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July 2013

For parents, children and friends of Great Bridge Presbyterian Church

Vacation Bible School July 14 - 18

6:30 6:30-8:30 pm July 21 - VBS Worship (11:15) & Picnic 


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brown paper shipping wrap brown paper bags rotating floor or table light Christmas trees - various sizes, no


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Cool & fun free/inexpensive family activities to do this summer in our area! In Hampton – Bluebird Gap Farm – zoo and park – free admission Busch Gardens and Water Country USA – 2 park Summer Fun Pass = $99 Free bowling for kids 15 yrs and under – 2 free games EVERY day (shoe rental extra) - $1 movies at Greenbrier Regal Cinemas - Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 10 a.m. – G and PG movies - $1 movies at Cinemark Theaters - Tuesdays at Chesapeake Square Mall; Tuesdays & Wednesdays at Military Circle Mall – at 10 a.m. – G and PG movies

Summer Sunday School 9:45 am Infants Little Ducklings (age 2) Little Lambs (ages 3 & 4) Pre-K - rising 1st Grade

Nursery Room 360 Room 380 Room 330

11:15 am Infants Nursery Little Ducklings (age 2) Room 360 Little Lambs (ages 3 & 4) Room 380

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July 2013 Rooted in a Firm Foundation


Anytime your child asks you a question about God that you have no idea how to answer can be unnerving. Kids’ inquisitive minds are always working, and their questions can range from the most simple to truly profound. When your child presents you with a stumper, try not to sweat it. When you tackle tough questions together, it can actually be an opportunity for your child’s faith to grow. If you’re unsure of the answer, it’s not bad to say so— just don’t leave it at that. Ensure your child that you can investigate answers together. Dig into the Bible and see what you can uncover. Ask your pastor, children’s minister, close friends, or a mentor for insight into your child’s question. Take your kids along for the search and you’ll offer a powerful model for their life. You’ll give them an avenue to make their faith their own and establish God as their firm foundation. As kids grow and are faced with their own tough questions, they’ll be more confident in their ability to track down answers—and not let their beliefs be shaken. Grappling with tough questions together also lets your kids see that they can approach you and not get a canned answer. Establishing that open communication now will serve you well as your kids enter their teenage years!

1. For the right words when your kids ask you tough questions about God and faith.

2. For spiritual growth in your entire family as you explore challenges and doubts.

3. To root your family more firmly in Jesus, every day.

Prepare Ahead “Parents should definitely anticipate some of the [faith] issues ahead of time, especially the main challenges to the truth of Christianity, the Bible, Creation, and moral issues…A parent who researches the big questions will gain confidence to talk with their children. When we don’t do our research, we tend to belittle our kids’ doubts. It’s much better to parent from strength rather than weakness.” —Josh McDowell (

“Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.” —Colossians 2:7 TEACHABLE MOMENTS Matthew 13:1-23—The Parable of the Farmer Scattering Seed With summer reaching its midpoint, you might have plants that need a larger pot so their expanding roots have room to grow. (If you don’t have potted flowers or plants, you can purchase a small, starter plant for a budget-friendly price). Get your kids involved in the plant’s transfer to a new home. Gently expose the roots so your kids can see how deeply they wind into the soil before you replant it. Together, read Matthew 13:1-23 and discuss: Why is it important for this plant to have good soil and plenty of room for the roots to grow? How does our faith in God keep us strong and healthy, like the roots of this plant that go deep into the soil? How can we help our roots in God keep growing and growing?

