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VOL. 18, NO. 2 SEPTEMBER 20, 2012







Board of Trustees discuss changes in Ag program BOT focuses mainly on the agricultural  department during Sept. 12 meeting. SARAH HILL

Garden City Community College’s Board of Trustee’s met Wednesday September 12. While two members of the board, Steve Sterling and Ron Schwartz, were missing from the meeting, the show went on. The meeting focused mainly on the agricultural department. The John Collins Vocational Building will also be home to some future renovations. Reconstruction of labs and classrooms in the southeast part of the building will be accommodations for the new programs being offered. Plans even call for a meat storage cooler being installed into what is now a lab. The cost of these renovations however chose to be a bit higher than the college had planned for. So Dr. Herbert J. Swender recommended that the board take the lowest bid. The offer came from Dick Construction out of Garden City with a bid of $808,401. While the highest bid was approximately $817,800. Two of GCCC buses have been authorized to be replaced. The purchase of two new buses were made from

re s e r ve d f u n d s ; totaling $200,000. Da y c a re f o r GCCC students is now being offered through Community Day Care Center, Inc. of Garden City. The facilities will be moved from the Pe n k a Bu i l d i n g and Practical Arts and Sciences to a Community Day care this fall. This will allow hours to be expanded and child age ranges to be varied as well. An estimated total of $18,200 will be paid to Community Day care. Students will have to pay a flat rate of $50 per week. The college will also contribute grounds work at the facility as well. President Swender stated that the college has seen a 6.7% in fall semester credit hours. He also noted that new articulation agreements were put into place after


Dr. Marilyn Douglas and Jeff Crist listen as representatives from the agricultural department speak at Wednesday, Sept. 12, Board of Trustee’s meeting.

being finalized and signed with South Dakota-based National American University as well Wichita-based Newman University. Swender was very proud to announce that GCCC was recently ranked as one of the top 24 community colleges in the U.S. for student success by CNNMoney magazine. It seems that the Ag program enrollment is growing see TRUSTEES pg. 5

Homecoming Candidates

Student organizations nominated candidates for 2012 Homecoming King and Queen. The winners will be crowned during halftime of the Busters vs. Fort Scott game Saturday, Sept. 29. Kick-off is at 7 p.m.










SARAH HILL Silhouette



Nominees for the first round of voting, which took place Tuesday, Sept. 18, included: Men: Chase Lumley Robin Dassy Kitray Solomon

Women: Karassa Prochaska Breanna Gross Linzie Schneider Jasmine Christmas

Spirited? LUIS REYES

Football, soccer, volleyball, and golf are some of the sports that GCCC have in season. The games are open to all students, faculty and staff; students are able to attend any home game at no cost with their student ID, faculty and staff can also obtain an all sporting event pass to attend the games. With these benefits one might think everyone should attend the games and supporting our team, but home games are often visited by a small crowd. “I feel like the games are very boring and not many people come, especially to the soccer games,” Christian Garcia, Lakin, Kan., said. He also said that the football games are fun to attend even though we lost; he also said that he feels like the fans cheer loudly. “The spectators in the game

are just chilling and not into the game, the atmosphere is like any other game but not very exiting,” Moises Rodriguez, Garden City and yell leader, said. “I feel like I need to go up to the fans and cheer them on to support our team.” Dawnnel Francis, m a t h i n s t r u c t o r, said that she saw the students were sitting down and not very interested in the game. “I tried to get the students excited about the game, but they just looked at me like I was crazy,” she said. Some students make efforts to try to get students more involved in the athletic events. “I think for the next game I would probably make posters and be more cheerful and get the fans excited,” Jorge Salamanca,


Alex jones, Leo Vasquez, and Sage Martinez watch the GCCC Broncbuster football game. It seems that some fans just can’t get into the spirit of the games. Vasquez checks his phone during the game, while Martinez seems interested in the current play.

