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Feb 28 2011 Dear Damaris,

Asante Kwa majibu Kwa maswali yangu. I would like you to know I really enjoy Mandazi, it is so delicious! Again my name is Christina. I am from Central Africa Republic which is close to Cameroon, Chad and Zaire. Inside Central Africa, there’s a country called Bangui—that’s where I grew up. My parents are from Congo Brazzaville; I think it’s close to where you live. Now, to answer some of your questions! A peach is a fruit. It’s very sweet and peaches are one of my favorite fruits. Dark rum is a dark liquid that has alcohol and is a little sweet. Also, there are three types of citrus fruit, but I will tell you about one—the lime. The water inside the lime is called lime juice. Pepper flakes are made from hot dried red pepper that we use to spice food. Soy sauce is a fermented liquid made from soy beans and wheat. I would love to know more about you now. Here are some questions for you. When is your birthday? Besides Swahili and English do you have any personal language that you speak? How do you enjoy being with your family? What is your mom’s and your dad’s name? What is your favorite teacher’s name? Do you have any brothers or sisters? What is your family’s favorite meal? What is the most popular vegetable in Kenya? Kuwa Na muda WA ajabu Kalamu Yoko pal, Christina

CO Pen Pal