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How do athletes and entertainers help you learn about yourself, your dreams, your limitations, and society at large?

The City of Lansing and its History by Nikova Aldrich, Meeca Walker, & Daniela Velazquez - Hernandez For this project we did a lot of research to find out information about the city of Lansing when Magic Johnson was a little boy. We then connected it to our knowledge about modern-day Lansing in order to have a better understanding of our city. Magic Johnson was born on August 14,1959. He was 11 in 1970 when the population was 131,546 people. It took 9 years for his career to start from there. Now that he is 56 years old there are 114,297 people living in Lansing. The racial makeup of Lansing comparing the 1970’s to now has also changed. Almost 70% of Lansing's population was White, but now it decreased by 5%. In 1975 Black people made up 9.3% of the population, but now it has increased to 22%. The percent has almost tripled since Magic was little. Back then 0.51% of the population was Asian, but now that number has risen to 2.83%. The Hispanic population made up 4% but now it has also increased to 10%. You might be wondering why the overall population declined, while some racial groups increased their percentage within population. Well, near the 1980’s many of our automotive industries left the Lansing area to go farther west, or to Mexico. Many people left Lansing after this because there were not enough jobs here in Michigan to cater to everyone's needs. This made Michigan a “Rust Belt” state. “Rust Belt” was a term that started to be used more in the 1980s, that means population loss and economic decline. When Magic was little, many people went to the clubs to have fun. You didn’t really have to look for one you just had to decide which one you wanted to go to. Now, we have more things to do like going to the park, to Potter Park Zoo, Michigan Historical Museum, Michigan State Capitol, to the River Trail, or skating at Edrus. Magic visits his family in Lansing a lot but he rarely visits his old high school. He was born in the west side of Lansing, but he didn’t go to Sexton, instead he was forced to go to Everett. It was difficult to research this topic at some points but after we decided how we wanted to present this topic it became much easier. It was difficult to find what the exact population was when Magic

was born so we decided to skip ahead to the 1970’s where the population would be found much easier because the census is taken every decade. Then we took that data and compared it to now. We were surprised to find that the population had actually decreased, so we did some research and found that it was because of the decline of companies like General Motors. After we found the population data, we decided to find the racial makeup. We thought there would be more diversity than there actually was. Then we decided to figure out what kind of activities there were to do, and if the activities were different than they are now. We were surprised to find that clubs were as common as they were. This all eventually led to us wonder if Magic still visits Lansing and we were surprised to see that he does not visit his high school very often. After all this research we've found that the population has decreased and that Lansing has many different activities than it did back when Magic was young.

The Legacy He Hopes to Leave Behind The legacy Magic Johnson hopes to leave behind is to serve the community that helped him to be the person he is today. He could have kept his money and lived a good life, but he decided to give back. He thinks about the urban community and its needs.Therefore, in December 1991, he founded the Magic Johnson Foundation to support educational, health, and social needs. Looking back on his life, Magic was poor. There were times he had to work with his dad to make enough money for their family. In spite of his childhood, he had a dream of becoming a professional basketball player; and he worked hard to pursue it. This is another example of the classic truth: “You can accomplish anything if you work hard enough.”

Dr. Seuss by Daniela Velasquez - Hernandez Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known by his pen name Dr.Seuss, was a children’s author. He was born March 2, 1904 and died on September 24,1991. He took on many roles in the field of Children’s Literature such as: writer, cartoonist, animator, book publisher, and artist. His first book was rejected by twenty-seven publishers until Vanguard Press, in 1927, finally published his book: “And to Think that I saw It on Mulberry Street.” Dr.Seuss published over sixty books in total; forty-four of which were for children. Dr. Seuss influenced almost every person that has read one of his books. He was, and still is, able to introduce children to reading from a very young age through his basic rhyming and wide range of books that he wrote for beginning readers. He was able to encourage children and adults to look at life from a new perspective. Dr.Seuss joined the army and served for 38 years where he worked with animators and journalists. In 1943 he worked during War World II to draw political cartoons that cast

a negative light on Hitler and the Nazis. His cartoons also touched on subjects about racism, discrimination and other issues that were happening during the war. Later on Dr.Seuss admitted that his political cartoons exposed groups of people in a judgemental and unfair way. In his time as a cartoonist, he drew 400 political propaganda pieces. He admitted later that he regretted some of his cartoons because of how racist they were, but he was proud of others. In particular, he liked one that had to do with racial harmony. Dr. Seuss did not intend to offend his targeted subjects, he just enjoyed the political aspect of his drawing. It is speculated that even after he moved away from political drawing, there is still a political undertone in his children’s stories. I admire Dr.Seuss because of how he writes in a way that is relatable to adults and children. He has a unique way of drawing and writing his stories that almost everyone enjoys. At the beginning of his career, I did not necessarily agree with the way he painted some groups of people. However, toward the end of his political cartooning career, he took a stand for kindness in his art, and did his best to focus his cartoons on political harmony and racial justice, even when it was not the popular opinion. What impresses me is that he was able to become an award winning author, despite his first book being rejected many times. What I admire the most, is his wide selection of children’s literature. I think that many people would agree that this is some of his best work. His stories continue to be highly praised, even 25 years after his death. Despite his intention for the books to be for children, people of all ages still love his books so much. Sources http://www.biography.com/people/dr-seuss-9479638 http://www.seussville.com/?home#/home/ eople.com/profiles/theodor-geisel-3757.php http://www.denverpost.com/2014/02/20/theodor-geisel-a-k-a-dr-seuss-influenced-nearly-every-livi ng-american-who-ever-learned-to-read/ http://www.history.com/news/when-dr-seuss-went-to-war http://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/theodor-geisel-3757.php http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/01/when-dr-seuss-took-on-adolf-hitler/267151/

