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GCE Chicago High School

PASSPORT 312.643.0991

WELCOME FROM FOUNDER/DIRECTOR Dear GCE Families and Friends: Welcome to our community of learners. This GCE Passport offers you passage to, from, and between school and the world, comfort and challenge, autonomy and responsibility, and we make frequent stops to refill our tanks with inspiration. We invite you to join with us in the Global Citizenship Experience. Eric Davis

“Boy what a difference GCE has made, Eric. I cannot express how grateful I am to you that he has found a place that he loves. Thank you for giving my boy a safe place where he can grow. My words are not enough… but I just wanted you to know what a difference you have made in our lives.” —GCE Parent


GCE MISSION To cultivate global citizens capable of producing meaningful change in the world by building a laboratory for learning that demonstrates innovative, scalable and sustainable models for 21st century education.

“I believe GCE is at the leading edge of education. It offers [our child] a global, interactive learning experience. He is in an environment where he can learn how to learn and learn to enjoy the pursuit of knowledge.” —GCE Parent

GCE CHICAGO HIGH SCHOOL GCE Chicago HS is a rigorous educational platform for aspiring global innovators. Students explore their sense of purpose and social responsibility in a creative and engaging, college-and life-preparatory environment.

GCE VISION Design, test, and refine the Model for Learning in GCE Chicago HS, then share successful programs through community and corporate partnerships, educator training workshops, and curriculum distribution for public enjoyment.

“We want to thank you and your staff for inviting and embracing [our son] into your community. We are pleased with his progress and look forward to his continued involvement at school. A special thanks to you for creating this truly visionary school.” —GCE Parent

WELCOME TO THE GCE VOICES BLOG! GCE Portfolios created and curated by students and staff members share thoughts, questions, and possibilities. We hope you’ll join in the learning!

GCE CURRICULUM GCE curriculum matters to our students and to the world. We guide students through courses that teach critical and digital literacy, executive functioning, and global citizenship skills. The curriculum is designed to be: Global: Aligned with United Nations Millennium

Development Goals and Common Core Standards Purpose-Driven: We study that which makes the

world better Inquiry and Project-Based: We ask questions and

experiment with solutions Integrated: Subjects are woven together Differentiated: For individual learning styles and

interests Delivered through Blended Learning: In-person and

on-line curriculum and instruction integrates global resources, reduces costs, and increases customization for each student

GCE CURRICULUM ALIGNMENT Our curriculum builds competencies aligned with the Common Core Standards to ensure our students are performing at a competitive level across the united States— but we do not start with the Common Core. Rather, we link each course with the United Nation Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs provide a global perspective that grounds us in our mission to shape engaged Global Citizens.

“I am grateful to you and GCE for giving [my son] an amazing educational experience. The kind I did not believe existed anymore. I know that he is learning to think for himself, to see and create opportunities and to connect with the world around him. This can only happen in a space full of loving and committed individuals all supporting his experience. I know that [my son] will go into the world with the tools he needs to succeed on his terms. I could ask for nothing more.” —GCE Parent

The eight MDGs were identified by over 140 heads of state at the Millennium Summit at the UN Headquarters in 2000. These goals serve as the blueprint for an International action plan that the word is collectively striving to achieve. The overarching goals are: Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education Goal 3: Promote gender equality to empower women Goal 4: Reduce child mortality Goal 5: Improve mental health Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, other diseases Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development

The MDGs represent global challenges that will exist throughout this century and can only be tackled with the creation of a community of global citizens.

GCE CREDITS GCE runs on a trimester schedule, with an additional 4-week term dedicated to Civic Engagement. GCE credits are awarded in the following manner: Integrated Core Courses: Students earn 2 credit per

year (.67 credits per trimester) Civic Engagement: CE runs after the first school term,

from mid-November to mid-December. Students complete Service Learning hours and earn .5 credits per year Arts: Taught through integration with other subjects

and students earn .5 credits per year (.17 credits per trimester) Electives: Students earn .67 credits per elective. These

are also integrated course.

In order to graduate, students must fulfill the following credit requirements: Core Subject




History/Social Science






Global Language


Visual/Performing Arts


Civic Engagement








“It was also good to hear about the progress my daughter has made. I cannot thank you enough for your support in every way…In the GCE environment, she was able to both catch up and improve her academic performance.” —GCE Parent

STUDENT PROFILE GCE looks for the following applicants: • Compassionate people who seek to make a

difference in the world • Curious people, hungry for learning • Brave people, who welcome challenges • Resilient people, who endure

Dual Enrollment: Students are encouraged to take

advantage of dual-enrollment opportunities available through local colleges and universities.

“I’m thankful to finally be in a place where I’m allowed to be independent and an individual, where I can have a voice…GCE is a place of possibilities. GCE is a place where I can succeed, where I can thrive, and I want to make sure that happens. I want to go beyond what you guys simply ask of me, what is simply required because I know I am capable of this…” —GCE Student

CITY2CLASSROOM Every Friday, GCE students participate in field experience—extending learning into the community— where they explore the city as a classroom. GCE has more than 150 field experience partners. A few are listed below: • Amazing Edibles

• Lill Street Art Center

• Chicago Housing


• Project on Civic Reflection

• Chicago Tribune

• R.E.I.

• Consulate General of

• Steppenwolf

Japan at Chicago

• WBEZ Chicago

• Educational Endeavors

Public Radio

• Freedom Venture

• Whole Foods

• French Pastry School

“Eric, I have to tell you GCE today just blew me away. I am “gobsmacked” at what I experienced and I am SO glad I came. You have created a phenomenal program. The teachers, the students, the mix. I really feel [our son] has a “family”, I will sleep better tonight. I will mention you in my Thanksgiving speech wherever I may be. But EVERY day I am thankful that you saw my son, accepted him and gave him a place to grow. Words are not enough….” —GCE Parent

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“Your students were brilliant today, each in his/her own way. It is a tribute to the dedication of the GCE staff.” —GCE Parent

GCE INSTITUTE The GCE Institute offers three types of Professional Development—Immersion Training, PD Residencies, and Customized Workshops. In all three cases, the purpose is the same: we search for the essence of why and how learning happens. We apply our discoveries to the practice of curriculum design and instruction; and we invite educators, from all fields, to share in the process with us. Participate in GCE Institute trainings to learn more about: • City2Classroom • Blended learning • Inquiry & project-based instruction • Integrated curriculum design • Participatory leadership & system design

GCE FOUNDATION The Foundation promotes global citizenship through funding in the following three areas: merit scholarships for low-income youth, continuing education scholarships for educators, and community programming.

TO LEARN MORE OR TO APPLY, CONTACT US TODAY! GCE Chicago High School 1535 N. Dayton, Chicago, IL 60642 Main Line: 312.643.0991 • Line 2: 312.643.0979 Fax: 312.643.0975 • We look forward to building a relationship with you!

“I felt obliged to quickly say thanks again for all of the teachers. It’s really like a home for me and I don’t know where I’d be without the school.” —GCE Student

Updated Global Citizenship Experience Passport  

Passport for Global Citizenship Experience Chicago High School

Updated Global Citizenship Experience Passport  

Passport for Global Citizenship Experience Chicago High School