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Take These Steps To Save Money With Your HVAC System Summary Most of us spend far too much money on our gas and electricity bills and a lot of the time it is the fault of their HVAC system not operating efficiently. Lower your energy bills by reading this. Did you know that over a third of your electricity bill is spent by the everyday home owner or business building owner to provide HVAC services which are heating, ventilating and air conditioning? It is essential to provide an efficient HVAC system so that the interior of the building is maintained at the right temperature for the climate and more importantly it is healthy. Now everybody wants to save money on their fuel bills so just how do you cut your electricity expenses and still maintain the same level of comfort and health in your building? Well the truth is that most HVAC systems are running inefficiently and costing their owners more money than they should. A substantial reduction in electricity costs can be obtained if the HVAC system is running optimally. This is normally beyond the remit of the average home owner or business property owner and is best left to qualified engineers. It is useful to have an overview of what will produce this optimum running and this is best explained below. The important factors are the load that is placed on the system and how to reduce it, an assessment of your current system to see if it needs upgrading or replacing, the installation of the right control systems and the operational efficiency and regular maintenance of your system. Reducing The Load On The System This is not a quick fix and need to form part of a longer term plan and it will cost money initially but the return on investment will come with reduced utility bills. The areas to look at here will include the insulation of your home or building, the use of energy efficient windows, the installation of double glazed windows, converting to energy saving appliances which have a power save function which would include refrigerators, computers and various kitchen appliances and the control of your ventilation by having your exterior air balanced by a qualified engineer. There are many power efficient appliances available today and they will pay for themselves in a short period of time. Assessing Your Current System If your existing system is more than 12 years of age then it really is time to think about changing it for a new, more efficient system. It is said that a regularly maintained system in the home should be expected to last around 15 years but in truth anything over 10 years old could be failing in efficiency. When going for a new system never install something larger than you really need as this will increase your energy costs. Look for high efficiency energy star equipment that will be very efficient and save you money in the long term. A lot of home owners will flog their systems to death because they do not want the cost and upheaval of replacing their system but this really is false economy.

Install Efficient Control Systems

Make sure that you install digital programmable thermostats for your system. These are fairly commonplace these days and you can control the turning on and off of your system seven days a week. This is a great money saver. Regular Maintenance Aim for at least an annual inspection and overhaul of your system by a reputable company. Air filters should be replaced regularly and coils cleaned. Make sure that the whole job is documented properly and that you are given a record of the service.

Resource If you do not look after your HVAC system you are just throwing money away with increased energy bills. Components such as air conditioning can be very expensive to run if they are not maintained correctly.

How To Save On Your Energy Costs  

If your HVAC system is not running optimally then it is likey that you are paying too much for your energy. This document can help.

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