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past present & future This month, Insight caught up with Lynx FC’s CEO Jonathan Costa about his views on the success of the Lynx Futsal Team. Futsal is a variant of football played on a hard court, smaller than a football pitch, and mainly indoors. It has similarities to five-a-side football.

their teammates. Lynx showcased their ethos of wanting to “Live Forever” in the history books and boy, did they do just that.

“I’m a great fan of Futsal and we have overcome leaps and bounds with the team to become one of the most successful Futsal teams in Gibraltar’ history.

Albert Parody faced a mammoth of a challenge, taking over the reins from Nicholas and Nicholai, whilst simultaneously looking after the football team. One could only think that this was the end, but we were to prove everyone wrong as Albert took them to what would be his first UEFA Futsal Champions league qualification campaign, having won the Super Cup and the Futsal league for a record 5 consecutive wins.

Since 2014-15 season, Lynx FC started a league domination where the club won five titles in five seasons. In 2018, the league re-organized from 4 divisions to two tiers, where Lynx Futsal became the number one team to beat. We have also attended 5 UEFA Futsal Champions league (Gibraltar, Lithuania, Switzerland, Romania and Holland) with the first UEFA Campaign hosted in Gibraltar for the first time. It was a moment never to forget with a 300% increase in attendance at the Tercentenary Hall, where the fans witnessed the first official UEFA Futsal Game win by a Gibraltar team. In the days before becoming a UEFA member in 2013, young Gibraltarian players were criticised for a lack of control and technical ability and futsal was simply used as a fun and relatively safe way of developing those attributes throughout a player’s development. With an increasing number of professional clubs implementing it into their daily training regimes, futsal has become an increasingly popular sport in its own right in Gibraltar, for both adults and young children still at school. The Lynx Futsal Team is going through a golden era where we continue to witness talented coaches and players taking the court in yellow. The move to success was widely contributed by Nicholas Rodriguez (Head Coach) and Nicholai Bado (Assistant Coach) by masterminding their opponents. It was admirable to see the players committed towards a single goal which was the love for the sports and

Ezequiel Martin has become one of the most respected Captains in the league after taking over from Christian Sanchez, a Legend and a true gentleman of the game. Once again, a new life was injected into the team with Karl Zarb (Futsal Director), Shawn Ramos (Head Coach) and Aaron Perales (Physio) being brought into the winning formula, in addition to Deirdre Copello (Club Secretary). We demonstrated we were here to stay with our first win of the game, in the Louisito Bonavia Trophy (domestic supercup). As the saying goes, we are all in charge of our own destiny and we will continue, not only to grow the team but to help promote the wonderful game in Gibraltar. I can promise the fans we are going nowhere and we can only thank the players and staff for their endless contribution to the club.”

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