really wants to see it, teachers or students. One student, who wanted to reamain anonymous, explained, “It really just makes everyone around them uncomfortable. But it really just gives the impression that you’re not mature enough to control yourself in public.” We couldn’t have said it better.


The Eagle’s Eye


December 6, 2013

s y a olid

H y p Hap

Page 6 Challenge Yourself this New Year Holiday Decorations Holiday Traditions Christmas Trees

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7. Find love 8. Learn something new 9. Volunteer 10. Get organized

Alyssa Rollston




1. Weight Loss 2. Fitness 3. Learn something new 4. Eat healthier 5. Get out of debt/Save money 1. Weight loss 2. Fitness 3. Spend more time with family 4. Quit Smoking 5. Get out of debt/ Save money 6. Get happier











FEATURES The Eagle’s Eye December 6, 2013

Battle of the Holiday Finding the Perfect Gift

Getting the perfect gift is always such a hard thing to do, even whith everything at our conveniance and so many ideas it still seems so hard to think of something for someone else so to help you ive made a list for boys nd girls to help you

Cj and Gabby

Winter isint just made up of winter wonderlands and snowmen, but also the unique fashions that we see around this time. Lets start with girls! This year things that are a big hit are decorated leggings and a sweater to wear with them or a long shirt and winter accesorys to top it off but we will get to that latter. To keep warm you dont have to just throw on some sweat pants and a big bulky coat you can still look cute and not freeze! Things that are in that keep you warm are winter sweaters, coats with lining in them, leather jackets, and layering a shirt with a sweater or cardigan. Now for the fun acessorys, lets start with the basics that are still in, we have scrves, boots, gloves, and of course jewlery. But for this each basic has a twist, scarves all have bright patterns and style, some are solid and alot are a neutural color to go well will the season. Boots although fur is still in its not so much as it use to be, boots that are making a apperance are riding boots, combate boots, and leather boots. Gloves are always great for being in the cold but they dont have to be dull gloves that are in are tech. gloves they are useful for using your device and still keeps the cold nip off your hands, if you dont mind the cold or your not going to

By: Gabby Adams

out long in the frosty weather something that is starting to ear them, and leather gloves as well. Now all women love jewlery but as the seasons past and your wordrobe changes its no differnet for your jewlery colors that are good are darker items and things that match but also can set off what your wearing earing can come in all diffrent assorts so try something new and

1:A gift to show you pay attention. Wheather your guy likes soda or water a great gift would be something that goes hand and hand with what they love.

even in the shape of santa hats. Now for the men even though alot of guys dont like to shop they still like to look good so this winter here are some things the ladies will swoon over. Sweaters are really work with any pair of jeans and shoes. Also coats dont have to be big and bulky like they used to be, companys are starting to catch on and keeping warm while not looking like a mashmellow isn’t so hard. Belts, scarves, gloves, shoes and any other wintery assecory can also help set off any guys assets. Hoodies are also great for guys who dont want to dress up that much and just be comfy all day. Also if you like to wear shorts even when its chilly basketbalal and kahki shorts are a good choice.

2:Wallet Guys work hard for the money they spend so helpin them not loose it would help alot with their busy life.

Cute but casual is an easy look to achieve in the winter. Grab a scarf, leggins, and sweater and girls are comfy but so cute! Guys can just grab a sweater and jeans or khakis and look top notch for the season.

Sweaters are perfect for both guys and girls this season. They keep you warm against the chilly winds and templain, all sweaters are great this time of year!

3:Clothes Most men dont like to go and buy new clothes what they have is what they like. So go out and get him something new.

something you do and have her try it out.

4: Gift Card A good gift for anyone is a gift card so if you dont have anything else pick up a card for a shopping place or favorite restruant.

Featured Holiday Comic

One of the best accecories for a girl in the winter is her boots. weather. Guys shoe choice doesn’t change much during the seasons. The newest and coolest shoes work best for them.

Mayfield Veterinary Clinic Since 1940 501 West James Street Mayfield Ky, 42066

2:Phone case Everyone wants to have a cool phone case so why not give one as a gift.

