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Kick Start Your Own Business with Low Doc Business Finance Has your business been denied by a traditional bank due to lack of documents? If yes, chances are you are sitting facepalm and distressed. But as the saying goes, ‘every problem has a solution’, your problem too has a solution – low doc business finance. When it comes to applying for a business loan, you are supposed to produce loads of documents so as to get the application approved by traditional banks. And the application is likely to be rejected if documents are incomplete, and many other reasons. In such cases, you can turn to alternative lenders like GCC Business Finance, to obtain a business loan at affordable or flexible terms. In this blog, we are outlining the main advantages of low doc business finance so you can understand how it can help you realize your dreams of starting your own business. Minimum paper work Low doc business finance loans usually require a signed declaration of income and property that serves as guarantee. Such loans are the best option to go for if you are self-employed, unemployed or new in business and unable to cope with the demanding documentation process. Ideal for ABN holders You can easily get a business loan through an alternative lender if you have an Australian Business Number. The alternative lender would charge an

additional 1 to 2 percent on the interest rate. For more information, approach an alternative lender like GCC Business Finance. Business loan with bad credit You don’t have to bother about bad credit you have while applying for a low doc business finance with an alternative lender. What you all need to produce is a declaration of income or a letter from your accountant to get a loan approved to achieve business purposes of all types. Easy and quick application process The application process of a traditional bank is quite lengthy, thus it tends to take a few months to get the application approved. Comparatively, you would get a business loan through low doc process within a couple of days due to less paperwork and other such hassles. If you want to start your own dream business, do approach an alternative lender offering low doc business finance right away.

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Low doc business finance  

Has your business been denied by a traditional bank due to lack of documents?

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