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Thursday, February 15, 2018

From Midwest to Northwest

Stephen Shimko accepts quality control position with Seattle Seahawks JUAN MALDONADO

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Men snap losing streak pg. 8

“Can you feel the love tonight?” omar trujillo

Garden City Community College’s motto, ‘from here you can go anywhere’ does not just apply to students as another Broncbuster take his talents to the professional level. Two years ago on Jan. 11, 2016, Stephen Shimko would assume the position of Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach at GCCC. Now he will be the quality control coach for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. Shimko joined a Broncbusters team coming off a 3-8 season.. “The major selling point was able to run my own offense and call the plays,” Shimko said. “I got to put my own spin on the offense and with [head] coach Jeff Sims we got to work together to make the team the best it could be.” Garden City Community College has a knack for creating opportunities. Head football coach Jeff has coined the term “Opportunity, USA” when referencing GCCC and Garden City. Shimko went looking for his chance to help lead. “Part of the reason I went to [GCCC] is because I knew I would have opportunities to lead.That’s not because I’m a better coach than anyone, but it’s because of the connections I’ve built at the places I’ve

Photo credit |

After two years as GCCC football Offensive Coordinator, Stephen Shimko moves on to become the quality control coach for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football Legue. Shimko first joined the Broncbuster team after comming off a 3-8 season.

been,” Shimko said. “So, I wanted to go learn what it was like to be a coordinator and gain that experience. I knew at the

end of the day when it was time to leave, I wouldn’t have an issue getting a job at the Division I level or luckily, to come to an

see From Midwest to Northwest pg. 4

VP Dee Wigner to retire after 20 plus years

Cat baldwin After 21 years of service, Executive Vice President Dee Wigner decides that the time has come to retire. “I am of retirement age. I decided to retire now for a change, to do something different.” Dee Wigner said. “I’ve been here for about 20 years and I’ve loved it. It’s been great, but I’d like to see what else is out there.” From starting off as the payroll officer October 1st, 1996, to director of human resources, Dee Wigner moved up into the Vice President position in Fall of 2005. “I overstock finance; the business office finances the budgets of payroll.” Wigner explained. “I also have several areas that report directly to me: campus police, facilities, I-T, the print shop, and the bookstore.” Working in one area, you tend to grow

a connection with the environment and people around you. “I’ll miss the people I work with and the students that come in.” Wigner said. “[It’s] become another family. You get to know people very well and care for them -- leaving will be very difficult.” With Dee Wigner showing leadership to her peers, she is an encouraging and wonderful woman who took her job very seriously while enjoying her time here at GCCC. “Once Dee Wigner has left, perhaps I will miss her smile and incredible dedication here at the college. She led her staff by excellent example and was always interested in ways to promote and advance GCCC,” President Herbert Swender implied. “The most significant fact is that so many people have no earthly idea the value Dee Wigner delivered to GCCC and Garden City. Leadership is not easy because

tough decisions need to be made. Wigner is an excellent leader who has the DNA composition of courage and optimism.” As Dee Wigner will be leaving, she will be leaving with memories she’ll cherish forever. “There has been so many memories. A lot of it is relationships, getting to know people, getting to work with people, being a part of the students lives as they cross the stage at graduation,” Wigner said. “Seeing people overcome adversity in their life; a winning team, whether it be on the basketball court or something like that. I’d say just enjoying other people’s success.” Garden City Community College would not be where it is today without the help of Dee Wigner. Her role at the college has been quite extravagant and meaningful for both the staff and the students. “Dee Wigner was very instrumental in advancing this college by differing

Valentine’s Day has been crossing people’s mind since mid-January when every single store put up their Valentine’s Day decor and gifts. Of course there are usually the love themed events that come with February. Clay Wright, Vocal Music Director/Instructor, directed a concert as part of the normal Valentine’s festivities. He did so with great success. “I am very pleased with all of the performances of the students,” Wright said. Wright was not the only individual that thought their performance went well. “I felt that the concert went really well,” Annalise Parr, Garden City Community College Choir student, said. “All of the soloists and groups performed excellently. There was a good mixtures of songs. I feel as though there was a song for everyone in the audience”. The soloists did a good job indeed. It took a lot of time and hard work for them to prepare for the concert. “The soloists had to audition with pieces they chose. I chose the best performers; the students who were most prepared to perform,” Wright continued. Each performing soloists had a reason for why he or she had chosen the song they did. “I chose a song from my favorite musical, Company. Being Alive is a song that is sung by a middle aged man,” Parr implied. “He tells us that being in a relationship really isn’t all that. He continues to tell us that it’s okay to depend on a significant other because even though relationships aren’t perfect it’s all part of being alive and being human.” The soloists were, within reason, the highlight of the concert. They all got to show off their talents and ability. “All of the soloists did an amazing job. They got to showcase different voices, with different styles,” Parr said. Most individuals have their favorite Photo credit | Kristi Tempel piece. Some had difficulty finding one to From left to right: Executive Vice President Dee Wigner, Director of Human Resources Emily Clouse, and Garden City Community College President Dr. Herbert claim as their favorite. J. Swender pose for a picture following an on-campus meeting. Wigner is set to retire from her post after 20 plus years.

see “Can you feel the love tonight?” pg. 4

see VP Dee Wigner to retire after 20 plus years pg. 4


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Thursday Feb. 15, 2018



“Monster Hunter World” slays ratings CORT PETERSON I’ll be honest, I went into “Monster Hunter: World” ready to hate it. It looked too open-ended, the weapons looked way too big to handle, and I wondered just how much unique gameplay there could be in fighting monsters. I am happy to admit that I was wrong. “Monster Hunter: World,” developed by Capcom, the creators of such series as Dead Rising, Mega Man and Resident Evil and this is the 24th installment to the “Monster Hunter” franchise. So far MHW has been a blast to play, with just the right amount of challenge, it makes you develop a strategy to fight, as button-mashing will almost always result in your failure. Probably what I love most is the weapon types, there are 16 different weapon types and each one feels flushed out with their own unique style and flow in battle.

My personal favorite is the Kinsect Glaive, these come in the form of a pole with one sharp end that you swing around like Aang from “Avatar: the Last Airbender.” Where the Glaive comes in handy though is the giant beetle on your arm, you use this beetle to collect energy from the monsters that you fight for boosts in strength, speed, guard, and health.

