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SG September 13, 2015 Action Project 1

Of Mouths and Tongues “​ Out of sight, out of mind​ ”, shouldn’t be the term we use in regards to humans. Human is what we all are, and what we all need is food. Hunger is something we all have experienced. Don’t feed the people out of sympathy or as a power-play to make yourself feel better, feed the people simply because you are the same as they are. Food being a human right isn’t a question of resources, it isn’t a question of need, and it will never be a question of who deserves what. Not one person on the planet deserves to die out of deprivation from something so extremely close, but insurmountably far away. Every human in the world deserves food, regardless of stature, income, living situation or their country’s economic standing, simply and solely because they are human. Not having a sufficient food supply can disable the body greatly. To begin with food is a physiological need. There is no logistical reason not to feed the planet if we have the resources to do so. The fact that food is essential to life cannot be overstated at this point in the development of societies around the world. Food is also the stepping stone to even higher emotional and mental abilities and needs. Food is the first thing listed on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs. Maslow created this hierarchy in 1948. His theory stated what humans need to not only survive, but to thrive in the world. Maslow ordered this list in the shape of a pyramid with the most physiologically essential living needs on the bottom and the more emotionally stimulating needs near the top. These higher needs cannot be fulfilled without completely fulfilling the needs that come beforehand. Food is a physiological need, which means that you very literally cannot survive without it. This means without a secure food supply you may never experience security of health, or home, without a secure food supply you may never experience the emotional health that family and friends brings. Without the groundwork for essential human needs, there is no human experience. The human experience in itself is very long and beautiful, according to Disabled “The average human life expectancy in the world is around 67 years”. According to the World Food Programme, “Malnutrition causes 45% of deaths in children under the age of five.” Children die due to starvation before they’ve even fully completed a thirteenth of their life expectancy on the planet let alone live to the fullest of their lives’ possibilities. Furthermore, by giving hungry children food it isn’t only giving them a chance at life, but it’s also giving them a chance at knowledge. Studies have shown that,

“Deprivation of food within the first two years of life drastically impact food deprived children’s cognitive development and processing skills”, According to World Bank. Feeding the hungry elderly, the hungry children and everything in between isn’t only giving them a better chance and physically thriving, but it is also giving them a chance to become apart of their world in an active and sentimental way. Some of the ways we can work to do that according to Borgen Project. org are, “Having the government intervene and come up with more strategies to feed the hungry, like the idea of food cards. Creating mass food banks across the world that are willing to accept food donations. Making urban farming a more prevalent thing, by farming in the cities people can start buying natural directly from the farmer which helps with hunger and in turns helps with the economy also. Changing the social standards can also help with hunger, by eradicating extreme poverty and essentially recreating the middle class, more people will have access to money which in turn gives them access to food. Lastly, giving the world access to education, this will help with hunger by giving them the knowledge on how to farm and also giving them the credentials to get a paying job that in turn gives them money and knowledge which in turn gives them food and the ‘knowhow’ to make it.” Food is a natural resource on this planet that we all share. It shouldn’t be withheld from anyone. Food for the hungry shouldn’t be looked down upon in any circumstance. Society shouldn’t have gotten to a place where we look more fondly and care more deeply for our pets than we do our fellow humans. Feeding the people who can’t feed themselves isn’t throwing food to the lazy or obese. Feeding those who cannot feed themselves is simply and quintessentially the only right thing to do. Not out of charity or boastfulness, but simply because we are all the same and we always will be. Feeding the hungry isn’t simply ​ feeding the hungry, ​ feeding the hungry is feeding the humans.​ When did anyone become above that?

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Of Mouth and Tongues by SG  

SG's first Action Project for the MDGs course.

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