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2016 ANNUAL REPORT of the College and Foundation

GreenďŹ eld Community College

Vision and mission Statements GreenField Community ColleGe Vision: Strengthening our Community Lives change for the better every day at Greenfield Community College. Families grow stronger and so too our community. Our vision is to strengthen our community one student at a time. We understand our role and responsibilities, as a college in the global community, to create a better world for all.

mission: teaching and learning together Our mission is to teach, in a small, supportive and intimate learning environment, the knowledge and skills necessary for our students to reach their highest potential. Our doors are open to all who seek to learn. In striving to fulfill this mission we also seek to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to reach our highest potential as a college. At GCC, we are passionate about teaching and learning together!

GCC Foundation Vision The Greenfield Community College Foundation gathers and manages the resources required to ensure that Greenfield Community College is the nation’s finest small college; a conduit for regional, national, and international philanthropic investment; and an instrument for helping the College to achieve its vision for the future. Initiatives of particular interest to the Foundation include: • Access and opportunity for every student • Mutually beneficial strategic partnerships and collaborations • Programs to identify and support future leaders • Recognition of diversity and the evolving needs of our community

mission Our mission is to support the mission of Greenfield Community College — its students, faculty, staff, and alumni — by building relationships and raising funds throughout a service area that encompasses Franklin and Hampshire counties in western Massachusetts, the counties of southern Vermont and New Hampshire and beyond. Cover: 2016 Massachusetts Department of Higher Education “29 Who Shine” award recipient, Emily Emmons, with MA Governor Charlie Baker at the State House.


2016 annual report

message from the President of Greenfield Community College The job of raising money for students and programs in public higher education has shifted from a desirable augmentation to a necessity. As state support has declined and costs to students increase, community based fund raising has become significant to the success of our students. Out of the mud two strangers came And caught me splitting wood in the yard, And one of them put me off my aim By hailing cheerily "Hit them hard!" I knew pretty well why he had dropped behind And let the other go on a way. I knew pretty well what he had in mind: He wanted to take my job for pay. At a presentation on the work of community foundations, I learned about the root of the word philanthropy:: “Philanthropy - altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals…” And its word origin “philanthröpía - love for mankind” The time when most I loved my task The two must make me love it more By coming with what they came to ask. You'd think I never had felt before The weight of an ax-head poised aloft, The grip of earth on outspread feet, The life of muscles rocking soft And smooth and moist in vernal heat. That is what giving is about, isn’t it? It is your love for GCC and the transformative mission of access and excellence that brings us together to build atop this wonderful Foundation. Good blocks of oak it was I split, As large around as the chopping block; And every piece I squarely hit Fell splinterless as a cloven rock. The blows that a life of self-control Spares to strike for the common good, That day, giving a loose my soul, I spent on the unimportant wood. But love alone is not enough to make good on the promise of education. Money helps to open doors, create opportunity and change lives. Last year your gifts raised $929,930, providing $374,473 in scholarships for 501 students and $206,479 for GCC programs, touching 2,788 students’ lives. But yield who will to their separation, My object in living is to unite My avocation and my vocation As my two eyes make one in sight. Only where love and need are one, And the work is play for mortal stakes, Is the deed ever really done For Heaven and the future's sakes. On behalf of the students, faculty and staff of this community’s college, thank you. Your love changes lives for the better every day at GCC. Families then grow stronger and so too our community. The GCC Foundation - where love and need are one and the work is play for mortal stakes…for heaven and the future’s sake. Sincerely,

Bob Pura and Robert Frost (Two Tramps at Mud Time)


academic year 2015-16 Highlights July • Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz appoints GCC alumni to top Public Safety posts – Fire Chief Duane Nichols ’02 and Chief of Police Jody Kasper ‘94 represent the College’s Professional Studies Programs.

auGuSt • GCC Business Department faculty member Jeff Galbraith and Dean of Engineering, Math, Nursing & Science Mary Ellen Fydenkevez prepare for the coming fall semester with smiles and renewed energy.

SePtember • GCC students, employees, board members and volunteers proudly participates in one of the most popular events of the year, the Franklin County agricultural Society Fair Parade!

oCtober • Robert A. DeLeo (D-Winthrop) Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives recognizes members of the GCC community at the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Pictured left to right: GCC student Leif Miragliá, Dean Mary Ellen Fydenkevez and Science Department faculty member Amanda Hyde.

noVember • Departing GCC Foundation Board member, Lorna Peterson, 2nd from right, is named board member emerita at the Foundation’s Annual Meeting. Pictured with her from left to right are: GCC Board of Trustees member Clare Higgins, GCC Foundation supporter and volunteer Elaine Reichert and Lorna’s husband, Dale Peterson.

deCember • GCC student/faculty/community dance concert, rhythm in motion, performed at the Shea Theater, featuring jazz, contemporary/modern, ballet, hip hop, tap dance and Middle Eastern. Guest performers: KDS Dance Company, GCC's Mixed Company, BodyWave, Belly Dance, Sean Batingan, and CrazeFaze Hip Hop Dance Crew styles of dance.


2016 annual report

academic year 2015-16 Highlights January • GCC Office of Workforce Development & Community Education offers information sessions on upcoming trainings in basic and advanced manufacturing for beginners and for continuing professional development.

February • GCC announced its successful application to the Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) for the College’s one year medical assistant Certificate (MAC), a program that provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of medical assisting.

marCH • Members of the GCC community participated in the Western mass Higher education legislative luncheon, Pictured left to right are: GCC President Bob Pura, GCC Foundation Board Vice President Michael Davey and State Representatives Susannah Whipps Lee (RAthol) and Paul Mark (D-Peru).

aPril • The GCC Foundation sponsored the combined Greater northampton and Franklin County Chambers of Commerce After Five reception held at Yankee Candle. Left to right are Denise Coyne, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Greenfield Savings Bank; Mike Rifanburg, Publisher of The Recorder and Daily Hampshire Gazette newspapers; Rich Fahey, Co-Chair of the GCC Foundation 2016 Annual Campaign .

may • Tony Palumbo, Plant Manager at Kennematel presents the Dino Emmanuelli Engineering scholarship to Patrick Ryan at the GCC Foundation Scholarship awards Ceremony. Over 500 students received scholarship support this year, totaling $374,473.

June • At a ceremony held on the grounds of the GCC Main Campus, the community celebrated Commencement for 412 graduating students in the Class of 2016.


Student, Faculty/Staff & alumni awards

Emily Emmons ‘16

Buz Eisenberg

Sandy Sayers ’85

emily emmons ’16

buz eisenberg

Sandy Sayers ’85

Emily Emmons was one of “29 Who Shine,” a group of outstanding Massachusetts public college and university graduates honored by the Governor and the Department of Higher Education at a Massachusetts State House ceremony in May. Every year, one graduate from each school is recognized for their academic achievements, student leadership and community service.

Professor Buz Eisenberg’s American Civil Liberties students did more than read about Petitions for Clemency, they helped Eisenberg write them. In the fall of 2015, Eisenberg and the students worked on behalf of two federal prisoners who had received multidecade sentences for low-level, nonviolent drug offenses as a result of federal mandatory-minimum sentencing schemes.

The GCC Distinguished Alumni Committee selected Sandy Sayers of Greenfield as the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus.

Emily, of Northampton, graduated in June with an Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Computer Science. She will transfer to UMass Amherst for a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a Software Engineering focus.

The college sponsored travel for two students to accompany Eisenberg to Tennessee and Mississippi to interview one client and perform investigative services, and co-counsel Attorney Bill Newman, Director of the Western Mass. office of the American Civil Liberties Union sponsored another student to accompany him to Minnesota for the same purpose. Both petitions were completed and submitted in January of 2016. Because of work done by Eisenberg, his students, and Newman, President Obama has granted clemency to one of the men, who is now out of prison and home with his family.

Emily is a first generation college student, putting herself through school, with a 3.57 GPA. She wants the tools for learning about computer science to be accessible to everyone. “There are great professors at GCC,” she said, “and everyone makes themselves very available. Doug Wilkins really helped me with navigating school and Scott Herstad encouraged us to determine what questions most interested us, and to explore them, even if they are difficult.” GCC President Bob Pura said, “I am so pleased for Emily, her family, and her teachers. Her GPA is just one testament to her commitment to doing good work. Her courage, combined with her intelligence and commitment to hard work, will open doors for her as a software engineer.


In 2014, the Obama Administration announced the President wished to grant clemency to inmates who, as a result of mandatory-minimum sentencing and ‘three strikes’, had been given extremely long sentences for non-violent offenses. To qualify, inmates would have to have served a minimum of 10 years for non-violent, usually drug offenses, for which they would have received much shorter sentences had they been sentenced today..

Sayers began college as a non-traditional student at GCC and graduated with her Associate’s degree in 1985. She then transferred to Smith College as an “Ada Comstock Scholar” to complete her Bachelor’s degree in 1988. “The atmosphere at GCC was so supportive – it meant a lot to me to feel welcomed and to learn that I could achieve and accomplish things that I never believed I could do before,” said Sayers. She has served on the Board of Directors of the GCC Foundation and as its Chair was appointed as the alumni representative to the GCC Board of Trustees. Sayers started her career in development at Stoneleigh Burnham School, then moved to Smith College where she held several positions, including Senior Associate Director. After serving as Director of Development at Baystate Franklin Medical Center where she managed a $5 million Capital Campaign, she was later named Director of Development for The United Arc. In 2013, Sayers became Director of Resource Development & Community Engagement at United Way of Franklin County. In 2015, she was appointed Executive Director of the United Way where she continues to oversee programs & funding for the organization.