Another cool mechanic in the game is your Palico, a Palico is a bipedal cat that you design alongside your character at the beginning of your game. I, of course, made my own cat, Oreo. Palicos follow you around on your expeditions and provide valuable assistance in the heat of battle. MHW offers a variety of monsters for you to hunt in their world… Twenty-eight large

Living in a winter not-so-wonderland EDITORIAL Cort Peterson Well, Public Enemy No. One Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, has once again doomed us to six more weeks of winter. The only problem is, when are we going to start winter? This past year has been nothing more than relentless windy days with only brief breaks of decent weather on occasion. I feel like I’m in a dystopian future where happiness has been outlawed by our robot overlords. Seriously, go outside with headphones and play Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and tell me I’m wrong. Kansas is a depressing weather state as it is, why does it need to take away the one thing that makes winter even remotely bearable—snow days. I’m not talking about snow days in lateApril or early-May, thanks a lot 2017, because that

is supposed to be warm weather. I can not stress that last sentence enough, as much as I love snow days: DON’T LET IT BE IN MAY! Let’s talk about the wind, how did the windiest state manage to get even windier? I think we’re looking into the wrong kind of climate change, forget the planet getting warmer, we need to be worried about how windy it is outside. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to go out anymore, it’s all so cold. Even my house is cold, the tea in my fridge was frozen solid, now that might have been my roommate, but that’s beside the point. What we are calling winter, isn’t winter, winter brings a certain atmosphere, this is just depressing weather. Mother Nature isn’t the only culprit either, If I leave a restaurant and the “winter” weather outside is somehow warmer than the restaurant, that is not okay. Now don’t get me wrong I get it, money

is tight and heating bills can get expensive, but please, please, please, I do not want to freeze just because I want to get a cheeseburger at three in the afternoon. Also, why is it that everyone seems to become such terrible drivers in the winter? Seriously, I’ve been in more near accidents this winter then I have my entire time driving. On the highway one guy literally went into oncoming traffic thinking it was a left turn lane, even after he saw me coming the other way continued on it for a good five seconds, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of terrible people, how is it that some of you can wear shorts in this kind of weather? I’m wrapped up in 4-5 layers shivering in my car and somehow I’ll see people walking around in booty shorts. Personally, I’ll stick to wearing my booty shorts in the summer. Point of the story is, don’t listen to Punxsutawney Phil, we haven’t even started winter.

though he wasn’t able to be pararescue, due to a depth perception issue, he was still able to save lives. The film starts out with a brief introduction of then Stone, Alek Skarlatos, and Anthony Saddler. We learn how they met and then witness the trio pulled apart by distance. While in college, Skarlatos, inspired by his grandfather, joins the United States Army National Guard. Stone, while working at Jamba Juice, decides to start working toward joining the United States Navy after talking to a Marine recruiter. He works hard to achieve his goal of becoming a pararescue, only to be denied this opportunity. He goes through different kinds if training. He takes up jujutsu, where he learns different holds and other things of the sort. Stone and Skarlatos decide to go backpacking around

Europe, but Skarlatos has other plans that hinder part of the backpacking trip. Stone then invites their childhood friend Saddler. Saddler is not sure on whether or not he can go. Finally he decides to go on the trip. They make a few friends along the process. While they’re on their adventure, the trio cannot decide if they want to go to Paris. They decide to go, because they already purchased their tickets. Then IT all happened. Clint Eastwood, director and producer, did an awesome job at recreating the entire event. He is an amazing director that has yet to disappoint an audience. Eastwood produces films that are real and that help us see societal issues for what they really are. Which,some may agree, is much needed in today’s day and age. I commend his work. Great

monsters and many more small ones for you to fight each requiring a different method to vanquish. The one downside is the game screams to be played in multiplayer and those of us stubborn (or lonely) enough to play by ourselves are met with an uphill battle. All in all, the game took about 35 hours to complete the main story and there is a plethora of

post game content along with free DLC updates coming to gamers. With all of this in mind I give “Monster Hunter World” a 9.5 out of 10 it really blew my expectations out of the water.


Campus Voices: “What are you going to be doing on Valentines day?”

Allen Bratton lll Philadelphia First I’m going to receive something from all my fans. Then I’m going to remove paint in my dorm room

Fernanda Chacon, Garden City On Valentines day I’m going to go to church. After that go home and watch some movies with friends.

Jake Richardson, Kansas city, Mo We have a team run, and I have nothing planned as of right now but I will try to make a plan with a special someone.

Jesus Nevarez, Ulysses

On Valentines day I’ll just be in watching Netflix and eating popcorn by myself. Single life!

Tishara Hicks, Clarksville, Tennessee On Valentines day I will be comfortable sitting in my room with a face mask on possibly watching power on Hulu.

Morgan Conine Dighton My valentine this year is my baby neice, were gonna play and wasted. Then take a nap together

job Mr. Eastwood. A truly inspiring film with a lesson to be learned; “The 15:17 To Paris” receives 9 of 10 stars. What made this movie so great was the fact

that the actors portrayed themselves in the film. It made it feel more real and crisp for the audience.

“The 15:17 to Paris:” moviegoers last stop

omar trujillo In a real-life scenario where civilians are thrust into action to thwart a t e r ro r i s t a t t a c k o n a crowded train the action and suspense takes center stage. That being said, some may question the acting skills of the three gentlemen. Let it be known that actor wasn’t in their job description before the filming process began. It was enjoyable how most individuals can relate to Spencer Stone. He was relatable in the way of the need to do something more with his life. What may set him apart from most was the finding of motivation. Despite being told he would not accomplish his goal of joining the military, he succeeds. He is the model individual of, “you can do anything you set your mind to.” Also, even



Thursday Feb. 15, 2018




Chocolates, roses, and death

Valentine’s Day lost in translation from its early beginnings in ancient times Danielle Miller


Chocolates paired with roses, teddy bears with a heart on the foot; ladies and gentlemen we are approaching the beloved holiday known as Valentine’s Day. But, have you ever wondered where this holiday came from? Did a caveman give a cavewomen a nicely shaped rock and birthed Valentine’s Day? Or does the holiday stem from something more? According to www.infoplease. com, “The holiday’s roots are in the ancient Roman Festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on Feb.15. In 496 A.D. this pagan festival was recast as a Christian feast day by Pope Gelasius I, declaring Feb. 14 as St. Valentine’s Day.” To further explain this ancient holiday, I visited www.britannica. com. “Each Lupercalia began with the sacrifice by the Luperci of goats and a dog, after which two of the Luperci were led to the altar, their foreheads were touched with a bloody knife, and the

animal in the name of fertility. This ritual, however, goes deeper with a more in depth reason as to why this festival took place. Yet again I visited a different website for more information about this festival, “ … In Rome during ancient times people observed a holiday on Feb. 14 to honor Juno - the Queen of Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also regarded Juno as the Goddess of Women and Marriage. On Feb. 15, began the fertility festival called ‘Feast of Lupercalia’. The festival of Lupercalia was celebrated to honor the Gods Lupercalia and Faunus, the Roman God of Agriculture … An interesting custom was followed in the Feast of Lupercalia to bring together young boys and girls who otherwise were strictly separated. On the eve of the festival names of young Roman Danielle Miller | GC3 Media girls were written on a slip of Valentine’s Day is rooted in the pagan holiday Lupercalia that traces back to Ancient paper and placed into jars. Each Roman times. It was not untill St. Valentine died on Feb. 14 in the year 269 A.D. that young man drew out a girl’s people started to reffere to it as Valentine’s Day. name from the jar and was paired blood was wiped off with the wool the Palatine hill, striking with the with the girl for the duration of dipped in milk; the ritual required thongs at any women who came Lupercalia.” that the two young men laugh. near them. A blow from the thong The pairing sometimes lasted The sacrificial feast followed, after was supposed to render a woman a year until the following years which the Luperci cut thongs fertile.” celebration, but quite often the from the skins of the sacrificial So basically women would couple fell in love and would animals ran in two bands around be beaten with dead flesh of an marry. The tradition lasted a

