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Annual Review 2013

Welcome to our Annual Review 2013 In 2011 we published our strategic plan for the charity, ‘Reflections and Progress: 2011–2015’. During this past year we have continued to implement the strategies set out in that document. In 2013 our main areas of focus have been fourfold. First we have worked closely with our Senior Dental Leader Alumni. Second, we have supported ʻdemonstrationʼ initiatives through our Smiles and Hopes projects, which again are led by our SDL alumni. Third, we have worked to promote social responsibility, especially among young members of the profession. Lastly, we have collaborated with the Alliance for Cavity Free Future to help it reach its goals.

This year The Harvard School of Dental Medicine hosted the SDL-7 programme. We are grateful to Professor Bruce Donoff and his team for their generous hospitality and great administrative support. For the first time in our seven-year history, three dental academics

from Kurdistan (Iraq) attended and in 2014 we will develop a demonstration project in Ebil.

Likewise, it was very encouraging to have the dean of the only dental school in Haiti attend. We look forward to assisting him with his work Haiti in 2014. The enthusiasm and commitment of all of the delegates has been inspirational – we will endeavor to support them in the coming years.

In 2012 a Facebook group was launched among dentists in India to better understand their needs as they work towards improving services for disadvantaged Indian children. After a slow start this year, the group now comprises over 5500 Indian dentists engaging in discussions and voluntary projects.

As in previous years, 2013 has been both busy and flavoured by a wide variety of projects, all aimed at improving the oral health of disadvantaged children around the world.

As the year draws to a close, I would like to extend warm greetings and thanks to every person and organisation that has contributed to our work in 2013. This includes the Charityʼs core staff and Trustees, our sponsors Colgate-Palmolive and Henry Schein, and all of our friends and supporters.

However, most importantly, we would like to thank the dedicated individuals who have helped us implement our programmes. It is through their tireless efforts, day-in day-out, that the worldʼs most disadvantaged children have brighter futures and better smiles.

Further details and in-depth reports about our work can also be found at our website

Professor Raman Bedi Chairman

Some 2013 Highlights

From top L. to R. clockwise: Dental check up, signing the Philippines MoU, SDL-7 delegates, SEAL Cambodia schoolchildren

SEAL Cambodia Our first full operational year has been a tremendous success – we cannot thank all the partnering organisations enough! • From July 2012 to November 2013, the SEAL Cambodia teams have treated Grade 2 students in primary schools around Phnom Penh and Kampong Cham. • We are delighted to report that in this period, sealants were applied to the teeth of 12,215 children from a total of 80 schools. • After the 1st year most dental NGOs in Phnom Penh are now engaging with Seal Cambodia. This step change has moved dental providers from an extraction only service to prevention. • The treatment has been provided free of charge – the same treatment, if provided in

one of Cambodia’s best dental clinics, would cost $60 per child. • Collectively this work has saved Cambodian families approximately $650,000 in treatment costs. • The majority of the sealants were placed by Khmer dentists, dental nurses and dental students. A number of overseas dentists, dental therapists and dental students also volunteered. • The research component of the project is measuring the reduction in tooth decay from sealants. It will also report on the costeffectiveness and sustainability of the project.

Senior Dental Leaders 7 (SDL-7) In March we held our seventh annual Senior Dental Leaders Program at Harvard University’s School of Dental Medicine. This leadership conference was first conceptualized by Professor Raman Bedi in 2007. It has been run in partnership with Kingʼs College London and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and sponsored by Henry Schein Inc. and Colgate-Palmolive.

At SDL-7, 21 dental leaders from Europe, Latin and North America, Oceania, Africa, and different parts of Asia gathered together for a week in Boston, USA. Even a classic New England winter storm could not dampen the passion everyone brought!

The delegates – including senior dental policy makers, national Chief Dental Officers, leaders

From L to R – Raman Bedi, Ashwin Jawdekar, Tony Volpe, Stanley Bergman

of non-governmental organisations and senior academic leaders – shared the desire to improve their countryʼs dental provision from the top down.

All brought different stories of oral health issues and revealing statistics.Yet everyone shared the same vision: global oral health parity – with greater provision of care to achieve optimal oral health and wellbeing for underserved children.

At the Gala Dinner, Professor Dianne Rekow, the Dean of the Kingʼs College Dental Institute, reflected on women in dentistry and leadership issues, and a world-known expert in innovation and growth, Dr. Clayton Christensen, provoked the meaning of innovation in health care delivery.

