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Growth Council RFQ Basic Company Info: 

Company Name

Company Address

RFQ Contact Person (Please include name, title, address, email, phone)

Company Overview 

Please write a brief overview of your company/products/and services

What makes your agency/company unique from others in the industry?

Number of years in business:

List awards your company has received in the last five years:

Total number of employees:

Please describe ownership structure:

Total number of full time staff developers and designers:

Number of on call technical support staff:

Do you outsource? If so, what specifically?

What is the general price range that fits your typical web-project comfort level:

What programming languages do you work with? Do you have a preferred language?

Client Communication 

Please describe your process for getting to know our brand & redesign objectives:

How do you prefer to communicate with your clients during the development process (i.e. phone, email, web, etc)?

How do you work with your clients post-project?

Website Development 

Describe your design philosophy

Please list all of your successful sites from the last 12 months:

List three websites your company has produced that best reflect relevant work to this project:

What was the average time range in completing these sites?

What experience do you have in SEO & can you pint to specific successful examples?

Share your experience and thoughts in regards to social media & list a site you've produced that best integrates the use of social media:

Economic Development Experience 

Describe your previous experience with websites for non-profits a/o economic development:

List the top five economic development tools you would suggest for an ED site:

Review 

Additional Comments:


List of our RFQ Questions  

For those of you who would like to see the questions before viewing the survey. Thanks!

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