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OUR VISION Our aim is to create a world class programme that nurtures performance and development. The GB Short Track Speed Skating (GBSTSS) Academy allows us to identify, confirm and prepare the best young athletes for transitioning onto the full-time World Class Programme (WCP). The Academy will give athletes the opportunity to develop the skills and characteristics required to be a World and Olympic champion. We believe our Academy programme will provide the best opportunity for athletes to learn about themselves as skaters, competitors and people. I wish you all the best of luck on your journey to Beijing 2022 and beyond. I look forward to seeing you on the podium wearing our national colours in the future. Stewart Laing Performance Director - GB Short Track Team

UNDERPINNING THE WCP WITH POTENTIAL The Challenge There are currently 9 Short Track Speed Skating clubs in Great Britain, training 2-3 times per week on ice. The centralised World Class Programme (WCP) is based in Nottingham, and skaters here train up to 10 times per week on ice, and also have up to 10 off-ice sessions session per week. Currently, skaters have to make a significant jump from club skating to full-time timing when they become eligible for the WCP.





The Solution Creating sustainable performance pathways requires consistent identification, confirmation and development of athletes. Therefore, the GBSTSS Academy will underpin the World Class Programme, allowing skaters a transition period to develop before entering the World Class Programme.



NISA ‘Learn to Skate’ Programme Ice Rinks Nationwide



9 x Clubs All ages and abilities



Camp-based in Sheffield & Clubs 2 year Transition Programme 15 years +




Centralised WCP in Nottingham 18 years +

Whilst the pathway is shown as a linear route, development is an evolutionary process. This means a skater’s actual journey may differ, with opportunity, education and injury being just some of the factors that will shape an athlete’s unique path. There will be periods of transition, adjustments and stepping out of the comfort zone into the unknown. Re-evaluating this journey along the way will shape the athlete’s future and allow them to move forward with clear purpose. The most important thing is that a skater makes the most of the resources available at any given time and remembers that no one route to the top is ever the same as another.

ACADEMY The Academy is a camp-based programme, which will operate between individual skating clubs and Ice Sheffield . As members of the GBSTSS Academy programme, athletes will be an ambassador for the sport and we will be looking for them to lead by example. It is a programme that will provide a stimulating environment which will help developing athletes to understand the requirements, expectation and principles of what it is to be a World and Olympic champion. Our aim is to continue to build on the foundations provided by the clubs, furthering the skater’s development within a culture built on teamwork, respect, trust and continuously striving for excellence. Selection onto the Academy will be through a multiphased recruitment process - identifying athletes that show commitment, determination and headroom for development. Whilst skating is important, we also know how crucial development off-ice is. We aim to provide the athletes with access to World Class coaching, individualised training programmes and regular athlete profiling opportunities. Throughout an athlete’s time in the Academy, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn and develop, both as a skater and as an individual. We have high expectations that athletes from the GBSTSS Academy will progress onto the centralised World Class Programme. When doing so, the transition will be a step-across and not a step-up.


Application The application will be open to any athletes with skating experience (short & long track, hockey, figure and experienced general session skaters), who are aged between 15yrs and 18yrs. Identification

Identification Athletes will be invited to take part in a multi-phase ‘talent identification process’ (TID), where skaters will be tested against a number of benchmarks. Tests may include: sprints, jumps, aerobic fitness, and upper and lower body-strength tests. The selection process also includes an in-depth analysis of each athlete’s training and competition history, and exploration of the Winning Habits.




Tracking and Confirmation At this stage of the process athletes will embark on a 3 month confirmation phase to further assess their suitability for the programme, and better equip them for the journey ahead. The athlete’s pathway from identification to World Class performance is also outlined. Tracking of athletes will be performed via: functional movement screening, medical screening, performance lifestyle workshops and psychology and behavioural assessments. During this period the athletes are exposed to a carefully constructed developmental experience and their rates of progression are tracked to further assess their suitability for the Academy. Unsuccessful athletes are provided with opportunities to continue the sport through the club system.

Selection Once confirmed and selected, athletes will be inducted into the Academy, where membership will generally last 2-3 years, however each athlete will be reassessed on an annual basis.

OPPORTUNITY FOR COACH DEVELOPMENT The vision of the Academy is to provide athletes with the ultimate accelerated development experience. For this to be achieved, we believe the pathway needs to be better aligned.

Coaching Opportunities •

Joining Academy training days

Therefore, the Academy will work with Club Coaches to develop their athletes and also provide the chance for coaching CPD. The Academy will offer coaches the opportunity to join Academy camps, including on and off ice training and educational seminars. Coaches will be provided with the GB Short Track development curriculum and the understanding of the WCP’s ‘What It Takes To Win’ model.

Provided with Development Curriculum

Educational seminars

Development of skills and knowledge

Playing a vital role in athlete’s journey

Link to the WCP and its coaches

We believe this will provide the coaches with additional resources and understanding, in order to play a vital role in supporting their athletes’ journey into and on the Academy.

Access to coaching resources

Increased contact time with World Class Coaches.

SUPPORT FOR PARENTS & GUARDIANS For skaters progressing through the Academy, the support network around them will have a significant influence on their development and performance. We acknowledge the important role of parents and guardians in this network, and aim to run specific parent and guardians support sessions at the Academy camps.

Supporting your athlete •

Encourage non-dependence

Allow the athlete to explore their own experiences

Challenge the athlete to see things from different perspectives

Reward effort and persistence

Encourage the athlete to think about the processes – not just the result

Be part of training and races

Explore different ways to nurture learning

Time management - make time for all aspects of the athletes’ lives, including rest and school work

Try to ask questions rather than giving your opinions

Supporting the learning from failure and mistake-making

Help the athlete deal with setbacks: they will happen!

Help the athlete to adjust if reality doesn’t meet expectation.

The GB Short Track Academy is a brilliant opportunity for young athletes to join the World Class Programme. The Academy staff are totally committed to supporting athletes in every aspect of their development. Becoming multiple World Championship medallist and European Champion isn’t easy, and it requires years of hard work and commitment. I have always believed in going above and beyond what is expected and the results will be more than worth it. This is an exciting time to be part of GB Short Track and I wish all athletes the best of luck on the journey, but most of all, ENJOY IT…. Elise Christie World Championship Medallist & European Champion

THANKS GB Short Track Performance Programme are thankful for the funding and support received from the National Lottery, UK Sport, English Institute of Sport and National Ice Skating Association to our National Team and Academy. We would also like to thank our stakeholders, who share our vision, and our skater’s families and their clubs, who provide the programme with the talented athletes that sustain our success at international level.

GB Short Track Speed Skating Unit 2A, 26-30 Stoney Street Nottingham NG1 1LL

Short Track Speed Skating Academy Prospectus  
Short Track Speed Skating Academy Prospectus