Blueprints for the Foundation A strategic first step in guiding your kids from questions into a transforming personal discovery of God’s truth is to narrow the source of their doubt. In an interview with Josh and Sean McDowell (a father/son duo best known for their apologetics ministries and publications), the two reveal a significant determination for parents to make in getting to the bottom of a child’s questioning. Sean: It’s important to recognize that not all doubt is equal. Doubt can be driven intellectually, but more often than not, it’s driven by emotional or volitional reasons. And while emotions are good and normal, they’re not always correct. Unfortunately, those emotions get projected onto an intellectual question, and it becomes really easy to confuse the two. Astute parents can see through the doubts to their kids’ hearts and help them sort out the emotions from the intellectual concerns. Josh: If your child’s doubt is rooted mostly in emotion, it’s a good idea to share how you came to the conviction of your own faith. What led you to believe it was true? It’s also critically important to reinforce that your love is not based on the conclusions your child comes to. He needs to know his doubts will never change your love for him. This sets a child free to look for truth intellectually—not based in emotion. Sean: Remember that the freedom kids feel to express their doubt is largely due to the relationship parents have built with them before they hit this period. And if kids know they’re unconditionally loved and cherished, they’ll be much more receptive to the involvement and loving guidance of their parents during questioning periods. (

While it often feels more natural and even necessary to quickly disapprove a child’s questions or uncertainty about God, going that route can leave kids feeling like they’ve done something wrong or still confused and with a sense that they can’t approach you for help in finding the answers. Your fear of them getting off track is a very valuable sensor. But take a deep breath and know that sorting through their questions with them can be the difference between a growing relationship with Jesus—who isn’t intimidated or offended by tough questions—and a wedge driving them further into doubt. Handled with care, uncertainty can lead to certainty. Keep yourself rooted in God. Confront false claims with grace and firm confidence in the truth, and you’ll pave the way for your kids to build a sustaining faith foundation of their own.



Title: Nature Bible (5/21/2013)

Artist: Yancy Album: Roots for the Journey (5/21/2013)

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Summary: An easy-tounderstand Bible for kids to take with them on their summer adventures. (International Children’s Bible®) Our Take: As your kids yearn for adventures in the great outdoors this summer, keep them rooted in God’s Word with the Nature Bible. Cleverly themed with outdoor adventure, this Bible encourages kids to remember to enjoy God’s creation as they swim, fish, hike, bike, camp, and climb their way through summer. It also comes with a handy, protective zippered case to keep the Bible from bumps and scrapes during your kids’ explorations.

Artist Info: Yancy is well-known for her lively and relevant Christian music for kids. Summary: Roots for the Journey is Yancy’s first album for an adult audience. Your kids will enjoy this soothing album with you—but the songs are mellow, loaded with Scripture, and less “beebop” to appeal to a wider range of listeners. Our Take: Soulful music backed by a power-house voice—this breakthrough album from Yancy doesn’t disappoint. Her lyrics are easy to sing along to and will focus the heart on God.


Rating & Platform

Game & Wario

16 fun mini-games with Wario and his friends. Parental caution: contains cartoon violence and crude humor.

$39.99 with most retailers. For Wii U console. Rated E for everyone by the ESRB. lists this among the top 15 most popular kid websites— full of games, printables, learning, and fun!

FREE! Please supervise your child’s time online—keep the fun safe.

These engaging apps come with hidden animations and sounds on every page—bringing the Bible to life.

$4.99 per app; iPad compatible (iOS 5.0 or later). Available at iTunes. Ages 4 and up.

Bible Storybook Apps

Today’s average child spends significantly less time outside than the two prior generations. There are engaging online learning tools and games—but consider balancing kids’ screen time with their outdoor time.

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This page is designed to help educate parents and isn’t meant to endorse any movie, music, or product. Our prayer is that you’ll make informed decisions about what your children watch, listen to, and wear.

72 percent of kids age 5 an under average 30 minutes per day online (exploring or playing on the Internet). Kids ages 2 to 5 living in a house with Internet access have a higher chance of knowing how to play computer games than how to ride a bike, swim, or tie their shoelaces. (Children’s Ministry Magazine)

When surveyed, 66 percent of parents said kids should be at least 13 before they’re allowed unsupervised time online. Despite that response, 29 percent of 9- to-12-year-olds have their own mobile device that’s Wi-Fi enabled. (Children’s Ministry Magazine)


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