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Bryant’s condition progresses after head trauma left him in medical coma Fabiola Sierra

Updates continue from GCCC baseball player, Garret Bryant who has spent the last 18 days in the St. Anthony Hospital in Denver, Colo. Bryant slipped on steps and fell into a wall Jan. 26, after an MRI on Jan. 31, results showed that he sustained bruising and cheering to the brain. Bryant’s health updates can be seen on the CaringBridge. org website, a site set up by his family to keep friends and family updated.

“[] definitely helps all of us stay up to date with how he’s [Bryant] doing and it is a great feeling when we’re all informed that he’s making progress,” baseball player Braden Sager said. According to, on Jan. 31, Bryant was taken off the ventilator and his breathing was rapid. When the doctor asked him for a thumbs up on his right hand, Bryant raised his right thumb. His mother, Sandie, posted yesterday, “Garrett came off of the vent at 10:00 am. Respiratory team said lets see if he can breath on his own for half an hour. Well 9 hours later my son is still breathing on his own. They are putting him back on the vent for tonight, telling us it worked hard to breath on his own, so they are going to give him a break for tonight and let him rest. They will take him off the vent first thing in the morning.” On Feb. 2, members of the baseball team went to visit Bryant. Of the 15 players that went to visit, Brooks Trujillo was one who was among the attendees.

“It was real good to see him and it was for us to see him and the family. When we saw him he was in the best shape sense he has been in the ICU. He was able to recognize who everyone was and was able to communicate very little. It helped us as a team and his family to be able to sit around and tell stories and show pictures and be able to laugh about all the good times instead of being upset,” Trujillo said. Trujillo said that Bryant being in the hospital will not stop them from playing even though Bryant will not be on the field with them. “This year we are playing for Gary [Byrant’s nickname] and I hope to spread the word,” Trujillo said. On Feb. 10, Bryant’s birthday, Sandie posted, “The best gift any of you could give us or Garrett, please do an random act of kindness, say hi to a stranger, buy a cup of coffee for someone, scrape someone’s car window, call someone you have lost touch of. The possibilities are endless. Please do this in the name of Garrett Bryant.” William Castonguay posted Feb. 10, “Tipped our waiter the same our bill was at lunch today! I am sure he was stoked Garrett get better soon buddy Sandie and John keep your heads up all is going to be OK! Garrett just needs time ;) Much love the Castonguay’s.” [sic]. Another ramdom act of kindness came from Trish Buechler who posted, “Glad all went well with the surgery. I have had all my Kinders praying for him and today as their random act of kindness they made a special book for Garrett thay I will be sending to the hospital tomorrow. Stay strong and positive and we will continue to keep your family in our prayers.” For continuing updates of Bryant, visit

fabiola Sierra | GC3 mEdia

Garrett Bryant, Ft. Collins, Colo. signs his letter of intent to Louisiana Tech Nov. 14. Bryant has been in St. Anthony Hospital in Denver Colo. for the passed 18 days after a fall down a set of steps Jan. 26. His mother, Sandie, has been giving updates of her son’s condition through

Trustees approve increase of tuition, campus living Brett Cady

On air with a student D.J. Josh Harbour | GC3 mEdia

Andrew “College Drew” Julme gives a mic check while making some beats on his computer. Julme currently has a radio show at imjustadjent.listen2myradio. com, where he broadcasts daily. Julme hopes to expand his audience.

D.J. “College Drew” looks to expand his radio show, audience Josh Harbour From the time he was in 5th grade, Andrew “College Drew” Julme has been passionate about music. “Ever since I was child, my brother was a big example for me,” Julme said. “He’s been deejaying for a couple years now. He’s a big time DJ down in Florida.” According to Julme, he learned to deejay so early in life because he used to play around with his brother’s deejaying equipment. “I learned how to by sneaking around playing with my brothers

equipment when he wasn’t home,” Julme said. “Eventually, he started taking me to shows with him and time by time I gained more knowledge and enjoyed every bit of it.” Julme, Brown County, Fla., came to Garden City to play football. “I was giving every Kansas junior college my highlights and stuff and Matt Miller was the one who showed the most interest,” Julme said. “My cousin was coming up here as well and he told me, ‘You might as well come out here, play football, and maybe your music will go big out here.’” Julme said he wasn’t looking

to go to college. He had a 9-5 job that consumed his time to the point that he’d given up on deejaying as well. “I just got fed up with it and was like ‘you know what, it’s time to go to college,’” he said. “ As for his alias, Julme said he chose College Drew to connect with his intended audience. “It’s a good name to blast off with, you know,” Julme said. “College Drew gets to the college students, to other people – my friends. You don’t have to do negative things to get positive. College is me, and I feel like college is helping me pursue everything.” In late-January, Julme and

his friend Bryan “Fresh Prince” Shuford posted fliers around campus promoting their Internet radio show, a show the two began creating after they met in the Dallas airport when both were headed to Garden City. The flier boasts, “Everyone tune into listen to the finest music from Rap, R&B, Reggae, and Reggaeton. Also having ‘HOT’ topics of the day.” [sic] “I wanted to bring something new, something exciting to Garden City. I know this is a small town so I know I wanted to think outside of the box and try something new,” Julme said.