Julius Erving by Phillip McIntosh Julius Erving, also known as “Dr. J”, changed the game of basketball. In 1976, during the ABA Slam Dunk Contest, he did one of the greatest dunks ever. He dunked from the free throw line. No one expected something like that to happened. Ever since, multiple people have tried to copy Julius Erving’s free throw dunk, including Michael Jordan. Julius got the nickname “Dr. J” because of the way he operated the court. Back in high school, he was known as a fundamentally sound player, but not a great player. But now, we know Julius Erving as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

It was not just his athleticism that changed the game, he was good at shooting, rebounding, passing and just about everything on the court, averaging 24.2 points, 6.7 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 1.7 steals, and 1.5 blocks his entire professional career. Julius Erving transcended the game of basketball. The game would not be near as exciting as it is now. We would not have the high-flying dunkers that we see every basketball game. He was a huge impact on the world of sports.

What is your Big Audacious Goal? The Future by Phillip McIntosh My big audacious goal in life is to make it to the NBA. Lots of people want to be in the NBA, but not everyone makes it. I am aware that I need to work really hard to make it. I will need to be athletic, because there is not a single NBA team that wants a non-athletic player. I will also need to be smart off the court, like to do good in the classroom and bringing home good grades, and also everywhere else and not getting in trouble by the police. I will also need to make sacrifices, like not going to parties to finish homework so I can do good in school and not fail. I expect to face a few challenges when I am in the NBA. One of the challenges that I will be facing is having to be away from my family. I want to spend lots of time with family, but since my team will sometimes be on the road, and will have to go across the country by myself because my wife and kids would have to stay home because they will have other things to do the next day. Another challenge I anticipate facing is having lots of people dislike me. No matter how good I am, how nice I am to the world. People are still going to dislike me and say disrespectful things to me and I will have to learn how to ignore them. I also expect to face temptation. Despite of the fact that I will have millions of dollars, I will need to know how to spend my money and not blow it on things that I do not need. I have three key takeaways from this course. One is that I will need to work harder than most people. Making it to the NBA is not as easy as people think it is. I will need to work harder than my peers to make it to the NBA. Another thing I took away was that I will need to do well in school. I need to get good grades to go college and do good in college to be able to go pro in the NBA. The last takeaway from this course is that I will need a backup plan. I can not be a NBA player for my whole life, I will need something to do after my NBA career. I would like to be an entertainer or a sports commentator after I am finish with my NBA career.

My Big Audacious Goal

My Big Audacious Goal is to become a pediatrician and and travel to the different countries where there is help needed. I like taking care of children including the ones in my family. I feel like I shouldn’t just take care of children, I want to take care of everybody but taking care of kids is where I should start. Three skills that I’ll need to work on to accomplish my big audacious goal is; to work at a maximum speed, communicating with parents and being able to diagnose a sickness. My little brother, Jaydyn, likes moving fast so maybe I can get a little bit of motivation from him. All day every day he’s doing something. The three challenges that I’ll need to face is; learning about the types of medicine and what they do, testing the medicine to see if there are any side effects and becoming an assistant nurse. Becoming an assistant nurse is the first step to becoming an official pediatrician because being an assistant you will need to know why they are hurting, where they’re hurting, and how to stop the pain. The people I’ll need by my my side is my mom, grandma, and my brothers and sisters. Even though I plan to learn about ALL of the medicine in the world, that may be impossible but my mom might know about some medicine that I don’t know about and she can help me. I’ll need my grandma because she’s my best supporter. She’s at most of my events and she always makes sure that I’m okay. I need my brothers and sisters in the room with me because they make me laugh. It’s just the little things that they do to make me laugh. I love my family. I love everybody, i’m a caring person that’s why I want to become a pediatrician