2016 annual report

2016 Financial & Student data GCC Foundation annual Fund Campaign raised $929,931

GCC Foundation, inc. Support

GCC Foundation inc. balance Sheet Comparison

13% 3% 4%




aSSetS Current Assets Fixed Assets

5,313,295 809,850

4,983,103 841,050

total assets



100,009 41,707 141,716

97,666 78,917 176,583

net aSSetS Undesignated 276,307 Investment in Property 809,850 Board Designated 811,794 Total Unrestricted 1,897,951

184,160 841,050 827,866 1,853,076

Temporarily Restricted 894,694 Permanently Restriced 3,188,784 Total Restricted 4,083,478 total net assets 5,981,429

654,201 3,140,293 3,794,494 5,647,570

total liabilities and net assets


liabilitieS Current Liabilities Long Term Liabilities total liabilities


Annual Fund Campaign ($929,931): ■ Donations for College Programs & Scholarships ($536,860) ■ Donations for General College Support ($340,702) ■ Contributions to Endowment ($52,368) ■ Grants & Sponsored Programs ($28,666) ■ Investment Income ($140,985)


GCC Foundation, inc. disbursements Greenfield Community College Fast Facts


20% 38%




■ Annual Scholarships ($297,515) ■ GCC Programs ($186,488) ■ Endowed Scholarships and Programs ($69,483) ■ Grants & Sponsored Programs ($33,061) ■ General College Support ($160,000) ■ Administrative Expense ($40,998 )

Students Fall 2016 unduplicated credit enrollment: 1,957 • Male: 39% Female: 61% • Enrolled Part-Time: 67% (1,302 students) • Enrolled Full-Time: 33% (655 students) • Average age: 27 Median Age: 23 • Student-to-faculty ratio: 12:1 Graduates & transfers • 2016 Graduates Associate Degrees: 272 Certificates: 140 • 44% of GCC graduates transfer or continue their education economic impact • GCC creates ~ $21.3 million/year in economic activity • 319 faculty and staff work at GCC


Gifts to the 2016 annual Fund and major Gifts Campaigns (amC) indicates Friend of the Archibald MacLeish Collection • (m) indicates a corporate matched gift • (iK) indicates a gift-in-kind AMOUNT RAISED: $1,106,727

NUMBER OF DONORS: 1,016 Amy Reiser Mary and Alfred Siano (M) Liz and Will Sillin Jack and Nancy Spanbauer Robert Mugar Yacubian

$2,500-$9,999 organizations leaderSHiP $10,000+ individuals Anonymous (2 Donors) Sally J. Fuller Skip and Kathy Hammond Sherry and Don Rice Whitney K. Robbins James Slavin and Monica Mottolese

$10,000+ organizations Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts Ethel Dow Wells Foundation Green River Festival LLC Greenfield Savings Bank Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Snap-On Incorporated (IK) The Recorder / Daily Hampshire Gazette (IK)

PaCeSetter $5,000-$9,999 individuals Anonymous (2 donors) Helen F. Clark Frank R. Foster Rice Family Foundation, Inc. Margaret E. C. Howland (includes AMC and IK)

PreSident'S CirCle $2,500-$9,999 individuals Anonymous (2 Donors) Channing and Marie Bete, Jr. Chia Collins and Michael Cohen Rob '71 and Mary '05 Cohn Kathy Cole and Jim Geisman (includes IK) Margo Culley Regina Curtis '86 and Mark Maynard (includes IK) David Ellenbogen Josh and Marina Goldman Tom Miner and Whitty Sanford (includes IK) Gordon and Pamela Oakes, Jr. Carles Pi-Sunyer '90 and Family (M) Bob, Marje, and Mary Pura


Cohn & Company Real Estate Agency Florence Bank Freedom Credit Union Greenfield Co-operative Bank The Keith and Nancy Johnson Family Foundation Kennametal Leadership Pioneer Valley (IK) Nordblom Family Foundation People's United Bank Small Corp. Teddy Bear Pools, Inc. WHAI/WPVQ/WRSI (IK) The Yankee Candle Company, Inc. (IK)

dean’S CirCle $1,000-$2,499 individuals Anonymous (6 Donors) Mark and Patricia Allen Catherine Beck William H. Beck Jane Rawson Bensche '89 Richard and Deborah Berryere Jeffrey, Toby, Leah, Tara, and Trevor Biller Cynthia Bluh (M) (includes AMC) Rebecca Caplice Charles Cohn and Catherine Smith Mary Commager Michael A. Davey Michael and Liza Dawson Dr. Sharon A. Edwards J. Nicholas and Colleen Filler Jim, Sophie, and Andrew Gardner Michael Garfield-Wright Stan and Peg Gradowski Arthur and Marilyn Hannan David '91 and Betsey Hyde Adam D. I. Kramer '99 Elaine M. Lapomardo Joan Leavitt Peter and Carol Letson Carol Letson (AMC) Arthur and Roberta Levin Kim A. Levitch and Nancy A. Fournier Carolyn Nims McLellan '66 Linda J. Melconian Sharon '78 and William Meyers Ira '78 and Mary Mitchel Norman Muller

Thomas Newton '88 Michael R. Packard Suzanne Hannay and John Palmer Lorna and Dale Peterson Daniel W. and Tracey G. Polachek Robyn S. Provost and Tom C. Carlson Jack and Sydney Ramey Sharon '78 and David Rogalski Janet M. Rogers and Beverly A. LaBelle '89 (includes IK) Liz and Flip Rosenberry Peter Rosnick and Sandra Sobek Richard and Sharon Roth Pete and Sandy Ruggeri Michael '77 and Theresa Saharceski Carol and Warren Thomas Lucy J. Tirk and David B. Erickson Edward Tombs and Judith Carter The Vranos Family Robert Whitaker Nancy Winter

$1,000-$2,499 organizations Bob's Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation, Inc. (IK) Baystate Franklin Medical Center Berkshire Insurance Group/ MassOne Insurance Bete Fog Nozzle Inc The Blanker Foundation, Inc. Cartelli Ford and Toyota of Greenfield Crocker Communications, Inc. The Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation E. W. Martin Electrical Contractor, Inc. EDC of Western Massachusetts Gilmore & Farrell Insurance Agency, Inc. Institute for Training and Development The Kittredge Foundation Lundgren Honda Melanson Heath & Co, PC Mowry & Schmidt Renaissance Builders Snow & Sons, Inc. Solar Store of Greenfield (IK) Subway of North Greenfield locally owned by Ira '78 and Mary Mitchel (IK) Taylor's Tavern UMassFive College Federal Credit Union Valley Steel Stamp Warner Farm Winchester Precision Technologies The Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts

Partner GiFtS $500-$999 individuals Anonymous (4 Donors) Janice and Steve Adam (M) Michael Assaf (includes IK) Jan Balise (includes AMC) Lynne Ball '90 Polly Bartlett John and Elizabeth Bednarski Sanford and Elizabeth Belden Nancee Bershof Eve M. Blakeslee '85 Edward and Claire Blatchford Constance and Abigail '08 Clarke Esther W. Krebs Thomas '70 and Patricia '95 Coffin Krystyna Colburn Deborah Deskavich '77 and Stephen Roberto Diane Esser and Wil Roberts Paula A. Farrell Bill and Phyllis Freeman Mary Ellen and Tom Fydenkevez (includes IK) Brian Gilmore '67 The Hannan Family Phelicia and John Howland Sheryl Hruska Mary Ellen Kelly and Steven Morgan Dan and Jane Kunhardt (M) Karen Lord and Phyllis Treusch Beth Lorenz Donna '71 and Richard '68 Lozier Suzanne and Jon McGowan Alan and Patricia McClelland Dale Melcher and Bill Newman Gloria Y. Myers Phyllis and Archie Nahman Dr. Sonia and Mr. Angel Nieto Bill and Jane Plumley Dennis '75 and Sondra '76 Putnam Leigh and John Rae Tom and Kathleen Rice Hana and Steven Rivkin Sally R. Roberts '92 (M) Mari Rovang and Howard Matheson Albert and Gertrude Sheaffer Robin Sherman and Rob Allen Jean '65 and Dick Simmons Tina M. Stevens '77 Douglas G. and Frances K. Stotz William R. Sweeney (includes AMC) David Torcoletti '80 Virginia Turner Del and Bob Viarengo

2016 annual report

Gifts to the 2016 annual Fund and major Gifts Campaigns Richard L. Weil, Jr. Dr. Anne M. Wiley and Dr. Steven G. Budd Lou Turner Zellner

$500-$999 organizations Barr and Barr Gage-Wiley & Co., Inc Ramon Financial Services, LLC

ambaSSador $250-$499 individuals Anonymous (4 Donors) Lisa N. Abend (IK) Lisa Alber Alecia '93 and Tony Bardwell Benjamin A. Barnes Carmen and Wade Bassett Christa C. Bingnet Timothy and Mary Blagg Leslie P. Brown Bill '68 and Phyllis Canon Michael Clancy and Karen Bivona Keith '83 and Meg Clark Dvora Cohen '02 and Stephen Broll Charlie Conant Bill and Christine Copeland James and Denise Coyne Jim and Jackie David Lawrence A. Dean Russell and Lillian Deane Doris Doyle Laura and John Dunphy Mary Lou Emond Richard and Kathie '69 Fahey Rice Flanders '98 Chris '78 and Herb '74 Forgey Kathleen N. Forster '08 Rufus J. Freddie Thomas '87 and Joyce Fredrick Jeffrey Galbraith Bruce and Mary Lou Gardner Tami Gaylor Becky George Richard Gordon and Jeanne Canteen (M) Morris & Lillian P. Gould Family Foundation Mildred H. Grant Shane P. Hammond David and Donna Helms Louis H. Hmieleski Leo Hwang David M. Johnson, Psy.D. Margo Jones Dawn M. Josefski Jeanne and Norton Juster Ken Kahn Laurence and Debra Klein '79 Kathleen '83 and Dennis '81 Koonz

Dylan Korpita David '77 and Cathy Livingstone Regis MacNeil Johnston Frederick M. Magee Susan '78 and Thomas '79 McCarthy Ann McNeal John F. Merrigan '97 Henry and Sally Mixsell James Modena Robert and Sheila Newton Dorothy '87 and Lloyd Parrill Mary E. Phillips '92 Roberta Potter John and Mary Ellen Preston Marcia M. Provost David and Karen Ram (includes IK) Janis Ross and Bradley Peters Robert and Claire '96 Sagor Bette and Bob Schmitt Kathe I. Scott '87 (M) Val and Ted Scott Chip Sharpe Ruth S. Shaw Tamara and Dan Sigler Bob and DiAnn Speth Martha Luey Stiles '64 Phyllis Ann Stone Northwestern District Attorney David E. Sullivan Corrine E. Sysun '99 Barbara Watson and Alan Wallace Geoff Wilson Pam Wolanske Ruth Yanka

$250-$499 organizations Anonymous Big Y Foods, Inc. (IK) Booska's Flooring Channing Bete Co., Inc. (IK) Dillon Chevrolet, Inc. Esser, Kent PC Facey Plumbing & Heating Fitz, Vogt and Associates Franklin County Sheriff's Office (includes IK) Franklin First Federal Credit Union Green River Festival LLC (includes IK) Ja'Duke, Inc. (IK) MedCare Emergency Health (IK) Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C. Northwestern Mutual Nursing Class of 2015 RK Solutions of Western Mass., Inc. Webber & Grinnell Insurance

adVoCate $100-$249 individuals Anonymous (15 Donors) Frederick and Kathryn Abbott Jane Abbott '66 MJ Adams Ryan R. Aiken Carol Wheeler Aleman '71 Randy Ames Amy Ford (IK) The Armen Family Patricia Auchard '94 Bill Austin & Joan Rockwell Michelle A. Kelton '09 (IK) Daniel Back Joan '75 and James Baker (M) Leo F. Barile Joe Bartlett and Sandy Ramsay Tom '70 and Ellen '70 Bean Lucille '87 and Pierre Belhumeur Bradley Bellville Ben and Pam Bensen Bill and Karin Benson John '71 and Catherine Bergeron Carla Bernier '80 Alan and Cathy Blake Kim A. Blakeslee '94 Mary J. Blazejewski '92 David Bliss '84 and Regina Harris '84 Paul and Sheree Bloomberg Mark Bluver and Laurie MacLeod Thomas Boisvert and Joanne Gardner William J. Bourbeau '81 Theresa A. Boyce Warren and Jacquelyn Boyden Tim Braim Marie S. Breheny Karen Brooks Linda and David Brougham Bruce Brown and Mary Thorpe Brown Leslie M. Brown '02 Lucinda S. Brown Tupper and Sandy Brown Bill and Nancy Buchanan Stephanie Burbine Mark Burton '79 Stan '76 and Cyndee '92 Button Michael and Julie Cadran Colleen and Glenn Caffery Bill Caines Barbara Campbell '87 Gina Campbell Chris P. Caouette '83 Vincent and Linda Capasso Gail Carberry John and Sandy Cariddi Daniel and Susan Carmody Kit Carpenter and Rick Schuetz James and Miriam Carpenter