Workshop with Professor Clayton Christensen

“Receiving the Tony Volpe Award was one of the most memorable events in my career. It has given me both recognition for my efforts so far, and new enthusiasm for my work with Indian children.” Ashwin M Jawdekar Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, YMT Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai, India

Seminar for delegates

The African Network Alongside our Smiles & Hopes work with orphanages in Tanzania, we have been building an African Oral Health Network. The need for a coordinated, continent-wide dental health network was established in 2012, at our sixth Senior Dental Leaders meeting in London. In collaboration with the SDL delegates and local partners in African countries, we are bringing together and helping direct the efforts of dental and general healthcare professionals, NGOʼs, academics, therapists and clinicians.

Currently we are collaborating with the Kenya Association of Pediatric Dentists on a programme of activities aimed at increasing dental capacity throughout Eastern African.


We are delighted to be helping build dental capacity in Malawi. In November 2012, SDL-6 alumnus Enock Phale successfully ran the countryʼs first Oral Health Week. And throughout 2013 we have worked closely with Gelson Kuweruza, the principal Dental Officer & Oral Health Coordinator of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi.

One of Gelsonʼs main areas of focus is the coordination of a country-wide ʻSchool Health Programmeʼ. The aim is to reach 500,000 children ages 3-15 from both public and private institutions, providing them with free check-ups and oral health education.

The Oral Health week ran from the 4th – 9th November. It was a tremendous success, covering each of the countryʼs 36 districts. Thousands of children across the country were advised and demonstrated to on the causes, treatment and prevention of tooth decay.

We would like to say a very special thank you to the UK-based charity MAHECAS (Malawi Health Care Support) and the South African-based Wright-Millners Dental Suppliers. These organisations teamed-up to supply the QEC Hospital with a new Dental Surgery, which Gelsonʼs team is now putting to good use.


This year two senior economists volunteered to visit the School of Dentistry of the MUHAS University. They report on how to generate income which will transform the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) in Dar es Salaam into a financially sustainable Oral Healthcare Enterprise Service. You can read more about these projects on these pages at /news/charity-news/final-muhas-report.

“Our new Dental Surgery was commissioned at the handover ceremony. We are all so grateful to have this amazing resource. Attending SDL influenced the outcome of such activities; links have been established and delivery of tasks has been more efficient. Gelson Kuweruza

(SDL-6 alumni), Principal Dental Officer & Oral Health Coordinator, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital

To date, much ground has been covered with the sustainability plan, and the collection of revenues and insurance funds.We are looking forward to further progress in 2014.

Kenya In late 2012 Professor Raman Bedi presided over the launch of the Kenyan Association of Paediatric (KAPD) dentists. Since then, members of the Association have carried out free check-ups and provided oral health education to parents, teachers and children.

In August 2013, KAPD held a paediatric dentistry symposium in Nairobi, drawing participants from Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. Discussions focussed on regional issues and plans were developed to establish an East African regional group.

A memorandum exists between the three organisations to provide technical and financial support for some of the KAPD

programmes, particularly the annual training of COHOs in Kenya. KAPD is grateful for Colgate Palmolive's sponsorship.

Carol Onyango, the Global Child Dental Fund Consultant commending Dr Emeria Mugonzibwa of Tanzania for her participation

In August our Consultant Hyewon Lee, (SDL-7 alumni) gave a presentation at Nairobi University.

Hyewon explains: “I presented on the importance of oral health as a public health topic, and discussed its potential to achieve lasting success. I also overviewed the oral health status of children around the world, and shared 3 case studies of school-based oral health programs.” Our work in Mombasa was very productive, providing creative arts education and oral health hygiene education to more than 100 children. We also built a house for a homeless family. We are all very proud of what has been achieved!”

Hyewon Lee presenting to dental students at Nairobi University

The Pacific Network Alumni from SDL-6, SDL-7 and local partners are building a dynamic dental health network in the South Pacific, comprising dental and general healthcare professionals, NGO’s, academics and therapists.


The School of Oral Health of the Fiji National University recently hosted the Annual College of Oral Health Academics Meeting, with support from Colgate.

Participants from 8 institutions from the Pacific region discussed various dental workforce models and academic assessment methodologies for dental hygiene, dental therapy and oral health therapy programs in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. The school also plans to launch a pilot project to provide care to address the needs of children with cleft lips and palate in Fiji.

Dr. Leenu Maimanuku (SDL-7), the Head of the School of Oral Health of Fiji National, formulated three oral health project proposals in consultation with GCDF Pacific Region Consultant Dr. Hyewon Lee, considering current oral health priorities in Fijian children. She presented these proposals at the partnership meeting in Sydney, Australia in November 2013 to SDL alumni and other partners.

