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The Voice Of Grant Community High School

Time to go from student to rockstar at this year’s Turnabout To all of the girls out there, it’s that time again to ask the boy of your dreams to the annual Turnabout dance. G r a n t Community High School’s Student Stephanie Dogan Staff Reporter Council is once again hosting the dance this year which will be held Feb. 21. This year’s Turnabout is being anticipated by a lot of students since the last big school dance was months ago. Senior Gina Holzman agrees that she will be attending the dance and is looking forward to the theme ‘Rock Out Turnabout.’ “I think it’s pretty cool, but if there’s not going to be as much rock music then it really wouldn’t make sense,” says Holzman. ‘Rock Out Turnabout’ should attract people to rock out as well as look like a rock star. For some students, this is the last Turnabout dance, or any dance until the big one: Prom. So find that inner strength and ask that special person to the dance. For other students, however, this is just the beginning. Freshman Destinee Jacobi says, “Asking the guys is not such a great turn around, it’s nerve wrecking.”

The Turnabout committee meets to finalize plans for the big dance Some people’s first assumption of dances is that the guys always ask the girls, but girls take that to their advantage too much and don’t realize that it can be very stressful. Freshman Derek Hansen says, “Finally girls actually take a chance, and ask the guys.” But this is not always the case; many

S. Francisco/The Bark

girls feel the pressure and won’t even bother at all with asking so boys, throw that special girl some hints to boost her confidence. Senior Ashlee McCarten says, “Some girls feel a lot of pressure but others just want to have fun with it.” Rejection’s not the case for McCarten, who has no worries about asking

her boyfriend but is excited to do something memorable. “Guys always feel the pressure of thinking of cute ways to ask girls and [girls] usually seem to know all the good ways to ask someone out, so it’s nice to finally use the cute ways on that special someone,” says McCarten. “Someone once wrote ‘Will you go with me’ on their undershirt and ripped of their top shirt in front of everyone,” says Jacobi. Usually, people just keep it casual. “I haven’t seen anything too crazy, just usually with notes, decorating lockers or cars,” says McCarten. Junior Juan Chavez, however, was asked in a clever way last year. “A girl gave me a note and a rose for every period with the words, ‘Will you go with me to Turnabout’ and in my locker was a bunch of roses and a teddy bear with a soccer uniform, because she knew I played soccer,” he says. So bring in those new dancing moves and rock out at Turnabout! Tickets will sell for $7 the week before the dance in the Commons. The dance will be on Feb. 21 from 8:00 – 11:00 p.m. and only Grant students are allowed. Ladies, pluck up the courage and ask that special someone.

Reckless driving harder to avoid this season

Battle of the Bands will strike a chord with crowd

It has not been uncommon for Grant Community High School students to be personally affected by a car accident due to reckless driving. Whether the driver was intoxicated, or distracted Meital Caplan by a phone call, many Editor-in-Chief preventable deaths have occurred that have taken a toll on the community as a whole. Even survivors of a car accident can be left with both physical and mental scars. Still, students at Grant can be found talking about racing one another, bragging about how for over the speed limit they went, and other careless behavior without a thought about the possible dangers. “I speed,” admits junior Mike Cashmore. Senior Kristina Miller on the other hand considers herself a harmless driver “unless I choose to use my phone while driving.” Whether it is true or not, many students seem to believe themselves to be good drivers. “I’m an OK driver,” says Mejia. “I try to be as safe as I can.” Other students have had to learn from their mistakes in order to improve how they act on the road. “I had an accident on ice last year so this year I’ve become a much more cautious driver,” says senior Brittany Sven. While irresponsible driving causes

Every year show.” the musically inclined at Senior Sam Biggs, however, isn’t Grant Community High so much focusing on the competition aspect of School take center stage the event. “I feel this is just another opportunity to show off their talents for my friends and I to show a crowd our truest and compete for a $100 passions and play the songs we wrote together. cash prize. This is the The competition aspect will have nothing to do sixth consecutive year that with our performance,” he says. Grant has held Battle of the Many of the bands competing this year Shayla Francisco Chief Photographer Bands and the expectations have been competing in Grant’s annual Battle of are higher than ever. the Bands for several years, but believe this year So far two bands will hold drastic changes. have signed up to join the competition, ‘The Junior Jason DeLeon, lead vocalist of Delmore Schwartz’ and ‘Signaling Snipers by ‘Athena Means to Fall’, has been a part of the Radio’. Bands still expected sign up are ‘Athena competition since his freshman year. Means to Fall’, ‘Nothing Left’, ‘Kablamo!’, See ‘Battle of the Bands’, page 6 ‘They Hide in Shadows’, and ‘Children of Dismay’. The competition is definitely being looked forward to this year. Mr. Erickson, event coordinator says, “Each year it’s a good show with a lot of amazing talent. We hire a professional sound company that comes out and sets up a great sound system to make the show even that much better. I expect a great Battle of the Bands with some great music this year.” The bands all seem to share a common excitement as well. Junior Jake Racina, lead guitarist and singer for ‘The Delmore Schwartz’, is “extremely Band ‘Athena Means To Fall’ fits in a S. Francisco/ excited to bring a new sound to the practice session before Battle of the Bands. The Bark

Maybe that special someone sent you a shout out! Look to page 3 to see if you got one.

many accidents by itself, changing weather also adds to the risk. Even so, many teenagers do not alter their driving style to accommodate the weather. Some have the delusion that harm would never come their way or that they could rely completely on four wheel drive. “I think some teenagers do not think of the repercussions of reckless driving under dangerous conditions,” says Mr. Rous, math teacher. “Some probably do it for the thrill of it and others just don’t think bad things will happen to them.” Even under the hard winter conditions Fox Lake faces, students can still be found making irresponsible mistakes on the road. “I use my phone occasionally while driving but I would never use it when it’s an icy blizzard outside,” says Miller. “I see teenagers all the time smoking, doing their hair, etc. while driving. It’s sick!” Teenage ignorance seems to be a big factor in careless driving. “Most teenagers don’t really care about the weather and take it as a big joke,” says Mejia. “That is why there are so many accidents and it seems like most of them end with a death.” Others feel that the teenagers simply do not acknowledge that they do not yet have the proper understanding of how to deal with the changing road conditions. “[Teenagers] lack experience,” says Mr. Van Alstine, social science teacher. “They have no idea what it’s like to drive in [changing weather].”

See ‘Reckless Driving’, page 6

Kingston weighs in on the latest V-Day flick. Page 4.

Learn more about the closing of Guantanamo Bay. Check out page 6 for more info.

Junior soccer player Josh Tapia plays for the Youth Chicago Fire! Page 8.

February 13, 2009

The Bark

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Opinions & Editorials Teens should stop waiting for money trees to grow The ways of the world are quickly changing, and it would do the general public a lot of good to keep up with these changes. Today’s economy is worse than it has ever been in many of our lifetimes, and things aren’t looking up. Gas prices are rising, businesses are closing, and available jobs are few and far between. So it doesn’t seem to add up that most people are still spending money like it grows on trees. You can make the argument that money is made of paper, and paper is made from trees, ergo money grows on trees, but guess what? Money is made from fabric. The bills in your wallet are not magically replenished by a secret source of cash. The debit card in your hand is not linked to an infinite flow of money that will automatically appear every time you swipe it. The credit card you use is not the same as a gift card; these charges actually have to be paid off.