while until it was decided that the holiday did not fit in with the ‘christian’ ideology, and allowed potential mates to be picked by site and not luck. The origin goes on to say that Emperor Claudius II, who found it hard to recruit soldiers, felt that it was because men did not want to leave their wives or family and so he cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome. However, a man by the name of St. Valentine defied Claudius’ order and secretly married couples along with another man, St. Marius. Unfortunately his defiance was uncovered and Valentine was brutally beaten and put to death on Feb. 14 in the year 269 A.D.; following his death he was deemed a Saint. “According to one legend, an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl–possibly his jailor’s daughter–who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today.” This information was found from

Who’s who at GCCC? The languages of love

Name: Trent Smith Occupation: Garden City Community College Library Director since 2006 Q: Alma mater? A: Kansas State University Q: Who are your heroes? A: My parents, they both instilled in me a good work ethic and a great outlook on life. Q: Favorite quote? A:‘I aspire to the condition of fiction.’” Steven Millhauser, “Edwin Mullhouse: The Life and Death of an American Writer, 1943-1954, by Jeffrey Cartwright.” Q: Favorite color? A: Navy blue Q: Favorite movie? A: Toss up between the classic kids movie “Goonies” or “Stand by Me.” Q: Pizza topping? A: I have become a fan of Canadian and pineapple. Q: What is it like to be a librarian? A: Here [at GCCC] you wear many hats and you never know what you are going to encounter. There is a lot of one-on-one encounter with students and helping them with varying research needs through database searches, MLA citation help, helping check out books, helping find books, and that is all on the side with the students. Then there is things like fixing printers paper jams and those just day to day things you have to do. Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have ? A: Three books. Q: What book would you recommend a novice reader? A: I have read this book twice which is unique for me. It is called, “A Seperate Piece,” the authors last name is Knowles. It is a kind of a coming of age story at a


Dakota Britton | GC3 Media

Trent Smith, GCCC Library Director, is located in the Saffel Library. The library is open Monday - Thursday 7:15 a.m. until 9 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. untill 4 p.m., and Sunday 4 p.m. until 9 p.m.

boy preparatory school circa World War II and dealing with friendship, war, and that kind of stuff. I think it is a really good read. I think this book is far superior to Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye.” Q: What is the most interesting piece of trivia you know? A: I can hold my own on trivia night when the category is 80’s pop songs. Q: What is a fun fact about yourself that others do not know about you? A: My go to karaoke song is Digital Undergrounds “My Humpty Dance.” Q: If they made a movie about your life, what would be the title and who would play you? A: It would be “Book It” played by Vince Vaughn and it would be a buddy cop movie. Q: What is the closest thing to real magic? A: The closest thing to real magic is reading. Q: What is one thing about library’s you wished people knew more about? A: Well I don’t know if this is what I wish they knew more about but what I wish they would take advantage of is our print collection. We have a wealth

of leisure reading books, we have a huge young adult section that we started a few years ago in response to the English department offering a young adult literature class as an elective and so we creating from nothing a collection of several thousand titles. Plus we have a lot of just popular fiction that we still collect every single year. I would love for students to embrace reading as a hobby, as a passion, and as a love again. Q: What inspired you to be a librarian? A: I think it was the cliched response of I was a kid in high school that loved to read and that passion was put to the side while I was going through my undergraduate years and when I graduated I rediscovered my love of reading, it was kinda a mini Renaissance of the world opening up and choosing to read anything I wanted instead of what I was required to read for class. So, that passion just started blooming up into, ‘hey how do I want to spend my life,’ the job versus the career or profession. I did not want to just have a job where I just clocked into. I wanted a job I really felt strongly for.

With February in its prime and Valentine’s day having just past what better time to talk about love and the ways we love people. One of the most popular ways to look at the concept of love is through the five love languages. The love languages are used to describe how we give and like to receive love when it comes to those we care about. The five love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and quality time. People often give love in the way they want to receive it so it is important to know what each one means. Physical touch is just how it sounds you feel loved the most when you and your significant other are holding hands, kissing, hugging, or cuddling. On the other side of it someone who is very physically affectionate will feel the most hurt if you avoid contact with them. People who love words of affirmation feel loved most when your significant other uses words to affirm you, such as saying “I love you” or talking to you when you had a rough day. Someone who loves words of affirmation will have a hard time forgiving, as hateful words cut deep. Acts of service is when you feel most loved when your significant other does things to help you out, such as doing something on your todo list to make your day a little easier. However, making more work for them or breaking promises will make them feel undervalued. Receiving gifts is exactly how it’s stated, you feel

most loved when receiving gifts from your significant other. Now this doesn’t mean they have to be big and expensive, it could be something as simple as a cup of coffee. To them gifts are symbolic for love and it shows them you care, so if you forget to get a gift for an important day, they could feel neglected. Lastly, quality time is when you feel most loved by just being around your significant other. You don’t even have to be doing anything, just the two of you is enough to make you feel loved. Though ignoring them or postponing dates will leave someone who loves quality time, left behind. When talking about the love languages it is important to know what you and your significant other use as your primary love language, there are many tests such as the one at http://www.5lovelanguages. com/. After taking the test it becomes pretty easy to see in yourself, and even in those around you, what people use as their primary love language. When you don’t understand your, or your significant other’s love language it can feel like you significant other is losing interest, when in reality their love language could be different than yours.

Are you on a Smart Path? Smart Paths are degree completion guides for students who plan to obtain an Associate’s degree at GCCC and a Bachelor’s degree at NAU. See an academic advisor today to start on your Smart Path.