Solomon Islands

Dr. Ellison Vane, the Head of Population Oral Health & Research Unit of the Ministry of Health, and other SDL-6 participants continued the dialogue after SDL-6 on Solomon Islandsʼ oral health status and priorities.

In May 2013, Solomon Islands implemented its first successful National Oral Health Survey. Honiara City, the capital, focuses on vigorous and effective community dental preventive programs, including the launch of a Toothbrushing Day, a public event in which over two thousand children and adults participated.

The Honiara City oral health services also plans to provide oral health education for pregnant women and new mothers at antenatal clinics in 2014 and seek for partnerships and supports from public and private partners in dentistry and public health.

Vanuatu Children wait in line at a local oral health meeting

Vanuatu Islands Vanuatu Islands are comprised of more than 80 islands, with a population of 225,000, located in the South Pacific Ocean.

Dentistry in Vanuatu is very underfunded with only six dental staff in two dental facilities at each of the main hospitals.

As part of a drive to work with more underfunded nations through our Pacific Network, GCDFund Pacific Region Consultant, Dr Hyewon Lee has initiated dialogues with Robyn Watson from SDL-7 and other partners to identify how the Global Child Dental Fund can help improve oral health for the people of Vanuatu Islands.

Currently, there is an emerging dental educator workforce model where Ni-Vanuatu people in NZ are trained as oral health promoters and provide oral health workshops in schools and communities in Vanuatu Islands through partnerships with Colgate and various NPOs. The Vanuatu Ministry of Education also supports this workforce model. To date they have reached over 3,500 children and adults with their message.

Following discussions with local NGOs and Ministry of Health in 2014 Hyewon will liaise with dental health officials and NGOs in Vanuatu with a view to establish oral health projects that will address Vanuatu始s most pressing needs.

Timor Leste In November 2013, Valerie Wordley, Consultant for Timor Leste has collaborated with One-2-One to help realise our joint goal of rebuilding dental capacity in the country. The 3 year legacy programme The 3 year legacy programme focuses specifically on developing a school oral health programme and improving care at the dental therapy school in the capital, Dilli.

The programme was officially launched in November at the University of Dili, with the organisation of a national conference attended not only by the dental workforce of Timor Leste, but

L-Professor Bedi and the Prime Minister of Timor Leste (His Excellency Kay Rala Xanana Gusm茫o) formally opening the new dental school at the University of Dili on 26 November 2013

also by various delegates from around the world.

Lectures and hands-on teaching were delivered in the new dental clinic, which was officially opened by the Prime Minister during the opening ceremony.

A Memorandum of Understanding was also signed at the conference, pledging the Global Child Dental Fund始s commitment to the project for three years.

The students were extremely appreciative of the conference and the efforts of all involved; they expressed a great desire and motivation to carry forward the collective goal of bringing smiles to Timor Leste.

Our Afghanistan Project

Afghan schoolchildren receiving new brushes and toothpaste

Our collaboration with the NGO ‘Global Partners’ has had a major impact on children and families in the city of Shebirghan. • This project is unique in that it provides lasting education and training through the establishment of an ‘Oral Hygiene Educator’ at each school.

Each teacher also received a bag with dental supplies for teaching basic oral health to students. At time of writing, it is estimated that between 500-600 mothers had also participated in community seminars.

• We completed ‘Phase 1’ earlier this year, managing to educate over 4300 mothers and children. As part of this phase, oral care materials were distributed widely to children and families.

• When all the community meetings have finished, Global Partners will help schools distribute toothbrushes and pastes to the students who have completed the training in the schools.

• ‘Phase 2’ began with a teacher training programme, which focussed on the basics of Oral Health, brushing, flossing and tooth care.

• A main goal of the program is to help change the oral health habits of local families and children – we are now seeing exciting signs of this!

Other Updates Indian Strategy

Indian Health Professionals Facebook Group began in 2012 for the purpose of integrating the Indian Health Professionals始 Diaspora; in particular the dental communities within and outside India.

This year we have grown the group considerably; it now counts more than 5000 members.

The group continues to act as a multi-purpose platform for networking, sharing of opinions, discussions and debates, and collaborations among dentists of Indian origin.

Over the last year, the page has witnessed substantial interest on several issues related to Indian Dentistry. Recently a committee was established to help make the group even livelier and to help broaden the scope of activities initiated through the page. We look forward to what 2014 will bring!