Holcomb, Kan., said. Lucia Villegas, Garden City, said that she would try to make people do the wave and cheer very loud for the team, on the next game she attends. Mo i s e s Mo r a , s t u d e n t government association president, said that he expects to have a great outcome for homecoming. “We try to get everyone pumped for the


Shaquann Kinney cheers during the football game trying to get the crowd fired up.

game the next day,” he said. The homecoming bon fire is going to be on Sept. 28 at 8:30pm, at the west end of the Dennis Perryman Athletic Complex parking lot. The homecoming game will take place at the Memorial stadium on Sept. 29 and the kick off at 7p.m.

OPINION | 2 Quote of the day




Does voting matter to you?

The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people. - Woodrow Wilson

Bad joke of the day

“I think that everyone have a say, because it’s part of us.” Marissa Trevino Garden City

“Voting is important because it gives us rights.” Janet Cruz Garden City

“I think it’s important, because if you don’t vote, you don’t have an excuse to complain.” Emily Young Garden City

“Because that one vote could effect the overall results and everyone has a say on who they want to run our country.” Evelin Garcia

“Because we have to know who’s in charge of everything.” Virgenie Kyaw Garden City

“It does, but the canidates in this election I really don’t care for” Alan Caro Satanta, Kan

“Yes, because I could change the future.“ Miguel Andrande Garden City

“Yes, it’s important as citizens to participate.” Antony Moncada Garden city

“No not really, not me. It’s not really a priority, I don’t care who wins .” Jose Holguin Garden City

What’s a frogs favorite drink? Croaka-Cola.

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Garden City

“Yes, because I can express my voice even though it’s not through me because if I dont I can’t complain.” Michael SanJuan Garden City

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As a newspaper staff, we feel that it is extremely important that people stay informed about what happens in the world. Presidential elections are just around the corner. It is critical for people to get informed about the candidates. Most American citizens have this line of reasoning: “My votes not going to matter anyway, so why should I take the time to inform myself?” There are so many people each year that don’t inform themselves about important issues. Why should they have a right to complain, if they don’t care enough to voice their opinion by voting? A better way to get informed is to do some research instead of acquiring information from mainstream media, which is often biased. Each presidential candidate has their own website with first hand information. On the websites you will find candidates opinions about different issues that will help formulate an educated decision. Check out each candidate’s platforms; the findings may be more than a little surprising. Here at the Silhouette, we the staff like to browse through local newspapers, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, as well as each candidate’s website.

Seatbelts or your life . . . you choose Seatbelts save lives; I’d heard this a million times growing up, along with “click it or ticket”. I knew to always put on my seatbelt when getting into a car, but I never knew just how much they really mattered until a few days ago. For some people, the only way to open their eyes to something is to experience it firsthand. People learn from their mistakes, just don’t make a mistake that could cost you your life. Such as, neglecting to wear a seatbelt. While driving home one night, I made the horrific mistake of over-correcting on a dirt road. This caused the car I was driving to swerve and unfortunately I rolled into a nearby field before coming to a complete stop. The damage; all windows shattered, glass scattered on the seats, top crumpled like aluminum foil, and a driver’s side so smashed in it nearly collapsed on my head. Needless to say, my car was totaled. However, even though the car was destroyed,

Is iPhone5 the new beast?

SARAH HILL sarah.hill@student.

I walked out of the accident with only a few cuts and bruises, all of which have either disappeared or are almost gone. How? The seatbelt I had been wearing saved my life. I am still standing, because I chose to wear a seatbelt The reason I chose to share my story with you, is because I hope to help you realize everything that could happen in a split second. I thank my lucky stars every single day, and every time I get inside a car, that I was wearing

a seatbelt that night, because it may very well had been the reason I get to share my story with you today. Don’t just wear your seatbelt because it’s the law; wear it to save not only your life, but also those around you. Wear a seatbelt, save a life, think about it.

