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2012 Annual Report January 27, 2013

The Annual Report shares with the congregation a summary of highlights and accomplishments of 2012, and sets a course for 2013 through church-wide and individual ministry goals.

GBPC Guiding


Principles Stewardship &


2013 Budget Pastors’ Report






& Grounds GROW—


Children’s Ministry GROW—Youth


Ministry GROW—Adult


Ministries GROW—


Fellowship SERVE—


Evangelism & 16-19

& Mission SERVE—Admin


Staff SERVE—Elders & Deacons

We christened 2012 as the Year of Prayer, and we dedicated much time to focusing on developing this aspect of our individual and corporate lives. In many ways, this year of prayer has laid a foundation for our 2013 focus, the Year of Evangelism. Paying off our mortgage so we can dedicate those funds to more ministry is one significant highlight from 2012. Many thanks to the congregation for your faithfulness to this endeavor.


Service & Mission opportunities greatly expanded this year. Many new hands-on ways to serve the community were presented to the congregation. Additionally, we sent teams to Greensville Correctional Center in Emporia, Scotland, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Washington, DC to share the love of Christ in a variety of ways. We offered many special worship opportunities during the special seasons of the church year, and candlelight

and contemporary concerts provided varied opportunities for appreciation and worship. We worked hard to provide bridge events for our preschool families such as during the Fall Kick-Off where we recognized 40 years of ministry to the Great Bridge community. Praise God for the great things He has done among us, and look inside to learn about many, many more!

2013 Goals & Priorities The Session of GBPC has discerned the following priorities for Great Bridge Presbyterian Church in 2013 and beyond. Inwardly Strong

Growth SERVE—Service

2012 Highlights

Youth Ministry—An initial priority for 2013 will be the search for a new Director of Youth Ministries. Infrastructure Needs—We have recognized the need for technology improvements in the sanctuary, as well as identified some projects to renovate the space we have in order to gain maximum impact for ministry. Additional staffing—We be-

lieve staff serve as ministry multipliers, helping facilitate the mission and ministry of GBPC through their own efforts as well as engaging others to partner with them. An immediate priority for 2013 is the hiring of a new Director of Youth Ministries. Externally Focused Evangelism—We have declared 2013 as the “Year of Evangelism” and have begun the year with a sermon series “What’s So Good About the Good News?” designed to equip the congregation to share the good news.

Outreach—We desire to more effectively communicate to the community the opportunities at GBPC in order that more people might make a commitment to Jesus Christ. Homeless ministry—We continue to support and expand the Adopt-a-Lot ministry at Wal-Mart, are involved in Heron’s Landing, a supportive housing facility for homeless people, and were instrumental in the formation of CAST, the Chesapeake Area Shelter Team that will minister each winter to homeless individuals and families of Chesapeake.


Mission & Vision as the Guide

Throughout the New Testament, Jesus said to focus-- "Seek first the kingdom of God," for example. Goals provide that focus. Goal setting enables us to say, "This is what we sense from God is most important, and this is what's not."

Our mission and vision give us the umbrella under which to align our goals. Our mission tagline, "Sharing Christ's love," has an evangelistic or outward f o cu s, while "equipping God's people" has a discipleship or inward focus.

Paul Johnson “The Goal is to Focus” in “Building Church Leaders”

Guiding Principles Inwardly Strong: Making & Growing Disciples

Exploring Christ

Growing in Christ

The Christian life is a journey and people are at different stages in their spiritual growth, with the goal following commitment of one's life to Christ being to continue to deepen one's spiritual life until that commitment is all encompassing. At GBPC, we have a goal to make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ. REVEAL

Close to Christ


The REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey gave us language to talk about those stages on the spiritual continuum: Exploring Christ, Growing in Christ, Close to Christ, and Christ-centered, as well as identifying the key catalysts that help people move from one stage to another. At GBPC, our desire is that we would provide tools to help people move from Exploring Christ to being Christcentered. Marks of Discipleship The Marks of Discipleship help us to understand what a disciple of Christ looks like, using the imagery of a human body. A disciple has a Heart for Christ Alone, Arms of Love, a Mind Transformed by the Page 2

These two are not in conflict, however, because sharing Christ's love is one of the hallmarks of an equipped disciple. Our vision, "Sharing Christ's love through one million churches in our church, our community, our country and

around the world" gives us a tangible goal to inspire and motivate us to think of all that we do in terms of touching others for Christ's love.

Word, Knees for Prayer, a Voice to Speak the Good News, and a Spirit of Servanthood and Stewardship. At GBPC, we try to offer intentional training in the marks of discipleship.

tering with. "Prayer" means that we earnestly seeks God's will for our ministry dreams and implementation. Then "Serve" encompasses the actuall tasks of ministry to which we have been called.

Externally Focused

Every member a ministry

Every ministry team is asked to consider how the events, programs and activities they offer can appeal to people outside the walls of GBPC. Evangelism is not relegated to one ministry team of the church, but should be integrated into everything that we do.

One aspect of the Reformation doctrine "priesthood of all believers" is the understanding that all followers of Jesus Christ are also His servants, helping to build the kingdom of God here on earth. The teachings about spiritual gifts in the New Testament assure us that everyone has a gift to use to build up Christ's body, the church. We believe one of our "equipping" jobs is to help people discover, develop and use those gifts, as serving in our giftedness ensures that we will find meaning and joy in that service. “Living Your Strengths” gives us a great tool of helping people find those areas more effectively.

Small Group Principles The small group ministry gives us a model for how to do ministry together; every ministry team or task force should strive to incorporate the following elements into their meetings: Word, Share, Prayer, and Serve. "Word" means that the meeting will include a biblically based component that will help attendees understand their participation in this ministry connects to God's purposes in the world. "Share" means that we value relationships, so will take the time at meetings to get to know the people we are minis-

2012 Annual Report


Stewardship Highlights Exceeded No Mortgage Campaign goal for 2012 and now have the funds needed to pay off the mortgage in full.