Now more than ever, teens should be extremely aware of their spending habits and exercise caution when making new purchases. Sure, things may seem easy now, when the only real expenses we are responsible for are filling our gas tanks and eating at Taco Bell on Friday nights, but think about all of the expenses that await us in the future. College tuition, grocery shopping, car maintenance, doctor visits, taxes, house payments, insurance… the list goes on forever. Without having already built a solid financial base to stand on, we will only sink to the ground when faced with the expenses of the real world. An easy solution to the unsettling problem: plan for the future. The word future is indefinite and vague, and most of us tend to view ‘the future’ as being years or even decades down the road. But the future is tomorrow. The money you save today is more money in your pocket for tomorrow, or the next

day, or next week, or even next year. Everyday you hear someone talking about how broke they are, or how they have no money to go out this weekend, but think about how bad it will be when we really have no money. If we can’t learn the simple concepts now, then we have no hope for making it through the next few years to come. So the next time you’re at the mall, and you have to buy the newest pair of Audio’s or the latest accessory for your cell phone, stop and think, ‘Do I really need this, or can I use this money somewhere else later?’ If you really must have it, then go ahead, but if you could do without, then save the money and there is more in your pocket. Just like the old saying goes: a penny saved is a penny earned. And for those of you still watering that money tree that you planted out back, don’t hold your breath for the next bloom. You will be waiting a while.

The day of love causes stress and No age limit when it comes to love sorrow for singles and couples Feb. 14 is that one day of the year when Hallmark, Fannie May, and teddy bear sales reach their peak. Valentine’s Day. It is recognized as a day for couples to express their love for each other, Katie Loris normally in the form of Staff Reporter exchanging expensive gifts and candies. It is a day full of love, but only for those with a partner. For others, it is a day to watch others express their feelings for one another, while they sit there wondering if they will ever have a valentine of their own. In today’s society, many teens are too busy to have a steady relationship, and aren’t focusing on Valentine’s Day. Those who do not have a partner do not feel as if this holiday is all it’s cracked up to be. Many people sit alone on Valentine’s Day and hope that maybe next year will be better. It has become a day, for me, which I no longer look forward to. Sure, in younger years classes would all exchange valentine cards and have class parties, but that just isn’t the case anymore. Now only those in a relationship or wishing to surprise their crush have much incentive to celebrate this so called holiday. Many people that are in a relationship dread this holiday as well. They are forced to worry about

whether or not their partner will like the gift or candy they’ve chosen, how much money they’re expected to spend, etc. Couples all over the world may recognize Valentine’s Day, but in most people’s minds it is not a real holiday. Hallmark thrives on it, as do many candy companies, and stores selling teddy bears. The day is known as the day for lovers. One day a year when they should show their feelings for each other. Many people feel that it is cliché for their spouse to show their love on Valentine’s Day more than on any other day. They may feel obligated to do something special; as if what they do everyday isn’t enough. For many boys, they feel as if they will do wrong both if they do buy a gift, and if they don’t. There is the chance that their girlfriend, partner, or love interest will not like the gift they are given, and will be upset if not given one at all. Also for girls, there is the stress of wondering whether or not their partner is going to give them anything. Girls also have the pain of trying to decide on what to get a guy, which isn’t always easy. In the end, for many children, greeting card companies, chocolate companies, etc., Valentine’s Day is great, but most people grow out of it, and it isn’t always what it is expected to be.

Valentine’s Day: the Hallmark Holiday Valentine’s Day is the traditional day on which couples express their love for each other by sending Valentine’s Day cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. Valentine’s Day is most closely associated with Meagan Stephenson the mutual exchange of Staff Reporter love notes in the form of valentines. Since the 19th century, handwritten notes have largely given way to mass-produced greeting cards. That is also when this holiday had slowly become quite commercialized. Now, couples everywhere are urged to spend money in whatever suitable way for their boyfriend or girlfriend. Spend money for the one you love to show that you love them. That’s how it comes out to be seen. In other words, the day of celebrating love has become what some might call a ‘Hallmark holiday.’ ‘Hallmark holiday’ is a term used to describe a holiday that exists mostly for commercial purposes, rather than to celebrate a traditionally significant event. It is spending money for the things you think you need or what you think the other person wants when really the whole mess is unnecessary. Where did the creativity go? With the economy the way it is, why not make our loved ones something? Use any materials within reach to your upmost advantage. Not only would creating your valentine gifts be

fun, it would also be a benefit in the long run. It helps you save the money you could probably use for something else. For the artistic type, you could learn origami. Creating a paper rose never hurt anybody. For either the boy or girl, origami is a great way to express sincere feelings for your significant other. The girls really like it too when the guy does something unexpected and creative. Also, who said the gift for your valentine had to be material? The best gift you could give to your love or even your friend could simply be to just be with them; especially when you don’t already have the things you need for making your gifts. Do something that is completely different from what you normally do. Spend the day with your chosen Valentine. Something like babysitting your little cousins or maybe just walking the dog together could end up being special to your significant other. It can be the little moments that mean the most. All the commercialism is leading you into the idea that in order to give your special valentine something, you need to buy it. We don’t need to spend money to have a good Valentine’s Day. Instead we can just spend our time with each other. If there are those who prefer to spend your money on more important things, then while you are being a penny pincher let out your creative side. Find some fun way to give your gift to your valentine. So there is your start, the rest is up to you and your imagination.

There has been this burning question that has taken place within my head for a while now: Does love have an age? Everywhere I turn, from the hallways of our school, to my everyday outings, and of course Emily Paddock celebrities, there seems to be Staff Reporter some kind of unofficial rule that people who exceed a certain age shouldn’t be together. Of course there is, to an extent, a reason for this, because a thirty year old going with an 18 year old seems a little extreme. However, where is the line drawn? My parents are four years apart in age, but by societies’ standards that seems to be OK; however when a 16 year old is dating a 20 year old, which is the same distance in years, there seems to be a problem. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus can date a person who is 21 while she is at the measly age of 15, and society seemed to be OK with it, so why is it such a problem for the average person? On the other hand, people such as Hugh Hefner have relationships with people with immense age differences. Hefner is 83 years old, and he not only has one girlfriend who is around the age of 27, but he has two others who are about that same age or younger. So my question is this, why is it OK for him? Is it simply because he is known for this? Or is there another unofficial rule that we don’t know about? Another concern that people seem to have is when a person in a relationship turns 18. Some people seem to believe that once a person turns 18, that if they are with someone who is younger, they should drop their relationship and move on to someone who is an ‘adult.’ The ludicrous part about this whole theory is that many people turn 18 while they are still in high school, so although they are legally adults, they are still somewhat considered ‘kids.’ So should these people be forced, by society’s unwritten rules, to drop a relationship that is important to them? My view on this is somewhat skewed because I see both arguments. However, if two people are truly in love, age shouldn’t matter. Another observation that I’ve come across is that society’s views have changed a great deal. In the fifties, people used to get married when they were 17 and no one saw a problem with it at all. In fact, it was encouraged. So why is it such a big deal now? Why have everyone’s views and expectations changed so much? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to any of these questions. However, my opinion about this situation is obvious: the age difference between two people should not be an issue. If two people are meant to be together, then they should be. No one should say that two people shouldn’t be together because of a foolish number.