3:Perfume Find out what she wears and go get it for her and if you dont like she

Girls VS Guys thing people will notice in the winter season. Make sure you have in style jacket or coat. Keep up with the coolest brands to look your best for both girls and guys!

1:Jewlery Girls love jewlery pay attention to what she wearto help you pick something out.

Small & Large Animals Medicine & Surgery



The Eagle’s Eye


December 6, 2013

Tech Talk with Jillian

If you ask anyone here at GC what they want for Christmas, odds are one of the things on their list is brand new tech. Here’s some examples of what’s most wanted, tech-wise here at Graves County High School. 1.) Smart Phones 2.) E-Readers 3.) Video Game Consoles 4.) GPSs 5.) Televisions 6.) iPods 7.) Laptops 8.) Cameras 9.) Tablets 10.) DVDs and Video Games Without a doubt, many people favor tech items, you just and happy shopping! For more information about GC’s most wanted tech, visit our website at “Presenting, the victors of the 74th annual Hunger Games” When Katniss Everdeen heard these words, she believed that her time in the wretched Hunger Games were over. She would be able to live in peace in her home of District 12. Little did she know the plans that President Snow had in mind. After returning from the annual Victory Tour for the victors of the Hunger Games in the districts of Panem, Katniss and Peeta Melout that because of the Quarter Quell decree, they must go back into a new area against previous victors from other districts.

Caleb’s Gaming Corner

Suzanne Collins brings readers back into the world of Panem in the sequel to the Hunger Games, Catching Fire. This sequel brings begins monthes after Katniss and Peeta have returned home from the Games as well as elaborates more on the differing feelings between Katniss and Peeta. After a visit from President Snow himself, Katniss learns that she must continue pretending to love Peeta in order to calm the uprisings in the other districts as well as deal with the news of re-entering the arena. Collins sheds more light on Haymitch Abernathy’s (Katniss and Peeta’s mentor, a previous victor as well) past on his win of the games before beginning the third part of the book, which takes place in the arena.

SPOILER ALERT! The arena in this book is a lot more elaborate than that signed like a clock in which upon the strike of each hour a new horror is unleashed in a certain place in order to kill the tributes. Poisonous mist, killer monkeys, blood rain, and jabberjays assault Katniss and her allies as they journey through the jungle in the arena. Katniss tries to cope with the idea of letting everyone and herself die in order to save Peeta, proving to the reader that she does indeed love him although she won’t admit it. The reader causes and explosion by blowing up the arena when she believes her allies are trying to trick her. Katniss is taken from the jungle by a hovercraft containing Haymitch and other tributes that had been rescued from the arena. Katniss becomes not only frantic but downright murderous when she learns that Peeta is not on the hovercraft, but in the Capitol, possibly being tortured. Katniss is knocked out to calm her down and wakes to see Gale and begins questioning him on her sister and her mother’s location in District 12. To which Gale responds with “There is no District 12” Catching Fire was overall a wonderful read and a personal favorite out of the series itself. There was hardly ever a time when I did not want to stop turning the pages.

The Battlefield video game series has astonished audiences everywhere starting with Battlefield: 1942 and on October 29. Dice released Battlefield 4 the newest member of the vastly popular growing game. The new additions include hardcore mode brought back from previous battlefield games and new features never before seen in any battlefield game released this including levelution, counter knifing, improvised weapon customization and all new vehicles to expand gameplay from not just on foot but to the air, sea and in compact vehicle such as the A.T.V. With the many updated vehicles comes more fun with updated battleships and vehicles, which means more means to get to the objective faster and more efficient. Drive, fly, or ride into battle solo or with your team. Some downsides to the

additions made in battlefield 4 are more complex controls for all forms of gameplay, the game still has a good amount of bugs that need to be touched up on and sniping errors in the recon class. Though most recon based players are good with their rifles and assorted equipment,

the error with the shots are timing based. The shot fired is belated a good distance when shooting at a moving target, which is normal, but with the updated recon mechanics including a 0 to 1000 meters zeroing range, zeroing is where the bullet will hit when you put the crosshairs directly onto your

Poppin’ with Gabby Catching Fire a well known book that was released as a movie on November 22. As a fan Iwas very excited about attending the showing and could not wait to go see this fantastic story come to life. In all honesty, I was not expecting the movie to follow up to the book’s plot and be exactly the same because.. well it never is.