Successful Audit—Thanks to our volunteer auditors Larry & Pamela Anderson, Dale Dimick and Laura Belcher.

Finished Strong—Despite being behind the income budget in November by $64,500, we ended the year only down $7,600. Due to careful stewardship, our total general fund expenses came in $21,600 under budget so we had a net surplus in our general operating accounts of $14,000 for the year ended 2012.

Graduated two Financial Peace University classes with 25 GBPC members and 20 nonmembers paying off an average of over $5,000 in debt and saving over a $1000 in the 9 weeks of the class!

Conducted Fall Stewardship Campaign with a goal of 200 pledges for, $900,000. We received 195 pledges for $870,264.

2013 Goals More intentional and detailed stewardship presentation to Inquirers’ classes.

tion (almost 50% give less than $500 a year, and 30% account for 85% of the offering). 2013 Fall Stewardship Goal: 200 pledges for a total of $900,000. Offer Financial Peace University classes for members and the local community at a 50% discount. Traye Pickrell will attend training to become a certified FPU Counselor. Goal: 20 people to graduate FPU.

Keep operating costs low and increase the average giving percentage of the congrega-

Stewardship & Finance Elder Liaison: Bob Jennings Ministry Chair: Joe Kersey Treasurer: Debbie Acors Financial Secretary: Brad Simpson Financial Peace University: Traye Pickrell

2013 Budget Overview 2012 Budget

2012 Actuals

2013 Budget

Income Total General Operating Fund Income




Expense Total 501000 · Administration Total 503000 · Benevolences Total 505000 · Building & Property Total 506000 · Building Mortgage Total 507000 · Adult Ministries Total 508000 · Children Ministries Total 511000 · Deacons Total 512000 · Evangelism/Growth Total 514000 · Fellowship Total 516000 · Fringe Benefits Total 518000 · Men's Ministry Total 519000 · Payroll Expenses

45,890 182,000 95,525 129,146 20,750 16,405 2,115 19,000 22,200 114,779 6,000 411,663

43,577 181,934 98,092 129,145 13,098 14,487 1,066 11,059 21,510 104,108 4,814 429,805

45,224 208,150 102,974 16,000 16,405 2,115 16,780 22,200 125,817 6,250 458,563

Total 520000 · Pastor/Assoc Compensation Total 522000 · Presbyterian Women Total 525000 · Stewardship Total 524000 · Seniors Ministries Total 526000 · Worship & Music Total 530000 · Youth Total 567500 · Vehicle,Church

161,232 4,170 7,275 500 39,300 18,500 3,550

161,172 4,170 7,260 693 34,777 15,632 1,960

156,232 7,600 19,640 800 38,200 18,500 3,550

Total Expense

1,300,000 (0)

Volume 1, Issue 1

1,278,361 14,029

1,265,000 Page 3

The current mortgage was taken out in 2006 for $1,220,000. The official campaign began March 2010 with a first contribution of $4.00. We received $124,313 the first year with $100,000 from one donor. In 2011 we received $50,137 and in 2012 $66,610 with one donor contributing $10,000. We are certainly blessed to be a debt free congregation!

Net General Fund Surplus ** ** Does not include any funds received outside the operating budget. For example, the no mortgage, 2nd mile donations, etc.


Rev. Dr. Ralph R. Herbert 2012 was a year of transition for me. It began with the highlight of the year on February 18! Our wedding ceremony was a great source of encouragement and grace from this wonderful congregation. We are grateful for the opportunity and privilege to serve GBPC.

Rev. Dr. Ralph Herbert, Senior Pastor

Honestly, in some ways it was also a difficult season of change. We said good-bye to many members of the church but were blessed with many new faces. It was the perfect year to devote to prayer. I was involved in four distinct groups in the previous annum.

In addition to my regular small group, I enjoyed meeting with a growing number of men on Friday mornings, The Brown Bag Lunch Group, and a Young Couples Group. We have remained firmly committed to connect the community to Christ through various outreach efforts. Karen Gibson, our relatively new Service & Mission Coordinator, is doing an outstanding work for God’s kingdom. The “No Mortgage=More Ministry” Campaign was a resounding success and we achieved our objective to pay off the debt.

We are positioned to do even greater things in 2013! This year will be devoted to the good news of the gospel as we stress “walking across the room” for Christ. Our purpose remains the same: “Sharing Christ’s Love-Equipping God’s People.” This translates into equipping God’s people to share God’s story. This is going to be a great year! In Christ’s Service, Ralph

Welcoming New Members

Goals for 2013 

5% growth in worship attendance.

Two Sundays devoted to seekers (Seeker Sundays)

Continue to work with Greenbrier Presbyterian Church to facilitate

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growth and search for a new pastor.

To assist and support search for new Director of Youth Ministries.

To teach in a new venue in the community.

To maintain a stewardship emphasis throughout the year.

2012 Annual Report


Rev. Anita K. Killebrew Ministry Highlights Together, Ralph and I developed the worship and discipleship theme for 2012-2013, Seasons of the Soul. In the fall, this series enabled us to look at life stages and spiritual stages of faith with a focus on Seasons of Life, moving to the Season of Giving as we examined both our gifts to God and God’s gifts to us. The beginning of 2013 has us in a Season of Sharing in keeping with our Year of Evangelism theme. This will be followed in Lent with the Season of Shadows, followed by the 50 days of Easter providing the foundation for a Season of Joy, then the recognitions of May and June providing the basis for a Season of Transition, finally concluding in the summer with the Season of Rest. Staff Support I am grateful for the opportunities I have to lead and assist a dedicated and hard-working staff whose passionate faith undergirds their tireless work. As we reflected at the Session level about what constitutes “more ministry,” I believe that the work by our staff in the varied roles they have does indeed facilitate more ministry and more participation from the congregation.