February 13, 2009


Valentine’s Day Messages To: Kyle Joseph Hunter I love you like a fat kid loves cake. So would you go to turnabout with me? Muahh. xoxoxo -Valerie Brzezinski

To all the ladies and gentlemen in my newspaper class: I want to say thanks. Meital Caplan, you are a leader who is not only a role model in the classroom but an amazing dancer on the dance floor. To Rachel Seminara, the brains of the operation, you’re the MVW (MOST VALUABLE WORKER) in my eyes. To Stephanie Dogan, the sound track of the classroom who keeps us moving with her smile and love for music even if it’s not always the best. To Shayla Francisco, our photographer who sees us as a whole picture and not just single portraits. Jeshannah Smith, who can only be described as one smooth lady. Essence Tillery, the name says it all. You’re truly one of a kind; no one will ever come close. Monserrat Martinez, spring flowers are jealous of how gorgeous you are. Hayley Paddock, your writing skills are beautiful just like your smile. Jordyn Boyles, you’re a real woman. This V-day may, you spend it with a man worth your time. Megan Stephenson, you’re as unique as the Mona Lisa portrait. To Emily Maddock, let’s just say cupid went to you for fashion ideas for V-day. Lydia Wells is the most awesome editor in the world. She puts up with all my grammar errors not with a smile, but with a red pen instead. It’s just how she shows her love. If I could, I would buy you a Forever 21 store of your own and put a strawberry milkshake fountain in it, but for now I’m going to say Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you have great one. Collin Bushing is one smooth dude. His looks and smile can grab him any lady he wants. Alex Carr the real definition of a gentlemen. Paul Kudowski can put a smile on anyone’s face with his smooth talking. As for Kingston Warren, I can say he’s cute but I’d be lying so I’ll tell the truth and just say it: he’s hot. So to everyone in my newspaper class, Happy Valentine’s Day. -Anonymous

To: Nina Marie Brown I am sitting here thinking about you Nina and what you mean to me, and how much you really changed my life. In your eyes I can see the sunshine. Nina, I am so happy you are all mine. You are the reason my sun shines, why everything seems just fine. With me you will always have love! Happy Valentine’s Day, I Love You! -Izzy Rodriguiz

To: Fernando Suarez III You’re a butthead. But you’re my butthead. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you! XOXOXO Love Always and Forever -Ashlee McCarten

To: Anyone needing Valentine’s cheer Though some people find this holiday corny, take it as an opportunity to let someone you care about know how much you appreciate them. Or another idea would be to make friends laugh. Tell a joke and enjoy the day. -Brice Lundman

To: Sam Waltz Happy Valentine’s Day. Roses are Red Violets are Blue My name is Kevin And I love You -Kevin Reinhart

To: Kristen Wyland Happy Valentine’s Day to my Best Friend Pookie Brasten! A brunette and a blonde with a special bond. -Brandy Hatcher

To: Greg Luce Greg! Our second Valentine’s Day together! It seems like it was just yesterday when we first started dating. I don’t think I can picture my life without you. You’re amazing and I think that I am the luckiest girl to have you in my life; I can honestly say that you complete me. I’m definitely head over heels for you! I love you Greg Luce. Don’t you EVER forget that! -Cindy Depena

To: Baby Danny Hourihan Happy Valentine’s Day Daniel! I love your big arms and chizzled abs! You’re awesome! I love you baby Danny! -Janine Fiordirosa


To: Georgia Rae Moeser It’s been only a month but my you’ve showed me that I don’t need to play around with other girls because I have someone truly special. Someone in my life who would never harm my heart or soul now. You are the girl that cares about me and has showed it in more ways than I could ever imagine. I love your honesty smile, laugh, style, and sense of humor. You’re every guy’s dream of a girlfriend and even more so a real friend, but I’m sorry guys she’s all mine and I hope it stays that way too because replacing you is just too hard to think about. Happy Valentine’s Day Babe. -Kingston Warren

To: Ms. Perry and Katie Kundit Happy Valentine’s Day you two. I love you very much. Thanks for making my years at high school memorable! I will never forget you. -Maureen Cook

To: Bill Khan Happy Valentine’s Day Khan vict. You mean the world to me. I love you so much and I was wondering if you will go to turnabout with your girl? Love Always -Jessika Anderson

To: Jodi Kitzman Happy Valentine’s day and 9 month anniversary. Mai Tumse pyarr karsa- you know what that means. -Micky Singh

To: James Daniel Paquette To: Christina Currie Happy Valentine’s Day Dan! Where do I begin? There are so many things I can say, but they would not do you Roses are red justice. You have changed my life and you are always there when I am down. You are Violets are blue so special to me; you are the one I can always count on. Hand in hand I always know Flowers smell nice each day will bring happiness because you are there with me, to guide me through my And so do you! troubles. I love everything about you: your smile, your eyes, the way you laugh. Anything I Love you you can do can brighten up my day. Every time I am with you my heart sings and I feel -Mindy Jurinak nothing but happiness. There could be a war going on outside but I would be at peace because I’m with you. Every time we are apart my heart aches because it feels like my To: Navneet Singh whole world is gone, but I feel better knowing I will see you again. You are my other I’m sorry for ruining your life and half. If I were a flower growing wild and free, all I’d want is for you to be my sweet cramming eleven cookies in the honey bee. Christina, you are the source of all my happiness and I know we will VCR. I love you Micky! have our tough times, but you’re the best thing to ever happen to me. I love To: Sara Mamerow -Brandice Holland you so much and I hope we can share many Valentines Days to come. Happy Valentine’s Day babe! I remember when I You are my sun and stars, my universe, and I will always first started liking you, how nervous I was around cherish you. I love you Christina Currie, and Happy you. I still get butterflies whenever I see you. You Valentine’s Day. are the most amazing girl that I know. Even though -Ken Depena it took us a long time to finally be together, I would To: Nick Allen-Stewart Hey Handsome, have waited forever for you. Sara, you are the cutYou are as amazing as the hyphen in est, funniest, and most beautiful girl in the world. your name. I love the hyphen. Happy I don’t know how I got so lucky. A girl like you is Valentine’s Day. impossible to find. -Amber Potts -Josh Wigutow

February 13, 2009



Features kingston’s korner:

My Bloody Valentine 3-D, an old-fashioned horror movie with a modern twist

V-Day is about love, candy, chocolate, romantic dinners with the one you love, and poems that show your true affection for your signifigant other. Why not take your lover to see an oldKingston Warren fashioned 3-D movie? Staff Reporter My Bloody Valentine 3-D is a gruesome movie with a pinch of suspense that could leave you guessing if you’re not really paying attention. What I like most from this film would be the body count. Harry Warden, the main character, took no prisoners and showed little sympathy for any of his victims, something all good serial killers should do in horror films. The 3-D glasses really keep you in the mood although they’re not available in every theater. Be sure you find yourself a good middle seat to really enjoy the film. I got stuck up front and my neck was not very happy after the movie. All the credit for the way the film is told and brought to life goes to the writers Todd Farmer and Zane Smith. They really went back to the 80s on this one, and director Patrick Lussier went off their story line superbly. The plot goes something like this: ten years ago, the only survivor of a horrible mining accident -- a man named Harry Warden-- went on an inhumane killing spree, killing 22 people in all, and leaving only Alex (Kerr Smith), Sarah (Jaime King), Irene (Betsy Rue), and Tom (Jensen Ankles) left to tell the tale.