Janis Carr Mark Casella '74 Linda M. Cavanaugh Karen L. Chastney '96 Elaine and David Chichester Deborah S. Chown '77 David '70 and Judy Ciszewski Rick and Janice Clark Sterling and Nancy Clark Doug and Amy Clarke Jamie '05 and Stephanie Coffin Robert Cohen William C. Cole Sean Connelly '79 Jill Ker Conway (includes AMC) Kathy ‘78 and Kevin Coughlin Linda Dagilus Marion E. Davenport Mike Davis '82 Emil and Beverly Demars Thomas F. Devine Robert C. Diamond Sue and Tom Dillon Abigail M. Dolinger '83 Scott Donaldson (AMC) Christopher Donelan Benjamin B. Downing Bernard Drabeck (AMC) Rick '66 and Cheri Ducharme Mike Duprey Rosamond T. Dye Tom and Anne Echeverria Susan '91 and Eric Emond Nicole J. Fahey '02 Anders Ferguson Martha and Barry Field David Filkins Daniel W. Finn Bill '84 and Holly Fitzpatrick Nick Fleisher and Peg Fiddler Clifford J. Forster, Jr. Rosemarie Freeland '93 Douglas Fusonie Ruth E. Gallagher '93 Peter Garbus and Katy Robbins Ann Gibson and Annie Cheatham Karen Goldman Dr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Goodwin Vin Grassetti Judith Greene-Corvee James Greenleaf '64 Lori '83 and Joe Grover Diane '77 and Leonard Grybko, Jr. '76 Jay and Marguerite Gump Stephen M. Gunn '01 Maggie Haigis Amy Hamel Joy and Richard Hanrahan Chris Harris '70 Dolores M. Harvey


Gifts to the 2016 annual Fund and major Gifts Campaigns $100 to $249 individuals, continued Nancy Hazard Jay and Bunny Healy Bryon Hefner '12 and Stan Rosenberg Rich Herchenreder '86 (M) Clare Higgins Thomas Higgins MD Bail and Barbara Hoffman Richard '90 and Alison Holbrook Amy S. Holich-Moscaritolo '84 John R. Hough David F. Howland (includes AMC) Rena G. Jacques Elda S. James '75 Abbie Jenks Elizabeth Anema & Betsy Johnson Mary E. Jones Debbie Kates and Mitch Anthony Richard M. Katz '72 Robert and Sandra Keir Dr. Sarah Kemble Sharon L. Kennaugh Kathleen Keough Judi Ketchum '86 Tracy Kidder Richard Kimball Rosemary A. Klaes Randy Kness '04 Penne Krol '85 Babette Krolik and Harry Greenwald Representative Stephen Kulik Julie Kumble Audrey LaBonte '86 and George Handscuh Kenneth R. and Judith A. Larson Meredith Lein Phil '79 and Debbie Lemere Pat and Henry Leuchtman Barbara E. Levy David and Merrilyn Lewis Michael Lewis '13 Patricia Little ‘93 Richard and Suzanne Little Cynthia '65 and Hormidas Lively '75 Joe '76 and Kate Lucas Thomas Luck Hugh Mackay Michael and Cynthia Mandile Mildred C. March Kate B. Marmaras Herbert and Mary Marsh Joseph and Susan Mattei Linda McCarthy Betty McClelland Francis L. McDonald Tim and Bunny McDonough Mary McEntee Joanne and Bill McGee Jean '86 and Ed McGowan Luella B. McLaughlin Mary M. McNally


Belden R. Merims Tim '83 and Laurie Meyer Ellen Minde Dave and Donna Mowry Pamela A. Murray '88 Leslie '84 and Joe Musiak Louise Neidle Joanna O'Brien John W. Olver Martha J. Olver '97 '99 Nancy '05 and Adam Orth Diane Osgood Christopher Palames and Judith Kimberly Mimi Kirouac and Peter Paniczko Susan Peck Virginia H. Peck '89 Jose D. Peczon, M.D. Denise Petrin and Lawrence Poirier '95 Lou Peugh ‘79 Bob and Bambi Phillips Thomas Plaut Bernhard Porada and Susan Wright Barry Poret Betsy Powell Marietta Pritchard Bob and Jessica Provost Deb Putnam '69 Stanley Rabinowitz Anthony Reiber and Melanie Gaier Michael Loughman '06 and Susan Renfrew Frank Ribeiro '82 and Ann Cahill Mike and Nance Rifanburg Edward J. Rising Peter C. Robbins and Martha E. Curran Connie Robert Judith Roberts '94 and Jonathan Lagreze Therese B. Romano Joseph and Taffy Ruggeri Robert and Betsy Sand Sandy Sayers '85 and Joe White Bill and Betty '04 Schneider Phil Schuster Michael G. Schwartz Esther and David Short Mary L. Sirum Bryan Smith '06 Cynthia A. Smith '78 Harlan and Linda Smith Jay Smith Michael and Mary Pat Smith William and Sylvia Smith Bill and Brenda Stafford Sandra Staub '84 Alan and Dianne Stefanini Helen and Morton Sternheim M. Stinson Dorothy M. Storrow Anne E. H. Stuart '90

Todd Sumner '85 Bob Sunderland Alan and Mary Allen Swedlund Amy Swisher Hank R. Tenney Eileen J. Torchio-Heidemann '74 Faythe E. Turner Mirrless R. Underwood Vicki '87 and Donald Valley Patricia A. Wachter Cameron R. Ward '91 Kester Warlow-Harry '96 Steven J. Warnecke Richard and Roxann Wedegartner Lisa R. White Doug and Cathy Wilkins Jim '87 and Paula '70 Winn Ian Winokur Laura Winter '82 Ann P. Wood '81 Chip Wood Donna M. Woodcock Kathleen F. Wright Bernadette P. Wyman Priscilla and David Yetter Ellen MacLeish Zale (AMC) Katie Allan Zobel Peter and Melanie Zschau

$100-$249 organizations 99 Restaurant A. Ruggeri & Sons, Inc. All Souls Church Mid Week Music Amherst Golf Club (IK) Baird Ceiling Systems Beaver Brook Club, Inc. (IK) Blackmer Insurance Agency, Inc. Bridge of Flowers Business Center Brown Motors, Inc. Cooke and Jones, Inc. Country Club of Greenfield (IK) Curtiss, Carey, Gates, & Goodridge, LLP Dave DiRico's Golf & Racquet (IK) Eddie's Wheels, Inc. Eye & Lasik Center Farren Care Center First Light, GDF Suez, Northfield Mountain Station Foster's Supermarket (IK) Foundation for Community Justice Franklin County Bar Association GCC Veterans and Allies Student Club The Gill Tavern Hard Working Home Tom Carlson dba Homestyles Jack's Cleaners Jim McDonald, Jr. PGA Golf Professional (IK) Kostanski Funeral Home Last Man Standing Manny's Appliances (IK)

McCarthy Funeral Homes Mohawk Real Estate Northampton Country Club (IK) Northfield Golf Club (IK) Royal Food Products (IK) World is our Classroom, Inc.

FriendS $1-$99 individuals Anonymous (13 Donors) Mary C. Dingman-Abel and Christopher Abel Mr. and Mrs. James F. Abels '83 Dovi Afesi Bill and Nancy Ames Robert and Louise Amyot Ruth Anderson-Zabre Sharon Arslanian Robert McGuigan and Julia Bady Keith Bailey Nancy Bair Nancy J. Baldwin Carol Ball and Randie Handleman Shel Ball '03 Harriet Hulbert Ball Stephen Ball Elizabeth Barajas-Roman Wendy S. Bardwell '00 Michael Barlow Cathy F. Barnard '89 Wendy Barnes Donna L. Barton Claire L. Bateman Marilyn Beal Michael and Doni Beauregard William and Lorraine Beauregard William and Tamara Beauregard Norman Beebe Catherine Shayne Beede ‘93 Carrie (Jenkins) Benoit '71 Anna Berry Laura Bezio Robert and Carol Biagi Diane Bigelow Karl and Doris Bittenbender Joan '81 and Paul Bitters Nancy M. Blackmer '76 Lesley '95 and James Bolduc Marlene A. Borer Ashley Braziel Jennifer Bresciano Pasquale Bresciano Tom Bresciano Starr Bruce Carol and Paul Campbell Kenneth Caouette Priscilla M. Caouette Cheryl A. Carley Andrea R. Carlin '90

2016 annual report

Gifts to the 2016 annual Fund and major Gifts Campaigns $1 to $99 individuals, continued Matthew Cavanaugh ‘00 O. Stuart Chase Lisa Cherenson, RN '90 Isabella Ciolfi Carol N. Coan James A. Cole '85 Karen L. Cole Harold J. Collins Kimberly G. Collins '78 Sandra Conant Gail Connor Jody Cothey Nancy Craig-Williams Donald M. Cronk ‘95 Patricia H. Crosby John and Mary Crowley Michael R. Currie Roland '78 and Lynne Currier Peter d'Errico Sharon Davenport Friend inspired by Mary Ellen Kelly and Phyllis Nahman Chloe Deas Bob Decker ‘66 Rebecca Devino Kathleen Dodge '89 Nancy Dole Kimiko Donohoe ‘14 Anne M. Dorman Mike Duffy Laurel '92 and Angus Dun Paul Dunphy Lucy A. Eckert '03 Nancy Eckert Jason Ell Gerry Emerson '71 Jeannette A. Ennis '89 Eric Evans Matthew K. Farmer '00 Tara Farrell Pat '73 and Wayne Farrell Leon and Janet Farrick Joan Featherman and Ed Berlin Calvin and Fredericka Fellows Kori Ferris Rebecca Fil Kate Finnegan Robert and Nan '02 Fischlein Diane '78 and James Foley Nurten (Daysal) Foster '01 Allen Fowler Rodney Furr Stephanie M. Gale ‘10 A. Garvey Seth Geeslin Charlotte Gifford Adrienne Gigliotti Jessica L. Gilbert '10 Megan Glabach Jacob Goldman '14