Apple introduced the iPhone 5 to the public in the Yerba Buena Center in San Fransico on Sept. 12.Their was very few surprises to anyone who was following the Apple rumor mill over the past few months. Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, along side with new iPods, which was a surprise, because they usually have a separate event for the music players. According to Apple “iPhone 5 is the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone”. The new iPhone has a new design, bigger screen, faster processor and a new version of Apple’s IOS software to power it. Apple also included a 4G LTE antenna for faster data as well as a better camera that is capable of taking panorama photos. There is also room for another row of apps, the headphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the handset and the most radical change was the 8-pin dock connector. Here are some reviews on the new iPhone. “Bright, responsive and it just feels right’: published about the iPhone 5. “Nearly every feature has been upgraded, with a focus on what counts: screen, sound, camera, speed,” David Pogue from the New York Times “This is without a doubt the best iPhone yet, tech blog Engadget wrote. “This is a hallmark of design.

JOSE GONZALEZ jgonza0595@

This is the one you’ve been waiting for,” CNET reviewer Scott Stein said. The smartphone market is currently dominated by Android (Google Inc.) with 68.1% of share, followed by IOS (Apple Inc.’s iPhone) with 16.9% of share, Blackberry (Research In Motion) has a 4.8% of share, and Symbian (Nokia) 4.4% of share according to the International Data Corporation. Apple hopes that the iPhone 5 changes the Apple-or-Android choice and increases their market share with their new device. The iPhone 5 will go on sale Sept. 21, and will be available on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. The phone will cost 199$ for the 16GB model, 299$ for the 32GB model, and 399$ for the 64GB model, with a two year contract.



Chase Lumley, Garden City, and Gavin Malthais, England, prepare to make another run into the “country” to cause an uproar. Lumley and Hardy are part of GCCC’s Drama Department which helped create the protestor group for the social experiment.

Above: GC3 Media affiliates Stetson Haynes, Hugoton, Kan, Jessicah Mendez, Garden City, Jose Gonzalez, Garden City and Erik Soloranzo, Garden City help serve. Student’ symbolically sign their rights for the food pictured above.

or College students get a taste for free­ dom when their rights are served up  on a socialist platter

Above: The smell of pizza in the air draws a large crowd. People gathers around to spectate as the event on campus continues to escalate. As the day went on, a larger crowd was draw until the even was in an uproar across the college. A total of 200 plus participants signed in and many more stood and spectated Right: Jose Diaz carries a sign representing a person who has been “silenced” in the name of constitutional rights that we as Americans are promised. Diaz is instructed not to talk to symbolically emulate the person’s story he was toting. Below: Trisha Elliott, Garden City, throws up a peace sign as she is carried outside the boundary line by Marcos Tapia, Garden City, a member of the “Goon Squad.” The Department of Public Safety made up the police states’ armed forces on Constitution Day. Elliot attempted to utilize her right to petition and peaceable assemble which resulted in her banning from the country

Above: Newly appointed communist leader of the United Socialist Kingdom of Garden City Community College Moises Morra stands vigilant in front of his lounge. Morra oversees his socialist kingdom outside the Saffell Library with a crown upon his head, and a cigar in his mouth. Below: Justin Godwin, Liberal, Kan Colton Hardy, Elkart, Kan, Tori Fairbank, Dodge City, Kan, Linzie Schneider, Holcomb, Kan, and Phil Hoke, Garden City sit outside the boundary line. Hoke and his “protestors” unite together and sing the chorus “give peace a chance.“

Design by Harley Torres

Photos by GC3 Media

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4 | NEWS



to know

Kellee Munoz, Oklahoma City, Okla. Accommodations Coordinator t What do you like to do in your spare time? Playing Softball, going jet skiing , and tubing t What is an interesting fact about you? Wants to go sky

Jasmine Cavasos, Ulysses, Kan. Major: Art t t

What do you like to do in your spare time? Drawing and writing What is an interesting fact about you? Want to move to Canada some day, just because Canada seems cool



t t

What do you like to do in your spare time? Playing video games, What is an interesting fact about you? I make videos of myself playing video games and put them on You Tube

t t



What do you like to do in your spare time? Reading, writing, disc golf, Ultimate Frisbee, crafts What is an Interesting fact about your life? I was in a T.V. commercial when she was a kid