$180 per credit hour


Thursday Feb. 15, 2018



From midwest to northwest even higher level. For two seasons Shimko was able to run the Broncbusters offense and now faces new trials in his new career. “I think no matter what level you’re at, when you switch jobs you have adjustments to make and every job is run different than the last. The difficulties are the same as what every coach faces, no matter what the title is, you have to get the players to buy in. You have to put the best team out there and do whatever gives you the best chance to win games,” Shimko said. “Those are the challenges, whether you’re a Pop Warner coach or Pete Carroll of the Seahawks. That’s always the challenge whether it’s the head coach, assistant or janitor, no one has jobs unless you win. So ultimately the struggle is just putting that team out there.” The biggest trial for Shimko was not the leap forward, but actually the one backwards. Learning a style of play that he was not familiar with. “The transition from me to go to [community] college was much bigger for me.Don’t get me wrong,

with the NFL it’s not like I’ve been here before. Division I is all I’ve known and it’s a lot more like [the] NFL than [community] college,” Shimko said. From Georgia, Western Michigan and Rutgers, [the NFL] is head and shoulders better, but those programs are run more like the NFL. So, It was an adjustment period. One I’ve learned a lot from and one that I don’t regret.” In two years, Shimko considers himself a 19-4 offensive coordinator. Racking up achievements including helping the Busters to an undefeated season and to hoist a NJCAA National Football Championship in 2016. Being an offensive coordinator helped expose him to different aspects of the game. “It has helped me have a different view on things. Different views on the offensive world of coaching, how a coordinator preps for a game and to have a plan. I have a better overview of what It takes and with that I think it can help me assist a guy like [Brian] Schottenheimer,” Shimko said. “I know what he wants and I know he wants that balance of different ways of

attacking different things. I think it has helped my portfolio and helped my resume and it will help me be a better assistant coach moving forward.” Shimko attributes a lot of gratitude for his new position to his close friend and offensive coordinator of Seattle Seahawks, Brian Schottenheimer. “We’ve been very close since Georgia. Within the second week I gained his trust and a couple weeks after that we became very good friends and coworkers. When we got ‘let go’ from Georgia we just kept in touch,” Shimko said. This past May he was going into his second season with the Colts and I flew down there and we put together his offensive coordinator book for his next job. We didn’t know it would be the Seahawks but we put together the book and the [offensive] philosophy. It’s been a close relationship and I knew when he got the job that I would also have a job with him.” Both Shimko and his players share high expectations for each other and as a result it has created a better team and bonds that will carry on beyond

continued from page 1 the community college experience. “He expected a lot from us and a lot of times it was his way or no way,” Kahari Love, Mulberry, Fla., said. “He pushed us to be better and you always want to be perfect and when we weren’t perfect he let us know. He is a genuine person and he always looks out for us and he’s an original guy. He was a coach, but he was also one of the boys and we all just had each others back. As Shimko moves forward he reflected on his time at Garden City Community College

“It was a roller coaster. It was full of ups and downs, mostly ups. Winning a national championship, not everyone does that and it’s incredible. Not everyone can say they were the best at what they were doing and we were the best at [community] college football,” Shimko said. “It was fun learning Coach Sims’ way. He has a formula for success and it was fun learning a new way to do things. It was fun working with the staff and dealing with the teachers was great and you could see that they were a good part of campus

Stephen Shimko reflecting on his time at Garden City Community College. “It was fun working with the staff and dealing with the teachers was great and you could see that they were a good part of campus and that they cared about the players and that was awesome to be a part of.”

continued from page 1

Parr explained.” Each year more musicians, better musicians, come here to further their education. I’d like to see every program grow like the choir. I want people to be proud of being here. Whether it be in choir, band, or anything.”

Order of the Photos are counter clockwise starting at the top. 1.) College Singers open concert with “Farewell, My Love” during Choral Valentine Concer t, Thursday Feb. 8. 2.) Annalise Parr, Garden City, sophomore, per forms her solo “Being Alive”, by Stephen Sonheim. Parr was accompanied by, Vocal Music Direc tor/ Instructor, Clay Wright. 3.) Clara Jackson, Garden City, freshman, took the stage with her guitar. She performs her solo “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”, by Paul Anka. Photos credit | Cort peterson

Vp Dee Wigner to retire after 20 plus years

maintenance issues including parking lots, roofs, student housing, federal and state grants, assembling ver y high quality transportation service departments, and not to mention our newly organized campus police.” Swender said about what he’ll miss from Dee Wigner. “My most memorable thoughts are the numerous occasions that Wigner had the stats and data regarding the subject at hand; thus allowing for better informed administrative decisions.” Wigner plans to venture towards her family who live in Eastern Kansas to be closer to her daughters and

and that they cared about the players and that was awesome to be a part of.” As Shimko makes his move to the professional level, Garden City appreciates his time here and wishes him luck moving forward.

Photo credit | Google Maps

“Can you feel the love tonight?” “I liked them all equally as well. My favorite piece was the one that was currently on the conductor’s stand, as Maestro Paul Solomonovich once said,” Wright explained. “He was the director of the Los Angeles Master Chorale for ten years. Before that, he directed the Loyola Marymount University choirs in southern California. You have to love all kinds of music in order to perform them well.” Of course a performance is never too perfect. Some might knit-pick things that the choir could have done to make the performance better. “We could have had all the pieces committed to memory, but there never seems to be enough time to do that.,” Wright said. “I would rather have students perform with music than try to do it memorized and forget the lyrics or the vocal parts.” With the success comes a few simple wishes. “ The Music Department h e re a t G a rd e n C i t y Community College is growing and ever changing,”


grandchildren. “[We’re] going to be moving closer to our d a u g h t e r s . I ’v e g o t a daughter that lives in Wichita and one that lives in Kansas City,” Wigner explained. “They’re one of the main reasons I’m retiring. They want me to move closer since they’re both very busy with their lives and it’s difficult for them to get here to visit.” Although Dee Wigner will miss and be missed here at the college, she has decided to move onto bigger and better things. “I’m very glad for her, she has earned [this]. Mrs. Dee Wigner has served this

college with the highest dignity, honor, and most especially competence,” Swender said. “For any college president, this position is extremely i m p o r t a n t . How e v e r, Wigner’s obvious talents earned her the title of Executive Vice President for GCCC. The opportunity to fill this position with similar skills set is not likely -- of course she will be missed.” Leaving with good memories and a heart full of wisdom, Wigner has always been encouraging and supportive in GCCC. “I’d want to encourage the students hard and to figure out what they want

in life -- go after it. When I came to work here, I didn’t really know what all I wanted to do and I enjoyed the job.” Wigner said. “To work up to this position, I think is quite an accomplishment. It’s not something I set out to do, but I think my history with the college and my ability to work with people gave me that opportunity. I think it’s important for young people to follow their dreams and not let anyone tell them [they] can’t. Keep their minds open -- there might be something out there they hadn’t even thought of that may end up as their career.” Looking for a new

continued from page 1 replacement, President Herbert Swender will find it difficult to find someone who has the same characteristics as Dee Wigner had. “Organizations are best organized by the talents of its employees. The responsibilities of Mrs. Wigner’s replacement will be dependent on the new Vice President for Administrative Services skills.” Swender implied. “Clearly, the greatest challenge will be the loss of our institutional history that Wigner has accumulated over the past years. Without question, Wigner made a positive difference for

thousands of students and many employees who have attended or served GCCC during her tenure.” Wi g n e r e n c o u ra g e s anyone who wants to fill out an application and have good qualities as an Executive Vice President definitely should. A reception will be held in the Endowment Room at Beth Tedrow Student Center on Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 2 p.m. Come and wish her well in her next adventure.


Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

Opinion campus



Challenge: what does this meme? Accidental or intentional, when the Internet rears its ugly side, consequences ensue EDITORIAL BENJAMIN WAGNER

benjamin.wagner@ In the past couple of years, memes have become an internet sensation ready for just about any situation with little to no effort. Memes can be put onto a spectrum, there are memes to explain your situation in life or that pertain to relationships. One term that is generally used to describe a good meme is the term “dank meme,” when a meme is dank that means that the meme is of great quality and should be shared with as many friends as possible. Not all memes are dank though, there’s a scale of dankness on which you can place your meme. There’s no formula or secret way to make a guaranteed dank meme, but you can get close by examining current events and what’s

popular at the time and build your meme around that. Just like everything in life, memes aren’t all golden and pure; there’s a dark side to them. There are memes out there that can be very offensive and can influence mischievous and harmful behavior. There are people out there with a twisted sense of humor who exploit tragedies and find amusement in others’ suffering. Tide Pods are a recent explosion in the meme community, and not for the better. Memeologists have been describing Tide Pods as if they were an edible food when in reality they are for clothes and very toxic and dangerous to the human body. This has caused many to consume the Tide Pods and are sent to the emergency room. Now you’d think that everyone would have enough common sense and avoid eating Tide Pods because...HELLO they’re

used for washing clothes in big metal machines,but nowadays most people will do just about anything to become a viral sensation. This results in people eating the Tide Pods and causing a growth in numbers of people being sent to the hospital. This has caused Tide Pods to be encased in plastic boxes under lock and key when on the shelves in stores located across the nation and in extreme cases completely off shelves. Tide Pods are not the first trend to cause people to hurt themselves, not too long ago people were participating in the cinnamon challenge. Alarmingly, the growth of “challenges” that inflict selfharm on an individual have been growing. For the past couple years, people have been making harmful and pointless videos of them doing things that normally we’d call stupid, but attach the word “challenge” to it and suddenly it’s socially

acceptable. There are still many people out there who see these “challenges” and still see them as dangerous and stupid. Memes don’t always crossing the line on the stupid scale. There are many memes that are very offensive to certain groups. There are a number of memes that attempt to joke about Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust, two things so horrific in nature there should never be any forgivable reason to attempt to make light of. There are people out there with a sick and twisted sense of humor and think that being offensive and intentionally getting people upset or “trolling” is funny when in reality it is not. Belittling someone’s character or tragedies that affect thousands of people is never funny. Memes have started a whole new community of people sharing laughter and

humor with one another. Making the world just a little less horrible by making people smile. They say laughter is the best medicine and memes are a great way to make people laugh. The list goes on as to what a meme can be, but that does not mean that we are free from consequences. There are results for what we say, and that can mean hurting

someone else or yourself. So please, think before you act, think before you put something on the internet. So the next time you see someone attempting to participate in a meaningless “challenge” be the bigger person and remove yourself from the negative scenario. Because once you put something on the internet, it’s there forever.

*GC3 Media does not condone or participate in internet challenges

Dakota britton | GC3 Media

Best jobs to have as a student On-campus or off- different occupations that work with the typical busy college schedule EDITORIAL Karina Camacho

Work-study: Workstudy jobs provide partkarina.camacho@ time jobs for undergrad students who need the financial “boost.” This is a During my first semester great way to allow students of college I was introduced to earn money to help pay to the “triangle of college for college expenses or life.” The triangle consists leisure activities all while of three points: good grades, working around their class social life, and enough sleep. schedule. . Not only are However, there’s a catch: the hours convenient, but you can only choose two since most work-study jobs of these. Notice ‘job’ isn’t are located on campus, plotted in this triangle? there should be minimal What do students who hassle getting to your job! need the extra income do? Work-study jobs can be In all reality the triangle very beneficial as students should be a square—with who have work-studied holding a job being one of appreciated how friendly the points. Working while the staff was. Because it is in college can be difficult, an on-campus job, your but choosing the right supervisor is completely part-time job for you can understanding and aware make all the difference. Yes, on how overwhelming part-time. Trust me, you college can be. Thus, if you do not want to work full- have free time, you can do time while attending school your homework! However, (unless you absolutely have this may not be everyone’s to). Factors to consider forte. when choosing a job should include flexibility to work Retail: Working in retail with your class schedule at your local mall (or strip and other extracurricular mall) is perfect for a college activities. Not to mention student! Many clothing a day or two off to fit in stores are looking for homework and studying. young, friendly faces who

are outgoing and stylish— college students are the perfect candidates for this! Shifts in retail vary from four to six hours and most have flexible schedules to fit around your preference. Plus, you won’t leave work smelling like burgers or pizza! The greatest perk to

skills you’ll improve on range from working with a team, communicating effectively, and enhancing public speaking skills and improving as a salesperson. Retail can be a great way to make money in a low-stress, high-reward environment that is fun and energetic.

working at a clothing store are the discounts offered to employees, or depending on where you work you can score great deals on not only clothes or shoes, but on technology, decorations, food, and entertainment as well! From my experience, customers in retail are much kinder and way less frustrating than customers in food service jobs. This is usually because customers aren’t coming in ‘hangry’ (hungry + angry). The

Front desk associate at a gym: If you love fitness, this is the job for you! This usually doesn’t require much experience as you will save money here as well because chances are, you’ll receive an employee discount that can be as great as a free gym membership! This is a great way to stay active in college and you will have no excuse to be a couch potato because the equipment is right in front of you! Plus,

Barista: Coffee and college—name a better duo, I’ll wait. Almost every college student drinks coffee to either wake up in the morning, stay up late to study, or to simply enjoy throughout the day. If you are one of these people, you’d love it when I say working as a barista will bring you discounted (or even free) coffee! Plus, you get to interact with people. If you are working the cash register, you will most likely talk to hundreds of different people within a few hours. Most of the other coffeeshop employees will be pretty close in age to you too, which is the easiest way to make new friends! Most importantly, baristas have the power to make people’s days. Whenever you hand someone his or her drink, they instantly become happier! Are you Harry Potter? Plus, why not work at Starbucks? God

that even your face melts with the polar ice caps. Okay, so it is most definitely not that big of a difference in temperature. It’s not as dramatic like the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” where everyone just starts to die by instantaneously freezing like a bunch of human Popsicles. Nothing big and drastic happened in one day. However, those few degrees have a major impact. A few degrees warmer is enough to kill the Great Barrier Reef, simultaneously wiping out the habitat and

biodiversity existing in the area. Though it only took a few decades to warm up a few degrees, it would take humanity over a hundred years to stop the increase, much more to reverse it. However, I also think that politics affect our opinions and available information. Some political parties, like Democrats, use the topic of global warming and climate change to sway you in fear of those things. However, sudden changes in opinion to what we use as fuel sources can damage coal mining and oil fracking companies.