When murders start happening again, ex-sheriff Burke (Tom Atkins) and local businessman Ben Foley (Kevin Tighe) thinks that Warden has returned. But Alex, now the current lawman, has a different theory. He's targeting Tom, who recently returned from nearly a decade of selfimposed exile and desperate to sell the mine and having rekindled his romance with Sarah, who oddly enough, is married to his old buddy. All in all I was pleased with this horror film but I also got the feel for a tossup; either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it. If you have never seen a 3-D movie, I think this would be a good one to start Watch out for this guy with the pick-ax in My Bloody Valentine in 3D. with. I’m still stuck on the suspense. That really got to me when the true murderer was revealed. a pick-ax and how the murderer wielded it perI think you will be too unless you’re really pay- fectly was a big turn on. The death total at 22 was miraculous. ing attention. If you enjoyed My Bloody Valentine The murder weapon is something that I think really made the movie. The use of 3-D, it is an open door for more good horror

D o n ’t j udge a mannequi n by i t s cl oth es Have you ever felt like you were an outcast, considered weird, or felt you were being made fun of behind your back, just because your personal style did not fit within the criteria of how you’re supposed to dress? Jeshanah Smith Whether stuStaff Reporter dents want to admit it or not, many people feel obligated from certain people to dress or act a certain way. Also, students at one point have either stereotyped or labeled other students because of the way they dress. “I’m going to be honest, I do judge people. If people buy what is in style and at the stores they shop at, we naturally assume that they are a certain type. Then again, truth is really in the statement ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover,’ or in this case, a person by their style,” said sophomore Jolein Kamenir. Stereotyping people based on clothing is not a new phenomenon. “Just because someone might dress nerdy or punk doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a cool person to talk to and hang out with,” said sophomore Amanda Herrera. Thinking other people should dress the way they are viewed in society is completely different than just putting students in categories and thinking that they should just hang out with those students. “At the end of the day we are all human and should be viewed on personality,” said senior Tim Cephus. Putting people in certain cliques because of the way they dress can also be an issue. “It’s actually something that can be

Approximately 16,500 people in the U.S. go by the last name Lemon.

The “Zip” in Zip Code stands for Zone Improvement Plan.

argued by everyone. Somebody who dresses one way just might understand the way or why somebody else dresses. That’s where labels come from. Personally, I think being categorized by appearance is wrong because somebody could wear all black and be labeled goth on Monday and wear all pink on Tuesday and be labeled as a prep,” said sophomore Cassadice Rushing. Nobody is the same. Everyone is different in some kind of way, shape, or form. So how do students interact with other students? Are friends found through outward appearance or personality? “Sometimes it seems like if you wear something that would be considered weird you’d get made fun of. But in the end, it’s better being original and different than following the latest trends and being like everyone else. It would get boring really fast,” said sophomore Taylor O’Keefe. Personal style does not have to be based on what you think expresses you all the time. Some students have a personal style that they like more than all the other styles that they portray. That definitely does not mean that they have to exclude themselves from all other clothing styles and not talk to certain students because they dress differently. Some students feel that school is a place to learn and not a runway fashion show, and that they should be focused on school more than how they look that day. “Usually someone would think that you interact better with people who dress like you do. But I tend to get along better with people who dress different than me,” said O’Keefe. People are artists, whether they know it or not and their bodies are their canvases. Personal style is a way of expressing your emotions or even what you believe in. It can also be your first impression. Many take it in differently

Mount Everest rises a few millimeters every year.

whether they like it or not. “I don’t have a certain style, but if I had to describe it, I would say that my style is everything. That’s because somedays I will dress preppy and other days I would dress like a skater. I guess it’s just because I like a variety and it’s fun wearing different types of styles,” said sophomore Samantha Mangioni. Almost every student has either received or given a wrong look at a certain point in time. When you are constantly talking about others all the time, and you are well aware that you are doing it, then it becomes a problem. People know that they don’t have to dress the way they are viewed in society. The question is if people feel the pressure from society to dress a certain way. “I dress how I want. There are tons of different styles, and I just choose what suits me best. I’m not going to walk around in something that makes me feel self conscious or is something that just is beyond my comfort level,” said Kamenir. While some students don’t feel the pressure from society to dress a certain way, other students feel differently. “I don’t like to be looked down upon because I don’t look as nice as someone else. That’s why I make sure I’m always ahead of the game,” said sophomore Philip Almmon. At the end of the day, each individual is their own person. If you think you should stay in your comfort zone and hang out with people that dress and act like you all the time, you’re going to miss out on all the wonderful things different people (and cliques) have to offer. So with that in mind, go out and meet some new people. Who knows, they might be all that you were looking for in a cool friend, and even more.

The Statue of Liberty wears a size 879 sandal. Snails can sleep for up to three years.

Long Beach Island was once frequented by pirates. A squid can have eyeballs the size of volleyballs. flicks to come. A remake of Friday the 13, which will be released the day before V-Day, should be another teenage crowd pleaser. I would give this movie 3.5 crowns out of five.

Random Facts... Life jackets used to be filled with sunflower seeds for flotation. Raindrops can fall as fast as 20 mph. A twit is the technical term for a pregnant goldfish.

A group of cats is called a clowder.

Rinsing bacon under cold water before frying can reduce the amount it shrinks by almost 50 percent.

It is against the law to put pretzels in bags in Philadelphia. You burn 20 calories an hour chewing gum.

When the moon is directly over you, you weigh less.

February 13, 2009



Pink mohawks, snakebites, tattoos, and... a job? Pink hair. Gigantic tattoos. Multiple piercings. All of these forms of appearance are also a way of selfexpression; an artistic outlet for the unique Lydia Wells Features Editor through hair dye, ink, and needles. But how, exactly, does this affect everyday interactions, from meeting new people to snagging a job? Junior Whitney Davis says that her tomboy look of big shirts, boxer shorts, skinny jeans, and a constantly changing hairstyle (that has included a pink mohawk) has often affected her negatively. “When I go to a lot of my friends’ houses their parents will take one look at me and tell them that I’m a bad role model or a mean person,” she says. Senior Ahleah Hagen’s situation is similar: she has two tattoos, five body piercings, 12 ear piercings (including gauged lobes), and plans on dreading her hair. She

says that because of her appearance she “can’t get a job to save my life,” and that “people constantly judge me before they know me.” People always react differently to something new, ‘weird’, or taboo, and experts claim that it takes approximately seven seconds to judge somebody based on looks alone. How much does your hairstyle and choice of clothing say about you in the time it takes to tie your shoelaces? In addition, studies have shown that an applicant’s appearance at a job interview is a crucial component in landing a job and that those first impressions really do matter. In most cases, a clean, neat, and professional look is required. Junior Shannen Cashman says, “Having a professional look is a vital role in snagging a job. Employers want someone who represents their company or business. Looking sloppy will not help, so cleaning up and looking nice is a definite plus.” Junior Roger Shumacher also believes that a plainer look is better for a job interview. “First impressions are everything

at a job interivew, and it’s important that you make a good one,” he says. So where exactly do the influences to look differently come from? Senior Jaqi Sandberg has platinum blond hair, multiple piercings, and a tattoo. “What has influenced my look is myself,” she says. “I was raised not to care how I look and be who I want to be.” This type of attitude can be beneficial, since an unusual look doesn’t always have drawbacks. Sandberg, who plans on becoming a hairstylist, believes that her unique look will help her land a job. “I’ve been given credit for having my own style and not caring what people think of me. I have gotten a job because of my style and piercings,” she says. Hagen agrees, saying that “people in the music business are open to people who dress like me. My best friend and I get free tickets to shows at The Rave. We also get backstage VIP passes.” Davis says that looking unusual has helped with new endeavors. “Many people

like to come up to me to compliment my hair or clothes, so I get to meet a lot of new people that way.” It all comes down to the simple fact that pressures from those around us (including the media) will always be present. Whether we let those pressures take a toll on us is only up to us. Sandberg thinks that there must be a change to fix this problem. “I think that people need to be more chill and get to know people before they start judging,” she says. “It really shouldn’t matter if we have piercings on our face or an arm full of tattoos; we are exactly the same, we just have our own style and are who we want to be. I think people should give others a chance.” Hagen believes that “safe and normal-looking people provide people with a false sense of security. People are intimidated by things that are different.” Just remember that old line you’ve heard since kindergarten: don’t always judge a book by its cover.