see Radio show pg. 5

GCCC Trustees voted Tuesday to raise the cost of tuition and fees, and room and board for the 2014-15 school year. Starting next fall GCCC will increase tuition by $2 per credit hour and fees by $3 a credit hour. For border state tuition and fees went up $5 from $94 to $99; outof-state tuition and fees went up from $99 to $104 per credit hour; and international tuition and fees went up $8 from $117 to $125 per credit hour. Also approved was a raise in the rate of room and board on campus. West Hall and East Unit room rates will be raised $50 from $1,100 to $1,150 per semester and single rates for West Hall and East Units will be increased from $1,400 to $1,600. Apartment rooms will be raised from $1,475 to $1,525 and single rate apartments will be raised $225 from $1,775 to $2,000. Additionally, the cost of meal plans for the for the 2014-2015 year. The 19-meal plan will raise to $1,275 from $1,250 and the 15-meal plan to $1,250 from $1,225. The increases aim to offset the rising cost of campus maintenance. During the discussion, Board Member Ron Schwartz suggested adding a new out-of-county cost of tuition and fees to bridge the gap between border state and in-county costs. Stating that it would help pay for rising property taxes. According to Schwartz, the increase may not be something that will be implemented in the 20142015 year, but is something that should be considered for the future.

Moving on; 5 Busters sign to university teams, division I schools Five Busters will be moving on to play football at four-year universities. Dondre Elvoid, Errol Clarke, D’Vonta Derricott, Tysheen Bryant, and Ryan Johnson all signed to go to various universities Feb. 6. All five will be moving on to Division 1 schools to play in their respective positions. These five add to the growing list of Busters who have already signed to other universities. The athletes who have already signed off to other colleges include Tyreek Hill signing to Oklahoma State, Wonderful Terry with Western Kentucky, and Dontavius Blair to Tennessee.

Brett Cady

Dondre Elvoid School: Texas State University-San Marcos Position: Defensive Tackle Weight: 315 Height: 6’ 4’ A big part of what prepared and motivated these five players to go on to four-year colleges was their family. Their actual family -- brothers, sisters, moms, and dads -- and the family that they made on the field. Family is what Dondre Elvoid cites as his reason for choosing Texas State. “It’s easy access for my family to see me

see Commits pg. 6

Josh Harbour | GC3 mEdia

Dondre Elvoid speaks about why he chose Texas State University-San Marcos as his next school.


THURSDAY Feb. 13, 2014


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Game’s Super embarrassing Statistics

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Seattle Seahawks Passing R. Wilson

CP/AT YDS TD INT 18/25 206 2 0

T. Jackson

0/1 0 0 0


Pass Comp-Att-Int Fumbles Touchdowns 18-26-0 0-0 5 Rushing Passing Interceptions 1 2 1 Kickoff Returns Fumble Returns Punt Returns 1 0 0

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Denver Broncos Passing P. Manning

CP/AT YDS TD INT 34/49 280 1 2


Pass Comp-Att-Int Fumbles Touchdowns 34-49-2 4-2 1 Rushing Passing Interception 0 1 0 Kickoff Returns Fumble Returns Punt Returns 0 0 0

Most heralded NFL game reduced to super snoozefest Seattle Seahawks 43, Denver Broncos 8, and, no, that line isn’t from the preseason match-up of the Seahawks and Broncos (a match-up the Seahawks won 40-10), it was the final from a Super Bowl. The. Super. Bowl. What is supposed to be the most exciting match-up in all of sports was reduced to a snoozefest by the end of the third quarter, which was the first and only time the Broncos scored. A game that was supposed to help cement the legacy of Peyton Manning as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest quarterback to ever play the game only helped fuel his doubters who would point to his 11-12 postseason record and his eight one-and-done playoff appearances. As the quarterback, Peyton Manning will get most if not all of the credit for the wins, he should also get most of the blame for the losses,

REVIEW Andres Rivas


that is the role of a leader. For the Broncos, the game started off ominously when the first offensive snap of the game the ball sailed over Manning’s head and it went down in the end zone where running back Knowshon Moreno fell on it to only give the Seattle Seahawks two points for a safety. For even the most casual football fan who only watches football on Super Bowl Sunday, it was easy to see that Manning was off his mark all night. His passes were sailing above the receivers heads, and his passes didn’t seem to have the same zip on the ball that he had against

the New England Patriots two weeks prior. It is true that Manning was harassed all night, but he was only sacked once in the whole game, which was a technical sack when Chris Clemons stripped the ball from Manning. The game was over by halftime, and any hope that fans had of the Broncos pulling off a comeback was nixed when Percy Harvin, the sensational slot receiver the Seahawks had traded for during the summer of 2013 from the Minnesota Vikings, who had only played in two of the past 18 games for the Seahawks took the ball back 87 yards on the opening kickoff of the second half to put the Seahawks up by 29 points. The game was over at that point in time, and it would not get any better. The game was great for Seattle fans, and a sad moment for Denver fans, but for the casual football fan? The game was one of the most boring Super Bowls in recent memory.

