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GCC-Emory 2012-13 Report The past year has been an exciting year for GCC-Emory. While our chapter was founded only three years ago by a few aspiring student leaders, we have now become an organization with an active member base of over 120 students from various backgrounds and majors. We continue to diversify and expand our chapter by working with other student organizations in the Atlanta area to put together relevant events and activities for our members. Through these events and activities, we hope to promote students’ awareness on China-related topics and to build connections among our members, all of which aligns with the objectives of GCC Central. Two especially notable initiatives we took on in the past year are the Chinese New Year themed cultural event at Emory’s Wonderful Wednesday and the annual China Summit for southern universities. To celebrate Chinese New Year and to promote Chinese culture, we collaborated with two other cultural clubs at Emory to present a Chinese New Year themed Wonderful Wednesday (February 13th). Wonderful Wednesday is a popular weekly event at Emory sponsored by the Student Government Association that provides different student organizations with opportunities for exposure and recruitment. A large part of the Emory community engages in the event. To help create a festive atmosphere, GCC-Emory prepared and set up traditional decorations such as paper lanterns and red banners in the designated area. We posted fact cards with Q&As about Chinese culture and language on the lanterns to interact with the attendants. We gave rewards to students who answered questions correctly to encourge student participation. By collaborating with organizations such as the Calligraphy Club and the Taiwanese American Student Association, we were able to spice up the event with a wider range of perspectives and more resources. This event not only brought together Chinese students on campus to celebrate the holiday, but also aroused general interest and appreciation of Chinese culture. Moreover, it has helped GCC-Emory to strengthen its presence on campus and to build valuable connections with other organizations. The second annual China Summit at Emory took place on Saturday, March 30th. Through extensive planning, networking and marketing, we invited a total of seven influential speakers and attracted over a hundred attendees. True to the forward-looking theme of China in 2023, the Summit explored contemporary and upcoming issues in China with regards to its economy and political scene, as well as its continuously evolving business environment. The variety of the speakers’ background, which included professors, company directors and politicians, allowed a balance between theoretical and practical insight. The Summit lasted for six hours and consisted of a morning panel and an afternoon panel. The morning panel covered topics involving Chinese economics, political science and sociology. It also established a basis for the afternoon panel in which the panelists discussed their personal experience of challenges encountered while working in the evolving business environment of China. While our keynote speaker, Professor Thomas Remington, is a renowned Political Science professor at Emory, we also invited professors from Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University. By doing this, we hoped to give our audience an opportunity to hear from intellectuals outside of Emory for a variety of angles and opinions. The variety of topics

and presentation styles across the panel offered engaging sessions that presented not only insightful data and information but also intriguing accounts of past and recent experiences related to China. Through the successful marketing effort, we attracted a diverse audience from different schools, years, and ethnicities to the Summit. Besides undergraduate students of Emory College, we have also targeted students and professors of the Business School, Law School, School of Medicine, GCC members from University of South Carolina, as well as business professionals from the metro-Atlanta area. The catered lunch reception gave attendees an opportunity to interact with the panelists and to network with each other. As the reception took place between the morning and afternoon panels, it has also encouraged discussions about China and the hurdles and opportunities it currently faces. In conclusion, this year has truly been a year of growth for GCC-Emory; we have pushed forward the membership development, promoted Chinese culture, and encouraged meaningful and educational discussions on China. The success of this past year has set great foundations for our future growth. We are planning for more ambitious goals in the upcoming year, where we will introduce new programs that will connect our members with more leadership opportunities and foster a greater sense of community among students that will sustain and thrive in the long term.

Thank you for your continuous support of GCC-Emory. If you have any question or comment, please contact us via our co-presidents Lara Lu ( and Alice Qiu ( We appreciate your feedback!

Emory University - 2013 GCC Chapter Involvement Recognition Program