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Kirt Cathey coupon: Increased Knowledge, Reduced Costs RECENT KIRT CATHEY COUPON Internal audit, IT audit, compliance software, and audit management software - a flexible audit checklist and audit tool. The original audit practitioners tool. /

JBRP15WorkPapers - WorkPapers is electronic working papers software for documentation projects, such as audits, investigation, project review, and legal work. It is both a web application and desktop software allowing collaboration, synchronization, and replication of work among multiple team members. While it was designed specifically for audit, the interface also make for a great documentation and research tool where multiple knowledge domains are covered by a team. The tree format checklist features multiple attachments for each step, multiple email links for each step, and multiple customizable rich text editors associated with each work step. Furthermore, the progress of each work step can be tracked according to ticked, reviewed, and complete - combined with access control for reviewer, manager, and editor profiles. If you are still auditing with Excel, you are going to love the ease of WorkPapers, since WorkPapers also has other powerful features, such as templating, import and export of work, a powerful reporting interface, and complete data trasportability so you can take your work any where you want. JBRP.COM 15% Special Discount Coupon Code already in product link.


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RECENT KIRT CATHEY COUPON VISIT WORKPAPERS.PRO NOW!!! Internal audit, IT audit, compliance software, and audit management software - a flexi...

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