Can’t help but busta move to >>Staff Stance Media spotlight on football Glitch Mob’s electronica beat star for revealing he is gay

In our The Glitch Mob is back and they are living up to their title as the West Coast’s most popular beat scene artist. Love Death Immortality was released Tuesday and this piping-hot batch of electronica will surely not disappoint fans of the band. While the band does stay true to its name of “Glitch,” the genre of this album focuses more closely on the electronic and integration of samples into the music rather than the distorted, out-of-this world noise that is typically associated with glitch music. The result is music that is melodic and catchy -- even when vocals are not present in the music. Like most electronica, The Glitch Mob has created an album full of most that simply begs to be danced to. They deliver this with songs like “Mind of a Beast,” “I Need My Memory Back,” and “Skytoucher.” Unlike most electronica, Love Death Immortality does not need to be broken up into individual songs in order for it to be bearable. Each song gets its own opportunity to build up to a steady rhythm and develop its own unique beat. Despite this, it does not play like a mixtape. Each song ties into the other with common samples and synths to give the album its own unique sound in its own. The production that was done on LDI is wonderful. Every sound is heard as it


Love Death Immortality


brett.cady was meant to. Even without a sweet pair of Beats by Dre, the sound of the bass, the synth, the vocals, and all of the distortion are clear and do not overpower each other unless they are meant to. Good examples are “Becoming Harmonious” and “Fly By Night Only.” If dancing is not your thing, LDI still might be for you. It serves as outstanding background music for intensely playing video games, exercising, or typing the hell out of a term paper. Listen to it when you are in need of a pick-me-up or a spontaneous party.

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If you have been anywhere other than under a rock for the past few days, you have most likely heard about Michael Sam. For those who have not heard about Sam, he was a defensive lineman for the University of Missouri who has recently said that he is gay. Given his goal of playing football for the NFL, he would be the first openly gay player to ever be drafted into the NFL. This is news because people are wondering if it will affect potential teams from picking Sam during the draft. As the top defensive player of the SEC in 2013 and a first team All-American, Sam should be highly sought after commodity in the world of football. He even compiled 48 tackles and 11 sacks for the 2013-2014 season -- not bad. The only thing, if any, that should be putting him into later rounds is his size; 6-foot-2 and 260 pounds is on the smaller end of defensive linemen. It is disappointing to think that coming out and admitting who he is might actually drastically reduce his chances of getting into the NFL. What makes the situation seem a little bit more civil and tense was a tweet sent out by the NFL: “We admire Michael Sam’s honesty and courage. Michael is a football player. Any player with ability and determination can succeed in the NFL. We look forward to welcoming and supporting Michael Sam in 2014.” A football player. Not “an openly gay football player” or “the first gay NFL player.” A football player. The NFL recognizes that Sam is gay, but refuses to make a big deal about it. That is the way that all media should handle this type of situation. Focus on the football and not on the sexual orientation of the football player. Hopefully, all parties continue to be respectful throughout the draft process. It would be a shame to lose out on a good football player just because of his sexual orientation.

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THURSDAY Feb. 13, 2014



Community, college hosting local, area artisans’ work

Chandler Riggs’ c h a r a c t e r, C a r l ( Fr o n t ) , s o n o f Andrew Lincoln’s c h a r a c t e r, R i c k (Background). In the previous episode, Rick and Carl flee the prison they inhibited with their group of survivors, the main cast of the show. After coming under attack, the two leave, worse for wear and alone.


Two local students are currently on display at Peachwave, a yogurt shop located on Campus drive. Store manager, Amber Vigil, made the joint decision with the store owner to host local artist’s work. “We were talking about how blank the walls were,” Vigil said “We thought that promoting local artists would be a lot of fun...the college has a good art program so we thought it would be helpful for the students.” Frankie Burns, jr., one of the local artists showcasing his work, thinks that the idea of having art publicly viewable is perfect for those who do not typically see artwork. “It gives them the opportunity to see something that they are not used to seeing,” Burns said “To be someplace that’s new and popular, that’s perfect.” Harley Torres, another of the showcasing artists, also has his art on display. Also on display is the GCCC Faculty Art Exhibition Included in the show will be 3-D Art Instructor, Brian McCallum, 2-D Art Instructor, Kyle Chaput. Along with GCCC faculty, Archie Oliver, long time art instructor for USD 363 in Holcomb, Kan. and Danielle Falor, art instructor for the Garden City High School. The display will continue through Feb. 25. in the Mercer Gallery in the Fine Arts building.