Volume 1, Issue 1

We have had some transitions in staff this year, including the addition of Karen Gibson as Service & Mission Coordinator and Frank Wilson as our Sexton, while saying goodbye to Sexton Alan Frank and in the imminent future Eddie Mariel as our Director of Youth Ministries. Ministry Support Another significant role I have is to provide leadership to the session as we continue to live into the new paradigm brought about by our session restructuring. To that end, we inaugurated a session retreat in the spring that included both “retiring” and incoming elders to ensure continuity, and have incorporated more times of planning and dreaming, some of which are represented by the priorities listed on page 1 of this report. G reen brier Church

Presbyte ria n

As most of you are aware, in May 2011 we formed a partnership with Greenbrier Presbyterian Church. Greenbrier faced a number of challenges this past year, and we continue to seek both God’s will and the desires of both congregations to determine what the partnership will look like in the future. One way I personally

am assisting the congregation is through my role as the moderator of Greenbrier’s session, as well as preaching at their 11:00 am service once a month. Greenbrier is following the same sermon series as Great Bridge which makes this task a little easier. Personal Thanks As Ralph alluded to in his article, and in the language of our 2012-2013 sermon series “Seasons of the Soul,” 2012 for us was truly a Season of Change. I add my thanks to the congregation for the many ways you have and continue to bless me and the ministry God has given me here among you! I also thank the Session and the congregation for their understanding as I made more frequent trips to Bryson City, NC, to care for my parents. It’s challenging to be so far away from them, so I made a commitment to visit every other month, which I was able to keep. This year may bring additional changes as our family discusses the best path forward. Thank you again for your support. It is truly a privilege to serve you! Anita

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Rev. Anita Killebrew, Executive Associate Pastor


Charity Stephens, Contemporary Worship Director

Contemporary Worship Highlights from 2012 Revitalized worship Over the past months (especially since worship survey results were shared in the summer), I have been much more intentional about worship planning, preparation, and implementation. Sunday morning worship has always been a top priority. We have created and begun using a contemporary bulletin. I have taken over the creation of worship media for 8:30 and 11:15 services as well as the scrolling announcements. The quality of music offered Sunday mornings is consistently excellent. The time spent on details such as media, lighting, readings has more than doubled this year. Sidewalk Prophets concert This is by far the biggest contemporary concert we have ever offered at GBPC. We had over 20 volunteers that worked together seamlessly. From the feedback I have received, it was overwhelmingly a

Organist: Cheryl Madison Sound Room Tech: Phil Muncie Media Shout Tech: Sarah Bell

positive experience. Installation and implementation of new media equipment including flat screen hallway TV’s and sanctuary projectors. Upgrading our media/ presentation system has been a blessing and a challenge. As with all new equipment, there was a learning curve---not to mention several lightning strikes! Fortunately, the system is functioning as it should and we have become more comfortable in its use. Media during worship and other events presents more clearly in the sanctuary. Use of drama in and outside of worship Last Christmas was the first drama production offered at GBPC since I began work here in March 2005. In May the drama team hosted a Mother/ Daughter Tea to benefit the H.E.R. shelter. Shoes R Us

was a wonderful opportunity for ladies to enjoy some “girl time.” We donated over 100 pairs of shoes to the H.E.R. Shelter. Youth Praise In August, four youth sang with the praise team. It was a positive experience for everyone and I will continue to seek opportunities to involve youth in worship. VBS Praise Camp The week before VBS, I hosted a VBS Praise Camp for any children interested in learning VBS songs before VBS week. This was a win-win situation. The kids learned the music and were able to help lead at VBS AND enjoyed singing, games, pizza and snow cones at the camp! We will offer this event again in 2013.

Goals for 2013 1. Provide at least two “bridge” events that target our community---Praise team benefit concert, fall kick-off, N.E.S.T.

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2. Have the praise team do at least two mission projects together---N.E.S.T., Jingle Jog, benefit concert

3. Attend a worship and/or leadership conference

2012 Annual Report


Traditional Worship Highlights from 2012 1. Plan and execute two worship retreats for the Chancel Choir. Jun 26 – July 9, 2012 – “Sing Hallelujah” – Singing Mission Trip to Scotland A spiritually renewing time for everyone who went. The effect has been lasting and a catalyst for many to get more involved in the life and mission work of GBPC. For many, the result was a deeper commitment to studying the Bible and deepening their relationship with Christ. I want to say how grateful we were for the support of the GBPC, and in particular the Service and Mission Team who understood immediately what our mission focus was and STILL is: To share Christ’s love and His promise of salvation through the glorious and profoundly moving ministry of music. We saw it constantly on the faces of everyone who heard us. July 24, 2013 – “Singing Strong, Singing Well” – workshop and retreat for Seniors 2. Offer and Participate in four – six “bridge” events for the congregation and as an outreach to the community.

Volume 1, Issue 1

February 10 – 11, 2012 – “Love’s Old Sweet Song” hundreds of people attended and participated in this two night event for the “Sing Hallelujah” tour. May 20, 2012 – “Festive Praise” – a sacred music concert offered by our Harmonious Flutes and the Alleluia Ringers. June 24, 2012 – “Sing Hallelujah” Bon Voyage Concert – over 500 people attended this special concert. September 15, 2012 – Fall Kick -off November 4, 2012 – “Confessed By Faith, In Glory Shines” – Fall Hymn Festival – church musicians, our Praise Team, and people from over 40 churches participated. December 16, 2012 – “Joy to the World” A Celebration of Christmas, Service of Lessons and Carols - over 1200 in attendance & featured 19 youth from our WHAM program. 3. Schedule three to four joint worship experiences for the GBPC church family combining traditional and contemporary elements.

