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Lost in the Amazon Jungle Written and illustrated Josh C

Tom has short,black and spiky hair,a long white hoddie,grey faded jeans with a hole in them and sunglasses. Tom is troublesome and very risky.

In the Amazon jungle Tom could see thick, lushous, green, trees and a flowing turquiose river and bright coluorful birds that cawed through the jungle. He could hear wind swishing and whishing through trees and water rushing round rocks,and animals growling in the distance. As Tom walked he felt thick jungle leaves and icy cold water as it splashed up in his face. Tom could smell the decaying leaves ,coconuts and bananas.

Tom started to wander further and further from the fishing river and soon could not here the excited yells of the fisherman as they pulled out there prizes. Soon he became lost in the jungle and far away from all human life. Tom kept with him a hunting knife, a water bottle , some rope and a radio.

He tried  the  radio  but  without  luck.  “They  must   not realise I’m  missing”  he  muttered  to  himself   as he started to turn around to start walking back towards where he thought the path was. 10 minutes later out the corner of his eye he spotted a black and orange tail snaking behind a tree. Suddenly he realised that a tiger had been stalking him for 20 minutes. Tom spun around his hunting knife drawn for the threat that faced him.

The tiger slowly creep out from behind the tree knowing it had been spotted. Then tiger sneakily slinked back into the darkness. As night fell Tom was desperately trying to find a place to sleep in. Then out the corner of his eye he saw a cave on the top of a hill. He used his rope to try to get to the cave but with no success.

Suddenly a beam of light shone in his face and he heard  someone  yell  “we    found  him”  as   people swarmed through the trees ahead. 2 days later Tom was back home in London that trip  to  the  Amazon  was  a  trip  he’d  would  never   forget.

Lost in the amazon jungle  
Lost in the amazon jungle