Erica Goleman Ralph and Priscilla Gordon, Sr. Jack Gougeon Deborah Gradowski Darlene A. Graham Tracy Grammer Jean ’83 and William Gran Don Grant Terry L. Gray '75 Betsy Green '84 Martha P. Greene Kevin F. Grennan Joanne Grogan Sarah Gurvitch '83 Karen A. Guthrie Isabella Halsted Ann Hamilton Janet H. Hamilton Becky Hanna Liza Harrington Joanne McNeil Hayes (AMC) Peter Heed Carolyn Heiden Catherine Henchey Kathleen '75 and Frank Higbee Jason D. Higgins J. Lincoln and Frances Hirst Danica Hochstetler Herb and Janet Hodos Elizabeth A. Hollingsworth Linda M. Horta '93 '07 Hattie J. Hustler '68 Dawn E. Hyytinen '11 Deb Isles Bob Jackson Matthew and Elizabeth JacobsonCarroll Bill James Rita Jaros '88 Edward Jarvis Phyllis and Peter Jeswald Birdwaves Media/Tony Jillson ‘86 Crystal Johnson Elaine M. Karalekas '65 Martin J. Keane III David and Jane Gilbert Keith Matthew M. Kempf Peter Kennedy Crystal L. Kindle David and Anne Marie Kittredge Richard P. Kostanski Barry and Judith Kratz Janice and Fred Kreitner Nancy A. Lamore '84 Shannon M. Larange '06 Ron LaRoche, Sr. Patricia Larson Caitlyn Larvey Azure Layton '06, '08 Representative Susannah M. Lee Whipps

Denise C. Pervere Lemay Kathy LeMay Karen '95 and Stephen Lepley Simon L. Lesser '77 Leslie A. Letourneau-Zraunig '77 Dave Lewis Mary Link and William Spademan Judith P. Lively Sam Lively '02 Thomas S. Lively '95 Annabelle Lucas '71 Margaret and William MacDonald Scott Macpherson Michael and Katherine '79, '01 Maleno Karen and Bryan Malloy Mary '83 and Thomas Maloney Paul A. Mann '78 Eileen Mariani Representative Paul W. Mark Susan Markush Brian Marsh '68 Roseann Martoccia Rosemary Mathey '81 Lisa Maynard Richard B. McAdoo (AMC) Mary McClintock '82 Nathalie McCormick William McGuirk Charlotte McLaughlin Amanda McNamara Carol McShane '99 '10 Nancy Mead Jill R. Meister '90 Nicola Metcalf ‘94 Kathleen Meyer John Mielnikowski ‘13 Dorothy '77 and Irving Milewski Alice Diana Miller '12 Helen E. Miller '07 Pam Miller Christine Monahan Justin Moody Tom Newman Natalie Noble '85 Donna and Harvey Noel Colin and Kara O'Brien John O'Loughlin Dennis and Kathy '70 O'Rourke Jane A. Oakes Deborah F. Oeky Alvin F. Oickle Janelle Olsen Julie M. Orvis John Ouellette Max Page Joseph and Debbie Palmeri Jennifer Paris Christopher Parker Norma L. Patten Beth A. Paulson

Diane M. Payant Carol A. Pedigree '83 Ronald J. Pervere '81 Kristin Peterson '85 Beverly Phillips and Allen Taylor Karen and Michael Phillips The Pichette Family Dave Pierrepont '96 Christopher Pile and Ellen Leahy-Pile Phil Pless '08 Eleanor Podlesney '75 Rosalind Pollan Kelly Popoff Brian DeVriese and Pamela Porter Deana M. Prest '99 The Osit Proietti Family William J. Pugliese Carol Purington Ellen Sweeney Purinton '81 Gloria Jean Coutu Purinton '69 Jill Putala Alan and Sheila Rainford Sheila Rainford (AMC) Gertrude E. Ralph (includes AMC) Judy Raper Lynne Page and Roland Ratté Elaine H. Reichert '82 Sara W. Reid and Scott L. Smith Chelsea Richardson John M. Richardson '77 Sharon Richardson '84 Carol Rigolot (AMC) Phil Ringwood '03 The Riordon Family Diana Roberts '84 Ruth E. Root '83 Susan Grant Rosen Senator Stanley C. Rosenberg Andy and Cyndie Rothschild David R. Roulston Jane (Koch) Rozak Arthur and Leeanne Rubeck Andrea Rudolph '94 Monty Ruff '04, '10 Angela T. Ruggeri '00 Susan Ruggeri Stephen Russell and Catherine Haber Meg E. Ryan '11 Shawn L. Sabelawski '92 Edgar Sabogal JoAnne Saint-Pierre Gary and Joanne Sanderson Cassandra Santos Hope B. Schneider (AMC) Michael R. Schultz '76 Arthur Schwenger Paul T. Seamans Kathryn Sevoian Bill Sharp Lisa and Andrew Sheldon


Gifts to the 2016 annual Fund and major Gifts Campaigns $1 to $99 individuals, continued Paul Sheren and Miguel Romero Matthew '99 and Caitlin Sheridan Saul Sherter Melissa J. Shiner Louis G. Silva Jr. '68 Dr. Suzanne M. Smith Cindy Snow Kate Snyder Scott Soares Helen M. Sokolosky Kim Soule '11 Michelle A. Spaziani (M) Nancy Spittle '76 Jonathan '84 and Sandy Stafford Lois M. Stearns Patricia A. Stevenson '92 Karen E. Stinchfield '84 Fraser R. Stowe '95 Sally Stuffin Constance M. Sumberg Eric '85 and Mary Sumner '85 Michael Sustick Maggie and Kevin Sweeney Patricia and Lloyd Szulborski Megan Tudryn Danika Tyminski Carol E. Varner Timothy G. Vielmetti '00 (includes AMC) Carl A. Vigeland (AMC) Luybov '99 and Ivan Vlasenko Deborah Voland and Alan Tatro Katherine K. Waitkus '79 Helene A. Wegrzynek '79 Anne '75 and Kenneth Weiss Gary and Gail Weiss Maryanne Wells ‘88 Nicholas Wells Lynn H. Werthamer ‘75 Rodney and Helen Whipple Marilyn D. White Brian and Kathie Williams Debbie Heath Wingreen '81 Edwin M. Wolf Valerie Wong Barbara Woodcock Dale and Andrea Woods Amelia Worden Paul '10 and Sandra Yager Deborah Zukowski '77 Raymond '77 and Gail Zukowski '81 Joanne V. Zywna

Fitz, Vogt and Associates (IK) Franklin County Technical School Culinary Program (IK) I.B.E.W. Local 455 Meadows Golf Course (IK) Alden Booth, The People's Pint Richardson's Candy Kitchen (IK) Stitches and Ink/From the Red Tees (IK) Summit Ice, Inc. (IK) Thomas Memorial Golf & Country Club (IK)

additional GiFtS Alice Parker Pyle Alice and Barstow Bates

matching Gift Companies Aetna Foundation Inc Genworth Financial Foundation Google Matching Gift Program MassMutual Life Insurance Co MetLife Foundation (includes AMC) New York Life Foundation Pfizer Foundation Raytheon Company Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program

Gifts Given in Honor of

Gifts Given in memory of

Trish Basford, Teresa Jones, Paul Kuzeja, and Tony Reiber Robby Cohn Krystyna Colburn Regina E. Curtis Hannah d'Errico Debran Bucklesby and MaryLee Nicole J. Fahey Catherine M. Finnegan The exceptional GCC Art Department Charlotte E. Gifford Stephen Greenwald Clare Higgins Beryl R. Holloway Joanne M. Hayes Amy S. Holich-Moscaritolo Sher Hruska, in honor of her retirement T. Budge Hyde Mary Ellen Kelly Bettie S. Kravetz Julie Kumble Phyllis Nahman Jazmyne E. Nieto Susan Packard Kalentek Lorna Peterson Robert L. Pura Dennis J. Putnam Zoe M. Rae Bill Sweeney Charlotte E. Waynelovich Robert Mugar Yacubian

Sally J. Ahlskog David Bartlett John Bean George Bluh Paul E. Caouette Ethel "Risky" Case Sara Graham Clarke John D. Coady Tricia Donovan Jane B. Filkins Kent Frederickson Susan E. Garfield-Wright Ryan W. Gay Alista E. Gradowski Michael Higgins Valorie A. Knowlton Chandler Landow Veryl Lincoln Virginia Low Michelle Markowski Phyllis M. Meyer Juanita Nelson Wallace F. Nelson Harry Parent Harrison Parker Ralph Phillips Lori-Anne Rheaume Ethel Rubin Arthur Shaw Pamela Simanski-Page Morton A. Slavin Carleton P. Stinchfield Gretchen S. Watson Judith E. Whitaker Jerry Winter Daniela Zinn

$1-$99 organizations Adams Donuts (IK) Amazon Smile ARAmatic Refreshment Services (IK) Camelot Carpet Cleaners Clarkdale Fruit Farm (IK) Deerfield Inn (IK)


2016 annual report

lewis o. turner legacy Society Anonymous (3 donors) Joanne M. Ball Nancee Bershof Jeff and Nancy Bohne Peggy Carey Arline Cohn Robby ‘71 and Mary ‘05 Cohn Mary Commager Jill Ker Conway Patricia Crosson Allen J. Davis Lawrence A. Dean David Ellenbogen Gerard and Tricia Ethier ‘71 George Farber Bill ‘84 and Holly Fitzpatrick Stan and Peg Gradowski Skip and Kathy Hammond Shane P. Hammond Chris Harris ‘70 Margaret E. C. Howland William and Patricia Jolicoeur Bettie Kravetz, Steven Kravetz ‘81, and Sharon Meyers ‘78 Dan and Jane Kunhardt Carol and Peter Letson Edith and Alan Lipp Beth Lorenz Luella B. McLaughlin Carolyn Nims McLellan ‘66 Sharon ‘78 and William Meyers Robert Pura and Marjorie MacDonald–Pura Tim and Elise Rice Sherry and Don Rice Richard and Sharon Roth Betty Turner Thomson Edward Tombs Vincent P. Traina, Jr. Jeffery ‘73 and Jayne A.’70 Upton Jeffrey ‘73 and Susan Hutchinson ‘68 Webster Evelyn C. Winer Robert Mugar Yacubian Lou Turner Zellner

Each person who makes a current gift of $10,000 or more to the endowment or has put the Foundation in their will for $10,000 or more becomes a member of the Lewis O. Turner Legacy Society.