February 22, 2013 – Service of Healing and Wholeness April 1, 2012 – Palm Sunday July 24 – 25, 2012 – “Let All That Hath Life and Breath Praise the Lord” –Led by Dr. Eric Elnes and Dr. Barbara Baker, sponsored by the Center for Sacred Music Virginia Wesleyan College October 7, 2012 – World Communion Sunday 4. Additional accomplishments: February 12 – 26 – Operation Tons of Love, 3,640 lbs of food donated May 20, 2012 – “Festive Praise” – Donated food to the Chesapeake Food Closet September 9 – 16 – Food For All 2,460 lbs of food donated WHAM – Worship Him Through Arts and Music - Opportunities in the arts for students in grades 5 – 12. Adopt-A-Family Christmas project - $1,111 donated to assist a single parent family of five.

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Billye Brown Youmans, Director of Music


Worship & Music Elder Liaisons: Kim Graham Tom Freeman Ministry Chairs: Robin Freeman Sue Brandt

Goals for 2013 1. Provide a minimum of two “bridge” events that target our congregation and community at large. Examples: Candlelight Concerts – January 27, 2013 Young Singer’s Project

Women’s Retreat, March 1 – 3, 2013.

2. Sponsor outreach mission projects such as:

4. We have ordered a fifth octave to expand our Alleluia Ringer choir.

Operation Tons of Love – February 10 – 17, 2013

March 3, 2013 – Tapestry Handbell Concert

Food For All – September 8 – 15, 2013

May 12, 2013 – Yun Zhang, violin, Ya-Ching, flute

Presbyterian Disaster Relief – seek out churches in need to donate hymnals

July 24, 2013 – Virginia Wesleyan Sacred Music Conference.

Worship Task Force Bob Steinmetz Kim Graham Mark Pascucci Helen Elder Jay Hibbard Ellen Poynter Herb Honaker

September 22, 2013 – Anthem Quartet

3. Actively participate in and encourage participation in the

We humbly seek to share the good news of Christ’s love and His promise of salvation in ALL we do. With God’s grace, we will look forward to what is in store for 2013. In soli Deo gloria! Billye

2012 Worship Task Force In 2012, the Session formed a Worship Task Force to respond to trends in GBPC’s worship patterns, as well as to assess ways to ensure worshipers were connecting with God. A key part of that re-

Page 8

search was a Worship Survey conducted over the summer, which helped us implement changes in the fall to ensure a more meaningful worship experience with fewer distractions.

We continue to ponder data related to our Sunday morning worship schedule.

2012 Annual Report


Building & Grounds Highlights 2012 

Did a face lift of the Preschool corridors, with the great help from many men, women and children. It looks great! Replaced the Preschool exterior wood doors with metal doors. Replaced the spot lights that are at the top of the sanctuary.

lawns. Had about 25-30 people each workday. Thanks to all who came out and worked hard.

Had 1 inside workday to paint and repair things.

Had the windows replaced in the Preschool and Adult Classrooms.

Removed the large tree from the Prayer Garden after it was struck by lightning.

Had 3 workdays to clean up the flower beds and

Repaired the Ice machine and large freezer.

The Boy Scouts supplied and spread mulch in the flower beds, and had their own workday. It included fixing the broken picnic tables and cleaning up the lawns.

Worked with Personnel to hire a new Sexton.

Frank Wilson, Sexton

Building & Grounds Elder Liaison: Bob Wilks Ministry Chair: Carter Wright

Building & Grounds Goals 2013 

Replace the bad fire door in the Library.

Replace the carpet in the Library, main office, and hallways.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Paint the classrooms.

Build a storeroom addition, on the outside of the building.

Fix the broken outside lights.

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Margaret Brewer, Director of Children’s Ministries

Children’s Ministry Highlights 2012 Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.

volunteers who serve as Shepherds, VBS, KICK, child care, special events and other activities.

Psalm 100:4

The 2012 highlights are as follows:

The Children’s Ministry Team is thankful to God for His guidance and plan in leading the way. This was a fantastic year of exciting ministry opportunities. We are thankful for an excellent team of Sunday school teachers, who share Christ’s love with children and families. As we seek to help children in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, we are thankful for the numerous

Our children continue learning the Bible and growing, making connections, building relationships with teachers and friends each week. Our families are working together to learn the Bible lesson each week (Take 7) and are praying together at home.

Ou r Sun day Scho ol teachers are continuing to implement our “Seeds of Faith” book in the classroom.

Children’s Ministry has added two new family fun and fellowship events - VBS Family Picnic and ADVENT-ures.

We continue seeking to make connections with our weekday preschool.

We are thankful for and love our newly renovated children's space!

Via Goode, Children’s Ministry Assistant

Children’s Ministry Elder Liaison: Lisa Wheeler Childcare Coordinator: Lisa Copeland

Children’s Ministry 2013 Goals We continue to encourage parents to take the leading role in their child’s spiritual development. We plan to adopt a new curriculum for fall of 2013. We are excited about developPage 10

ing a new Special Needs ministry, beginning with a Sunday school class. We plan to adopt and partner with a local school in our community. We will continue working together with

our preschool and look forward to upgrading and improving our playground space. We look forward to another year of service to our God and His family! 2012 Annual Report


Preschool-40 years Great Bridge Presbyterian Preschool was established in 1972 as an outreach to the children in our church and in the community. We celebrated 40 years of educating preschool children in 2012! Our goal is to provide a warm, loving, Christian, environment where all children will know that God loves them, as the staff guides each child toward reaching his or her highest

potential. Our program is designed to expand and develop the child's interests, teach basic skills, promote communication and encourage a healthy sense of self-worth. We believe that each child is unique, and we dedicate ourselves to fostering a love of learning, creativity and individuality. We have an "open door" policy and encourage families to participate

in all areas of school life. With the home and school working together, each child will have an opportunity to grow develop in a loving and supportive atmosphere. This year our preschool added a 2 day a week 2-year old class with great success. We look forward to serving the Great Bridge area for many more years!

