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Illustrated by Jabari Written by Jabari

Soon he realised that he was lost. He searched for the track but just couldn’t find it.

Fog was starting to settle and soon it was going to get dark. Ollie wore red tramping shorts , a shark t-shirt and a blue and black jacket. He started to gather dry wood for a fire. Eventually he gathered enough to start the fire.

Water dripped off the lush, green trees into Ollie’s dark, black curly hair. The fire took a while to get started but after it was started it lit the night like a rocket in the sky.

Ollie went for another look for the track but again he couldn’t see it. On the way back he tripped over on an over grown root and fell on something hard.

He didn’t know what it was but as soon as he realised he shouted out to nobody “WOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA”. It was a key and a map. He just couldn’t imagine what it would unlock.

The next morning Ollie set off with his map, key and compass. Ollie came across a large mountain that had loose rocks all over. BOllie decided he should climb over. Ollie was half up the mountain when he slipped on a loose rock and grazed his kneecap.

He groaned as blood was pouring down his shin. He muttered under his warm breath “how do I get around this stupid mountain ?�. He kicked it stubbing his toe and yelped in agony. Eventually he found a way around the monstrous mountain

After trudging for hours he came across a dark gloomy tunnel. He could smell the rusting copper and he could feel the cold, moistery, copper bars supporting the brick underneath them. He could hear the whispering of wind.

As he walked it got darker and darker. Soon he would not be able to see so he grabbed out his flashlight and flicked it on. He came across a large wooden door.

He thought the key must unlock the door so he clenched onto the key and placed it in the slot then turned it to the left but nothing happened then turned it to the right and the door creeked open and on the other side was the highway.

He sighed in relief but walked away thinking what better things it could unlock.

Read to see how Ollie’s tramp turns into the most thrill seeking adventure he has ever been on !!!

Lost in the forest 2  

Read to see how Ollie's tramp turns into the most thrill seeking adventure he has ever been on.