Like reality TV? Which shows are worth watching?

Collin Bushing Op/Ed Editor

Reality television shows have been sweeping the nation for years, and it seems like these shows are appearing on every channel and at every hour of the day. With all of these

shows it is hard to decide which ones are worth watching and which ones aren’t. There are many different channels that play different reality shows. One of the most famous channels is MTV. The rea l i t y shows on MTV have been keeping teens interested for almost three decades. MTV has started numerous shows that continue on for years. One of the most famous shows MTV is known for is ‘The Real World’. The Real World has been on for 17 years, and is on its twenty-first season. This show is about seven strangers picked to live in a house, work together and have their lives changed. The audience gets to find out what happens when people stop being polite and starting getting real. This season of ‘The Real World’ is held in Brooklyn, New York. There are two special twists in this season. The first twist erss, aand nd nd is that there are eight house member members, the other is that there is a transgender nder on the show. This ed is supposed to add extra ra ndd drama and controversy to the show.

MTV has created one show that is a huge hit. This show is ‘The Hills’. This show just finished its fourth season, and it is planning on making a fifth. ‘The Hills’ is about four girls living their life in Hollywood. These four girls are Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port. Conrad, who is the star of the show, made her reality television debut on the MTV show ‘Laguna Beach’. The drama on this show is so intense that some people argue that the show is staged. The drama mainly focuses around Conrad.


She has dealt with losing her best friend, Montag. Then she made a new friendship with Patridge, but in the fourth season they had their issues. Port stars as Conrad’s coworker, and they also deal with the drama of working in the fashion industry. Junior Ami Shishodia says, “I love ‘The Hills’. It is my favorite show. It doesn’t get boring, and the things that happen in it could happen in real life.” MTV has also made some notso-good reality shows. For example, Paris Hilton’s: M My New BFF. This show is about Paris H lton searching for Hi Hilton h r ne he her new best friend. oo 16 girls and Itt ttook two tw o boys and put tw them through t th various chalv to see if llenges le en they were worth the th Teens can an Hilton’s bbecoming eco his relate to this best friend. use show because Many argue that M the people on challenges on this the cha rty get in the show party, show were childish, and relationships, and then have showed no special skills that to deal with the drama that comes would make a good best friend. with that. Shishodia says, “I really hated the Junior Felicia Smetters says, “The show ‘Paris Hilton’s: My new BFF’. I think Real World is full of drama and there’s so it’s pointless and stupid.” much stuff going on. It’s interesting to watch Another flaw with this show is that and keeps me watching.” there will be a British version. If Paris found In addition to ‘The Real World’, her best friend, then why does there need to

be another season? There are other networks that have reality television shows. The Bravo network has been creating reality shows for a while now. The most famous show on that network is ‘Project Runway’. This show has made five seasons, and the sixth is being made. ‘Project Runway’ is about fashion designers competing for a design contract, and the privilege of having their own runway show during New York fashion week. This show has won a Pea-Body award, and the host Heidi Klum has been nominated for Emmy awards for best host. One of the most famous shows in reality television history is ‘American Idol’. This show airs on Fox, and is on its eighth season. The show began in 2002. ‘American Idol’ allows people to show their singing talents, and to win record deals. This show has created some of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Even the people that don’t win the show become famous, like Chris Daughtry. There are auditions for this show held in many of the major cities throughout America. The requirements to try out are that a person must be 16 to 28 years of age, an American citizen, and eligible to work a full-time job.

‘American Idol’ is worth watching because it is a show that the whole family can enjoy, and it gives America a chance to

vote for the winners. There is a certain type of reality show that is becoming more and more popular; dating shows. Most of these shows involve taking a celebrity and taking a bunch of fans and seeing if they will fall in love. One network that is famous for doing this is VH1. Their newest reality dating show is ‘Rock of Love Bus’. This show is about Brett Michaels (former lead singer of Poison) looking for love while he is on his music tour. There have been two previous seasons of this show called ‘Rock of Love’, and both girls Michaels chose during those seasons have left him. This show seems unrealistic to many because almost all of the girls on this show are in their 20’s while Michaels is much older. It appears that they are only on this show so that they can get their 15 minutes of fame. Michaels is a 40-something-yearold ex-performer. He still performs his songs, but he hasn’t been a must-see performer since the 80’s. T h i s show is believed to be a waste of time, because it is unlikely that Michaels will find love within a month out of a group of y o u n g , h v . www wild girls. Whatever your taste, there are a wide variety of reality shows to chose from, and there will definitely be many more in television seasons to come.

February 13, 2009



More News First major order issued by newly-inaugurated President Prison camp was source of controversy, speculation for nearlytheadirection decade They look down upon the reported acts of torture and in which it has gone since it’s opening is Nestled deep on the southeast end of Cuba among steep hills and diverse forms of wildlife is a large harbor commonly known as Guantanamo Bay. Controlled by the United States since 1903, the prison camp housed at Jordyn L. Boyles Guantanamo has been the News Editor source of controversy and speculation for nearly a decade. But not anymore. In an executive order issued Jan. 22, 2009, President Obama signed legislation that will close the prison camp and either release or try all detainees still being held there. This is the first major order signed by the newly-inaugurated president, and the proceedings for closing the camp are expected to take up to one year. The Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, also known as Gitmo, began housing suspected terrorists in early 2002. Most of these detainees came from Afghanistan and Iraq. Guantanamo Bay operates as a U.S. Naval Base and is run by U.S. soldiers and personnel. All throughout its history, prisoners of Guantanamo have accused the soldiers who work there of implementing cruel and unnecessary torture as a means of interrogation. Such accusations include those of beatings, sleep deprivation, starvation, being chained up in uncomfortable and often contorted positions, and even sexual abuse. In addition to these harsh interrogation techniques, the soldiers have also been accused of abusing the prisoners’ religion, supposedly going as far as to deface the Qu’ran, the Muslim Bible. There have been four documented cases of suicide, and several hundreds more attempts. Many human rights organizations have criticized these supposed actions at Guantanamo.

consider them unnecessary and inhumane. Groups such as Amnesty International and the Saudi Human Rights Association go as far as to blame the U.S. for the suicides, claiming that were the conditions not so harsh, the prisoners wouldn’t have been forced into

High School are also divided on the debate as to whether or not torture as a form of interrogation is acceptable. “If we do know for sure that certain prisoners had knowledge [of terrorist activity], it should be obtained by any means necessary,” says

Detainees photographed in the exercise yard of Camp 4, one of the security facilities at Guantanamo Bay prison camp making such decisions as to end their lives. Supporters of these interrogation techniques believe that they are fully acceptable, mostly in part because these techniques do not go against those policies set forth by the Third Geneva Convention, which state that those protections only apply to “uniformed soldiers or guerrillas who wear distinctive insignia, bear arms openly, and abide by the rules of war.” Students and staff at Grant Community

senior Tyler Igyarto. “If American citizens are being threatened, we should gather information to protect them by any means that have adequate justification.” Senior Geordie McKenzie agrees, maintaining that “the [prisoners] planned or assisted with an inhumane act claiming thousands of lives. Any measures should be taken to attain necessary information.” Others believe that, while the original purpose for Guantanamo was not completely unjust,