My Goal for the Future by Daniela Velazquez - Hernandez My Big Audacious Goal is to help all the animals in the street all over the world that do not have a home. Since I was little I have always wanted to help all animals in some way. I know that in some places of the world they don’t treat animals as nicely as other places do. I also want to stop the animal abuse. Three skills that I would need to develop and work on to achieve this goal are: my people skills,persuasive skills, and to be able to work with different people. To develop my people skills, I need to talk to people more and not be shy. I want to be able to speak to people and have them listen to what I want. This is to bring their attention to the problem. I will have to be persuasive to convince people that they should help me; that helping animals is important and that they should do something to help. I may find people that think that there is more important things to worry about but I will need to persuade them. If I want to help all the animals in the world then I will need to work with all kinds of people. I may find people that will have a different idea of what I have in mind, I will need to have an open mind to all ideas people may have. Three challenges I may find in the future is to be louder, money, and to take risk.I am a very shy

person and don’t speak too loud to people and that may become a problem in the future. If I am going to speak to people I have to be confident. I will need money for the project, it may take time to earn money to start this. I will have to raise money and manage how I spend the money. That means I will also have to take risk at times. Many things can go wrong that I may not have thought of and will have to think fast and adapt. During this course I did a lot of research and practice, but my main three takeaways would be: that I had to working with people that I may have not known, to work on my writing skills, and the opportunity to listen to other people talk about their dream and how they were able to achieve it . We had to do a lot of presentations, meaning I had to work with people. I, for the most part, like to do things by myself. Working with people helps me be more confident and less shy. We had to write a lot of essays; some were about the future. I don’t really think much about the future and this helped me think about it more. To help us the instructors invited three people that talked to us about their work. The speakers described what they had to do to get there, and some hardships they had to go through. They all had some sort of plan.That made me realise that I did not have a solid plan on how to achieve my dreams and goals. It is clear that there may be many hardships that may come my way or something that will go wrong. I will have to be ready to change things and work with what I have at the time. I will have to be ready for anything to achieve my goal.

A Legend Was Born by Terry McCord My big dream is to go to the NBA. After 8th grade, I started developing a passion for basketball. I want to work hard and get better at it everyday. In order to be successful in the NBA, I need to develop a great work ethic. I have a great work ethic, but it could always get better. Another really important skill is to be economically smart, because I don’t want to loose all my money after my career. I also need to become a good decision maker, because every choice I make has the power to change my career. When I pursue my audacious goal I will face adversity in many ways. One challenge will present itself on the personal side. I need to work on the things that will help me improve and to become a better teammate. I need to find myself as a player and focus on playing my game. A possible economic challenge that I might face is that I will need to distribute my money reasonably and responsibly. I will also have to challenge myself socially. I will need to surround myself with good people who care about me and want to see me do well. If I overcome these challenges, I will achieve my goal as a NBA player. I learned three things from this course that will help me reach my goal. The research aspect of this course really helped me see how Magic Johnson’s hard work helped him succeed. He inspired me

to chase my dreams and reminded me that it does not matter what people think about my goal, it matters what I think about my goal.This course showed me that it is alright to fail, and that failure is a step of success. I really look up to Magic Johnson, because he showed me that with a little hard work, you can do anything and be anything.

What is your Hall Of Fame Speech? Hall Of Fame Speech By Phillip McIntosh John, that was a nice introduction. John has been with me since I first entered the NBA. It is great to be standing here today, knowing that I will be entering the Basketball Hall of Fame with Miles Bridges and Michael Porter Jr. Standing here with you all tonight, it’s kind’ve hard to believe that I am here despite of having lots of people doubt me and all the obstacles that were in my way, like going to a high school that wasn’t the greatest in town in both athletics and academics. I would also like to thank my family for teaching me how to be a successful man. I would like to thank my friends who helped me my entire life and for being there when I needed them the most. I would also like to thank the entire Denver Nuggets franchise for welcoming me to Denver and made me never want to leave. And last but not least I would like to thank all my fans for being the greatest fan a man could have! Thank you!

Hall of Fame Speech: Veterinarian's Acceptance by Daniela Velazquez - Hernandez Before anything else I would like to thank everyone that voted for me. Without you I would not be here today. It is such an honor to receive the Veterinarian Hall of Fame award. I would also like to thank my friends and family for encouraging me to achieve my dream even when some people told me I could not. You all supported me, so thank you. I remember when my mom and grandpa said that being a Veterinarian was not for me. Your discouraging words made me work harder, even once I achieved my dream of becoming a Vet. Without the challenge of your negativity, I probably would not have worked hard enough to make it here today. When I still lived in Mexico, I always saw animals on the street. I remember feeling bad and wanting to help. That was what sparked my interest in becoming a Veterinarian. One day in

particular, I was working at my family’s pet store. I noticed a dog outside that was a stray and I could tell she was pregnant. I grabbed some dog food and fed it, but before I knew it, many hungry dogs were surrounding me and I had to hand out food to them too. It was a small act that I could do to feel like I was helping, but I wanted to be able to do more. That was the day I decided to be a vet. I have come a long way since that day, and it was not without the help of many people in my life. I want to acknowledge everyone that I was able to work with. To my co-workers: thank you for helping me everyday and bringing your positive attitudes with you. Working with you all has led me to enjoy my job everyday. It is great to be surrounded by a group of people that shares my passion for helping animals. I also want to thank my teachers who helped me learn all that I know today. Thank you for helping me grow my passion for animals, and giving me the tools to turn my knowledge into practice. There are so many people who I would like to thank, but unfortunately I simply do not have the time to give you a proper thank you. I am so honored to receive this award, and I will continue to work hard to make you all proud!

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