Professor Raman Bedi recently met with Mrs Robyn Watson, President-Elect of the International Federation of Dental Hygiene (IFDH), in Dili, Timor Leste, to discuss the implementation of the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), see below.

The MoU forms a collaborative venture between us and the IFDH to recognise commendable efforts in social responsibility projects by dental hygienists around the world.

The IFDH will receive reports on social responsibility projects which benefit disadvantaged children around the world. One winner, and two second prize winners, will be recognised with a cash award. The organisations will also collaborate to update the 驶Young Dentists始 page of the GCDFund website and provide a free access resource focussing on social responsibility and leadership.


On 19th of November Professor Raman Bedi signed a Memorandum Of Understanding on Behalf of the Global Child Dental Fund, between Our Lady of Fatima University College, Colgate Palmolive Philippines and the Global Child Dental Fund. The aim of the collaboration is to encourage volunteering among Filipino dental students.

Set out as a three year project, the collaborating partners will fund and award an annual prize to the best social responsibility project that helps improve oral health for disadvantaged children.

The image below shows Dr Arturo DeLeon (President of the Philippine Dental Association), Professor Raman Bedi (Chair, Global Child Dental Fund) and Dr Angel David (Professional manager, Colgate Palmolive Philippine) at the signing ceremony in Manilla.

This Year In Pictures

From top L. to R. clockwise: Child receiving Colgate supplies, routine dental check-up, SEAL Cambodia treatments, Dr Valerie Wordley donating dental textbooks

Awards and achievements! We are very proud of our Smiles & Hopes Tanzania ambassador Prue Preston! In March she was named Colgateʼs ʻUnsung Hero 2012ʼ for her work with orphans and street children in Mwanza, Tanzania.

The award came with a donation of £5000 to the Global Child Dental Fund to develop the project.

Prue is planning for the donation to be used to provide free dental care for local street children.”

Dental Students Elective Prize This Prize aims to promote global social responsibility among undergraduate students.

This year Saul Konviser, a fifth year student at Kingʼs, won the prize for his project entitled ʻSupervised Toothbrushing Programme in South Africaʼ.

“I am incredibly honoured to receive this award from the GCDFund. The Dental Electives e-depository is a fantastic platform through which us students can share our experiences. I am very grateful for this award as it will also help me invest in my first set of dental loupes. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the GCDFund for this award.”

E-Depository – Best Project! This year we had two E-depositry winners, Dr Bradley Christian and Dr Masood Shah.

Dr Christian won the US $500 award for his oral health survey of children in orphanages in Kerala, India, which is part of our Indian Strategy prgramme. The money will be used towards collecting and analysing more data and carrying out administrative tasks.

Dr Shah received 288 units of toothpaste from ColgatePalmolive (India) for his innovative project, Uplift Kashmir. This project is a multidimensional effort which initially aims to reach the needy population of the Kashmir district.

The Richard Law Award We received 35 essays this year. Nishant Mehta, a PG student in the Department of Public Health Dentistry from KLE VK Institute of Dental Sciences won the award for his essay: ʻQuality in Dental Practice.ʼ Nishant intends to spend the prize money on furthering his most recent research project.

Richard Lawʼs family commented: this essay is very interesting and raises many important issues, showing the urgent need to mould oral health provision into a cohesive and comprehensive service for the whole population of India. No mean task, but what a challenge!

What next?

In 2014 we will continue to pursue our four year strategy, working to fulfil the charityʼs four key objectives.

In the Spring our 8th Senior Dental Leaders programme will take place at Kingʼs College London. It is auspicious that we are already oversubscribed with delegates attending from every continent.

Please consider donating!

We are committed to continuing to build capacity in both Kenya and Timor leste by funding and coordinating a two-day training programme for community oral health workers. The existing Smiles & Hopes projects will also continue in 2014, and we expect SEAL Cambodia to achieve its ambitious targets. Leadership per se is fine, but it is best developed strategically and collaboratively. That is why we are aligned with the Alliance

for Cavity-Free Future, the International Federation of Dental Hygienists and the World Federation of Public Health Associations. We will build on these relationships in 2014 in order to achieve a major uplift for oral health care in disadvantaged regions.

Pursuing these four dimensions in 2014 will enable us to improve the dental health of even more of the worldʼs most disadvantaged children.

Help us support the world’s most disadvantaged children by donating at: You can also send a donation by post if you prefer.

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Professor Raman Bedi


Dr Marion Bergman

Dr Tony Volpe

Mr Richard Price

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Annual Review 2013  
Annual Review 2013  

Annual Review 2013