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Pen Pal Letter Hi Sankale! This is your friend Ha Tha (who has the funny name). I appreciate you replying to my letter. Your English is better than mine, and your letter is so amazing! I don’t even know how to explain to you. We both have very interesting stories that all people might want to hear. I think we have the same goals and I hope we can reach them. I can picture what your village is like from the way you described it in your letter. It makes me miss my small village; it’s like yours. When I lived in Rovaw village in Myanmar, we had many livestock such as cows, horses, goats, and bulls. In my country some people are like Kenyans. They rent other’s fields. When you harvested food, whatever you planted, you had to give them 3/10 and you got the rest. We had a farm and we grew corn and beans for the main food. We got fresh foods from our farms and it tasted better than United State's foods. In the United States most of the food is not tasty and besides it has less energy. I know you have a yard at your house for growing some foods. In Chicago city most people don’t have a yard so they have to go to the stores. The stores get the foods from other countries, so they have to use transportation a lot to get food from one place to another. Anyway, I am jealous of you because you can eat fresh foods from your yard. Even though you can’t get many foods at least you can get what you need. In Myanmar, Chin State, we have two stores but they don’t sell any food from the farm. We can’t eat too much meat from livestock. At least you hunt the mammals or fish. We eat fish more often than the other meats. Because mammals are hard to get for food, fish are easier to get for food. I wonder why you don’t eat fish. If you try it sometime, I hope you might like it. I would like to know more about your farm because in Rovaw most of our farm or field is at the mountain so it is very difficult to get water as I told you in my first letter. Your friend, Ha Tha

HT Pen Pal