Catching Fire begins as Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games. They leave their family and close friends for a “Victor’s Tour” of the 12 districts. Along the way, Everdeen senses that a rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol attempts to hold control as President Snow prepares the 75th target and the bullet will hit right at the intersection of the crosshairs, you will have to estimate your targets distance, speed and elevation to get an accurate shot. However, the lag in the bullet speed will cause some confusion. Aside that point the recon kit is not the only load out with issues a maj o r issue n o ticed i s with support class. Though most battlefield veterans will tell you it just adds to the realism of the game, when a player activates the sprint feature as a support soldier when the player holts to take a shot there is about a 2 second delay between the animation time causing a belated shot or even

a missed shot. The assault class seems to be very well rounded the only feature worth mentioning as of a bad bug is switching to primary and secondary equipment will sometimes be delayed longer than it was in battlefield 3, which was roughly 1 second, and an animation freeze. When starting most games, though the game is in full response to the players, sometimes the maps, players and weapons don’t pixelate or even have an animation for a couple seconds. These are just some pointers to watch out for when playing battlefield 4 overall I rate it an 8.2 out of 10 for gameplay, weapons and general layout of the game its self.

Annual Hunger Games, known as the Quarter Quell. This movie was fantastic! Not only did it follow the book’s plot but it was so well made that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Catching Fire has action, romance, and everything in-between, with plot twists and great effects thrown in the midst. I would go and see it again. I give this film

five out of five stars!

To keep up with my movie reviews, pop onto

Check out our website at to keep with with entertainment news!


Eagle LIfe The Eagle’s Eye


December 6th, 2013

What’s your slang? Hannah Templeton Business Manager Graves County High School has been around for 27 years. Out of those 27 years, the faculty has seen many changes in style, people, and lingo. Teenagers are usually the group with the most exclusive lingo or slang. Many times adults don’t even understand what they are saying.

and gone with the decades. These terms that are well known to a certain time period are known as slang words. Many people use slang as a way to be witty or clever. Some people even use it for the purpose to just be different than everyone else. For whatever people’s personal reasons, slang or lingo is used as a way to enrich your language. Read on for some examples from the past few decades.

Slang by the numbers hug or kiss


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ay Mariah D Mariah Day is the daughter of Amy and Donald Day. She is currently a junior at Graves County High school, with plans to study graphic design in college. Day enjoys reading, and painting. “My passion is reading,” Day said. Other interesting facts about Day include having to use the tiny fork when eating instead of a bigger fork and that she is shorter than her eight year old brother. Day became the Eagle’s Eye ofmaking of this issue, as she excelled in Adrienne Custer’s photography class this past semester and began to toshop. “It wasn’t long after the school year started that I recognized Mariah’s talent in graphic design,” Custer said. “I recently decided to ask her to join the Eagle’s Eye team as a graphic designer, and I’m certainly glad I did. She’s actually been teaching me some things.” “Getting extra help with a potential news writer has been a big ben-

us improve the picture quality in our paper ,” Eagles Eye business manager Hannah Templeton commented when asked how she felt about all the help success is featured on the front page, Eagle’s Eye staff multiple lessons, including how to save a photoshopped picture for the print paper. The Eagle’s Eye would like to send out a special thank you to Mariah