‘That Awkward Moment’ underrated in my opinion Verdict: Review Sean Salas Put a pretty boy, a funny guy, and a debby downer guy together and what do you get? Basically the fundamental elements of a group of friends. I’ve learned this after watching That Awkward Moment with some friends. Zac Efron, known for his leading role in High School Musical, plays a man named Jason. Jason is the good looking/pretty boy of the group that can get any girl he desires. Daniel, played by Miles Teller, is the funny man. And with a little help from his wing-man Chelsea, played by Mackenzie Davis, they score nights with some ladies. These two friends work together as book-cover designers and help their friend Mikey, played by Michael B. Jordan, get back into the game after his wife wants a divorce. To help out their friend, they make a pact to not get in any relationships. Jason, whom is a self-proclaimed sex god, breaks the rules by falling for Ellie, played by Imogen Poots. That Awkward Moment has guy humor like penis jokes and toilet gags. This movie explained what most guys, such as myself, do together, and about this thing called a “roster.” Though this movie seems like a guy’s type of movie, it’s also for girls too. The movie’s sweet side favors the girl’s side, such as when Jason gives Ellie a key symbolizing his affection for her. In That Awkward Moment, I thought it was interesting what the word “So” could stand for to a guy who doesn’t want a relationship. Although it was getting an even amount of love and hate ratings, I thought that the movie That Awkward Moment was great. What people need to understand is that the characters in the movie are in their early twenties, so of course it will have a teenage-esque inappropriate type of humor, almost like a shock factor. This humor is supposed to appeal to High Schoolers all the way to people in the middle twenties. “So….”

Courtesy Photo |

Out of the frying pan, into the fire

AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ returns from mid season break with reflective ‘After’ episode post explosive finale last December Review Harley Torres

America’s favorite zombie show is back on air after it’s mid season break. While what most people, including myself, were expecting a sizable episode with machine guns and explosions equal to a Transformers movie with zombies, the series decided to stop and slow the action to a crawl. From the visual motifs and call backs of the tank over ran by walkers, to Michonne’s weird hallucinations, this episode w a s d i f f e re n t b u t ve r y reflective. Following only three of the m a i n survivor cast helped to take these characters and look at them through a microscope. Rick, whom is beaten in every way possible, is sort of put on the back burner as the episode focuses on Carl’s relationship with Rick and Michonne’s struggle with humanity and how she came to be the katana-wielding bad ass of the series. Carl, taking lead while Rick is bed (couch) ridden was one of the best examples between childlike enjoyment

being crushed by adult-like behavior and survival. The scene with Carl sitting on the roof with a tin of pudding with a walker trying to reach out and grab him from t h e window is possibly the best visual analogy for this. T h e Wa l k i n g D e a d’s visual storytelling is consistently strong, and there was a pleasing hallucinatory feel to “After.” Yes in terms of Michonne’s dream, but also Carl’s jaunt through the abandoned, once-thriving suburbs. The little echoes of the past “Sam’s Room” on the door leading us to wonder who Sam was and so forth - were haunting. Finally, Michonne’s dreary walk through the woods with her “new pets”, and the woman who could be her, felt like a fevered, waking dream. This Sunday’s episode hints to be shot in the perspective of Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon’s escape and survival in the wilderness. The Walking Dead’s episode last Sunday had, according to AMC, “15.8 million viewers and 10.4 million adults 18-49. It was the #1 telecast for the night among adults 18-49, including the Sochi Winter Olympics.” VERDICT Visually arresting, introspective episode that is worth the break from the blood and bullets.


‘The Walking Dead’ mid-season premiere

Try not to get attached to the characters As callus as it sounds, most of the series’ characters are expendable. They can and will die, get lost, end up captured, etc.

Stockpile food, take it easy on the drinks

Small snacks and finger foods will serve you well when facing the undead on night-time TV. Stay clear of hardy foods and beverages. The Walking Dead is fast-paced and it is easy to miss something. Bathroom trips + The Walking Dead = Totally Lost

Sit back and try to get comfortable The Walking Dead is technically in the horror genre, expect the occasional jump scare, blood and gore, as well as curse words. If these things bother you, The Walking Dead might not be your show. Try the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or something less bloody.

What has happened so far... Courtesy Photos |

GCCC Art Club to host annual six by six sale Silhouette News

Students in the Garden City Community College Art Club will stage their Eighth Annual Six by Six Art Show and Sale next week in Mercer Gallery, offering the public an opportunity to purchase original works of art at very affordable prices. The club will accept cash or checks. The event will run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, February 28 and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 1. The gallery is located in the west wing of GCCC’s Pauline Joyce Fine Arts Building, and admission is free. Monies raised go towards visiting artist’s programming, student travel and equipment. All paintings are in a 6x6” format and are $20.00 each. In addition, the small gallery features the Art department clearing house offering abandoned, rejected or flawed works at very reasonable prices. All proceeds go to support cultural enrichment for GCCC art department students. The first event was created in 2007 by David Kinder, retired GCCC art instructor. Current instructors are Brian McCallum, gallery director, and Kyle Chaput.

‘30 days without an accident‘

Following The Governor’s initial attack on the Prison, Rick and his group of survivors are in a phase of peace. The survivors seem to be rebuilding what appears more like an actual civilization.


The main supply group returns with the medication. With the help of Hershel, the infected group is given medicine. While Hershel and Michonne dispose of the corpses, a shadowed man watches the prison: The Governor.


One of the survivors of the secondary cast becomes ill late at night and dies in his sickness The main group are fearful of a potential plague that is spreading in the prison. Tyreese finds Karen’s burnt corspe drug outside.