2016 annual Fund alumni donors Jane Abbott ‘66 James F. Abels ‘83 Janice A. Adam Ryan R. Aiken Carol Wheeler Aleman ‘71 Patricia A. Allen Robert and Louise Amyot Alice J. Armen Patricia E. Auchard ‘94 Nancy Bair Joan Baker ‘75 Jan G. Balise Carol H. Ball F. Sheldon Ball ‘03 Harriet H. Ball Lynne Ball ‘90 Alecia J. Bardwell ‘93 Wendy S. Bardwell ‘00 Cathy F. Barnard ‘89 Mary M. Bartlett Donna L. Barton Carmen L. Bassett Tom ‘70 and Ellen ‘70 Bean Michael S. Beauregard William J. Beauregard H. Elizabeth Bednarski Catherine Shayne Beede ‘93 Lucille R. Belhumeur ‘87 Bradley Bellville Carrie (Jenkins) Benoit ‘71 Jane R. Bensche ‘89 John D. Bergeron ‘70 Carla A. Bernier ‘80 Diane Bigelow Joan E. Bitters ‘81 Nancy M. Blackmer ‘76 Timothy A. Blagg Catherine S. Blake Eve M. Blakeslee ‘85 ‘94 Kim A. Blakeslee ‘94 Mary J. Blazejewski ‘92 David Bliss ‘84 and Regina Harris ‘84 Thomas W. Boisvert Lesley J. Bolduc ‘95 William J. Bourbeau ‘81 Jacquelyn Boyden Karen J. Brooks Leslie M. Brown ‘02 William R. Buchanan Mark Burton ‘79 Stan ‘76 and Cyndee ‘92 Button Michael and Julie Cadran

Colleen M. Caffery Barbara E. Campbell ‘87 Paul F. Campbell William Canon ‘68 Christopher P. Caouette ‘83 Priscilla M. Caouette Linda M. Capasso Cheryl A. Carley Andrea R. Carlin ‘90 Mark A. Casella Linda M. Cavanaugh Matthew T. Cavanaugh ‘00 Karen L. Chastney ‘96 David Chichester Deborah S. Chown ‘77 David Ciszewski ‘70 Keith A. Clark ‘83 Amy S. Clarke Jamie T. Coffin ‘05 Thomas ‘70 and Patricia ‘95 Coffin Dvora Cohen ‘02 Robby ‘71 and Mary ‘05 Cohn James A. Cole ‘85 Karen L. Cole Kimberly G. Collins ‘78 Sean B. Connelly ‘79 Kathleen M. Coughlin ‘78 Denise A. Coyne Donald M. Cronk ‘95 Patricia H. Crosby Mary C. Crowley Regina E. Curtis ‘86 Michael A. Davey James H. David Lawrence A. Dean Bob Decker ‘66 Beverly L. Demars Deborah L. Deskavich ‘77 Robert C. Diamond Susan W. Dillon Kathleen L. Dodge ‘89 Nancy Dole Abigail M. Dolinger ‘83 Christopher Donelan Kimiko Donohoe ‘14 Doris G. Doyle Cheri Ducharme Laurel D. Dun ‘92 John R. Dunphy Lucy A. Eckert ‘03 David Ellenbogen Gerry L. Emerson ‘71 Susan K. Emond ‘91

Jeannette A. Ennis ‘89 Diane Esser Nicole J. Fahey ‘02 Matthew K. Farmer ‘00 Wayne B. Farrell ‘73 Rice B. Flanders ‘98 Diane P. Foley ‘78 Chris ‘78 and Herb ‘74 Forgey Kathleen N. Forster ‘08 Nurten Foster ‘01 Thomas J. Fredrick ‘87 Rosemarie Freeland ‘93 Stephanie M. Gale ‘10 Ruth E. Gallagher ‘93 Jessica L. Gilbert ‘10 Brian R. Gilmore ‘67 Ralph E. Gordon Jean M. Gran ‘83 Terry L. Gray ‘75 Betsy S. Green ‘84 Martha P. Greene James A. Greenleaf ‘64 Lori A. Grover ‘83 Diane ‘77 and Leonard Grybko, Jr. ‘76 Stephen M. Gunn ‘01 Sarah A. Gurvitch ‘83 Maggie Haigis Isabella Halsted Shane P. Hammond Sean M. Hannan ‘94 Richard J. Hanrahan Christine M. Harris ‘70 Carolyn J. Heiden Richard A. Herchenreder ‘86 Kathleen A. Higbee ‘75 Clare Higgins Jason D. Higgins J. Lincoln Hirst Louis H. Hmieleski Janet Hodos Barbara A. Hoffman Amy S. Holich-Moscaritolo ‘84 Linda M. Horta ‘93 ‘07 John R. Hough David F. Howland Hattie J. Hustler ‘68 David B. Hyde ‘91 Dawn E. Hyytinen ‘11 Deb Isles Bob Jackson Rena G. Jacques ‘83 Elda S. James ‘75 Tony Jillson ‘86

this donor list represents gifts to the GCC Foundation recorded by June 30, 2015. if you do not find your name in these lists, we may have made a mistake. We regret any errors and appreciate your correcting us if this is the case. Please call (413) 775-1600.


2016 annual Fund alumni donors alum donors, continued David M. Johnson, Psy.D. Richard M. Katz ‘72 Mary Ellen Kelly Dr. Sarah Kemble Matthew M. Kempf Judith T. Ketchum ‘86 Debra L. Klein ‘79 Randall Kness ‘04 Kathleen ‘83 and Dennis ‘81 Koonz Richard P. Kostanski Adam D. I. Kramer ‘99 Penne Krol ‘85 Audrey M. LaBonte ‘86 Nancy A. Lamore ‘84 Shannon M. Larange ‘06 Ronald C. LaRoche Patricia Larson Azure L. Layton ‘06 Meredith S. Lein Denise C. Pervere Lemay Philip A. Lemere ‘79 Karen M. Lepley ‘95 Simon L. Lesser ‘77 Leslie A. Letourneau-Zraunig ‘77 Kim A. Levitch and Nancy A. Fournier Barbara E. Levy Patricia Little ‘93 Cynthia ‘65 and Hormidas Lively ‘75 Sandra J. Lively ‘02 Thomas S. Lively ‘95 David G. Livingstone ‘77 Donna ‘71 and Richard ‘68 Lozier Annabelle P. Lucas ‘71 Joseph P. Lucas ‘76 Thomas Luck Katherine R. Maleno ‘79, ‘01 Mary K. Maloney ‘83 Paul A. Mann ‘78 Mildred C. March Brian R. Marsh ‘68 Rosemary R. Mathey ‘81 Joseph P. Mattei Susan M. McCarthy ‘78 Patricia M. McClelland ‘88 Mary McClintock ‘82 Bernice E. McDonough Jean R. McGowan ‘86 Suzanne McGowan Carolyn N. McLellan ‘66 Mary M. McNally Carol S. McShane ‘99 ‘10 Jill Meister ‘90 John F. Merrigan ‘97 Nicola Metcalf ‘94 Kathleen A. Meyer ‘91 Timothy P. Meyer ‘83

Sharon E. Meyers ‘78 John A. Mielnikowski ‘13 Dorothy M. Milewski ‘77 Helen E. Miller ‘07 Ira ‘78 and Mary Mitchel James R. Modena Donna Mowry Pamela A. Murray ‘88 Leslie J. Musiak ‘84 Robert G. Newton Thomas G. Newton ‘88 Natalie S. Noble ‘85 Donna M. Noel John O’Loughlin Kathy O’Rourke ‘70 Jane A. Oakes Deborah F. Oeky Janelle Olsen Martha J. Olver ‘97 ‘99 Nancy L. Orth ‘05 Michael R. Packard Mimi Kirouac and Peter Paniczko Dorothy S. Parrill ‘87 Virginia H. Peck ‘89 Jose D. Peczon Carol A. Pedigree ‘83 Ronald J. Pervere ‘81 Denise M. Petrin Lou Peugh ‘79 Margaret N. Phillips Mary E. Phillips ‘92 Carles G. Pi-Sunyer ‘90 Dave C. Pierrepont ‘96 Eleanor Podlesney ‘75 Roberta L. Potter Deana M. Prest ‘99 Robyn S. Provost Carol A. Purington ‘Ellen Sweeney Purinton ‘81

Deborah J. Putnam ‘69 Dennis ‘75 and Sondra ‘76 Putnam Sheila M. Rainford Gertrude E. Ralph Roland E. Ratté Elaine H. Reichert ‘82 Susan M. Renfrew Frank Ribeiro ‘82 Chelsea Richardson John M. Richardson ‘77 Sharon L. Richardson ‘84 Phillip M. Ringwood ‘03 Hana R. Rivkin Constance Robert Diana Roberts ‘84 Judith E. Roberts ‘94 Sally R. Roberts ‘92 Sharon M. Rogalski ‘78 Ruth E. Root ‘83 Andy G. Rothschild Jane (Koch) Rozak Arthur F. Rubeck Andrea G. Rudolph ‘94 Monty J. Ruff ‘04 ‘10 Angela T. Ruggeri ‘00 Sandra L. Ruggeri Shawn L. Sabelawski ‘92 Edgar Sabogal Claire Sagor ‘96 Michael ‘77 and Theresa Saharceski Gary M. Sanderson Sandy Sayers ‘85 Bette Schmitt Betty A. Schneider ‘04 Hope B. Schneider Michael R. Schultz ‘76 Kathe I. Scott ‘87 Ruth S. Shaw Gertrude A. Sheaffer

Matthew Sheridan ‘99 Esther and David Short Mary A. Siano Louis G. Silva ‘68 Jean A. Simmons ‘65 Mary L. Sirum Bryan A. Smith ‘06 Cynthia A. Smith ‘78 Sylvia M. Smith Kim Soule ‘11 John G. Spanbauer Nancy C. Spittle ‘76 Jonathan J. Stafford ‘84 Sandra Staub ‘84 Tina M. Stevens ‘77 Patricia A. Stevenson ‘92 Martha Luey Stiles ‘64 Karen E. Stinchfield ‘84 Frances (Princy) K. Stotz Fraser R. Stowe ‘95 Anne E. H. Stuart ‘90 Constance M. Sumberg Eric ‘85 and Mary Sumner ‘85 Todd A. Sumner ‘85 Corrine E. Sysun ‘99 Patricia J. Szulborski Hank R. Tenney Eileen Torchio-Heidemann ‘74 David G. Torcoletti ‘80 Virginia L. Turner Vicki Valley ‘87 Carol E. Varner Timothy G. Vielmetti ‘00 Luybov I. Vlasenko ‘99 Deborah T. Voland Katherine K. Waitkus ‘79 Cameron R. Ward ‘91 Kester Warlow-Harry ‘96 Barbara Watson Richard T. Wedegartner Helene A. Wegrzynek ‘79 Anne B. Weiss ‘75 Maryanne Wells ‘88 Lynn Werthamer ‘75 Rodney F. Whipple Lisa R. White Jim ‘87 and Paula ‘70 Winn Laura L. Winter ‘82 Nancy Winter Pamela A. Wolanske Ann P. Wood ‘81 Bernadette P. Wyman Paul A. Yager ‘10 Deborah L. Zukowski ‘77 Raymond ‘77 and Gail Zukowski ‘81

Pictured above on the far right, with his family, is Joshua Miller, the 2016 recipient of the New Opportunity Nursing Scholarship award. 14

2016 annual report

2016 “Striving and driving for GCC Scholars” Golf tournament the 26th annual GCC “Striving and driving for GCC Scholars” Golf tournament raised $30,255, which is the amount that goes directly to unrestricted scholarships. tournament lead Sponsor ($5,100)

tee or Green Sponsors ($155)

Cohn & Company Real Estate Agency

Thomas & Anne Echeverria Farren Care Center Franklin County Bar Association K. Levitch, Associates Princy and Doug Stotz