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The Eagle’s Eye

December 6th, 2013

Boys Basketball ready to get back on the court Bekah Courtney Sports Co-Editor Football is over and it's time for the round-ball to start hitting the hardwood. After making it Boy's Sweet Sixteen last season, the Graves County Boys basketball team is looking forward to the start of the 2013-2014 season. On December 3, the Eagles will tip-off against Livingston Central to start what head coach Terry Birdsong hopes is a successful season. Last year, the team had a very successful season, winning the regional tournament, which had not been achieved since the 08-09 season. ished out the season with a record of 27-9, a District Three championship, Region One championship and an advance to Birdsong said, "Last year was a fantastic year for both are players and coaches. However, this year presents a whole new set of challenges for our team." The Eagles will start the 2013-2014 season without the help of Mason Beale, Tyler Starkey, and Eli Wilson; three vkey players that helped carry the team last year. Birdsong says that they will be hard to replace but other players

will have to step up and expand their roles on the team. "We have quality guys that will now have to expand their roles for our team. Justin Hayden and Andrew Smith will be counted on for more of everything. Those two would have started for most other teams in our region last year. Also, we feel that Eric Vogt will be better prepared to help us in the post this season. We are counting on him to have a big year. The addition of Eamon Hannon will help us tremendously as well." Birdsong, as well as the team, are looking forward to Jake Williams, Peyton Puckett and Zach Kimbler to step up and be leaders. "I think the team revolved around our most experienced guys." Going back in the stats, Williams, Puckett, and Kimbler were the top three scorers from last season. Kimbler and Puckett were also top rebounders for the team. F o r every team, winning is always the goal. But at Graves County winning is expected. In his six years

at Graves County, Birdsong has coached the Eatitles, two Region One runner-up titles, two Region One championships and have won over 70 percent of their games. "Can we defend at a high level, do we have good chemistry , and will we play smart. Those things ALWAYS determine a teams success... and this year will be no different," Birdsong said on the keys to his teams' success. Like always, the Eagles hope to win the district, then work

toward winning a regional championship and hopefully a state title. New challenges will be put in front of the Eagles, such as the consolidation of McCracken County. "You have another big school in the mix, and they will be hungry to be successful. Most all schools throughout Kentucky try to be as good as possible in basketball." The addition of a big school will bring about new competition. They were competitive in football and will want to be competitive and

successful on the basketball court as well. While four out of the six seniors are returning from playing football, the Eagles are ready for the season to begin. "It's a different sport with a different mindset. The important thing is that they have been competing at a high level since school started. It is however a totally different type of conditioning, so that is always a concern early. But, they will be ready to go... and if anything, be excited to get back and start since they have been away from it

for awhile," Birdsong said on his football players. The start of the season gets closer and closer everyday, and the Eagles get better and better. Birdsong says the team says "together" every time they break a huddle whether at practice or a game. "We feel like a team that is really together has a much better chance of reaching their goals." As long as the Eagles play together and stick together, success is in the near future, and the student body is standing behind them.

Co-Ed off to impressive start Johnathon Wooldridge Sports Co-Editor On November 2, 2013 Graves County High School’s Co-Ed Cheerleading squad traveled to Memphis, TN to compete petition of the year. The Eagles competed in the large coed division, going up agianst Dyer County. After a long day for both teams, Graves won their division with a score of 89.5 and went


with the trophy. Becasue of the win, Graves County is invited to go to nationals in early 2014, which will be held in Florida. Graves’ next compettion came on November 16, as the CoEd team traveled to Rupp Arena, facing three other schools. After performing second and having two minor mistakes at the beginning of the roustrong. The Eagles


out successful, claiming another win for Graves County High School. November 23, 2013 Graves County CoEd traveled to Madisonville to compete at regionals. Graves competed against newcomers, McCracken County High School. The winner of the compettion goes to state, which is one of the biggest competitions before nationals. Both teams performed at their best, but Graves County won again.