Linda Wood, Preschool Director

Youth Ministry 2012 Highlights: 2 students made a commitment to Christ on the Alive! trip (for EDGE students) 23 students (29 people total) participated in the Pilgrimage; our largest participation thus far Re-instituted both boys and girls Bible studies/small groups

Renewed ROCK student involvement (volunteering) w/ Club 56 and EDGE Youth Groups on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

Continued expansion of youth involvement in the greater church body via service and other volunt eer effort s (equip)

2013 Goals:

Expansion of communication efforts to students and parents through new means; Facebook, Twitter, continuing face to face contact outside "normal" church programming, etc. (engage).

Community building via increased attendance by students and leaders (Interim Director of Youth Ministries) at extra-curricular student activities (engage)

Eddie Mariel, Director of Youth Ministries

Tomer Fulcher, Interim Director of Youth Ministries

Youth Elder Liaison: Herb Honaker Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 11


Adult Ministry Elder Liaison: Judi Rogers Ministry Chair: John Lynch

Adult Ministry Highlights 2012 Hosted Theologian in Residence Amos Yong in January. Introduced Living Your Strengths to the Congregation Reinforced sermon series with adult education options:

Jan-Feb Sunday classes matched sermon series "Common Misconceptions

of the Christian Faith"

September Wednesday Night workshops matched sermon series "Seasons of Life"

the 2012 "Year of Prayer Focus"

More closely integrated adult VBS with children's VBS Offered a winter class and a fall workshop in keeping with

Small Group Ministries It’s been a roller coaster year for Small Groups, with over 400 in groups at one point, the year ending with 370 committed to groups at this time. Small Groups leaders are some of the most committed, hardest working folks in GBPC, and I am so grateful for each of them.

Kristie Matheson, Small Group

Efforts were made in 2012 to coordinate the Small Group Ministry with church-wide efforts. Many groups took advantage of resources and information on the topics of beliefs, prayer, and the Living Your Strengths book. A Praying Life seminar was hosted in November as the culmination to the GBPC Year of Prayer. The

quarterly Leader Meetings continue, with most leaders taking advantage of the chance to network with other leaders as we discuss the topics of Word/ Prayer/Share/Serve. The $100 Small Group Challenge kicked off for the third year, Michelle Jaudon chairing the popular program.

Senior Ministry

Coordinator Held luncheons generally on fourth Fridays, with 12-20 in attendance. Programs included Black History month focus on famous African Americans; bus trip to Norfolk Zoo; Decoration (Memorial) Day program; personal testimony from Freddy

Page 12

Whitaker; education about the persecuted church by Timothy Lim; Christmas program by Eric Olson, biblical actor. Increased publicity through Senior Chat newsletters.

2012 Annual Report


Presbyterian Women ings for PCUSA; Sock and Mitten tree, Valentine boxes for college students and deployed military personnel, and the awarding of a $1,000 scholarship to Emily Gay.

2012 Highlights:

Supported six circles consisting of groups of women who meet monthly at church or in homes for fellowship, Bible study and mission opportunities. Circles had individual holiday missions, with 4 circles accepting the $100.00 challenge.

Made over 2400 meals for AIDS hospice patients for a 100% increase over the past year, also including the participation from women’s small groups.

Other missions included participation in PW Thank Offering, Birthday Offering and Least Coin Offer-

Fellowship and study events included hosting the annual Birthday and New Member dinner, Advent Wreath Workshop, Women’s Retreat, Annual In st allat io n Ba nq u et. Hosted a region wide retreat for “Women of the Bible” in February with 159 women attending from over 20 different churches.

Presented Honorary Life Membership Awards to

Ginger Curling and Jeanne Luton.

Implemented a church wide survey for all women in October 2012 and had 93 women respond. In June, began working on our third GBPC cookbook to coincide with Chesapeake City’s 50th Anniversary. We attained permission to print the city logo on our cookbook as the “featured” cookbook for that anniversary. Cookbooks were delivered in October and sales began. We have paid for all by January 2013. Proceeds will be used for our scholarship and local missions.

Men’s Ministry Men’s Ministry continues to

January, attended by 41 men.

their preference for activities

grow at GBPC, with a very suc-

An on line survey was complet-

and involvement.

cessful Men’s Retreat held in

ed by 75 men which indicated

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 13

PW Moderator: Kandy Keith Men’s Ministry: Ed Novak Senior Ministry: John & Marian Neefus


Adult Ministry Goals 2013 General Goals Recruit new members to join AMT. Look specifically for a couple of men, possibly for specific tasks rather than a general representative. Seek a volunteer to focus on a younger demographic within the congregation.

Launch a Resolution Groups theme in January. These groups may look more like the summer Turbo Small Groups that are so successful in the summer months. Groups will be more topical in nature and include a set timeline.

Consider "out-of-the-bo x" adult discipleship opportunities that can be included with other ministries.

Wednesday Nights & Sunday Mornings Offer at least two adult education opportunities in keeping with the 2013 focus Year of Evangelism.

Small Group Goals Support the church-wide focus on evangelism in 2012. Include at least one Small Group study on evangelism. Look for various resources that will support the topic to be used in all adult education venues.

Senior Ministry Develop leaders. Follow up on attendees. Improve publicity of senior events. Create a phone tree and devel-

op a list of those needing transportation. Distribute senior rosters and encourage regular prayer. Do a service project together. Presbyterian Women Host weekend retreat in Williamsburg in March 2013 with an invited speaker. Trip to Lancaster, PA., for “Noah” at the Sight and Sound Theatre in April 2013. Host a Spring Retreat for PEVA PW on April 2013. Men’s Ministry Host a men’s retreat Feb. 2013 Develop more leaders for men’s ministry team.