Reckless Driving, continued from page 1 Mr. Kibitlewski, driver education teacher, believes that it is not only teenagers that need to be more careful when on the road. “All drivers need to do a better job of driving with more caution in all types of poor weather,” says Kibitlewski. Even with all the ideas of teens not being smart on the road, there are steps that can be taken to make the roads a safer place for everyone. “[Don’t] just think about your driving, but watch how others are driving around you,” says Van Alstine. “There have been a number of times I have avoided accidents with others because I could see how they were out of control and just avoid it altogether.” The drivers themselves need to constantly pay attention to all aspects on the road when the weather is rough. “Concentration would be a logical solution,” says Miller. “Plowing Devastating accidents such as this can happen to anyone who doesn’t pay attention on the road. and salt helps, but focus and common sense does wonders during harsh weather.” Weather, as well as many other effect on the driver, but on his/her family, to be taken when the streets become hidden factors, will continue to affect the performance friends, and acquaintances as well. The rules of death traps by the weather. The decisions of people driving. While many have been able the road need to be constantly followed, even made on the road, although sometimes small, to avoid harm, the luck is not likely to last if if it means ignoring an arrived text message or will always have a direct consequence with the habits do not change. Taking unnecessary risks a simple distraction. Special care as well needs path that a person’s life takes. will not only leave a lasting, and damaging

Scholarship Deadlines: Ronald McDonald House National National Commission for Cooperative Education Scholarship Program • (200) merit co-op scholarships of $6,000 each • Four scholarships for students with • Open to seniors who will attend one of the ten NCCE Partner financial need Colleges • For minority students-Asian, Black, • Deadline – February 15, 2009 US Bank Scholarships Hispanic, and all students with financial • (30) $1,000 scholarships need Rotary Vocational Scholarship • Open to seniors who will attend • Deadline – February 16, 2009 • (20) $1,500 scholarships • Open to seniors in technical or vocational college, apply at: programs, applications in guidance • Deadline – End of February, 2009 • Deadline – February 15, 2009

not the desired one. “I believe that Guantanamo Bay is serving the original purpose for the U.S. Government,” says Ms. Savage, Social Studies teacher. “However, I feel that certain acts carried out by guards/officials have gone too far,” she says. “As of late, there have been negative news stories about the treatment of the prisoners and I do not feel that these actions were good for our national image.” In the seven years that it has been open, Guantanamo has housed around 780 prisoners. More than half of them have been released, and 245 detainees currently remain. Only a small percentage of these prisoners will be put on trial, and the rest will be released. Going home might not be as easy as it sounds, however. For most of these soon-to-bereleased prisoners, home is a place of the past that they cannot hope to return to. In the past, the governments of these countries have refused to work with the United States on granting re-entry for their citizens. The Obama administration, however, is hopeful that, now that America is under the direction of a new leader, further negotiations can be pursued. Relocating those prisoners who will be put on trial will also pose a challenge for the Obama administration, and it is for this reason that the camp won’t be closed right away. Whether it takes a day or a year or ten years, many can agree that the order to close Guantanamo is a step in the direction of a new America. “The past eight years have been difficult for Americans,” says Savage. “I think President Obama wants to take the nation in a new direction and the original purpose of the prison may not be in his plans. Obama has not been happy with counter terrorism action and I think he wants to put into place new counter terrorism policies that will be more effective.”

Battle of the Bands, continued from page 1 “We have definitely matured as friends and musicians,” he says. “The band’s chemistry has been the best that it has ever been and we’ve experienced so much. We plan on looking back on this as we do every year to say ‘What were we thinking?’ and ‘Man, we look like girls.’” Senior John Houston, bassist of ‘Nothing Left’, seems to hold the same opinion. “I think this year will be better than the others because we have improved our sound and the best line up so far. Also there will be a lot more diversity this year.” The bands definitely will provide a sense of diversity that wasn’t really evident in previous years. Sophomore LeeRoy Sprosty, lead guitarist of ‘Children of Dismay’, looks forward to this year’s battle. “This year will be more fun for everyone. Everyone competing seems to be laid back and enjoys what they are doing. We [are] all playing for the same reasons: to share our music and have fun.” As far as winning the cash prize at Battle of the Bands this year, all bands seem to share the common opinion that winning isn’t everything. Biggs says, “Winning Battle of the Bands would mean a lot to the band. But to me, I’m getting up there to do one thing, and that is to play every song with the same passion as when we wrote them. That is all that will ever matter to me.” Freshman Derek Hanson, drummer of ‘They Hide in Shadows’, is participating in Battle of the Bands for the first time this year, but doesn’t seem to let the idea of winning get the best of him. “Winning? It’s not all about winning, it’s about just going out there, having fun, and jamming and if it comes along the way, it’s just a perk.” Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. come out and support your friends at this year’s Battle of the Bands. There is a $5 cover charge but Battle of the Bands never ceases to provide a night of fun and great music every year. And in the words of senior Cody Carsella, vocalist and drummer in ‘Kablamo!’, “It’s on like Donkey Kong.” All of those in attendance won’t be disappointed.


February 13, 2009


Cheerleaders remember the past but look to the future

The Grant Community High School varsity cheerleading team has something to really cheer about this year. Under the new head coach, Ms. Hoehne, the girls look to make big strides as the Paul Kudowski season comes to a close. Staff Reporter Some highlights of the season include how for the first time in team history, the 20082009 team won the NSC Prairie Division Championship, and also came in second place in the North Suburban Conference. It was a great accomplishment and the team worked hard to set their differences aside and gel as a team. “This team has gone through thick and thin and we still put it all together at the competitions,” says senior Ashlee McCarten. However, winning the division was only one of many personal and team goals the cheerleaders have met this year. “I got better with my tumbling, which makes me very happy, and our team overall has gotten much better from when we started,” says junior Anna Cerrone. Hoehne also sees the great improvement in the team. “This group of girls has surpassed my expectations for them; they are division champions, they have placed well in competitions, and they continue to improve,” says Hoehne. The team faced many challenges this year and coming up with a winning routine for competition was very difficult and took a lot of

teams would be talented, so we wanted something that would set us apart from them. Any spectator can see that our routine requires much dedication and skill, and is much more difficult and complex than others,” says Hoehne. However, with a lot of creativity, the team pulled it together on their way to becoming division champions and qualifying for state. “Our toughest challenge would have to be working to have our routine finally click. Along the way there were problems and errors, but the moment everything came together was exciting and so rewarding,” says Hoehne. Once one goal has been accomplished, the team is not afraid to pursue a new one. “Our routine really came together great and we kept improving our overall score, but our goals and expectation kept getting more difficult,” says junior Taryn Doherty. Getting to the state competition was not that easy. It took a lot of preparation and S.Francisco/ sacrifice. Varsity Cheerleaders show off their routine “The girls worked The Bark at the game against Lakes. through illnesses and injuries, and detail, dedication, and hard work. their determination was clear. They don’t want “Our routine is fast-paced and very anything to stand in their way of victory, and demanding. We knew all of the Medium Varsity they worked to the extreme to improve,” says Hoehne.