Jocelyn Saukup, Garden City, Major: Accounting


Silhouette News

The GCCC Student Health Office will offer flu shots, this year. The office has begun the season since Oct. 1, 2012 the shots will cost $18 each. For more information or to set up an appointment contact Janice Nunn, Student Health Nurse at 620-276-9601.

diving and drive in NASCAR What’s your favorite kind of music? No real favorite kind of music, I listen to everything Where would you like to live someday? California and Oregon, just to switch things up a bit

What’s your favorite kind of music? Everything, I’m really into this band called The Weekend right now Where would you like to live someday? Toronto

Charity Nevin, Lakin, Kan. Major: Undecided t


Do you know someone you think everyone else s h o u l d k n ow ? E m a i l your recommendation to and watch for that person to be featured.


SECURITY LOG Campus security personnel provide assistance unlocking vehicles, escorts for students and college personnel, jump starts for cars and engraving of personal property. Campus security can be contacted by calling 620.272-6828. To view the campus security log, visit website at

What’s your favorite kind of music? Skillet , Manifest, Owl City, Lacrea Where would you like to live someday? California

What’s your favorite kind of music? Classic Electric Pop Where would you like to live someday? Florence, Italy

Sep. 14 2:30 a.m. Residential Life No Trespass Sep. 15 11:30 p.m. Residential Life Minors In Dorm Area Sep. 15 3:10 a.m. Residential Life No Trespass/Visitation Violation Sep. 15 2.50 a.m. Residential Life Alcohol Violation Sep. 15 2:41 a.m. Residential Life No Trespass/ Visitation violation Sep. 16 1:07 a.m. Residential Life Alcohol Violation



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t n e m n i a t r e t n E Sept. 28 Ronnie Raygun and the Big 80’s Sept. 29 Boogie Machine As Always, There’s No Cover Charge!


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Gordon’s original marks JOSE.GONZALEZ

Gordon K. Sherman, art professor at Fort Hays State University, has an art exhibition on display at the Mercer Art Gallery this month. Entitled “Original Marks” the art display is made up of works through a variety of techniques, mediums and imagery. He has done work for Time magazine, Absolut Vodka and USA Today, as well as private portraiture pieces and a number of institutional murals. Sherman will share some of his techniques during a free public workshop on Sep. 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the art room located at the Pauline Joyce Fine Arts Building preceding a public reception scheduled from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Mercer Art Gallery in the same building. The Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The show will be on display from Sep. 4 to Sep. 28. For more information about the workshop, contact GCCC Fine arts at 620-276-9540.



Alumni helps students pave career path

TRUSTEES continued from pg. 1 growing steadily with every year. The program has not only students from Garden City, but from Nebraska, Colorado, California, Missouri and even a student all the way from the nation of Honduras. Among the Ag instructors, personnel include Agriculture Instructor Cindy Venjohn, Animal Science Instructor Dr. Clint Alexander, and new to the programs are Rosio Ibarra, Technical Program Case Manager, and Austin Voyles, the new Animal Science and Food Safety Instructor. Voyles and Ibarra were brought on as part of the TRAC-7 program. A series of new certificates are being added to the program including Agribusiness, which has options of either livestock management or agronomy to choose from for future careers. More certificates are also being offered in the new field of food safety and food inspection. The program has also been working very closely with Ag teachers from Southwest Kansas High School. The students do a multitude of different things, including getting involved in 4H and helping to recruit future FFA members.


It’s always nice to have an instructor whom you can relate to. Here at Garden City Community College, there are more than a few instructors that have chosen to return to help teach current students just what they’ve learned from their experience and academic triumphs. Well, now there’s yet another alumni that has chosen to come and share her wisdom. For those students out there who don’t know a whole lot about the Ag department, or even ones that do, let me introduce you to someone new to the scene. Rosio Ibarra is now GCCC’s Technical Education Case Manager for those involved in TRAC-7. Ibarra went through about a two month process before joining the staff towards the end of May. She said that she knew she got the job when she received a ohone call saying she was officially hired. Her job was relatively slow during the summer, as there are not a whole lot of students to help during this time, but Ibarra said she is definitely busier now. Although Ibarra is new