Fellowship Highlights 2012

Tessa Morgan, Culinary Specialist Fellowship Elder Liaison: Traye Pickrell

Fellowship Ministry is an integral part the church. Every Sunday we provide complementary coffee and food to our members. In turn it makes the fellowship hall a great place to catch up with friends, neighbors, loved ones or even have a impromptu Bible study class. We also serve free meals such as VBS and Fall Kick Off. Both of which are very popular and highly attended. In addition our WNL dinners draw a big crowd. The meals are inexpen-

sive and makes it easier not to cook on a night where you have choir practice or Bible study. Our many wonderful volunteers have been there to support other ministries. In March the fellowship volunteers worked hard to cook up and serve over 200 meals to raise money for the choir's trip to Scotland, and did it in record time! Also they have baked cookies for Kairos,

cooked breakfast for NEST and packaged food for AIDS hospice meals. Way to go everyone! Fellowship ministry is always looking to work with other groups within the church and provide the best possible service and hospitality. All in the service of God and Jesus. Christ!

Fellowship Goals 2013 1.

Strive to get below budget so more money can be used for service and mission in the church. Efforts will involve shopping around for the best possi-

Page 14

ble prices, asking for more donations (local businesses), and better menu planning so less food is wasted.


Work more with other groups so the kitchen can be better utilized (e.g. service and mission activities such as Kairos cookies, soup kitchen etc.) 2012 Annual Report


Evangelism & Growth During the 2012 Year of Prayer at Great Bridge Presbyterian Church, the Evangelism and Growth Ministry sought God's blessings in all projects by prayer. Inquirers’ Classes— Throughout the year, prayers for growth were answered with 66 Inquirers who completed classes for membership in January, May and September.A celebration dinner was held in December to give thanks for our precious gift. The book, Living Your Strengths, became a follow-up study for new members.

The Welcome Desk & Front Door Ministries continued each week. The Third Annual Cookie GiveAway was met with great joy, and encouraged many city workers to join GBPC in worship during Holy Week lunch services. Movie Nights in May and September have rallied the congregation and guests to enjoy fellowship and inspiration.

with a tea in June. Prayer in the Sanctuary has become a scheduled activity on Saturday evenings to bless our church and its ministries with prayer support before Sunday services. Financial and prayer support for ABBAlist have been priority concerns for E&G.

Adopt A TEAcher celebrated the prayer support of GBPC members for the teachers at Great Bridge Primary School

Evangelism & Growth Goals 2013 During the “2013 Year of Evangelism” at Great Bridge Presbyterian Church, the Evangelism and Growth Ministry is continuing to pray for all projects and for direction. Continued support for ABBAlist has made GBPC a natural "birthplace" for CAST (Chesapeake Area Shelter Team). Inquirers' Classes will be offered in January, May, and September to encourage growth in membership. Living Your Strengths books and instruction will be offered to continue individual growth of new members. Volume 1, Issue 1

Support of Old Dominion University's Presbyterian Student Union will be not only financial, but also through meals provided on the first Monday of each month by E&G. Members of the Congregation will be invited to attend. The Great American Cookie GiveAway will be coordinated with Holy Week and Easter celebrations.

ing will be offered for new members. Prayer in the Sanctuary will continue. We look forward to discerning new ways that God is calling us to be A Voice to Speak the Good News, and to encourage the congregation in their development of that mark of discipleship!

The Adopt A TEAcher program continues at Great Bridge Primary and will celebrate with a tea in June. Welcome Desk/Front Door Ministries will continue. Train-

Page 15

Evangelism & Growth Elder Liaison: Charlotte Gibson Ministry Chair: Brenda Sims


Karen Gibson, Service and Mission Coordinator

Service & Mission Highlights 2012 GBPC has had a record year for the numbers of people participating in Service & Mission projects, and the numbers touched with the love of Christ. The Nicaragua mission trip, inaugurated in 2002, sparked a passion for serving as trip participants grew in their relationship with Christ and came back energized to find new ways to serve, both within GBPC and outside the walls in the community with other Service & Mission initiatives.

This passion has been replicated in other ministries, such as the 1) Children’s Ministry, with their support of children around the world through their mission giving; 2) the Youth Ministry, in their mission trips to Washington DC for the Pilgrimage, support of the 30 Hour Famine for World Vision, and participation monthly in making lunches for Union Mission. 3) Adult Ministries, partnering with Service & Mission to do an annual $100 Small Group Challenge, and the myri-

ad projects supported by Presbyterian Women, including the preparation of the AIDS/ Hospice meals; and 4) Worship and Music, which sent a team of choir members to Scotland and the praise team to local churches to share the love of Christ. Check out the many different projects that GBPC supports, both financially and with hands-on support.

Children & Youth Related Missions Christmas Angel Tree Project – GBPC placed a Christmas Angel Tree in the Narthex with tags to purchase gifts for 45 children from Portlock Elementary School. Several small groups also supported approximately 12 families for Christmas, including some foster care children, individuals from our local community, and families from our own church congregation. Jingle Jog - GBPC sponsors this 5K race which raises money for Young Life in Chesapeake. This year we had 256 runners and raised approximately $10,000 for Young Life. NYC Missionary Support GBPC supports missionaries Matt and Anna Shenk as they work for CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) in the inner city of NYC. They are working with the leaders of several programs within the CRU ministry. They have also given time and energy through their Page 16

church towards helping the victims of the recent disaster of Hurricane Sandy. GPBC sent an increase in funds to the Shenks this year to help supplement some of the needs of the community from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Operation Christmas Child - GBPC sent 387 Christmas boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse project, which brings happiness and joy to children around the world who receive these gifts at Christmas. GBPC provided $200 towards Samaritan’s purse to help pay for shipping expenses and for additional boxes filled with toys. VBS Mission Project - During VBS, our mission focus was on collecting funds for the Sammy Hines Medical Clinic in Ethiopia, and supplies for an orphanage in Ethiopia. We raised over $4,000 dollars for the Clinic