The girls managed to place in the top five against fourteen other high schools at the sectional competition Jan. 31 and qualified for the state competition. Before the competition, the team felt strong and confident that they had what it takes to make it. “We’re ready for whatever is headed our way. We’ve improved so much and we are ready to show everyone what we’ve got,” says junior Kristin Tregenza. As they say, practice makes perfect, and these girls certainly perfected their routines. “The future belongs to those who prepare for it,” says junior Jenifer Schroeder. This fantastic season has meant so much to every member on the team, but especially to the few seniors that don’t have a chance to come back next year. They will surely miss it, and for some this is not the end of their cheerleading career. “I’ll miss being able to lead our fans and pumping them up. Most of all I’ll miss competing with my girls. I’m working on getting a scholarship at Bradley University and Hawaii Pacific. I’m going to cheer no matter what,” says senior Robin Rasmussen. The underclassmen as well will miss the graduating seniors. “I’m going to miss everything about them. They are a big piece of our team and I don’t think anyone can forget them,” says junior Shelby Koutas. It has definitely been a season to remember, and the girls are walking away with more accomplishments than ever before.

Fishing team makes The girls’ bowling team has had an splash at Grant

Bowling team hopes to do well at state competition Knock those pins down! The Grant Community High School girls bowling team has been working hard all season. With the end of the season coming up quick, the girls are anticipating Hayley Pallock some great meets. Staff Reporter “I’m pretty psyched because we don’t have many meets left, and they should be pretty easy,” says junior Brianna Brugioni. Brugioni has been an asset to the entire team with her high game of 229 and a 594 series at the meet at Stevenson. The bowling season has been going great, and the players have been improving both as a team and individually. “The team has definitely been improving,” says senior Caitlin Loving. The coaches are such an important part of the team with keeping the girls on track and keeping everyone focused. “The coaches are great! They always keep us motivated and help us when we are having trouble,” says senior Elizabeth Bengtson. Although the entire team has been doing great, there are some individual players that have stood out. On Jan. 26 at Libertyville, the varsity bowlers beat the Wildcats 9-0, with Brugioni

leading the game with a high game of 216 and a high series of 574. excellent year, and it can be guaranteed that Brugioni has been full of spark in her it will continue to perform well in its future last 60 frames. Out of all 60 frames, she only meets, including the State competition. had four open frames, meaning she only had four frames without a strike or a spare. The last meet was one to remember with the girls earning second place at the sectional tournament. With the season finishing, there will be a lot of things missed, and some great memories. “I will miss the graduating seniors and all the fun times we’ve had together as a team,” says Brugioni. The seniors will also miss their fellow teammates as most of the varsity team graduates. “I will miss everyone! The varsity squad has become so close and we always have fun. I’m sad to see the season come to an end,” says Bengtson. Girls bowling team works to knock down all the pins. L.Wells/The Bark

Taking sports by storm is Grant Community High School’s newest sports addition: The Fishing Team. People who think that Fishing Team is just a place to sit around and pretend to fish have Essence Tillery another thing coming. Staff Reporter This team is IHSA backed and completely legit. There will be several fishing outings throughout the year, and Fishing Team members will have the chance to participate in an ‘all or nothing’ sectional in the spring and possibly state if the team qualifies. “I was excited because if you’re not 18 it’s hard to compete [in] fishing. This gives me an opportunity to try my luck at tournament fishing,” said junior Jerremy Wiker. According to Mr. Strebel, Fishing Team coach, this sport is for “people who know how to fish, and who want to learn more in terms of technique and lure selection.” Strebel will also teach members how to fish, how to improve skills, the best type of bait to use and so on. Team members will even learn how to ice fish. So, if fish don’t repulse you and you want to try your luck at fishing, contact Strebel in room 188 and join the Fishing Team.

Wrestling season gets tougher as State meet approaches With the end of the season quickly approaching, the Grant Community High School varsity wrestlers are putting in everything they have in each match and fighting their way to the Meital Caplan top. Editor-in-Chief The team leads with an impressive record of only a couple losses and has even clinched the Prairie Division Title after defeating Vernon Hills on Jan. 23. This has been the ninth year in a row that the Bulldogs hold the title. Now that the season is farther along, the athletes have had a chance to face many of the competitors they will face again in the state competition. While it certainly will not be easy, the team is confident. “I feel we will do well down state,” says senior Jacob Brown. Individuals as well have a positive outlook on the prospects that lie in the future. “I think I have a good chance to become All State this year,” says junior Jason Montemayor. “[Junior] Lee Munster will win

it hands down.” Montemayor also feels that several other members of the team such as seniors Tyler Becker, Tyler Dempsey, Nick Guenther, and Roque Bustos “have a good chance at State.” To make it to the State competition, the wrestlers will have to follow the new guidelines and place top four in Regionals and then top four in Sectionals. Now that making and placing at the State competition has become a top priority, the practice regiment has certainly changed. “[Practices] are more difficult and focused on all the things that need improvement,” says Montemayor. The wrestlers have certainly been able to also “pick up the pace and push each other,” says Brown. Still, all the practice in the world is not able to relieve all the pressure felt by the athletes. “The seniors probably feel pressure to do good this last season,” says Montemayor. “But if they wrestle like how they are, they will do well.” There is more to look foward to

however. The team won the 10 team regonal title by beating Prairie Ridge and Lake Zurich by more than 40 points. This means that the team has made it to the sectional championship on Feb. 24. They will be facing New Trier at Libertyville High School. There were also Senior Roque Bustos works to get the opponent off his back at R.Seminara/ wrestlers who the Vernon Hills meet. The Bark qualified for individual Nick Guenther. sectionals. Those individuals include: Juniors It can be guaranteed that the school Christian Balderas, Jack Kramer, Carl Williams, will continue to cheer and support the wrestlers Lee Munster, Jason Montemayor, Chas Alex; as they near the end of their season and as they Seniors Roque Bustos, Tyler Dempsey, Tyler work to make it to State. Becker, and alternates seniors Jake Brown and

February 13, 2009


Sports What better feeling could there be than being so close your most desired dream? It’s safe to say that everyone has dreamt of being something spectacular whether it was being an astronaut or a Monserrat Martinez famous ballerina dancer. Staff Reporter Junior Josh Tapia’s dream has always been to become a professional soccer player and is slowly on his way to becoming so. “Well, I’ve played soccer all my life,” he says. “I always loved going to Mexico because I could play every day with everyone.” On Dec. 6, 2007, Tapia’s visit to Mexico was one that would ultimately be the highlight of his life. He left to San Luis Potosi, Mexico to visit his family. There, he and his family rented a soccer field where they played and all the while being watched by two scouts. “When we were finished [playing], [the scouts] came up to me and basically told me that I had talent,” says Tapia. “They told me that they were part of the San Luis Gladiadores team. They also said that they would love to give me tryouts for the reserves of the professional team.” Tapia was shocked, yet excited, about being given an opportunity to try out for a professional team. After his parents and the reserves coaches talked about Tapia’s future plans, they all decided that he would return to the United States and finish his second semester of sophomore year and return during the summer