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The Eagle’s Eye

Bekah Courtney Sports co-Editor

the Eagles remained at 10. Both teams remained silent

It’s been a historical come to an end at some point. The Eagles’ season

Crider put up some impres-

suffering a heartbreaking 49-10 gional championship game. Coming into the re-

Peyton Puckett threw


December 6th, 2013

All-Girl to cheer at Florida’s Capital One Bowl school history to even make it to the third round of the playoffs. Earlier in the sea-

leaders and number nine in passing yards allowed per game. Puckett is ranked

district championships after a win over Hopkinsville.


ty is highly ranked among

is ranked number 15 for scor-

Maranda Branum Editor-in-Cheif

perform at the 2014 Capital da at the Citrus Bowl on New Years Day. The 2014 Capital One

Crider is number four


downs and one receiving touchdown. He is also number four in rushing leaders with 1829 yards. er is ranked number seven in rushing. Recently he was named Player of the Year

were the number one team

touchdown on the opening from Cody Crider to put the While the Eagles ed about four minutes untouchdown and kicked the extra point to tie the score

lando for a week of rehearsals. “The hours of rehearsals will be well worth the effort when they perform in front of tens of

teams from the Big Ten and Southeastern conferences. Teams invited to participate in the pre-game performance are trophy holders from the -

coach Cheryl Hawkins commented. Business or individuals wishing to help sponsor this once a year opportunity




at her email at tina.nance@ .

during the summer.

voted as Coach of the Year. -

it looked as if the Eagles would keep the game close. Bekah Courtney

SEASON ENDS-- The Eagles’ 2012 season has come to an historical end. downs. With two seconds left

Eagles can only hope to improve their game in the off-season and strive for that treasured Kentucky state title in the 2014 season.

and two interceptions. BowlThe Eagles are ranked number three in team scoring

Congratulations 2013 Eagles Football!

score was 28-10 in Bowl-

rushing yards. The Eagle defense allowed 288 yards on

Coming out in the

Even though the Eagles didn’t


was still extremely successful.

in rushing yards allowed per

a very good scrimmage against Murray. We still have improvements that need to be made and

ways. This creates mismatches for opponents as they cannot

Bekah Courtney Sports Co-Editor

Mariah Day

SOARING TO THE TOP-- Eagles All-Girl cheer perform at last week’s Fall Festival, as they prepare for their New Year’s trip.


schedule. The schedule will be the biggest challenge that the tam has to overcome. While Region One has some tough teams

are very pleased as to how we Lady Eagles basketball team are getting closer and closer to the won back-to-back district championships. With hopes of playing in

The Lady Eagles are comtrict Three championship and

are starting off strong. Head

factor for the Lady Eagles in reaching their ultimate goal of a regional title comes from the versatility of the team. Carrico ple types of defense and harass

have been having some very competitive practices and had

We also have a variety of people who can score and in a various

Western Kentucky University

lacking in height. Coach Carrico said that players are working tirelessly to gain strength and improve on scoring in the post. “While some may see this as a greatest strengths by the end of

are working hard to accomplish all the goals they have set for -

on the schedule as well. “This

a team chemistry that can make “Chemistry will be a huge key for us. We have good individual truly successful we cannot be focused on individual awards

looking toward the three seby March we are hoping that the strength of our opponents pays trict and Regional championschedule.

varsity players. The strengths of the team outweigh the weaknesses. gles will also face a very tough

to the occasion and compete every single night. Our challenge

for the team to follow. “Every time we step onto the court it is

lead them on and off the court. The Lady Eagles also have all gives them a lot of cohesiveness and leadership. Because there are so many gles have one more edge. The familiarity of each other creates

play good team ball and we will be successful. “ The Lady Eagles are ready want to win another district championship and then work their way to a regional championship. Believing that their Lady Eagles are ready to start on the road to Diddle.

Eagles Eye Pick of the Season Senior Taylor West has worked her way up the basketball stair steps. West’s sports career started as a member on the freshman basketball team. She is currently on the var-

has been one of her extracurricular activities for three years now. She started cheering in elementary school and missed her chance to cheer in middle school. When Lexi

became interested in playing. Her supporting parents gave her the encouragement she basket that allowed the girls basketball team to make it to the second game in the region-

Taylor West

Lexi Coleman



Lady Eagles Basketball

JV All-Girl Cheer

The Eagle’s Eye

December 6th, 2013

In loving memory of

Evan Crawford

1998 - 2013

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” --Hubert H. Humhrey

GCHS Eagles Eye Volume 29, Issue 2  
GCHS Eagles Eye Volume 29, Issue 2