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The Zoo Mission By Stella Wispinski

‘’ Hey can I play with you guys’’ Jack said sadly. “Why? ‘’ said Abby. ‘’Because I was kicked out of the computer club,’’Jack whispered. ‘’I want to go out of school.” “I know you take me to the zoo and I will get you back in the computer club’’Abby said dreaming about kittens. “Ok’’Jack said happily.

Abby skipped with Jack to the zoo. As they walked to the zoo Jack saw his two dogs. Flipper was brown and was really jumpy. Next Skipper he was black, white and brown and he is also the sleepiest.

Both of them heard the annoying seagulls pecking the ground. Abby’s blue eyes all the bare ,dry and cold cages. Jack could feel the freezing water from the seals cage spitting softly on him.

• There was no animals in the huge zoo!!!!!!!.Both the there mouths wide open they looked at the bare cages. Abby’s hair stopped shacking it was dead still. “What’s happed here ‘’said Jack feeling like he will cry. They wondered what to do. Abby got out her phone and looked at the time.

So both of the children ran to the police station. It was their lunch time. Four strong police men jumped up. One hopped in a car another one got the dogs. The last two hopped in a helicopter. Jack thought that they could go to telescope and look around. ’’I agree’’ said Abby like they will solve this crime. So they got to the telescope they saw the animals from the zoo. The police crew arrived they attached a big net and scooped up all the zebras then the seals and more to go. We put on snorkel gear and pulled up the big and little animals out from the slippery rocks. Finally we got all the animals out of the water. So we ride them back to the zoo. They cleaned the cages to make them nice. They put more water in the dolphins’ cage. And more fish for the bears.

The Zoo Mission  

Stella's e book...written by a Year 5 child in NZ