‘Live Bait’

In flashback, The Governor is abandoned by his followers. He finds a family held up in an apartment complex. The family takes him in. The Governor (now “Brian”) convinces his new family to follow him into the world. They end up captured by his old followers.


The infected group is put into medical isolation to prevent a full viral infection. The main group decides to risk a medical supply run to a nearby college for aid. Rick confronts Carol about Karen’s murder. Carol reveals she is the killer.

‘Dead Weight’

Brian and his group are taken into the group of followers his old followers found. In order to protect his family, and his identity, Brian usurps control of the group of survivors, realizing the violent nature he wanted to put in the past is his key to survival.


While one half of the group goes on a supply run for medication, Rick and Carol go on their own supply run to a nearby suburb for anything that they can find. Rick decides to leave Carol instead of bringing her back to the prison.

‘Too Far Gone’

In the present, Brian kidnaps Hershel and Michonne. Later he convinces his group that they need to take the prison. Outside the prison gates with a tank, Brian demands the prison. A bloodbath erupts when Brian kills Hershel. At the climax, Brian is killed.



THURSDAY Feb. 13, 2014

Give me a

Cheer, dance teams head to Region VI championship

Fabiola Sierra & Josh harbour

For the very first time, GCCC’s cheer and dance team will compete in the Region VI cheer and dance championship. The event is slated for Feb. 23 in Hutchinson. “I’m really excited to be the first group to start [going to competitions], just to build a better foundation for having a cheer and dance program,” head cheer/yell/ dance coach Tegan Matthews said. Both cheer and dance will c o m p e t e . Te s s a R i n d e l s o f Hugoton, Kan. is set to compete with a solo routine in the hip-hop category. Rindels performed her routine during halftime of the men’s basketball game Jan. 22. Rindel’s routine song will be “One Shot” by B.A.P. ( a South Korean band). “I wanted a dark, edgy feel to showcase the darker side of dance. It’s the intstumental version of the song,” Rindels said. “ I got into KPOP [South Korean pop music] about a year ago.” In preparation for competition, both teams have been practicing



three to four days a week for four hours a day. Matthews brought in choreographer and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Hillary White, who helped both teams with their routines. Matthews said bringing in a choreographer in the previous years was not an option because of funding. Also that the teams were not nationally prepared to compete. “[The girls responded to White] amazingly. It was very refreshing for the team and myself to just let someone else step in and teach new things for a day,” Matthews said. Cheerleader Morgan Walz agreed. “She (White) was very positive and upbeat. She was very motivated to help us and we learned a lot of new things in the short amount of time she was here,” Walz said. Before the cheer and dance team head to competition, they will perform their routines during Feb. 22 home basketball games during halftime of the women’s game. Competition time begins 1 p.m. Feb. 23 In Huchinson, the location is to be announced.

Fabiola Sierra | GC3 Media

Fabiola Sierra | GC3 Media

Tessa Rindels, Hugoton, Kan., performs her dance routine during halftime of the men’s basketball game. Rindels has been dancing since she was a freshman in high school.

Campus Happenings GCCC looking for additional Security GCCC is currently searching through applications for certified lawenforcement officers and new full-time security officers. This is the first step to changing GCCC’s campus from the traditional campus security to a law-enforcement campus. Currently, GCCC has one full-time security officer, Sandra Baldridge, and one lawenforcement officer, Rodney Dozier. The biggest difference between a campus security officer and a lawenforcement officer is that a lawenforcement officer is authorized to carry a firearm. “It gives an actual certified lawenforcement presence of the campus,”

Vice President Ryan Ruda said, “somebody who is certified to have a firearm if need be and steps up our safety and security measures.” Even with the addition of a lawenforcement officer, safety and security measures at the college campus will remain the same. “We are going to handling things like we always have,” Ruda said, “the certified law-enforcement officer is more of the standpoint of being able to give a law-enforcement presence.” At the moment, admissions are still going through the hiring process, so there are no law-enforcement officers other than Rodney Dozier at this time.

Scholarship Dead line nears If you are planning to attend Garden City Community College during the 2014-2015 academic year and wish to re-apply for the an opportunity to receive scholarship(s) you are currently receiving, then we encourage you to submit an online scholarship application at tuitionandfees/finaid/scholarships/apply/. Please make sure to submit an e-mail address you check regularly on the application, as all scholarship communications will be sent to the reported e-mail address. Students may not receive the exact scholarship(s) they received in the 2013-2014 year. The deadline to re-apply for all scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic year will be February 15, 2014. If you have any questions about the scholarship or its requirements, please contact the administration office at (620)276-7611.

Pink theme set for Feb. 15 games GCCC Busters basketball teams will be play Could County’s T-Birds this Saturday, the 15th. Lady Busters will be playing at 5:30pm and the men’s basketball team will play at 7:30 pm. A Cancer Survivor Recognition will be during the halftime of the men’s game. Shirts will be sold during the games and all proceeds are being donated to the Breast Center at St. Catherine Hospital. The game’s theme this week is to wear pink, pink-out. Show your school pride this Saturday.