Co-Sponsor ($2,600) Greenfield Savings Bank

birdie Sponsors ($1,250) Anonymous Baystate Franklin Medical Center Berkshire Insurance Group/ MassOne Insurance Bete Fog Nozzle Inc Crocker Communications, Inc. E. W. Martin Electrical Contractor, Inc. Gilmore & Farrell Insurance Agency, Inc. Greenfield Co-operative Bank The Hammond Family Kringle Candle Lundgren Honda Mowry & Schmidt Renaissance Builders Rice Family Foundation, Inc. Snow & Sons, Inc. Taylor's Tavern Valley Steel Stamp Winchester Precision Technologies

in-kind ($500-$1,000) Subway of N Greenfield, locally owned by Ira ’78 and Mary Mitchel

team Sponsors ($400-$499) Booska's Flooring Florence Bank Northwestern Mutual

Hole Sponsors ($300-$399) Fitz, Vogt and Associates Webber & Grinnell Insurance

in-Kind ($100-$500) Amherst Golf Club Beaver Brook Club, Inc. Country Club of Greenfield Dave DiRico's Golf & Racquet Jim McDonald, Jr. PGA Golf Professional Melanson Heath & Co, PC Northampton Country Club Northfield Golf Club Royal Food Products

Player Sponsor ($115) Brown Motors, Inc.

in-kind (up to $99) Adams Donuts ARAmatic Refreshment Services Foster's Supermarket Franklin County Technical School Culinary Program Meadows Golf Course Richardson's Candy Kitchen Stitches and Ink/From the Red Tees Summit Ice, Inc. Thomas Memorial Golf & Country Club

Players Ryan Aiken Eric Amato Randy Ames John Austin Jan Balise Joe Bartlett Brad Bellville Carla Bernier Dennis Booska Cody Booska Barry Bordner Aaron Bordner Steven Boudreau Bill Bourbeau Brian Bourgoin Terry Boyce Tim Braim Stephanie Burbine Bill Caines Jim Clayton Dan Cloutier Thomas Coffin Pat Coffin Jack Cominoli Scott Cote James Crocker Toby Daniels Michael Davey Brian Derry Tom Dillon Sue Dillon

David Donoghue Nancy Donoghue Anne Echeverria Christine Eugin Richard Fahey Kathleen Fahey Tim Farrell KC Finley Corinne Fitzgerald Nancy Fournier Tom Fredrick Doug Fusoine Mary Ellen Fydenkevez Tom Fydenkevez Christine Gagnon Jeff Galbraith Tami Gaylor Mary Ellen Godfrey Barry Goldberg Vin Grassetti Stephen Greenwald Barbara Greenwald Diane Griffin Bill Grinnell Lori Grover Maggie Haigis Jon Hall Richard Hillier Brock Hines John Howland Dave Howland Mike Johnson Kriste Joy Marty Kendrick Wendy Kendrick Russ Kimball Rose Klaes Audrey LaBonte Kevin Laurer Michael Lewis Misty Lyons Fred Magee Chip Martin Bunny McDonough Tim McDonough Mary McNally Butch Plifka Garret Plifka Thomas Poulin Bob Provost Deb Putnam Susan Renfrew Sally Roberts Peter Rosnick Sandy Ruggeri

Joe Ruggeri Julie Schonbrun Pete Sennett Jim Shea Jean Simmons David Singer 

Co-Chairs Terry Boyce Princy Stotz

Volunteers Brad Bellville Liz Carroll Cheri Ducharme Nurten Foster Thom Fredrick Danica Hochstetler Ted Linnell Mary Phillips Elaine Lapomardo Jan Ross

Steering Committee Andrea Carlin Rob Cohn David Donoghue Nancy Donoghue Laura Earl Tom Fredrick Jan Ross Jean Simmons Mike Smith


2015 turkey run at GCC our second annual turkey run raised $5,012 for GCC! Presenting level Sponsors ($2,500) Freedom Credit Union

Golf level Sponsors ($1,000) Cartelli Ford and Toyota of Greenfield Solar Store of Greenfield (in kind) WHAI/WPVQ/WRSI (in kind)

Silver level Sponsor ($500) Barr & Barr

bronze level Sponsors ($250) Cohn & Company Real Estate Agency Esser Kent Family Law Franklin First Federal Credit Union MedCare Emergency Health (in kind) Mowry & Schmidt

in Kind (up to $99) Deerfield Inn Foster’s Supermarket Clarkdale Fruit Farm


runners/Walkers Amanda Abramson Michael Barlow Sue Belcher David Belcher Laura Bezio Cassandra Bigelow Diane Bigelow Steven Blinder Ashley Braziel Pasquale Bresciano Jennifer Bresciano Tom Bresciano Starr Bruce Colleen Caffery Glenn Caffery Sandra Conant Mike Currie Nick Danjer Chloe Deas Mike Duffy Michelle Dwyer Eric Evans Nicole Fahey Tara Farrell Kori Ferris Allen Fowler Rodney Furr Seth Geeslin Adrienne Gigliotti Jessica Gilbert Hayden Girard Megan Glabach Jacob Goldman Jack Gougeon Tracy Grammer Don Grant Becky Hanna Liza Harrington Peter Heed Carolyn Heiden Catherine Henchey Jason Higgins Bill James Crystal Johnson Mary Jones Jason Joy Kriste Joy Olivia Joy Matt Kempf Peter Kennedy Crystal Kindle Jackie Krzykowski Caitlyn Larvey Dave Lewis

Susan Markush Lisa Maynard Patti Mazeski Mary McEntee Claire McGinnis Charlotte McLaughlin Amanda McNamara Nancy Mead Thor Mead Nicole Miner Christine Monahan Justin Moody Tom Newman John Ouellette Christopher Parker Amy-Louise Pfeffer Amy Proietti Jill Putala Jenna Putala Linday Reed Chelsea Richardson Sharon Richardson Leeanne Rubeck Art Rubeck Amelia Ruff Monty Ruff Sophie Ruff Angela Ruggeri Susan Ruggeri Taffy Ruggeri Bill Russo-Appel Shawn Sabelawski Cassandra Santos Kathryn Sevoian Kaylin Sevoian Kristen Sevoian Liz Sillin Bryan Smith Jon Stafford Sandy Stafford Bruce Starr Alyce Stiles (also a student sponsor) Sally Stuffin Michael Sustick Danika Tyminski Kelsey Wall Nicholas Wells Maryanne Wells Ashley Williams Brian Williams Katherine Williams Ian Winokur Dale Woods Amelia Worden Deborah Zukowski

Volunteers Carmen Bassett Marie Breheny Cindi Curtis Diane Esser Rebecca Fil Nurten Foster Diane Franklin Amy Holich-Moscaritolo Michele Kelton Lisa Kent Corine Langevin Charles Leach Lorna Peterson Robyn Provost Mary Phillips Jerimiah Riordon

2016 annual report

Scholarships and awards 25th anniversary Scholarship

bohne Scholarship for Women in transition

These scholarships are made possible by gifts to the 25th Anniversary Fund. They are awarded on the basis of scholarship, financial need and character.

Established in 2003 by Jeff and Nancy Bohne, this scholarship is awarded to a woman who finds herself in transition and who sees a GCC education as one which will allow her to move on to a new career or to pursue a higher degree.

General “Hap” adams memorial award This award was established by Colonel and Mrs. Carroll Adams as a memorial to General Adams. It is made to a student who would benefit from financial support and who has some of the qualities exhibited by General Adams: loyalty, concern, love, discipline and humility.

the Sally J. ahlskog Scholarship The Sally J. Ahlskog Fund, established by Howard Ahlskog, is a permanently endowed scholarship fund providing scholarships for students in the GCC Nursing Program. Recipients of this scholarships must demonstrate 1) financial need, 2) academic success, 3) a passion for nursing with an awareness of the rewards and challenges of the field, and 4) a mature attitude. The last two attributes will be as determined by the nursing faculty.

alumni Scholarship These scholarships were established by the GCC Alumni Association to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of GCC graduates. The scholarships are awarded to graduates who have at least two semesters on the Dean’s list or have a GPA of 3.35 or better, and who are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university.

andrew music award Established by Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Borton, this award is given to students of music in high academic standing who demonstrate outstanding artistic and critical thinking progress, as well as peer leadership qualities.

Joanne m. ball Scholarship This scholarship was established in 2004 by Joanne M. Ball to support the education of future nurses. It is awarded to students with a strong academic record and high financial need. Baystate Franklin Auxiliary Scholarship - Nursing These scholarships are awarded to a second year student in a health care program to be recommended by the Nursing Program Director and a student recommended by the Coordinator of the Practical Nursing Program.

the baystate Franklin medical Center latino Scholarship The Baystate Franklin Medical Center Latino Scholarship is established to support residents of Franklin or Hampshire Counties who are of Latino/Hispanic origin and who are either enrolled or intend to enroll at Greenfield Community College.

elinor and robert bessette Scholarship The Elinor and Robert Bessette Scholarship Fund, established in 2013, is a permanently endowed fund providing 2 scholarships to GCC students who are single parents, West County residents and have completed at least 12 credits at the college while maintaining a 3.0 grade point average.

barbara Hannon bourne award These scholarships were established by the Hannons in memory of their daughter to provide scholarships for outstanding students in business or a business-related major.

Florence rawson bramley Scholarship Established in honor of Florence Rawson Bramley in 2000 by her daughter, Jane Bensche, and her grandson, John Bensche, this scholarship is for the best OB/GYN nursing student who is planning to work in a medical/surgical department or is taking additional courses in this academic area.

brattleboro nursing Scholarship Established to honor Beatrice H. Lydiard, RN, grandmother of Judith Lydiard Kinley, RN, GCC retired faculty member, and Sandra Leonas, RN, a graduate of GCC, who persisted in her education and practiced at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital. For both of these women nursing was a passion, one they did not separate from their personal life. Applicants must have completed their first year of the nursing program at GCC and plan to continue their studies the following fall semester.

Charles e. Carter Scholarship Established by family, friends, and colleagues of Mr. Carter, the former Dean of Administration at GCC for more than 20 years, this award is to be given to students based on their service to the community and financial need, although they need not qualify for federal financial aid.

ethel “risky” Case alumni Scholarship This scholarship was established by friends of Mrs. Case. The award is made to a student who is a relative of a previous student at the College and has demonstrated financial need.

Sara Graham Clarke Scholarship Given in memory of Sara Graham Clarke ’71 by her family, to honor her long career as a nurse. This scholarship is to be awarded to a second-year student in the GCC nursing program who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and commitment to the health field, to be used toward tuition. Sara was a lifelong student and earned a Masters in Philosophy. She applied her interest and passion for ethics, sociology, philosophy, social justice, spirituality, and alternative medicine to her nursing. Recipient must be returning to the GCC nursing program or transferring to another college’s program in the fall to receive this award.

Stan and Jean Cummings environmental Studies Scholarship This scholarship was established by Jean Cummings in 2007 in memory of her husband Stanley L. Cummings. It is awarded to a highly committed environmental studies major, with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher, with some consideration to financial need, who is transferring to a fouryear college and will be continuing to work in this field. A long-time supporter of GCC, Stan also donated his services for several years to teach area police constitutional law courses in reference to the Miranda warnings.