and collected many supplies for the Orphanage. Young Life Chesapeake GBPC donates $5,000 towards this ministry, which focuses on sharing the gospel and sharing Christ’s love with teens from our local area schools. Young Lives Chesapeake Young Lives is a Christian program that seeks to support teenage pregnant mothers and their children by teaching them biblical principles and guiding them as they raise their children. GBPC donates $500 towards this program and has a few members who volunteer as Mentors for this project. We also donated several car seats to this project. Vida Joven – Nicaragua – GBPC donates $3,500 to help support 3 Nicaraguan Vida Joven leaders in charge of the clubs in each of their respective communities. 2012 Annual Report


Health & Food Related Missions AIDS/Hospice Meals - Each month throughout the year, PW Circle groups and small groups are meeting in the kitchen to prepare meals that are given to the Access AIDS Center, which help feed those living with HIV/ AIDS and their families. GPBC Circle Groups and Small Groups prepared over 2,400 meals this year, doubling the amount from previous years. Blood Drive The Men’s Saturday morning bible study g r o u p helped initiate a blood drive in September at GBPC. The blood drive collected 37 pints of blood for the American Red Cross. We will continue to hold two blood drives per year. Chesapeake Free Care Clinic GBPC donates $2,500 towards this project, which provides free dental and medical care to residents of Chesapeake who cannot afford insurance and medical care. Several members of GBPC volunteer at the Clinic, as well as supplying meals for the volunteers working at the Clinic. Food Closet - GBPC collects canned food donat ions though out the year and our team of volunteers delivers the food to two local food pantries located at Prince of Peace and Greenbrier Presbyterian Church. We have donated over 450 pounds of food this Volume 1, Issue 1


children at CHKD.

Garden Ministry - The Garden Ministry project grows vegetables that are delivered to Plant -A-Row, which in turn delivers the vegetables the House of Blessings Food Pantry. The garden has produced approximately 550 pounds of food this year. All the funds utilized to maintain this garden have come from donations and fundraisers through small groups.

Thanksgiving Food Baskets GBPC collected food from our congregation to put together 50 baskets of Thanksgiving meals, as well as providing $1,000 towards the purchase of 50 turkeys. These baskets were given to families at Camelot Elementary school, families at Great Bridge Primary school, and to Greenbrier Presbyterian Church, who distributed them to families who utilize their food pantry on a weekly basis.

Living Waters for the World - International

We had a successful year with LWW, as we had two teams traveling this year. Our first team left in April to return to visit our system in Ecuador, to make needed repairs, replace filters and provide additional training to the community. Our second team installed a system in Aguas Amarillas, Nicaragua, which will provide clean water for a community of 500 people. Overall, GBPC now has installed one system in Appalachia, paid to drill two wells in Appalachia, and installed three international systems (1 located in Ecuador and 2 located in Nicaragua). GBPC provided $5,000 towards this ministry in 2012. Ella Wells Poke Packages Project - GBPC has continued to support this project by working with Girl Scout troops who place bins at church to collect toys and small gifts to be given to this project, which are to benefit the

Stop Hunger Now – This year we held two Stop Hunger Now events, one in July and one in November with attendance at about 125-150 persons at each event. We allocated $12,500 towards these events and were able to make over 60,000 meals. We partnered with Oak Grove UMC for our November event. Tidewater Pastoral Counseling GBPC donated $7,000 towards this Christian Counseling Center, which offers counseling services at a sliding scale fee to those who cannot afford to pay or do not have insurance. GBPC is one of the host sites for their counseling services.

Tree of Lives - GBPC donates $3,000 towards the Joy Home, an orphanage in Kenya, which supports children who are abandoned and living with HIV/AIDS. Page 17

GBPC sent a team of 22 individuals to the Vida Joven Camp in Nicaragua to work on repair projects, and to do contact work with students from a college campus and students in Matagalpa. GBPC provided 30 bibles for the leaders, 30 devotionals for leaders and campers, and supplied the Camp with the tools and supplies needed for the work projects.


Small Group Challenge GBPC budgeted $3,000 towards this project, which provides seed money of $100 to any small group who is interested in starting a project to serve in the community. In 2012, we had 8 groups participate, which raised approximately $6,200 for a variety of ministries and organizations.

Homeless & Housing Related Missions Adopt-A-Lot – GBPC is one of the founding churches sponsoring this new project in Chesapeake. We have a team of volunteers who provide breakfast to the homeless each Saturday morning at the Wal-Mart parking lot on Battlefield Road. Several churches work together to provide breakfast, resource materials and hygiene kits to the homeless who are living in their cars in the parking lot. All donations for the food and hygiene kits have come from volunteers. Christmas Angel Tree Project – We also had 30 tags with items that were needed to furnish an apartment at Heron’s Landing, a new apartment development designated as permanent housing for the homeless of Chesapeake. Through these gift donations, GBPC furnished one apartment with the needed household items.

Faith Works Coalition – GBPC donates $1,000 towards this faith based non-profit group, which is made up of volunteers from local churches and organizations who donate their time and skills to work on repairs to homes of individuals in need. The money donated is utilized for materials and supplies for the needed repairs.

fellowship, entertainment, drive the bus, and to stay overnight with individuals. We allocated $3,000 toward this ministry, which is used for the expenses of purchasing the food needed to make the meals.

Our House Families G BP C d ona t ed $3,000 towards this ministry, which provides temporary shelter to families in need in our local community.

Serve the City GBPC sent approximately 15 volunteers, who participated in this City wide work week in June, which seeks to clean up and repair local Chesapeake neighborhoods and homes.