THURSDAY Feb. 13, 2014


One pint at a time


Josh Harbour | GC3 Media

Alan Caro, Satana, Kan., watches his arm as he gives blood during yesterday’s blood drive in the DPAC.

Blood drive reaches goal of donations from students, community

“Blood is used Students at GCCC and community members of Garden Justin Godwin City were able to attend and donate blood Feb. 12 at a l l t h e t i m e ,”

GCCC’s DPAC. A Red Cross employee would carefully monitor a donator to check if they would be okay. Once a person donated blood, a student volunteer escorted them to a table covered with various foods and drinks, where they would have to sit for about 10 minutes and rest up from the process. “I’ve volunteered to help with the blood drive for HALO. I have done community service since I was in high school so I’m used to volunteering. It’s fun to help and get involved,” Veronica Sanchez, Garden City, said. Alexandria Trujillo of Garden City was one of the many donors in attendance. It was Trujillo’s fourth time giving blood. Trujillo said she has O- type blood, which only 17 percent of people in the U.S. have. “I have the O- type blood, so I’m a universal donor so they (American Red Cross) call me when they have blood drives,” Trujillo said. For Casey Anderson, Santana, Kan., it was his first time giving blood and he says he was peer pressured by Trujillo into giving blood. “She (Trujillo) asked me to donate so I was like ‘yeah, sure’,” Anderson said. Anderson said his first time give blood was easy. “It was easy. I’ve had blood drawn before so it didn’t really bother me,” Anderson said. Anderson said he would donate blood again. The original goal of donations was to have 62 donations, however, by the end of the day American Red Cross had over 70+ donations of blood. With one pint of blood saving three lives, that’s about 210 people rescued by Garden City’s donations.

Radio show With more than 800 listeners Jan. 30, the day his show went live, Julme broadcast his show live using his own equipment. “I have everything I need to do the radio show. I have my own mic, my own laptop, and my own mixer. The only thing I need is Internet,” Julme said. As for the show’s content, Julme said he plans to keep it upbeat. “I get all my music from all over the place,” Julme said. “From a network to different big time djs from back home. It’s all original and, no, I never get in trouble with the law. I also use YouTube mix-tapes of hot new music and the list is pretty long.” With a goal of broadening his audience while refining his craft, Julme said he auditioned to deejay at Club Wet and got the gig. “Club Wet was just a way for me to get myself out there and get my name out there,” Julme said. “I’m not only aiming for Garden City, I’m aiming for everywhere.”

EVERY DROP COUNTS One donation can save the lives of up to 3 people.

• The average adult has about 10 pints of blood in their Shahidah Beruni, body. Roughly 1 pint is given during a donation. a traveling phlebotomist • A healthy donor may donate red blood cells every 56 days, or double red cells every 112 days. team supervisor from Red • The average red blood cell transfusion is approximately 3 pints. Cross said, “so we need • The number of blood donations collected in the U.S. in a regular flow a year: 15.7 million. of donors. • The number of blood donors in the U.S. in a year: 9.2 Donating million. blood is a good • If you began donating blood at age 17 and donated feeling, knowing every 56 days until you reached 76, you would have that you are saving donated 48 gallons of blood, potentially helping save more than 1,000 lives. someone else with your blood, someone SOURCE: like your mom or your dad.” Donating blood is certainly a good feeling, especially to those 200+ people who can benefit from the donations from the fellow community members and students from Garden City.

continued from page 1 Julme said he would like to continue producing his show; however, he said he’s run into some technical difficulties. “I would like to produce the show from my dorm room, but as of right now I’m not able to,” Julme said. “I don’t have a place to do my radio show from. I’m actually done with club Wet. I haven’t deejayed in Club Wet for like a week now. ” Despite no longer being affiliated with Club Wet, Julme is still unable to broadcast his for multiple reasons. Previously, it was believed that his show was being blocked by IT, but Julme is unable to speculate as to the actual cause of the problem. IT was unavailable for comments. “I don’t really know what was the reason [the show was unable to broadcast],” Julme said. “I’m not even sure if it was working before. I just took a big guess because everybody had a problem tuning in like ‘Hey, the Wi-Fi is not working’ or ‘The radio was telling me it can’t playing nothing like that’. Pretty much the best thing for

Josh harbour | GC3 Media

Andrew “College Drew” Julme explains how to use his radio show website. Julme’s show website, reached more than 800 listeners on it’s premiere day Jan. 30.

me to do is to talk to them personally to see what is going on.” As of the time of the interview, Julme had not yet contacted the proper authority to fix the bugs with his website.