I agree, we should look for a “greener” way to power things such as our cars and homes, but what is there to look for when some already exist like solar, wind, and water? What we should be asking is: why is it so flipping expensive to actually implement those ways? I guess it’s just cheaper to keep on polluting our environment. Along with how much it costs to implement those methods we have the issue of not only air pollution, but of pollution on land and sea. What happens

this is a great way to meet people your age (*wink* *wink*). Studies even show that higher GPA’s are linked to hitting the gym often— how awesome is that?

knows you’re probably there every day anyway. Pet-store sales associate: Because who wouldn’t want to be around animals all day? College can be stressful. Although each student has a way of coping with his or her stress, it is always best to find a healthy after-school or weekend activity that can help you unwind. If you are looking for a job as a way to destress from the week and you love animals, working at a pet store might be for you! Interacting with the animals can help reduce your stress levels. In fact, animals can also help with your mental health, which a large number of college students are struggling with either in the form of anxiety or depression. Having to leave your own pet at home while you’re away at college will have you missing them more and more each day. However, by working with furry animals can help ease your loneliness and make you feel like you’re back at home.

Confirm or deny: climate change affects all EDITORIAL OMAR TRUJILLO

omar.trujillo@student. Climate change is an issue no doubt. Some may call it global warming others call it a climate shift. Is the Earth heating up or is it just a myth? Climate change tends to be a subject of debate this day and age, but almost no one knows what it actually means. In order for us to discuss climate change, we must first know what it is.

Climate change is defined by Google as a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid-tolate 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. An increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes an increased amount of heat trapped in the atmosphere. This causes ocean water to warm a few degrees, and the next thing you know the Earth floods because everything is so hot

to the organisms that currently reside there. The plant life that helps us rid of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are cleared for the construction of the “greener” way of power. I feel as though it is hard to find a happy medium within this topic, and I can go on and on about it. This is because both sides have extremists that stand firm in whether or not climate change is extremely fake or extremely real. I acknowledge that climate change exists in the most gradual and slightest amounts possible.


Thursday Feb. 15, 2018




GCCC Endowment Association Thursday Nov. 2, 2017

Karina Camacho It’s that time of the year, folks. Tickets for the 40th annual Endowment Scholarship Auction are now on sale. For this year’s raffle, the endowment association will be selling up to 1,500 tickets, at $25 a ticket, to win a brand new 2018 “Extreme Purple” Convertible Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4. With such a high demand, tickets this year are on sale earlier than normal - because who wouldn’t want this beautiful Jeep? Through the month of February at every Saturday home basketball game, , Jeremy Gigot, Director or Endowment, will be selling tickets with the special vehicle parked right outside

40th annual endowment scholarship auction

the Dennis Perryman Athletic Complex. Gigot added, “This is part of our push for the annual endowment auction, which is our largest fundraiser. We normally make $160,00 off of the e n t i re a u c t i o n w h i c h includes things like the Jeep, the live and silent auction, and the other raffles that go on during the event. So far, this is becoming a huge success.” This year’s scholarship auction theme will be “ B o o t l e g g e r ’s B a l l ” . Admission wristbands for the entry are $25 and one must be 21 years of age or older to enter. This event, in the past, has had roughly 700-900 people attend, which is what makes the

fundraiser one of the largest in Finney County. Gigot continued, “Of course one of the highlights for the event is at the end of the night we draw ten finalists for the Jeep. Those ten tickets are then put into a second squirrel cage in which a lucky winner will then be drawn out of that.” As this is the largest fundraiser throughout the year, it helps pay for student and student-athlete scholarships. The night of April 13, the night of the endowment auction, one lucky ticket holder will drive off in a new Jeep Wrangler! For more information contact Jeremy Gigot at

Photo credit | GCcc endowment association facebook page

Tickets on sale now for this beautiful “Extreme Purple” Convertible Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4 donated by Legacy Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

All it takes is one pint to save a life Photo credit Desiree perea

Photo credit Desiree perea

Photo credit Desiree Perea

Lorenzo Hinojos, Garden City, with his a generous donation on this Ronald Patrick, Garden City, in the back gym at the blood drive beautiful Valentines Day in the back gym at the Dennis Perryman with an add on the numerous times of blood donating. Athletic Complex.

Again, Ronald holding conversation to keep fellow donors calm and happy in the back gym at the Dennis Perryman Athletic Complex.

Food like you



Catering of any style. From Picnic to Served & everything in between. Contact Marie at (620) 276-9607

Photo credit Desiree

Melanie Hands is resting still in a chair while she gives blood at Garden City Community College in the gymnasium on Wednesday, Feb. 14th.

GC’s Top 10 Hangouts place to spend a nice day. Whether you go by yourself or with friends the zoo is an 1. Taco Bell (2408 E amazing place to relax and Kansas Ave)- One thing walk around learning about we can all get behind is many different animals some great food and being from all over the globe. broke college kids, that 4. Peachwave (1110 isn’t always easy. Lucky for Campus Dr)- If your college students all around looking for a healthy snack the globe, Taco Bell is there or looking to indulge your to hook it up from items sweet tooth, Peachwave on the dollar menu to the will hook it up. As soon as $5 box, you can satisfy you walk in, you’re greeted your hunger with delicious with a variety of different mexican inspired foods. flavors of frozen yogurt, 2. Buffalo Wild Wings and after you choose your (1530 Lareu St #100)- yogurt(s) there are countless Buffalo Wild Wings is a combinations of toppings; great place to eat some great you can add ranging from food and enjoy some sports fruit to nuts to candy. It’s of all kinds. With lively a great way to spend an music playing and the big evening after studying for game on, what better way many hours to spend the afternoon then 5. Buffalo Ranch (780 a bowl of wings and cheese S Old Highway 83)- This curds with your best buds. attraction is absolutely free. 3 . L e e R i c h a rd s o n Learn about the history Zoo (312 E Finnup Dr)- of the ranch and the FREE!! Ok, now that I significance of the buffalo have your attention, the Lee in kansas as you take a tour Richardson Zoo is a great and see first hand the state Benjamin Wagner

animal. 6. Hard Rock Lanes (1612 E Laurel St)- The bowling alley is an amazing way to unwind with your friends and family when it’s later in the day and nothing to do 7. Escape the Clock (124 N Main St)- Put your teamwork and pu solving skills to the ultimate test. In around an hour and a half, you and your friends get locked in a room and must find and follow the clues that lead to your escape. 8. Baskin Robbins (1521 E Fulton St)- 32 different flavors and a nice stop when cruising with your friends on a day off. 9. Patrick Dugan’s (301 N. Main)- coffee, ‘nuff said right? 1 0 . Pu b l i c L i b r a r y (605 E Walnut St)- The public library always has community activities to check up on to gather with friends and have a good time.