NEST (Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team) - GBPC houses approximately 50 people each night for one week during the winter each year. We provide two meals a day, a bagged lunch, and prayer for those in need. This year we had about 220 volunteers who helped to make the meals, serve the food, provide

September Supply Drive – This September, we had a supply drive for needed items such as hygiene kit items and school supplies for several different organizations which included: Adopt a Lot, Our House, A Place of New Beginnings and Heart of Compassion Ministries.

Incarcerated & Reentry Related Missions Jail Ministry - GBPC donates $2,500 towards this ministry, which seeks to share the gospel message of Christ to the incarcerated, through bible study and biblical teaching.

Kairos Prison Ministry - This ministry serves the incarcerated by sharing the gospel of Christ through bible study and through two weekend retreats per year. Several members of Page 18

our church travel to Greenville Correctional Facility to facilitate bible study and to help host the weekend retreats. Our church members contributed by supplying baked cookies, decorative handmade placemats, and cards of encouragement to the incarcerated men who participate in the weekend retreat. GBPC allocates $4,000 towards this ministry to help pay for training materials and bible study books for the participants and leaders.

A Place of New Beginnings GBPC donated $4,000 towards this Christian Re-entry program, which serves individuals who have recently been released from prison, and helps in getting them assimilated back into society to become productive, law abiding citizens. The focus of this program is to share the love of Christ, while helping them get back on their feet. 2012 Annual Report


Evangelistic & Disciple-Making Missions Congo Sister Church Partnership - This year was a transition year for our Sister Church as they have had an interim Pastor for many years. However, this summer a new Pastor has taken over the church and there has been increased activity in the growth of their church membership, and the programs they are doing within their church family. We have had increased communication with our Sister Church since the new Pastor has taken over. With the $3,000 budgeted,

and some additional funds through personal donations, we were able to donate $500 as a retirement gift for Papa Tshiek from the Presbytery, and send $3,250 to help our Sister Church in 3 endeavors: Construction of a Center to help widows and orphans, funding to help pay for children to go to school, and musical instruments for their church and school. Presbytery, Synod of Eastern Virginia – GBPC donates $65,000 yearly

towards the Presbytery. Glad Tidings India GBPC sent $8,000 to this ministry which shares the message of Christ to people in India, who have never heard the gospel. This money helps support church planters in remote regions who are sharing the message of Jesus with unreached people groups. Many lives have been transformed by accepting Christ as their Savior, becoming baptized, and through an increase in church attendance.

Service & Mission Goals 2013 Goal #1 – Continue to build up my ministry team with new members, to help in the decision making, budgeting and planning of service and mission events and projects. Goal #2 – Develop and seek

new opportunities for service both in our immediate community and globally, to give our church congregation more opportunities to serve, as well as to touch more lives with the love of Christ.

Goal #3 – To increase participation in service and mission activities, but more specifically to focus on recruiting first time volunteers/new participants in S&M projects.

Miscellaneous Benevolences Service and Mission utilizes our Misc. Benevolences account to serve a variety of people. This year, GBPC provided funds for:

A former student of GBPC, who will begin serv-

Volume 1, Issue 1

ing on staff with Young Life

Increased number of AIDS Meals

Extra meals for Stop Hunger Now

Graduation donation for Seminary Student Sara Green

Help with portion of registration costs for a Missions Conference attended by a GBPC college student

Page 19

Service & Mission Elder Liaison: Jim Bagley

Personnel & Administration 2012 Highlights: Personnel & Administration Elder Liaison: Bob Glasgow Ministry Chair: Dan Hickok Secretary: Tonia Hill Media & Membership Secretary: Caroline Vaughan

New background check procedures that will cost less to perform. Extension of background checks to all volunteers working with GBPC children. Provision of extended liability insurance for non-church related activities. Enrollment into the Board of Pensions for full-time staff group health benefits in lieu of Anthem. Review and update of all job descriptions. Facilitated the hiring of the new Service & Mission Coordinator.

Facilitated the hiring of the replacement Sexton.

Facilitate the hiring of the new Youth Director.

Facilitated extension of hours for existing staff to assist Anita in lieu of hiring new staff.

To continue to balance the needs of the staff with those of the congregation.

Arranged the Staff Appreciation luncheon. ·Prepared 2013 Team budget for Stewardship & Finance Team.

2013 Goals: Review staff salaries to ensure they are commensurate with their duties.

To continue to act as an advocate for all members of church staff, insuring that they receive the compensation, benefits, work environment, tools & training to accomplish their goals. To constantly be proactive in looking for new ways to make our staff more efficient, effective, & productive.

Review staff salaries to be consistent with those of comparable positions at other churches.

Elders Congregational Nurture Elder Liaisons Children’s Ministry 2015 Lisa Wheeler Youth Ministry 2015 Herb Honaker Adult Ministry 2015 Judi Rogers Fellowship 2013 Traye Pickrell

Community Outreach Elder Liaisons

Personnel & Administration 2013 Bob Glasgow

Evangelism & Growth 2015 Charlotte Gibson

Building & Grounds 2012 Bob Wilks

Service & Mission 2013 Jim Bagley

Stewardship & Finance 2013 Bob Jennings

Church Administration Elder Liaisons

Worship & Music Elder Liaisons

Clerk of Session 2015 Linda Whitaker

2013 Kim Graham 2015 Tom Freeman

Deacons 2013



Tammy Andre Matt Brooks Ginger Curling Marvin Davis Sandra Graves Carla Moyer Fred Whitaker Laura Boron

Becky Dimick Michelle Knapp Dale Maloney Judy Steinmetz Jim Sterling Janet Wier

Chuck Anderson Ed Barnhart Margaret Crot Michelle Knapp Linda Linnon Laurel Swenson

2012 Annual Report  

2012 Annual Report