Scholarships and awards the deerfield Plastics Scholarship

Farren memorial Hospital Guild nursing Scholarship

The Deerfield Plastics Scholarships provide support to students 25 years or older who are returning to college.

The Tricia Donovan Family Scholarship Fund supports new Greenfield Community College students who are single mothers who have obtained their General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

The Farren welcomed GCC AD Nursing Students for clinical affiliation from 1963 until it closed as an acute care facility in 1989. This scholarship is a legacy from Hospital Guild members who hoped the tradition of “Farren Cares” will continues with the award made on the basis of scholarship, financial need and character to residents of Franklin County who have successfully completed one term and plan to continue in the GCC AD Nursing Program.

tricia donovan memorial Scholarship Fund

First Generation Scholarship

The Tricia Donovan Memorial Scholarship Fund supports current Greenfield Community College students who have obtained their General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

Lorna and Dale Peterson established the First Generation Scholarship in honor of Clare Higgins. It is awarded to a GCC student who is a first generation college student, with a minimum 3.5 GPA, and is studying to either become a public school teacher or begin a career in public service.

tricia donovan Family Scholarship Fund

bernard a. drabeck, Ph.d. english Composition award This award honors Ben Drabeck, a retired GCC English professor. It is given to the student judged to have written the best essay in Composition I.

Flora Ferranti edwards Scholarship The Flora Ferranti Edwards Scholarship, created in 2014, is given to a GCC student who has a minimum 3.25 GPA, is enrolled in ADN program and is a first generation college student.

Saul ellenbogen Scholarship

evalyn n. Fitzroy Scholarship Established by Ms. Fitzroy in 2002, this scholarship is for adults who are returning to college for a degree.

alista Gradowski Scholarship Given in memory of Alista Gradowski ‘04 by her family, this scholarship is given to a first or second year GCC student who demonstrates effort in his/her studies and demonstrates financial need.

William K. Hefner memorial Scholarship

Established by his son, David Ellenbogen, these scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need to students who are transferring to a four-year college and who would not otherwise be able to attend college.

This scholarship is awarded to a student who is a resident of Franklin County and has interests in the fields of peace and international relations or community needs and race relations.

drs. Helen e. and Frederick e. ellis Scholarship

betty Higson memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created in honor of Drs. Frederick and Helen Ellis. Mrs. Ellis served GCC for over 25 years as an English professor and later as the Dean of Humanities. This scholarship is given to a nontraditional student who is completing the freshman year at GCC, maintains a cumulative grade point average of 3.0, and is responsible for financing his/her own education. Although it is not a requirement, preference is given for a student who is in the Liberal Arts program or who plans to become a teacher. The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to the student to complete the Bachelor’s degree at any of the four (4) designated institutions: University of Massachusetts; Smith College; Springfield College; or the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Established in honor of Betty Higson’s belief in education, this scholarship benefits a student who lives in Western Massachusetts.

eleanor n. Farber Scholarship

richard l. Holbrook, Jr. Scholarship This award was established to provide a scholarship to a student who has interest in pursuing a business-related degree and has successfully completed at least one semester. The recipient must have a strong academic record and financial need.

Jonathan J. Hubbard memorial Scholarship Established by William and Eleanor Hubbard in memory of their son, this award provides an unrestricted scholarship to students with financial need.

blanche and John Hukowicz Scholarship

Established by her family in memory of Mrs. Farber, this award is made to students with the College’s highest GPAs who have graduated from a Franklin County public high school, completed between 10 and 16 courses and who will be returning to GCC in the fall.

This scholarship was established by Ann and John Shaw and is for nursing students who have a strong academic record and high financial need.

the domenic J. Ferrante engineering Scholarship

t. budge and Jeannene Hyde Scholarhip

Domenic J. Ferrante was born to Italian immigrants. He graduated from Greenfield High School and Wentworth Institute of Technology with a degree in Construction Building, then served in the Army Corps of Engineers. Domenic owned/operated the family contracting business before becoming a partner in Northfield Sand & Gravel until his retirement in 1985. On his 84th birthday he passed, coming full circle like a true Engineer. This was established in Domenic’s memory in 2007 by his wife Lorraine and family for an engineering student who has a strong academic record and demonstrates financial need.

The T. Budge and Jeannene Hyde Scholarships were established in 2007 by family and friends of the Hydes in honor of Budge’s retirement from the GCC art faculty. They are given to outstanding fine arts students who are transferring to a four-year college or university.


2016 annual report

Scholarships and awards William C. and Patricia a. Jolicoeur Scholarship These scholarships were established by the Jolicoeurs in 2003. They are awarded to second year students who are interested in pursuing a business-related degree, have successfully completed at least two semesters at GCC, and have had some exposure to free market economic theory at GCC.

brud and irmarie Jones Scholarship for international Students Established in 2007, this scholarship is awarded to an ESOL or international student with a minimum GPA of 2.5, in order to make it easier to have additional education and a chance at a better future. The scholarship is given to a student who has overcome the barriers of a new language and culture and who has shown eagerness toward learning in the study of English or of other subjects. It is made to a student planning to return to GCC in the fall or transferring to another college. Wallace “Brud” Jones always wanted to do something for the international students coming to GCC. He was a conversation partner in English for Speakers of Other Languages Department for sixteen years. Now, in his memory, the scholarships will carry out his wishes every year.

Jane lerner and michael bardsley educational transitions Program Scholarship This scholarship was established by friends and parents of ETP students in honor of Jane Lerner and Michael Bardsley. It is given to a student who is independent, has a strong desire to learn, and exemplifies the spirit of the program.

Sharon l. lorenz Scholarship Don Lorenz, Inc. established this scholarship in 1994 in celebration of their forty years in business. It honors Mrs. Lorenz, a registered nurse. The award is given to a GCC LPN student who will be transferring into the College’s RN program.

the Virginia low Women’s Studies award The Virginia Low Award was established in honor of Professor Emerita Virginia Low, pioneering spirit and founding mother of Women’s Studies at Greenfield Community College. The award will be made to a student who has taken two or more courses included in the GCC Gender and Women’s Studies curriculum, who demonstrates academic excellence, and who shows continued commitment to gender and women’s studies, gender equity, and social justice.

Susan Packard Kalentek Scholarship

allison r. mace Scholarship

The Susan Packard Kalentek Scholarship, established in 2013, is awarded to a full or part time student who is a single parent, demonstrates financial need, and has a minimum 2.5 GPA.

The Allison R. Mace Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding first year student in the GCC Emergency Medical Services/Paramedic Certificate Program.

Kennametal-Greenfield dino emanuelli engineering Scholarship

archibald macleish liberal arts Scholarship

These scholarships are made on the basis of general scholarship, excellence in engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, promise and achievement, and personal goals. They are given by KennametalGreenfield.

Kennametal-Greenfield dennis Greene business/marketing Scholarship This scholarship is given in memory of Dennis Greene. It is made on the basis of general scholarship, excellence in business, marketing, promise and achievement and personal goals.

Valorie a. (Grant) Knowlton law enforcement Scholarship This scholarship was established in 2006 by family, friends, and colleagues in memory of Val Knowlton, Chief of Security at the College for 19 years. It is provided to a student pursuing the A.S. in Criminal Justice who has completed at least one semester, is returning to GCC the following year to complete the Criminal Justice program, and has a GPA of 3.0 or has been on the Dean’s List at GCC.

Kravetz meyers Health occupations Scholarship This scholarship was established by Steven Kravetz ’81, Sharon Meyers ’78, and Bettie and David Kravetz. It is given to a student studying in a Health Occupations program who has attended GCC for at least one semester, has good academic standing and could benefit from the financial help given by this scholarship.

The Archibald MacLeish Liberal Arts Scholarship was established in 2012 by Margaret E.C. Howland, Curator of the Archibald MacLeish Collection at Greenfield Community College since its founding in 1974 by other Friends of the MacLeish Collection in memory of Poet Archibald MacLeish (1892-1982) formerly of Conway, MA; and in commemoration of the College’s 50th Anniversary. The MacLeish Scholarship is awarded annually to a currently enrolled GCC Liberal Arts student who demonstrates general academic excellence with special skill in writing.

adam markowski Scholarship Established by Adam Markowski’s family, this scholarship is awarded to a second year student who is a Franklin County resident from a single parent family.

allan “bucky” mcGuane Scholarship This scholarship was established in 2003 in memory of Judge McGuane. It is awarded to a single parent who is pursuing an associate degree and who demonstrates financial need.

Carolyn nims mclellan dance Scholarship Established in honor of Professor Emerita Carolyn Nims McLellan ‘66, founder of the GCC dance program in 1993, this scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need and excellence in the performance and understanding of the spirit of dance.


Scholarships and awards melanson Heath GCC accounting Scholarship

mary Stuart rogers Scholarships

The Melanson Heath Accountants·Auditors scholarship program was established to provide scholarships to individuals pursuing a Bachelor and/or Master’s degree in Accounting. The scholarship is awarded to a deserving GCC student hoping to find a career in public accounting and who also shares in Melanson Heath’s core values of honesty, kindness, fairness, perseverance, bravery and judgment.

The Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarships are awarded to one student from each of the eight high schools in Franklin County. Recipients must have a minimum 3.0 GPA with good citizenship grades.

Phyllis meyer Scholarship This scholarship is awarded in Mrs. Meyer’s memory to a student in any Health Occupations program, with a minimum GPA of 3.5, who will be entering their second year at GCC.

Phyllis rubin nahman Scholarship The Phyllis Rubin Nahman Scholarship, established in 2010 in honor of retired faculty member, Phyllis Rubin Nahman, is a permanently endowed fund to provide an annual scholarship to be awarded to a currently enrolled GCC student from any academic area who is a passionate reader committed to continuing her or his education.

Gordon and Pam oakes nursing transfer Scholarship The Gordon and Pam Oakes Nursing Transfer Scholarship is awarded to a GCC Nursing Student who is transferring to the Nursing Program at UMass Amherst

the new opportunity Scholarship – engineering The New Opportunity Engineering Scholarship is awarded to a student who has financial need and intends to pursue a career in the field of Engineering.

the new opportunity Scholarship – nursing The New Opportunity Nursing Scholarship is awarded to a student who has financial need and intends to pursue a career in the field of Nursing.