Beth Tedrow Student Center

620.276.9607 |

Buffet Style

$ Breakfast 4.51 $ Lunch 5.76 $ 7.06 Dinner Specialty Night $7.77 Breakfast ....................7– 9 a.m. Lunch...........11:30 a.m. –2 p.m. Dinner.................... 5 – 6:45 p.m.


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Strong start for Buster Baseball desiree perea | GC3 Media

Tyrus Bradley, Wyoming Ontario, Canada comes in from third after a RBI (runner batted in) form Nick Lossi , Omaha, NE to put a point on the board for the Busters, at the Willams Stadium.

Desiree Perea The Broncbuster baseball program with a great start. The Busters season opener was a double header at The Williams Field against the Trinidad Trojans on Feb. 2. The Broncbusters sweep the first game 14-4, with Austin Stone, Arvada, Colo., on the mound with 11 strikeouts. Along with the first home runs put in the book by Clint Allen, Erie, Colo., and Robbie Young, Gallatin, Tenn. Second game of the double header all nine innings were played with an early score from both

teams in the first inning. But then the second inning came and the Busters bats came alive, scattering base hit all over the field while the runs came pouring in. Top of the third with the score at 5-1 Busters on top. Eric Heiman, Garden City, starting for the Busters in the mound then three additional pitchers to close out the game, Aj Stephens, Arvada, Colo.; Scott Waterman, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; and Nick Lossi, Omaha, Neb. The game came to an end with the Busters on top again 11-5. A few days later on

Feb. 4 the Broncbusters hit the road the to Colorado to face the Trojans again and the, this trip was not in favor for the Busters. They returned home with two losses, first games score was 3-13 Trojans and for the second game was a close one at 3-2 Trojans on top. Coach Finnegan says “our defence could use a little clean up and we are still looking for a strong bull pin” Wed. 7 the Broncbusters back at home with a game against McCook Community college. Jacob Garza, Fort Worth, Texas,

on the mound to start the game and the Busters offence off to a quick start and getting two points on the board with the first at bat. The innings go on then comes the halfway point, the fifth inning with the boys bringing out the bat for an explosive offence inning and putting seven points on the board in that inning alone. The score at the bottom of the fifth 12-6 Busters. Lossi closing out the game only allowing two hit and one run, and the boys with another win. 16-9 Busters. It being the beginning of the season the

GCCC Busters baseball program off to a strong start. Finnegan says “We still need a work and get better at picking up and understanding signs. Due to bad weather the boys series against Western Nebraska Community College was delayed to Feb.11 and Feb. 12. The cold and snow blew over and the games began. The Busters win the series. First win with a score of 4-2. The last game game of the day came out with a score 9-3, Buster’s only allowing four hits in the entire game. Feb 12 and the boys end the

series with one last win, 9-3 dominating the Cougars all weekend long. What is expected of the Busters for the rest of the season? Finnegan ends with “Go out and play hard and see what happens.” Last game of the busy weeks for the Busters, a loss was taken from Lamar Community College with a score of 9-7 Lamar walks way with the win. Catch the next games on live stats while the boys are away at the New Mexico Military Institute series. The next home game will be Feb. 23 1p.m. @ the Williams Stadium.

Track team sets personal standards

With better weather to practice in, there were a couple of athletes who were Tr a v e l i n g e a s t t o able to surpass personal Pittsburg State University marks. for the Gorilla Classic, “We had a couple of the men’s and women’s people that beat their track team stayed focused personal best at this on remaining positive. meet,” Marshall said. “Tre Finishing their past meet McClary and Jonathan with a strong showing, Head Smith in the 60 meter dash Coach, Doug Marshall was ran exceptionally. Denim proud of his team and their Rogers ran the 60 Hurdles, attitudes. placing him 8th in the “It [Gorilla Classic] went nation.” pretty good,” Marshall said. Having Olympic “A lot of competition was aspirations, Denim Rogers, really high. There were five GCCC tr a ck a thlete, or six Division I schools stays motivated to keep and a ton of Division II improving his scores for his schools, but our kids ran personal goal. and competed well.” “Beating my personal Cat baldwin

best makes me feel like I’m going in the right direction, but I’m never satisfied with my performances.” Rogers stated. “Not until they are perfect, which will never happen, but I am always striving to perfect them and get better and better every time I step on the track.” As a sophomore returner, Rogers is very passionate about being in track and working hard to improve overall in his abilities. His favorite events to place in are high jump and hurdles. “I’ve done high jump since I was five years old and have just loved it. Hurdles is something I picked up in high school and excelled in

the quickest.” Rogers said. “My shot put needs to be as close to 45 feet as possible and my pole vault needs to be at 14 feet or more. I was 50 points off the conference record last year so I should definitely break it this upcoming weekend.” As spring weather swoops in, the winter weather is descending away from us, helping our athletes to have better practices. “We’ll be able to get outside a little more this week,” Marshall said. “Get more work done and hopefully put some performances together this weekend at Regionals. Right now, we’re just trying

to improve. It’s tough to get training in when it’s freezing cold outside and have things that need done. We do get creative but right now we just focus on improving.” Having a set goal can help motivate the athletes as a team to continue getting better and never staying satisfied in their achievements. “We have season goals,” Marshall continued. “We’d like to be in the top 5 in Regionals. I just really want them to go out and work hard.” Although this is Marshall’s first season in track being the head coach, the athletes are impressed

on how motivational he is and how he can get things done right. “Our two coaches, with the limited staff, and just our new coach in the last week, they have done a tremendous job taking care of things,” Rogers stated proudly about the coaches. “They’ve taken this track program in the right direction. So hats off to Coach Marshall and Coach Coleman.” With the Region VI Conference Regional Meet coming up Feb. 18 in Manhattan, the team stays positive, motivated, and excited about their results and their performance.