“It’s going to take time, but yes,” Julme said. “I plan on trying to build my name from here in Kansas. There’s a reason I’m here and I’m trying to prove that reason.”

gc media 3 with


THURSDAY Feb. 13, 2014



DRAGON SLAYERS take battle on road Buster men set to battle 7-2 Seward County Saints Andres Rivas

Feb. 12: Seward County The Garden City Busters (19-6, 5-4) will travel to Liberal to take on the Seward County Saints (17-8, 7-2) to play their third game in five days. The final score was not available at time of publication. Feb. 10: Hutchinson The Buster men knocked off then ranked #12 team in NJCAA basketball in the Hutchinson Blue Dragons, 84-74, at the Dennis Perryman Athletic Complex. The Busters got a surprising spark in the game from Tidell Pierre who was only averaging 3.2 points a game. Pierre would wind up with a team high 18 points, while the Busters had a total of five players in double digits with Reuben King, Jade Cathey, and Jalen Variste all accounted for 15 points apiece, along with Talen Whitaker who had 11 points and 11 boards for a double double. Feb. 8: Colby The Buster men defeated the Colby Trojans 62-55 at Colby. D’Shon Taylor tied a game high points with 15 points, while Reuben King and Jeremy Wilson rounded out the top three with 14 points. Colby’s leading scorer was Jeremiah Ingram with 15 points. The Busters improved to 18-6 on the season and 4-4 in conference play.

Fabiola Sierra | GC3 Media

ABOVE: June Johnson, Wichita, Kan., puts up a shot over a Hutch Blue Dragon defender during Feb. 10 home game. LEFT: Head men’s basketball coach Brady Trenkle gives his team a talk during a time-out in the third quarter of Feb. 1 game against Barton.

STARTERS Wilson Whitaker King Variste

MIN 15:57 25:38 27:53 36:35

Feb. 1: Barton The Buster men fell to the Barton County Cougars in a tough fought game 65-64 at the DPAC. Jalen Variste lead the team with 17 points while Jade Cathey was the only other Buster in double digit scoring with 14 points for the Busters. The Cougars’ Darius Gibson led all scorers with 22 points.

FTM-A REB PTS 0-0 3 0 3-4 11 11 3-6 6 15 5-6 4 15

For more photos, visit

Commits play,” Elvoid said. “They’re all from Dallas, so I can pick them up from the airport.” Elvoid said he is confident in how GCCC has prepared him for playing at the next level, and Errol Clarke and D’Vonta Derricott both said they feel that he was a key part to their success as well. “Sometimes when we don’t make the play, we can depend on him to make the play,” Clarke said. Errol Clarke School: University of Central Florida Position: Middle Linebacker Weight: 240 Height: 6’ 3” Standout Errol Clarke, who has already had Division I experience with the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, says that he is ready to take a starting position at UCF. “Division I basically helped me out just knowing what I have to do, what’s expected of me when I come in,” Clarke said. “Just knowing how fast the pace is.” Although he had talent coming in to GCCC, Clarke said that his friendly rivalry with D’Vonta Derricott drove him to play harder and better. “He is great,” Clarke said. “Sometimes I’d just hear ‘D’vonta Derricott, D’Vonta Derricott’ and I’m like, ‘Why aren’t they calling Errol Clarke?’ He’d make me play harder. Just playing next to him was like Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman.” D’Vonta Derricott School: Kansas State University Position: Middle Linebacker Weight: 233 Height: 6’ 1” D’Vonta Derricott said he does not care that Kansas State has the “worst” recruiting classes of the in Big 12. Even though he is one of their only four-star recruits, Derricott has been dead set on playing for the Wildcats since he verbally committed while on a visit to KSU Sept. 14. “They were one of the first schools to recruit me,” Derricott said. “Big schools like Miami started recruiting me late and wanted me to come take visits, but at the time I had already told Coach Dickey I was a solid verbal. Once I had given my word, I didn’t want to be like, ‘I want to go somewhere else.’” Derricott attributes his success as a linebacker to the hard work of his coaches and help from Clarke. “They prepare us each and every week when we’ve got games,” Derricott said. “Our record this year didn’t show it for, but, all their hard work, they don’t get enough appreciation for all the stuff they do behind the scenes… [Clarke] showed me a lot of stuff in the 3-4 that I didn’t know. Like, at the beginning of the

continued from page 1 season you wouldn’t know who D’Vonta Derricott was if it wasn’t for Errol Clarke.” Tysheem Bryant School: Bethune-Cookman University Position: Defensive End, Defensive Tackle Weight: 245 Height: 6’ 4” As a transfer from Dodge City Community College, at GCCC Tysheem Bryant said he learned he needed to humble himself. “I learned to humble myself,” Bryant said. “Before I came here I was a real cocky guy, then I sat back and I really watched them boys play… You never see them boys walking around campus saying this and saying that… What I really learned is just be humble and be patient and good things will come.” The redshirt sophomore said having Division I calibre players to challenge him in practice is what got him the opportunity to move on to the next level. “Finally going up against a D-1 tackle every day in practice kind of made me feel like maybe I needed to work harder,” Bryant said. “When you’re playing with nothing it’s kind of hard for you to progress because you ain’t even got to go as hard and you’re winning.” Ryan Johnson School: University of Massachusetts Position: Offensive Tackle Weight: 320 Height: 6’ 5” To the 6’ 5” Ryan Johnson, college football is purely business.

Rankings 3 star standout Errol Clarke chose the University of Central Florida to continue his football career.

