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Efficiency of Wind Turbines References: Wind Turbines Pros and Cons How Much Do Wind Turbines Cost

According to Betz’ Law of Turbine Efficiency, no turbine can exceed 59.3 percent of the kinetic wind energy. Not that the turbine has a 59.3 percent efficiency but that it has a captured 59.3 percent of the wind. For a wind turbine to be 100% efficient it would need to stop 100% of the wind - but then the rotor would have to be a solid disk and it would not turn and no kinetic energy would be converted. In opposition is the fact that one blade would allow wind to go around the blade and more energy would be lost. The newest designs allow for 70 to 80% efficiency of creating power using the wind. Now is a turbine an efficient way to produce energy? I do not believe so in some markets. If you live in an area where there is little wind, then do not look at this, as the outlay of money does not give you a great return or savings. If you live in a windy area, where the wind is constant and blowing consistently, and then look at the wind in your area and the amount of energy that can be produced using the wind turbine. If there is enough wind to power your turbine then you are in business. Remember no wind, no energy. Let us say you live in an area that it is windy some days and some days not, then you would have to monitor the wind and see if it is feasible. You can save energy that is produced using batteries to store the energy, but if you need to live off the storage for more than 1

day imagine how many batteries you would need and how inefficient your system would likely be. A wind turbine is only as efficient as the wind that is blowing for making electricity. In some states of the United States, wind farms have popped up over the countryside. Are they efficient? Some say yes, some say no! The cost of building a turbine has to be relatively inexpensive to sell the energy that it produces. If the energy is not cheaper then why build more wind farms? Using the turbines instead of nuclear power or coal burning power is a cleaner source of power protecting our future and the future of our earth. As far as efficiency in keeping our environment green, then it is far more efficient than nuclear and coal burning. About the only other source of electricity generation that is as efficient and environmental friendly is solar power. Conclusion: Wind turbines are not efficient in collecting all the wind but it has an 80% efficiency rating in generating electricity from the wind. The turbine is very efficient in controlling emission output for electricity versus other power sources. Is the turbine efficient financially? It depends on the purpose and where the turbine is to be located. I hope that we have given you some information to think about to help you make an informed decision about the efficiency of wind turbines.

Effciency of the Wind Turbines  
Effciency of the Wind Turbines  

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