to the administrative staff, she’s actually no stranger to the college. Not only did she grow up right here in Garden City, she also graduated from GCCC in 2009 after two years of attending classes. “I advise certain students and help them find a career path . . . I also help them get credentials for future schooling and job opportunities.” Those that she helps are involved in the TRAC-7 program, which is a grant offered through the government. There are 7 different schools that have been offered this grant. TRAC-7 is an acronym, which stands for Technical Retraining to Achieve Credentials. Ibarra said that she really enjoys the job and decided to apply for the position because of her experience she had as a student. “I was always able to talk to professors, I didn’t think the class sizes were too large and the faculty was so wonderful.” Ibarra said she “loved being a student here”, which is why she chose to come back. Adjusting well, Ibarra said “Whenever I have a question, I know who to ask,


ind ollow

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everyone’s really friendly.” Although, she commented that the change from a big city like Wichita to a tiny town like Garden City was a bit rough. “I still know a lot of the instructors, or at least I remember them, it’s great working here.” In her position as Education Case Manager, Ibarra helps students

with whatever they need. “I’m here to help, my door is always open . . . we’re really student support.” For example, if a TRAC-7 student needs help with homework, Ibarra can help said students find the tutoring center. Not only does she help with homework assignments, she also helps pupils plan for the future.

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Lady Busters 4-1 in tourney


Lady Busters, whom we beat three sets to one. Then Independence Community College played Garden City Community College in a tough set of matches, the lady busters winning three The Lady busters volleyball team celebrates a win against close sets and Barton with all the sets win. losing one. Prep 26-24, 25-22 and 25-12. The only lost came to rivalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s A match against the Dodge City Community College, Hutchinson Blue Dragons will with three straight victories for be next with recovering injuries, the Conqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. The lost didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t keep but with the home crowd in the spirits of the Lady Busters full support, the lady busters hope down, as they win the last match to improve to a winning record. of the weekend against Air Force

The Lady Busters went (4-1) at the Air-Force prep tournament, their season record is now (1111). Not perfect, but a very dominating play from the lady busters, while their team was fighting off injures and fatigue. With a handshake President Herbert J. Swender welcomes Dennis Harp as director of athletics for the Broncbusters. Athletic boosters, employees, athletes, and media With five matches to play this were on hand today during the 10 a.m. press conference in the Hall of Fame located weekend coach Rob Lutz was inside the Dennis Perryman Athletic Building. worried about the teams health. McCook Community College was the first opponent of the lady busters and the Indians came out swinging, winning the first two sets, 26-24, 25-18. Down, but not out, the Lady Busters win the next three sets 25-20, 25-15 and 15-13 to comeback and win the match. A second year program, Wentworth Military Academy Before joining UT Arlington, JESUS LOZOYA volleyball team, was next for the Harp served from 2001 to 2011 as director of corporate relations D e n n i s P. H a r p w a s for Hardin Simmons, where he introduced on the morning was closely involved in a major of Sept. 10, during a press capital campaign that raised $48 conference in the Hall of Fame million. room as the new director of Harp moved up to the athletics for Garden City corporate relations position at Community College. HSU after serving there from â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a special day for me. 1988 to 2001 as head coach for I feel right at home, I have menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s basketball. In addition to been familiar with Garden compiling a 190-142 win-loss City Community College for record, he led his teams to three numerous years. I know you 20-win seasons. He became [GCCC] have a wonderful one of the youngest coaches in tradition,â&#x20AC;? he told a room full of the National Collegiate Athletic supporters, employees, and area Association when he took the media who gathered to mark the job at the age of 31. occasion. As assistant coach at HSU Harp has served the past two from 1985 to 1988, he served as years as athletic development recruiting coordinator, scouted director for the University of and evaluated opponents Texas at Arlington. At GCCC, and developed a recruitment he will lead the athletic-related philosophy. fund raising endeavors, as well Harp worked as assistant as direct all menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s basketball coach and athletic programs and oversee academic counselor at South the coaching staff. Plains in Levelland from 1980 â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think that the main thing to 1985, where he handled is to know the coaches, I have floor-coaching responsibilities, met a lot of them and they are coordinated recr uitment, absolutely wonderful,â&#x20AC;? Harp counseled student athletes and said. assisted graduating players with He also said that is very career placement. important to graduate our â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dr. Swenderâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s enthusiasm athletes, making sure they attend and vision for the college are classes and are good citizens. some of the main things that â&#x20AC;&#x153;When I was a basketball attracted me,â&#x20AC;? Harp said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Along coach for 22 years, we had 96 percent of our players graduate and I always keep a list of the Buster Fanatic is a section where the things that they were doing, fans show their support for our team. I was really proud of the fact Buster fans show your school spirit that they turned out to be real to read and be featured in the Buster Fanatic productive citizens,â&#x20AC;? Harp said. more go to of the week. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What I know of our coaches is that they are placing an emphasis on that.â&#x20AC;?

