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Sophisticated Lady

A downtown penthouse is a tribute to Alyce Kalin’s impeccable taste.



erhaps no other couple has left such a stylish stamp on Sarasota as Ed and Alyce Kalin. Their furniture store Kane’s (later renamed Kalin’s) was largely responsible for what became known as the Sarasota look — bold, yet refined, opulent, tasteful, and very high end. A stroll through the showroom on the South Trail was one of the town’s guilty pleasures — so much to look at, to be inspired by, to drool over.

You get much the same feeling when you’re in the penthouse the Kalins designed and furnished back in 1998. It’s a grand space, one of two penthouses in Sarabande, a prestigious downtown building. The ceilings are 12 feet high, the floors are gray granite bordered in black, and enormous windows frame what may well be the best view in town. But what makes it unique is that it reflects the same sophistication the Kalins brought to their store. The furniture is classic and traditional. Rooms flow into each other seamlessly, like the famous “vignettes” at the Kane’s showroom. There is nothing extreme to jar

Photos courtesy Michael Saunders & Co.

A perfect Sarasota sunset from the Kalin penthouse, located in Sarabande on Palm Avenue. The view extends over the marina, past the keys and out to the Gulf of Mexico. From the cover: The elegant living room was designed and decorated by Alyce Kalin in 1998 and remains as fresh as ever. Colors are subtle, with red accents and Asian touches.

the eye, though a spectacular Asian breakfront, full of Chinese pottery and figurines, is there to provide the Kane’s trademark — a bold statement piece for the wow factor. Colors are soothing. The sofas are off-white, and though they are facing each other, they don’t quite match. Small end tables dot the room, perfectly balancing the mass of the sofas. A painting by Jon Corbino sits on an easel, while large abstracts by Syd Solomon (there must be eight Solomons—the quintessential Sarasota artist—spread throughout the apartment) add a nontraditional element that only

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Home Resource Guide August 2016  

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