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* EMBARGOED UNTIL 7:00 P.M. * Tuesday, January 26, 2010 Contact: Laura Smith, Office of the Governor, 608-261-2162

Wisconsin Heroes Recognized by Governor Doyle in State of the State Address MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle tonight recognized the following individuals in his State of the State Address: 

Mark Schwabero, CEO of Mercury Marine; Rich Michalski, General Vice President of the International Association of Machinists (IAMAW); Mark Zillges, President of IAMAW Local 1947; Allen Buechel, Fond du Lac County Executive; Speaker Mike Sheridan, Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker and all the legislators who passed the 2009-2011 budget; and Senator Randy Hopper – Mercury Marine, one of Wisconsin’s flagship companies, has provided good paying jobs to hardworking families for 70 years. With our nation’s economic downturn, Mercury was facing the need to consolidate. Company officials, union leaders, local officials, and state leaders worked through tense negotiations to keep Mercury in the state. In the end, Mercury decided to stay in Wisconsin, keeping thousands of jobs here and bringing in hundreds more from out of state. The Mercury Marine story shows what we can accomplish, even in tough times, when we work together toward a common goal.

Tony and Pamela Camera – Last year, in the space of just a few months, Tony was laid off from his IT job and Pamela lost her job in the health care industry. They also lost their health insurance. Through the BadgerCare Core Program, Tony, a recently diagnosed diabetic, was able to receive the treatment he needed to avoid serious health problems. Fortunately, Pamela has a new job, and the Cameras have moved off BadgerCare. Tony and Pamela, of Genoa City, exemplify the hardworking people of Wisconsin who so desperately need access to affordable health care.

Mary Tree – A lifetime social worker, Mary Tree of Sparta had a full-time job and health insurance for 37 years. Today, because of the economic downturn, Mary is working at a part-time job without health insurance. Through Governor Doyle’s BadgerCare Basic plan, Mary would be able to purchase basic health care coverage for $130 a month. The Basic plan would allow Mary to visit a doctor, get the medications she needs, and go to the hospital if necessary – at no cost to taxpayers. Mary’s story demonstrates the urgent need to pass the BadgerCare Basic proposal to provide access to health care for Wisconsin residents affected by the economic downturn who are on a state waiting list.

Bonnie Bellehumeur, President of Feeding America; Maureen Crowley of the Benidt Foundation; and Rev. Michael Champion – Led by President Bonnie Bellehumeur, the Feeding America food bank of eastern Wisconsin distributes more than 12 million pounds of food each year to 235,000 Wisconsin families. Maureen Crowley has helped Feeding America fulfill its mission through the strong financial support of the Charles E. Benidt Foundation. To make sure food reaches the people who really need it, Rev. Michael Champion has served many people out of his store-front church on Fond du Lac Avenue in Milwaukee. Bonnie, Maureen and Rev. Champion represent the thousands of charities, donors and volunteers who’ve stepped forward to help meet the needs of struggling families, neighbors and friends. - MORE -

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Mark Tauscher – A Green Bay Packer and former Badger star, Mark is dedicated to literacy, helping students without access to books. He is visiting schools to promote reading, and he has started his own foundation focused on improving literacy in Wisconsin. When Mark injured his knee last season, many predicted it would be the end of his Packer career. But like Vince Lombardi once said, “It's not whether you get knocked down. It's whether you get up.” Like Wisconsin, Mark has worked hard to come back, and he is making a big difference on the football field and in kids’ lives.

The Families of Fallen Soldiers Captain Russell Seager and Sergeant Nikolas Mueller – Wisconsin’s brave men and women in uniform are the greatest source of pride to the people of the state. Last year, Wisconsin lost eight soldiers – eight of our most courageous, honorable citizens. Two were lost during the terrible tragedy at Fort Hood and six on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wisconsin honors the family of Captain Russell Seager of Mount Pleasant, who was killed that tragic day at Fort Hood, and the family of Sergeant Nikolas Mueller, of Little Chute, was killed in action in Afghanistan – as well as all the families of our fallen soldiers. The ultimate sacrifice of these Wisconsin heroes and their families is greater than any citizen, and they are owed a debt of gratitude we can never repay.

The Wisconsin National Guard – Last year, Wisconsin had the largest operational deployment of our Guard since World War II. More than 4,000 Wisconsin soldiers have performed dangerous missions with bravery, professionalism and courage. Under the leadership of Adjutant General Don Dunbar and Brigadier General Mark Anderson, many great commanders worked very hard to bring our service men and women home safely.

From the 32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, which returned to Wisconsin this month following a one-year tour of duty, including eight months in Iraq: o o

Command Sergeant Major Ed Hansen – Command Sgt. Major Hansen’s deployment with the 32nd was his fourth combat tour, his first being to Vietnam in 1969. He served as a senior enlisted advisor for the 3,200 soldiers deployed with the 32nd. Lieutenant Colonel Leah Moore – Lt. Col. Moore served as the Commander of the Portagebased 132nd Brigade Support Battalion. While in Iraq running Camp Bucca, she led more than 850 Soldiers.

From the 951st "Sapper" Engineer Company: o Lieutenant Dylan Abler – Lt. Abler returned in November from a one-year tour of duty to Afghanistan. Lt. Abler served as a platoon leader with the 951st "Sapper" Engineer Company. The 951st earned more than 200 awards or medals for its service.

From the 115th Fighter Wing: o Lieutenant Colonel Erik Peterson – Lt. Peterson recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq where he commanded nearly 300 Airmen and 12 F-16 fighter jets who supported ground forces in Iraq.

Veterans Using the G.I. Bill: o Jason Matthys and David Jeske – Jason and David are two veterans among the 7,700 who have enrolled tuition-free in Wisconsin’s great universities and technical colleges this school year. Jason Matthys of Dodgeville served in the Wisconsin Army National Guard for eight years and was deployed to Iraq from February 2003 to May 2004. With the help of the G.I. Bill, Jason enrolled at UW-Platteville, where he is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Counseling Education. David Jeske of Altoona served in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years, deploying to Iraq three times. After his service, with the help of the G.I. Bill, David enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where he is now pursuing a degree in finance. - 30 -

Individuals recognized by Gov. Doyle in State of the State address  

Individuals recognized by Gov. Doyle in State of the State address.

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