Harp, newest broncbuster

Buster Fanatics

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/*),01&2#34567 '+8,4+)'$.9&&$)77$)-$:&-0/*),01&





Preparing for a dog fight up should give Garden City an edge, at least on paper. Leading rusher Jamal Tyler has The Broncbusters will travel to lead Garden City’s offensive assault Colorado Springs, Colo., to face the who as a team has averaged 217 yards Air Force Prep Huskies Saturday, on the ground. Another of Garden Sept. 21, at 7 p.m.. City’s offensive weapons comes from The Busters, who lost last year to quarterback Nick Marshall who has the Huskies in Garden City with a thrown for 801 yards in the first three final score of 34-38, hope this year’s games of the season. team can bring home a win. “We “We have to take it one game at know we can win this game,” Keith a time,” Carlos Chavez, kicker, said. Curran, defensive end, said. “The “We just need to do what we need to team’s hunger for the game is growing do to win the game.” and makes us want to get that win the broncbusters confidence as more.” they enter the game. Garden City’s Following the road game, the leading rusher has been Jamal Tyler Busters will host Fort Scott Sept. and should help lead the running 29 for homecoming. The Busters, game which has been averaging 217 who have been averaging more than yards on the ground combined with 480 yards per game, are up against an aerial assault led by quarter back a Huskie defense who allows more Nick Marshall who has thrown for than 330 yards a game. The match 801 yards in the first 3 games of the ALEXIS BALDERRAMA


season. Carlos Chavez, kicker, said “We have to take it one game at a time.” He also said “We just need to do what we need to do to win the game.” Garden City. The game will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday September 29th.

Bonus pictures

@ or use your smart phone to scan QR

Tyreek Hill #24, running a kick return for a touchdown which was 101 yards.

The Little Engine that could

Dont overlook Hill, this little engine is good



The little engine that could, that’s Tyreek Hill, # 24, in a nutshell. “Dangerous” is a word coaches used when asked about Tyreek. It has been taken noticed that most teams kick the ball short, instead of letting Tyreek have a chance to return it for a touchdown, which he did against the Blue Dragons two weeks ago. “He is fast, but his quickness makes him faster”, Drew Jordan said. Tyreek Hill was Named NJCAA Special Teams Player of the Week on September 13, 2012 because his performance against Hutchison, where he tallied a total of 131 special team yards. After two returns Hutchinson decides to kick short for the rest of the night. “Do not let his size fool you, he will run over you, he’s tough”, Alex Mason stated. Tyreek hill simply makes plays; rather it’s a kick return, a run, or a reception down field. When asked, “what do you think about when the balls in your hands” he responded simply “ I don’t think, I just do”, which can explain his moves when avoiding tackles. He is a definite player to keep an eye on every week.




as of 09.20.12




PAConference YD/G

Butler C.C.






Hutchinson C.C.






Garden City C.C.






Coffeyville C.C.






Highland C.C.






Fort Scott C.C.






Independence C.C. 2-2





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