Rodeo team gets their boots dirty Bryan Montoya On Feb. 16 the Broncbuster rodeo team will travel across the state to Manhattan. They recently resumed practice a few weeks ago in anticipation for Manhattan and future rodeo competitions. Rodeo is not for the faint of heart and there’s a lot of practice that goes into it. “The main thing is muscle memory, having their horses legged up that’s important, having their horses in shape. Their horses are just as

important as them being in shape,” Head Rodeo Coach, Jim Boy Hash said. “It’s important for them to have their horses ready and just for them to be ready mentally. We try to do little things with them to handle the mind game to help them be successful there. They’ve been in the practice pin doing groundwork, roping the dummy, tying goats to the ground and just their regular time practicing.” No t o n l y a re t h e Broncbusters the youngest team at competitions most of the time but they also

compete against four-year universities. “I don’t know if you know this or not, but we’re always the underdog and always gonna be; due to the fact that we’re different from all other sports here,” Hash said. A few of the competitors are in the top ten regional rankings. “Tucker McClain and Gunnar Stapleton, I think they’re sitting 5th in the region standings. They wanna be in the top 3 because the top 3 in each event get to go to the college

finals when they’re done,” Hash. “They take the top 2 teams, men’s and women’s. We won’t have a chance for either one of them but we do have a chance to take some individuals to the college finals and Tucker and Gunnar have a really good chance.” To the inexperienced, rodeo can seem like a sport where an individual simply sits on or chases a farm animal around an arena, however that could not be further from the truth. “Rodeo is an exciting but dangerous sport, even if

you know what you’re doing there’s a chance someone or an animal might get hurt. Tyler Erickson broke his leg right [at] the first of the year. He went to Bronc Riding school at the University of Wyoming. He got the cast off the other day and the doctor told him not to practice till K-State, he said ‘don’t get on any horses just make that your first one back.’ He’s just doing some ground work riding the stationary dummy and just working on that and just trying to rehab and get his leg back

to going. So hopefully he’ll come back and not miss a beat and get going again. Everybody will look a little rusty coming out of winter break from every school but there’s times we went to K-State and had a really good rodeo so we’ll just see what happens.” There isn’t a need to drive across the state to watch the Broncbuster rodeo team in action. The Garden City Rodeo home event will be April 6-8.


Thursday Feb. 15, 2018


Men snap losing streak


Busters beat Thunderbirds 73-65

JUAN MALDONADO Garden City was in action on Feb. 14 against Pratt Community College. Scores were not available upon release. On Feb. 10 the Garden City Broncbusters defended the Conestoga Arena against Cloud County Thunderbirds 73-65. The win brings Garden City to an overall of 16-9 and 12-9 in conference play. Five Broncbusters would pave the way by scoring in double digits including Pierre Johnson, with 10 points, Jeff Octhere, with 10 points, Octavius Meadows, with 11 points, Jamir Thomas, and Kendale Hampton would lead the Busters with 19 points each. Among their double digit scoring Otchere would grab 11 boards and Thomas

would corral a season high of 16 boards. Mentally it felt like we were going to win the game the whole time,” freshman point guard, Russhard Cruickshank, Dallas, said. and it kind of felt close toward the end but we knew we were good because the whole game it just felt good and we just played really good together.” The Busters bench was a huge part in the win as they came up big and outscored the Thunderbirds 30-13. The bench’s energy provided enough to stop Cloud County in the stretch. Going Into the second half, Cloud County would trail 35-28 and the Broncbusters would not let off the gas. “Our bench can go a n y w h e re a n d s t a r t .” Cruickshank said. “Its crazy how they can just enter in the

game and make a difference like that. It gave our starters that confidence to come back in and when everybody is doing their part, the game is just more fun to play.” The win against Cloud County snaps a three game slump, including losses to Hutchinson 9282, Dodge City 87-70 and Independence 76-72. Garden City Currently sits in 6th place in the Kansas Ja y h a w k C o m m u n i t y College Conference. “We play our defensive side well and then the desiree perea | GC3 Media offense comes after that,” Jeff Otchere, Bronx, NY taking the ball up and getting two points for the Bronbusters in the Conestoga Cruickshank said. “When Arena on Feb. 10 about our game just felt right Hoping to take the to be back in there groove. we get back into transitions “Everything was clicking against [Cloud County].” and when were running they momentum and energy of right and it felt like every The Busters will next be the home win and use it have to come to us to guard other game we just didn’t in action on Feb. 17 against going forward as the Busters us. We’ve been just going back to our game and doing are preparing for the Region play to the best of our Coffeyville Community what we do well instead of VI tournament that will be ability.” Cruickshank said. College. Come show support what we have been doing in coming up at the end of “That game everything came as the tip off for the game will February. The Busters seem back together and everything start at 4pm. that stretch.”

Lady Busters sleep on Cloud then toward the end we had a talking breakdown and that’s something we shouldn’t ever have. It wasn’t just the game winning 3 they had but the play before that and it was just little things we could have done to prevent it.” The game came down to the wire in the final seconds however the consensus was that the g a m e d i d n’t h a ve t o come down to the last shot. The Busters were chasing all game and only lead they held was right before halftime 25-22. A lot of credit can be given to Cloud County’s bench as they outscored the Busters 17-5. In the last minute Kelsi Mueller would shoot a three bringing the Thunderbirds to 51-53. Off the timeout, Camille Baud, would come up in the clutch as she hit the dagger that sealed the game in the last five seconds of the game. “We missed a couple opportunities down the stretch,” Charinee

Mitchell, Head coach said. A couple free throws we didnt take The Busters were in care of and we weren’t action on Feb. 14 against aware of the time Pratt Community towards the end. At the College. Scores were end when there best not available upon press shooter broke out and release. made the three it really On Feb. 10 the lady hurt us.” Broncbusters fell in a De s p i t e t h e e f f o r t close game at home f r o m G a r d e n C i t y, to Cloud County Busters freshman guard, Thunderbirds. The Abigail green, Killeen, Busters felt the boom Texas, had an all star as the Thunderbirds performance. She led edged out the victory the game and boasted a 54-53. The loss brings season high of 28 points the ladies to an overall and adding 5 rebounds, of 15-10 and 12-9 2 assists and 2 steals. i n c o n f e r e n c e p l a y. “It helped us because Garden City currently it gave us that energy sits in seventh place to play,” Mitchell said. in the Kansas Jayhawk “Maybe we can use that desiree perea | GC3 Media Community College going forward but at Jessica Carrillo, Garden City taking the ball up and gets fouled on the play on game night Feb. 10 in the Conference. The dagger the end of the day it Conestoga Arena. from Cloud County in doesn’t help us because Buster defense has been and we worked on just February. Come support the final seconds would we lost. Hopefully we the key factor all season fundamental basketball. the Broncbusters, tip off ultimately be the demise can just use that energy long. Against Cloud O u r d e f e n s e l o o k e d will begin at 2pm. of the Busters. g o i n g i n t o t h e n e x t County would be no good in that stretch. “We applied pressure game.” different as the Busters All we have to work on well and we followed Be f o re t h e l o s s t o forced the Thunderbirds is the tidbits moving the game plan but we C l o u d C o u n t y, t h e to make mistakes. The forward.” couldn’t finish around Busters were on a four Thunderbirds had 16 The Busters will next the rim,” Jessica Carrillo, game winning streak turnovers however the b e i n a c t i o n a g a i n s t Garden City said. “Easy defeating Allen County, Busters couldn’t finish Coffeyville Community buckets we should have Independence, Dodge it in crunch time. College on February 17. [made] were missed and City and Hutchinson. “We were playing real The Busters will look to hard and playing our defend home court as game.” Carrillo said. they prepare for playoffs “We limited rebounds coming up at the end of Did you know GC3 Media has a YouTube channel? • Campus Events • Sports • And much more...



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