The Bark

Junior Josh Tapia turns up the heat for the Youth Chicago Fire

for tryouts. Tapia has been on the Youth Chicago “I had to try out for two weeks,” says Fire team for about a month now and has to Tapia. “When tryouts were over, I heard the best attend practices during the week all the way four words of my life, in Chicago. Practice ‘yeah, we’ll take you.’” starts at 8:30 p.m., After being obligating Tapia to accepted, Tapia then had leave home at around to make the sacrifice of 6:45 p.m. in order to living in Mexico away get to there on time. from his family. Once it Once 10:30 p.m. rolls was time for him to come around, Tapia heads back to the United States, home arriving at his parents had a big around midnight. surprise for him. Tapia’s “Then I have parents got him a chance to shower and eat to tryout for the Chicago something,” says Fire Youth Academy. Tapia. “It’s a sacrifice Making sure not to let you have to make for this chance pass him by, the thing you love to Tapia gave it his all and do the most, and it’s made the team. worth it.” “It was great Tapia has high because I was now able hopes for his soccer to be home with my career. After sitting family and still live my the bench on the dream,” says Tapia. “I varsity boys soccer was upset that I had to team here at Grant leave the other team in Community High Junior Josh Tapia is excited about S. Francisco/ Mexico, but I did it.” School sophomore The Bark making the Chicago fire and is One can’t help year, to being on his ready to play. but wonder how such a way to play for a young man can handle school, family, friends, professional soccer team, Tapia has come a long and pursuing a soccer career all at the same way. time. The stress and fatigue it can bring must be “Josh must have improved a lot since overwhelming, but Tapia’s passion for the game his sophomore year at Grant to accomplish this won’t let that get to him. goal,” says Mr. Rivette, varsity soccer coach.

“I can say that he is very devoted to the game, more than most players. I wish him the best.” With passion comes motivation and Tapia has found a lot of that from different people. Inspiration from famous professional soccer players and support from friends and family definitely helped Tapia chase his most beloved dream. “Lionel Messi inspires me a lot. He is an incredible soccer player. Seeing him play motivates me to try harder,” says Tapia. “I really thank God for giving me this opportunity and I also thank my family for supporting me in everything. I don’t know what I can do without them.” Although Tapia is looking forward to playing for the big leagues as a career, he does have a plan B. “I really want to make it, so I try my best every time I go on the field,” he says. “If soccer doesn’t work out, I would love to do architecture.” Tapia had definitely proven that he has what it takes to make his dream come true. He shows great enthusiasm and dedication that will surely take him far in anything he chooses to do. So, watch out Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho Gaucho, because Grant’s underdog, Josh Tapia, is on his way to the big leagues. He has proven to himself and everyone else what he is capable of and shows no signs of slacking off. He is sure to continue to show everyone that dreams can come true, with hard work and effort, passion and modesty, and inspiration and motivation.

Girls basketball team focused on State playoffs Boys b-ball players make it through tough season The girls basketball team has faced many ups and downs throughout the season. Although it has not equaled a division championship, the team weathered the brutal Prairie Division Alex Carr and put in a really good Staff Reporter season. The practices the team faced were fierce from the start of the year until the end of the season. “Our practices have been intense all season long no matter who we are preparing to play,” says Mr. Eiduke, head coach. The team has gained motivation as it is also preparing for Regionals. The players know what they have to do to win. “Everyone understands what we are playing for,” says junior Rose Mustari. Even though the team did not accomplish winning the division, they are still focused on the state playoffs. “With ranking for Regionals coming up, each game is becoming more and more important,” says senior Alyssa Pasiewicz. “We need the wins to have a better seat for the state tournament.”

Junior Jaclyn Smyth tries to get the ball from the other team.

Jan. 20 was Senior Night for the girls basketball team at Grant Community High School. On the emotional night the Bulldogs pummeled Lakes by the score of 46-17. “We were very excited and pumped to play in the beginning, but then we had to relax and keep focused,” says senior C.J Hill. “We went out strong.” It was a very impressive victory and the team played one of their best games of season, which was also one of the last home games for the seniors. “The Lakes game went well,” says Eiduke. “It was senior night and they all played well and everyone on the team was able to contribute.” Every win in Prairie Division is tough to come by this season. The competition is tough as ever, but the team has battled to be one of the better teams in the Division. “The competition is pretty equal this year,” says Pasiewicz. “There have been a lot of good teams and close games.” There has also been a shift of division powers from previous seasons. “The division is very different,” says Hill. “Teams that were so-so are becoming top dog, and the top dog teams are so-so.” Defense has been the identity for the team all season. Throughout the year they continued to build on it and became one of the best defensive teams in the Prairie Division. “Our defense has been great lately,” says Pasiewicz. “Our goal is to hold our opponent to under 38 [points] and we have been doing that.” One of the hardest parts about teaching defense is getting the players to communicate with each other during the game. The Bulldogs have definitely showed improvement at that, and it is showing on the court. “Our past four games we have held [teams] scoring to thirty [points] or less says,” Hill. The team has also thrived in one area that is often overlooked: team unity. “There is no drama and we never fight,” says Hill. “It makes it easier to come to practice knowing that you are there to play basketball with friends, not there to bicker.” There is no telling what the team can do at Regionals, but if the teams defense S. Francisco/ continues to play well then they will be tough to beat when it comes to playoff time. The Bark

Things got real “I don’t know what to say about for the second half of the our loss it was bad, the worst display of Grant boys basketball season. basketball. Ever,” said Sheehan. For the first half While the Bulldogs did try to improve of the year, things were on this usettling revelation, it was not enough to going great. The team’s win the game against Streamwood High School chemistry increased, on Feb 3. the new coach brought “We started off solid, then [we] got Essence Tillery out a new found energy away from the game plan and we didn’t start Staff Reporter to the basketball team, running our offense. [They] jumped out to a 14 opponents such as Antioch point lead. We battled back, but we never could got creamed 53-36 over the snow day period, recover,” said junior Jerremy Wiker. and the team walked away with a record of Sticking to the game plan and 10-5. teamwork are not the only factors that the team In the weeks that followed, however, may need more time focusing on. the team faced some pretty big and tough “We have to make [other teams] turn schools: Stevenson High School, Streamwood the ball over more and force them to make bad High School, Lake Zurich High School, Vernon plays,” said junior John Shields. Hills High School, Lakes High School, and While everybody has their own more. strategies, no one knows how the other team Despite the teams’ formidable will react. Therefore, come out and support the reputations, Mr. Bosworth, varsity boys boys basketball team as they play their final basketball coach, showed unwavering optimism games. and support for our Bulldogs. Today, Grant is at Round Lake and on “I believe in our guys and I believe Valentine’s Day the Bulldogs will be at Highland in our team and we expect to get our fair share Park, followed by a home game against Vernon of some wins against these big schools,” said Hills on Feb. 17. Then, Grant turns around Bosworth. and faces the same team at their house on Feb. In the beginning, his optimism was 20 and finally, Grant wraps it up with a game certainly rewarded. Jan. 23, Grant creamed against Stevenson on Feb. 24. Wauconda High School 57-43. “It was back and forth until half time, then [senior] Garrett Olsen’s buzzer beater sparked the team,” said senior Gilbert Sheehan. “The second half we came out and played a lot stronger.” Unfortunately, the Bulldogs would slip in the quality of their gameplay. Jan. 27, Grant lost to Lakes 46-40. “We just weren’t patient and we took quick shots that weren’t really our game,” said junior Tommy Bronken. “They were playing sloppy, we were playing sloppy. It was just an off night.” In the final hours of the boys basketball season, despite all of their hard work and a current record of 11-8, the players still feel that there is room for improvement. “[We] need to work harder and be more intense in practice. There are no flaws, we’re a great team, it’s just that sometimes we’re not together as a team,” said junior Taylor Moore. This was evident in the Jan. 31 game S. Francisco/ against North Chicago, where the Bulldogs lost Senior Gilbert Sheehan goes in for the lay-up. The Bark by more than 40 points.

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