Harrison Parker Scholarship Established in memory of Harrison Parker in 2000 by his family and friends, these scholarships are awarded to students with financial need, with a preference for West County residents.

edwin C. Peck mathematics award This award was established by the Kiwanis Club of Greenfield to honor Mr. Peck, a GCC math professor. It is given to a GCC student who will have sophomore status the following fall. The award is made on the basis of general scholarship, excellence in mathematics, promise and achievement, and personal goals

Hartley Pfeil memorial Scholarship

Constance and Julius roth Scholarship Fund The Constance and Julius Roth Scholarship Fund is a permanently endowed scholarship fund providing scholarships for students and is awarded to a student in the Early Education Program.

deborah rubenzahl Scholarship This scholarship was made possible by Ms. Rubenzahl’s many friends. Awards are made to female students who are returning to school after an absence, are 24 years of age or older, have children, have completed 30 credits by the end of the spring semester with a 3.0 GPA, are interested in a career in human services and have demonstrated a commitment to social justice.

art and marjorie ruggles Scholarship Established in 2000 by the Ruggles, this fund is used to support scholarships for students in the Early Childhood Education Program.

arthur W. Shaw Scholarship This scholarship was made possible by the friends of Dr. Shaw, a GCC English professor who wrote Excellence and Opportunity: The Story of Greenfield Community College 1962-1987. It was inspired by Dr. Shaw’s curiosity and talent. The award is given to a humanities student who displays this same curiosity and talent and has completed at least two semesters at GCC. Students are nominated by members of the humanities faculty.

Jean Simmons nursing Scholarships The Jean Simmons Nursing Scholarships assist with the financial needs of students as they progress along the CNA to BSN educational continuum.

the Sinauer associates Scholarship in biology These scholarships were established by Sinauer Associates, Inc., to award students who show academic promise in biology and who demonstrate financial need.

Carleton P. Stinchfield memorial Scholarship This scholarship was established in memory of Mr. Stinchfield, a GCC chemistry professor. Students applying must have at least twenty (20) credits at GCC with a minimum GPA of 3.0, at least a B grade in a chemistry course, the demonstrated ability to overcome personal or academic disadvantages and a goal to apply their study of science to improving the quality of life.

Established by the Master Teacher’s Seminar and other friends, this scholarship is given to a student who has taken English 100 and/or College 100, who will be continuing at GCC, and has shown great improvement in academic performance in developmental courses, strong motivation, and perseverance with a high quality of performance.

The Robert E. Stowe and Cynthia Stowe Scholarships are awarded to women in Franklin County for whom college attendance is otherwise unlikely and who are currently attending GCC.

Carole racicot Fund

the “Striving and driving for Scholars” Golf tournament

The Carole Racicot Fund is a permanently endowed fund created to establish a Student Technology Loan Program at Greenfield Community College to support students' technology needs, according to the provisions of the Fund.

All proceeds from the annual “Striving and Driving for Scholars” Golf Tournament provide unrestricted scholarships to students


the robert e. Stowe and Cynthia Stowe Scholarship

2016 annual report

Scholarships and awards Successful independence Scholarship

ethel dow Wells Foundation Scholarships

The Successful Independence Scholarship is awarded to one student each year who meets the following criteria: is between the ages of 18 and 24; has aged out of the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families Foster Care System; attends full or part time; maintains good standing.

The Ethel Dow Wells Foundation awards scholarships annually to students from Franklin County who are attending Greenfield Community College. Applicants must have a grade point average of at least 3.0 and demonstrate good citizenship.

teddy bear Pools, inc. Scholarship

Judith Whtaker rn memorial nursing Scholarship

Established in 2012, this scholarship was made possible by Theodore and Barbara Hebert. Awards are made to full-time students who maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, are employed at least 20 hours per week and are pursuing a career in a health occupations field.

This scholarship is awarded to a Franklin County resident who successfully completed his/her first year of the Associates Degree in Nursing Program at Greenfield Community College and plans to enroll in the upcoming fall semester. To be used for tuition and/or fees, this scholarship is awarded to a student who has financial need, is hard working and displays commitment, compassion, respect and love of learning in his/her developing nursing practice.

traprock/Wally and Juanita nelson Scholarship This award was established to support and encourage study in the field of peace and social justice. The award is given to a student whose goals and intentions are to work for peace and social justice in the world, whose academic competencies are above average, and whose commitment to peace and social justice extends beyond college experience. Wally and Juanita manifested the ideals of peace and justice by which they lived throughout their lives together. In so many ways, they have worked on behalf of human rights, social justice, and environmental concerns in this community and in other parts of the United States. This award is to honor their work by creating a new opportunity for students to study in the field of peace and social justice and to encourage civic engagement.

dr. lewis o. turner academic award This award was established by Dr. Turner’s widow, Betty J. Thomson, in his memory. It is awarded to the graduating student who is planning to transfer to a four-year college and who has earned the highest cumulative grade point average. Dr. Lewis Turner came to GCC in August, 1963 as Dean of Faculty. He was appointed second president of the College in December, 1964. He served as President from 1964 to August 1978. At that time, he became president of Frederick Community College in Maryland. Lewis’s accomplishments during his tenure at GCC included faculty hired, increased enrollment, curriculum developed, establishment of the Foundation, and the building of a new campus in the Meadows. After a five year battle with cancer, Lewis died on June 14, 1979 in Frederick.

Gretchen S. Watson Scholarship Established by family, friends, colleagues, and students in memory of Gretchen Watson, Professor of English at GCC from 1985-2006, this scholarship is awarded to a student who embodies the qualities Professor Watson brought to the College: intellectual curiosity, a passion for learning, and a sense that everyone benefits when we are all responsible and respectful members of the world community. Professor Watson taught a range of courses including College Reading Strategies, Latin American Literature, Film and Literature, and Media and the Popular Culture. One of the pioneers in online learning at GCC and an award winning online teacher, Gretchen also helped other faculty to integrate technology into their teaching. Her sharp intellectual skills, sincere concern for student achievement, and cooperative spirit made Professor Watson a respected colleague and an excellent teacher.

Charlotte Waynelovich Scholarship The Charlotte Waynelovich Scholarship is awarded to a GCC student in good standing in the GCC Associate’s Degree in Nursing Program who lives in Franklin County.

anne m. Wiley Gender and Social Justice Scholarship The Dr. Anne M. Wiley Gender and Social Justice Fund, established in 2013, is a permanently endowed fund providing scholarships to Greenfield Community College students who have completed at least two courses in the liberal arts and who have demonstrated a commitment to gender, social justice and activism to make change for greater social justice and gender equity.

russel b. Wilkes memorial Scholarship The Russel B. Wilkes Memorial Scholarship was established to honor Mr. Wilkes who was a founding director of the Greenfield Community College Foundation and President of First National Bank. Students in the Business and Information Technology programs who are full-time and have demonstrated outstanding work in the areas of business are encouraged to apply.

Women investing in Women Scholarship The Women Investing in Women Scholarship was established in 2007 by Kathy Lemay and Jean Simmons together with eight founders: Terry Boyce, Amy Jamrog, Caroline Mack, Sharon Meyers,Tina Stevens, Kathy Vranos, Nikki Welsh and Molly Wood. This financial gift is given to a woman who is a student at GCC and is planning to enter a career in service or business.The female recipient must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Western massachusetts electric Company Scholarship Established by Western Massachusetts Electric Company, this scholarship is awarded to a student who is enrolled in GCC’s Engineering Technologies Program, resides in a town served by WMECO, has completed at least 15 credits with a GPA of 2.5 or greater, and demonstrates financial need.

robert mugar yacubian transfer Scholarship This award was established by Mr. Yacubian who has been affiliated with GCC since 1971, twenty-seven of those years as Coordinator of Transfer. It is made to a GCC student who is graduating and transferring to a four-year college or university. This scholarship is in memory of Rob’s uncle, Stephen P. Mugar, who in 1907, at the age of six, came from historic Armenia with Rob’s mother, as immigrants, to escape the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Turks, the first genocide of the 20th century. He was a true Horatio Alger and loved America. Stephen could not go to college in Boston because he had to support his family (there was no GCC then), but all of his life he believed in education and, as he became successful, he endowed many Boston area colleges and universities.


trustees, Foundation board members and Staff Greenfield Community College board of trustees Chairman Robert Cohn ‘71

trustees Christopher Donelan

Mary Clare Higgins Bailey Jackson Dylan Korpita Linda Melconian Elizabeth Sillin

alumni trustee Amy Holich-Moscaritolo ‘84

Student trustee Jamie Cocco

GCC Foundation board of directors President

alumni representative

Robyn S. Provost

Carmen Bassett ‘94T

Vice President

Faculty/Staff liaison

Michael Davey

Mary Phillips ‘92


board of trustees representative

Nancy Fournier ‘85T

Secretary Marina Goldman

directors Mitch Anthony Katherine Cole Patricia Coffin ‘95 Charles Conant Richard Fahey Leigh Rae Michael Smith

Dylan Korpita

Honorary directors Robert S. Cohn ‘71 Lorna Peterson Robert Mugar Yacubian

GCC Foundation Staff executive director Regina Curtis ‘86

accounting/database Coordinator Andrea Carlin ‘90T

administrative assistant Nance Rifanburg


2016 annual report

Campaign Volunteers and alumni association advisory board

2016 annual Fundraising Campaign Volunteers Co-Chairs Richard Fahey Nicole Fahey ‘02

Volunteers Jan and Steve Adam Mitch Anthony Shel Ball Ben Barnes Carmen Bassett’94 Nancy Blackmer ’76 Eve Blakeslee ’85 Prudence Blond ’97 Matthew Cavanaugh Amy and Doug Clark Mary Cohn ’05 Rob Cohn ’71 Bill Cole

Kathy Cole Linda Dagilus Michael Davey Larry Dean Bob Diamond ’75 Sue Dillon Mary Lou Emond Susan Emond David Every Nurten Foster Mary Ellen Fydenkevez Justin Gamache Marina Goldman Lisa Granger Lori Grover Art Hannon Christine Harris ’70

Rich Herchenreder Danica Hochstetler Phelicia Howland Robin Keeler Michelle Kelton Debra Klein Dylan Korpita Julie Kumble Dan Kunhardt Judy Larson Denise Lemay Merrilyn Lewis Susan and Tom McCarthy Sue McGowan Pamela Murray Amy Moscaritolo Haley Perret

Lorna Peterson Mary Phillips Robyn Provost Leigh Rae Jeremiah Riordon Art Schwenger Mary Siano Liz Sillin Jean Simmons ’65 Mike Smith Linda Stacy Eileen Torchio Faythe Turner Kathleen Vranos Kester Warlow-Harry Lee Wicks Bernadette Wyman

GCC alumni association advisory board Carmen Bassett ‘94T Regina Curtis ‘86 Jeanne Dodge ‘07 Nurton Foster ‘01 Erika Heilig ‘96

Amy Holich-Moscaritolo ‘84 Corine Langevin Haley Perret ‘14 Mary Phillips ‘92 Jean Simmons ‘65 Anne Stuart ‘90


…for your support of this community’s college! affirmative action Greenfield Community College is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran status, genetic information, gender identity or sexual orientation in its programs and activities as required by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and other applicable statutes and college policies. The College prohibits sexual harassment, including sexual violence. Inquiries or complaints concerning discrimination, harassment, retaliation or sexual violence shall be referred to the College’s Affirmative Action and/or Title IX Coordinator, Peter H. Sennett, at 413-775-1312 or, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, or the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

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GCC Foundation 2016 Annual Report  
GCC Foundation 2016 Annual Report