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DESIGNER STATEMENT Welcome to my design portfolio! Maybe you are here because you are interested in hiring me at your place of business. Perhaps you are here to have a good look at my designs and then consider if you want to work with me in some capacity. Perhaps you are here as a result of an unbridled interest in my design and illustration prowess! In any case, I am glad you are having a look at my design portfolio. Within these pages you will find my graphic design, illustration, and web design portfolio pieces.

I am a marketing designer, with an emphasis on creating solutions to unique and oft-times difficult design challenges. I have been involved on design teams, worked as an independent designer, and have accepted volunteer design challenges if the cause warranted it. So sit back, have a look at a few pieces I’ve chosen for you, and enjoy the experience! And if you like what you see, feel free to email me for information at:

CROSSROADS PROJECTS I was approached by Betsy Hart, the Guest Services Director at Crossroads Community Church in Kokomo, Indiana in 2011 to assist the staff designer to get projects completed that were of lower priority to other projects on the designer’s list, but still needed to get done. Through a series of discussions, I connected with several different projects, including branding of the middle school ministry, Ignite. Through detailed and thought provoking discussion, I was able to

ascertain what their goal was, and I created a brand that would successfully execute that goal. Additionally, I was asked to join the website relaunch committee, and subsequently tasked with creating a concept for the church’s website. Every meeting was an opportunity to understand what they wanted, what they were trying to convey, and how they were trying to execute it. These are a few samples from my work with Crossroads. Enjoy!

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES As a designer, there are certain things that simply inspire you to create something. I was inspired by these quotes, and felt the need to create something to represent them. A series of inspirational quotes images were the result of careful consideration and thoughtful reflection. Each design uses unique quotes with strong messages of hope and challenges to act or to simply be better.

These images are simple representations of how I interpreted these quotes, in a typographic format. Using different fonts, imagery, and other design techniques, I created these in order to challenge myself, and in turn to challenge those around me.

INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN In 2012, I was asked to develop a series of graphics to complement an article in relation to the election. Upon completing the project, I decided that I would go a step further, and create a series of infographcs detailing the issues research noted was a problem with the current political climate. This project required a large amount of time to research, in which I looked into analysis on each political party, their history,

and what the current opinion on their positives and negatives are. I’ve always been a fan of infographics and their usage to convey a lot of information in a visually appealing way. The illustrations of Obama, Romney, Jackson, and Lincoln were all created in Adobe Illustrator by myself, using only photographs for reference.

IU KOKOMO WAYFINDING For anyone walking around the Indiana University Kokomo campus, you will see an issue rather quickly. It is difficult to know which building is which, and it is often difficult to navigate within each building. I tasked myself with the goal of creating a new wayfinding system for the campus. This included signage that not only conveyed information cleanly and easily, but also followed Indiana University’s brand standards set forth. Fonts, color palettes, and layout standards were followed closely.

Accompanying this blurb are a series of images I created to propose the potential wayfinding in an aesthetically pleasing format. And yes, I did throw in a troll face on one of those. If you knew where the IU Kokomo art building is located in relation to the rest of the campus, you’d understand.

REAGAN ILLUSTRATION I am an enthusiast in creating illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, especially to the point of taking a face or detailed photo and recreating it in a vector format. It’s scalable, it’s dynamic, and it looks downright unique! I was given the Ronald Reagan illustration project by Doug Karr at DK New Media with the request of doing it in this vector format style. I gladly accepted the contract assignment, and got straight to work.

I was given a short timespan of a week to complete the project, and I was so passionate about it, that I had it finished in half the time. This illustration uses no gradient mesh, no gradients, and no Live Trace tools or shortcuts. I hand illustrated this using only the pen tool and a lot of patience.

WHO IS GC DALE? Gerry “GC” Dale is a New Media Communications graduate from Indiana University Kokomo, with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Since graduation, he has done contract and freelance work for numerous Indiana businesses and design firms. As a designer, he seeks to provide quality in whatever he does. Above that, he makes it his personal mission to meet the need of each individual client he works with.

Scan the QR code to visit the design portfolio of GC Dale! Or, alternatively, you can just type into any browser. Easy, hm?

Whether it’s branding, illustration, web coding, hand and digital animation, or marketing design, GC has the tools at his disposal to complete any challenge placed in front of him. Visit or send an email to GC at for more information.


Gerry Dale Design Portfolio  

This is my official portfolio, with a few samples of my design and illustration abilities. For more, visit

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