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28th Feb. 2011 My Dear Friend Keteko, It’s me your friend Leandre. I thank you for writing such an amazing letter back to me. I am writing this letter to thank you and to answer some of your questions. My parents are from Burundi. They moved to the Congo because of the tragedy war in Burundi, which was very dangerous and lots of people lost their lives risking to stay. In the Congo, life was hard too, because water was hard to find; but we had a lot of food there. We had a big farm in the Congo. I was born in a Congolese farm in 1995. Now, I am 15 years old. We moved to Tanzania, because Rwanda started a war against the Congo; we thought it was dangerous, so we had to leave everything we owned there. Tanzania was hard to live for ten years, because water was hard to find and also food was expensive. We got lucky to come to America, where it is easy to find job, school, food, water and fire. We have water in the house. Please, if you can answer my question, tell me: how is life like in Kenya? Is water far away from where you live? I have been in Kenya just one day and I believe that I am going to come to the Mountain Kilimanjaro this summer. When cattle get sick, what do you do? When you harvest, how much do you sell? How often do you eat ugali? Are the markets close to where you live? I would like to try ugali. Please, tell me how it is cooked. Now, I will tell a story of rice in Burundi. In my country, the most popular foods are rice and beef. Rice is the most popular food in many countries in Africa. In America, my mother always wants to cook traditional African foods, but we don't like to eat them that much. My mom or my sister cooks rice and beef some times. In my country, Burundi, these foods are expensive and most people only get them for special occasions like Christmas. People in Burundi or Tanzania feel like they are together when they eat rice and beef on one plate. We don't eat these foods on the same plate anymore because we have more people to eat with. To prepare for the meal we had to call everybody who is a family member to come join us in the meal. We got unprocessed food and we thought they were edible but they had lots of nutrition. I liked the way Tanzanian do when they are ready for meal, asked any person they know to join them and it made me feel like part of the family. I was better at calling people to join us and I was happy about sharing with others. Also my friends if they invite me to their meal I used to help them set up the table for the meal. We eat it almost every single day and it tastes great with beef, which tingles my tongue! I learned this recipe from my mom while she was cooking it. I chose this recipe because not many people know about it. Until now, I want people to know how yummy Lele’s famous rice is, and I know you would like it. Your friend, Leandre

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Please, if you can answer my question, tell me: how is life like in Kenya? Is water far away from where you live? I have been in Kenya just...