“The juco helped me a lot with learning about D-1 programs,” Johnson said. “Just like D-1 programs,the juco is all a business. If you’re not producing, obviously coaches won’t put you out there. You’ve got to be a playmaker. Like these two great linebackers and everybody else, we all stuck along and took care of our business in practice.” Aside from the football program, Johnson cites both the location of UMass and academics as reasons for his selection. “Obviously, I’m from the Midwest,” Johnson said. “I went off to the east coast and fell in love with it. It’s a whole other world to me. UMass has a good education program -- great tutoring, specifically -- and I felt like I would fit in with that.”


THURSDAY feb. 13, 2014



LEFT: Allegria Chisom, Wichita, Kan., breaks passed Kiarra Jones of Hutchinson during Monday’s home game at the DPAC. BELOW: Tori Spann, Wichita, Kan., drives up the lane passed a Hutchinson Blue Dragon defender.

Fabiola Sierra | GC3 Media

Turning Saints into sinners Women’s basketball upsets No. 10 ranked Seward County 57-56 Andres Rivas

Feb. 12: Seward County The Lady Busters upset the No. 10 Lady Saints 57-56 in last night’s away game at Liberal. Last night’s win left the Lady Busters with a record of 14-11 and 6-4 in conference play. Next the Lady Busters will take on The Cloud County Community College Thunder Birds this Saturday at the DPAC. Tipoff is at 5:30 with a “Pinkout theme. Feb. 10: Hutchinson The Lady Busters fell to the #3 ranked and undefeated Hutchinson Lady Blue Dragons, 68-55, a far cry from their previous game against the Lady Blue Dragons when the Lady Busters lost by 34 points. Leading the charge for the Lady Busters against the Lady Blue Dragons was Shauquanna Collins who had 17 points. Loysha Morris and Zantaya Davis rounded out the top three with nine and eight points respectively. The leading scorer for the Lady Blue Dragons was Kalani Purcell who had a game high 19 points. Versus Hutchinson Community College STARTERS MIN FTM-A REB PTS Davis 26:16 1-2 2 3 Davis-Jackson 24:46 2-2 6 0 Morris 22:51 2-3 1 5 Chisom 27:43 0-0 5 3 Collins 38:37 5-6 2 2

A group of youngsters cheer on the Busters with head cut outs of the men’s starting line up during Feb. 1 home game against Barton County Community College.

Fabiola Sierra | GC3 Media

Fabiola Sierra | GC3 Media

Chris Lobato sports his 80’s themed rubik’s cube costume during the halftime of the men’s game against Hutchison Monday night.. Lobato was the winner of the best dressed fan contest and won pizza gift cards and movie tickets. The contest was sponsored by SGA.

El Rancho Cafe 305 N. Main Holcomb, Ks 67851 620-277-2238

Mon.- Tues. 10am-2pm/5pm-9pm Wednesday 10am-2pm Thurs.- Sat. 10am-2pm/5pm-9pm

• • • • • •

Authentic Mexican Food Enchilada Annie Dip Concha Tostadas Beans Rice


gc media 3 with


THURSDAY Feb. 13, 2013





Valentine’s day XOXO

You’re Sexy


Love songs

“I Will Always Love You”-Whitney Houston

“Some Kind of Wonderful “ - Grand Funk Railroad “Can’t help but fall in fall with you” - Elvis Presley “Nobody”- Keith Sweat Featuring Athena Cage “I Can’t Stop Loving You” - Ray Charles “I’ll Make Love to You” - Boyz II Men “Let’s get it on” - Marvin Gaye

Cheap date ideas 1.

Redbox? Why not?

a local Redbox: they are located at the Kwik 1. Find Shop on Campus, Walmart, Walgreens, and at both Dillons.

to Dollar General and pick up some $1 2. Go popcorn. back movie and popcorn to your place, 3. Bring invite your significant other over and enjoy the company of your lover.

Pop the balloons

“My Girl”- The Temptation

Purchase some clear red balloons. Before blowing them up, place either wrapped candies, small gifts, and/or love poems inside each one, and then give them to your loved one as a bouquet.

“All my Life”- K-Ci & JoJo “One Love”- Bob Marley

Love fortune

“Thug Passion” - 2Pac

Make your own fortune cookies to take along to a Chinese food restaurant for dinner, and use them to woo your date on Valentine’s Day.


You’re Sexy XOXO

Valentine’s Day concert features songs for all ages Silhouette News

GCCC’s “A Valentine’s Concert” will feature a lineup of College Singers, solos and ensembles, and finish up with the Concert Choir. The College Singers will be singers will be singer singing selections such “Over the Rainbow” and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” to start off the concert and get the crowd into the mood for the heartopening selections from the solos and ensembles. Melt into your seat as the ensembles

Be Mine

perform the Doobie Brothers’ “China Grove,” Anton Dvorak’s “Goin’ Home,” and more. The solos will feature GCCC students’ rendition of love songs from other artists. Ending the program will be the Concert Choir, who will be performing selections such as “My Heart Is Still Offered to You” and “The Water Is Wide.” “A Valentine’s Concert” will be tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Pauline Joyce Arts Auditorium. Admission is free to all community members.

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