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Interior Design Student Chapter Newsletter by: Gabriella Cano

October 2010

Vol. #2 Issue #2

A New Name

Giving Back Due to the fact that our student chapter now encompasses ASID, NKBA, IIDA, and NEWH, we have changed our name to reflect an overall embodiment of these organizations. We are now recognized as the LSC-Kingwood Interior Design Student Chapter. If you have any questions about this, please send an email to

Up for the Challenge? LSC-Kingwood Interior Design Department is excited to announce the NKBA/GE Design Charette Scholarship Competition to be held November 12th. All students who have completed the Kitchen & Bath course are encouraged to participate! Three participating students are guaranteed a $50 scholarship and other awards opportunities are: 1st place- $5,000 scholarship 2nd place- $4,000 scholarship 3rd place- $3,000 scholarship 4th place- $2,500 scholarship 5th place- $2,000 scholarship Honorable Mention (5)- $1,000 scholarship

Our INDS Student Chapter, along with a local church, have been dedicating almost every Saturday at the "Cleveland House." Our members' determination and hard work is showing. Walls are painted, tile is in place, and cabinets have been added. Functionality is on its way.

The Challenge will be to design a kitchen utilizing a specified GE appliance- in three hours! For more information or to sign up contact Marilyn Magnant ( or Susan Ouren (


 Risotto Festival- October 17, 2010 Call 713-865-2660 ext.1 or visit

 Leaders In Design Fall Market 2010 October 12-13 Call 713-844-2660 ext.2 or visit  NKBA Meeting-October 19 Cangelosi Company 14021 South Gessner

The Cleveland house received cabinetry and appliances purchased at the Habitat for Humanity store. Peel and stick linoleum flooring replaced the OSB that was there prior. For more information about volunteering or donations, contact Marilyn Magnant at

Recap of September 2010 Helpful Websites     

Don't Miss Out! -Thank you Grace Coffman from Cabinets and Design for speaking at our September 2010 Student Chapter Meeting. We will remember your recommendations as students to attend national chapter meetings and build trust with contractors. -Raffle Winners included: Ashley Pettey, Judy Horsewell, and Tansel Coskun. Make sure to come to our monthly meetings for more cool prizes and gifts.

don't forget that we have a new email address:

What's Happening in Our Classrooms

BELOW: Tara MCGuffin & Nicole Matthews

In our building systems class (INDS 2330) teaching has been taken to the next level. Professor Chris McCall is giving these future designers hands on experience with weekly outside labs that build on top of each other from class lectures. Who knew that you could build your own door and window framing right outside your classroom?

ABOVE: Christie Alford, Megan Rosenquist, Gabriella Cano, Tara McGuffin, Laura Avila-Minor

2010 ASID Awards Gala The ASID Awards Gala was held September 25, 2010 at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Houston, Texas. Many LSC-Kingwood students and Professional Designers participated in a night of fun and networking.

Above- Pouring the concrete on the first day. Left- Checking out the concrete after it has been set.

IIDA Student Mentor WeekRachel Mancill

My First Day at Kirksey Architecture

I knew it was going to be a great day when I sailed from the freeway through two green lights right to the door of Kirksey Architecture. Traffic was so light I was easily fifteen minutes early for my day as a student designer shadowing Senior Designer Cathy Hunter. After enjoying a cup of coffee and glancing around the daylighted mostly glass waiting area, Cathy greeted me warmly and gave me a tour of the facility. Kirksey Architecture practices the eco-friendly concepts that it preaches, not only building for energy efficiency, but with an eye to re-using building materials in the future. Even a brochure they produced inviting the community to “copy us and make a difference” boasts that it is printed with soy inks on 100% post-consumer waste paper. How lovely to have a satellite printing company on site cranking out the jobs! Cathy carefully planned our day to include visits to a number of Kirksey staff designers to see what they might be doing on a typical day. Our first stop was a whirlwind tour of hospitality design by Kevin. He talked about some of his projects including a custom rug he was working on with the manufacturer. He had photographed the client’s current rug and selected a color palette and approximate percentages; then the manufacturer’s designer drew up a sketch to present for client approval. Once approved, a strike off was made for final approval. Kevin seemed to me to be a master of flexibility and diplomacy as he tried to satisfy all members of client committees while keeping quality up and costs under control. Next we attended a board meeting at Cathy’s client’s facility. She provided a paper copy of the agenda so I could follow along as she worked out the details with the client and project manager as to the best way to approach a floor build out in their new offices. She was part of a team to coordinate the move of several hundred people to their new cubicles and offices with the least interference in their daily work schedules. She made me realize the importance of communication and sensitivity to both management and the workers involved. After lunch we helped Kristen pull carpet tile samples for an office building she is working on. She provided me with samples of the porcelain tile, description of the existing woodwork, and a general idea of what pattern she wanted. Kristen is updating the look while working under the constraints of the existing woodwork. The company had some connection to the shipping industry and had a collection of gorgeous handmade ships they wanted to display. Kristen found a wave-like texture to put on the wall and paint as an ocean background on which to display these ships. What a great alternative to the usual display cabinet! TO BE CONTINUED... Make sure to read the issue for November.

Have a suggestion?? Write it down and drop it in our suggestion box located by the bulletin board in CLB112

Carol's Lighting Event "Enlightening Friends" by: Denis Caldora What a turn out. To learn about more fun events like this one, make sure to be on our mailing list.


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Special Thanks to Brianda Esparza and Chipotle for sponsoring lunch for our September 2010 meeting.

Chandra Golding for winning a Swarovski necklace, Eva Meraz for winning a Monte Carlo mini ceiling fan, Brianda Esparza for winning an oil painting

October 2010 Newsletter  

Information about what is going on in the month of October 2010 for the Lone Star College-Kingwood Interior Design Student Chapter