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FOOTBALL INSIGHT Welcome to a new feature in the pages of Gibraltar Insight dedicated to football on the Rock, and in particular Lynx FC. Gibraltar Insight and its parent company GBZ Media, are both proud to be a partner with Lynx FC in the season ahead. It joins the other strategic relationships with Gibraltar Cricket and Bermuda Rugby (the latter in conjunction with sister title, Bermuda Insight). As such, it seems fitting to hand over to Lynx’s Albert Parody to recap part of the club’s history and philosophy.

It was back in 2007 when Lynx was created alongside my son, nephew and close friends with the simple goal of enjoying the game of football. I remember as if it was yesterday playing for Lynx in the early days as a centre forward finishing as top scorer of the league for 2 consecutive years. As the club took formation, the competitiveness grew even more in the Premier League and although it was in my nature to give 150% on the pitch, I decided to take up the role of Player-manager of the first team. There was always an interest to integrate a women’s team at the club but it was to prove a challenge. We have tried on many occasions but recruiting female players has been difficult due to the available numbers of interested females in the sport. We are now starting to see rapid growth in women’s football, pulling great attendance at international level and it is visible on Spanish and UK TV. UEFA brought great opportunities to the sport in 2013 but there was also a financial responsibility that came with it in order to sustain the club afloat. Training facilities are limited in Gibraltar and require clubs to train abroad which cost money. In order to maintain a high level of professional football, we had to invest in qualified personnel. The level continued to grow with financial support remaining the same, it never stopped our Futsal Team becoming 5 times Premier League Champions consecutively.

es such as Gibraltar Alzheimer’s & Dementia Society, Alcoholics anonymous, Little Smiles and Mental programs. The work was praised by the Minister at the time Mr Edwin Reyes back in 2008. Lynx is a family and I could not have done it without my CEO Jonathan Costa and President Jack Noble who has been instrumental to the growth of the club. It is admirable the amount of time and dedication they have given to the club on a voluntary basis. I have wonderful people on board like Sergio Revelli, Deirdre Copello, Scott Houghton, Kathy Noble, Jimmy Cavilla, Jeky Buhagiar and Lenny Wornall, completing the Committee circle. I sincerely believe I have the best committee in the league. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision, the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives and we are thankful for the unconditional support of the Casais Group and Bhisham’s Trends for being there for us on a long term basis. We have applauded their efforts and acknowledged their support by going the extra mile. When we all help one another, everybody wins.

Regardless of our financial commitments, we never allowed it to affect our Youth Development and it is a testament in being the club that holds the lowest registration fee for a youth player and covered the costs of the parent’s second child. Lynx has always lead by example by opening their doors to all walks of life, regardless of their history. There was a season prior to becoming a member of UEFA when most of our players were given a “second chance” to do something right in their lives and 2007 was no stranger. We’ve always had a humanitarian collaboration alongside worthy caus-




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