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September 19 – September 25, 2014 • No. 2386 •

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“Business owners will be looking for ambitious plans to rebalance the economy and drive growth and prosperity across every nation and region. This is the time to lower the costs of doing business and to make it cheaper and easier to employ new people.”

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White driving focus on s TRADE BODIES

Having had another week to meet and speak with several high-profile industry stakeholders, BACTA chief executive officer John White is building a strong picture of where the UK coin-op sector is and the direction in which it needs to head. longside Phil Silver, new A BACTA CEO John White has attended a number of regional meetings in the last seven days and believes the ‘big picture’ is unfolding with reference to the coin-op sector and its individual stakeholders. White told Coinslot: “I am beginning to get a clearer picture of what has been happening industry-wise as well as hearing members’ concerns first hand. These meetings are incredibly important. Getting to hear what members want, to understanding the very real issues facing members as they run their businesses and to get feedback on the work we are doing in members’ names,

are fundamental to a successful trade association. I am spending your money so have a responsibility to do so wisely, but I am also de facto using your name in representing your interests to politicians, regulators and other stakeholders.” White has been preparing over the past week or so for Management Committee which meets this Thursday. He revealed: “We have much to discuss: from our strategic approach, the LCCP consultation, B2 machines, the new £1 coin, to roulette features, to various gambling groups, Europe and Euromat, the Convention on 27 November, to the EAG. If anyone wants to talk about any of these issues and hasn't had the opportunity to do so then please give me a ring or drop me an email.” White is a big supporter of the CBI as he believes they do an excellent job for business. He continued:“I had the opportunity to speak with someone from the British Retail Consortium. I gave them our support for their campaign to get a rates cut for retail businesses that have suffered through the recession and which

Praesepe rip up the record books with CHARITY

aming industry charity CHIPS, G will be able to deliver a further 18 bespoke powered wheel chairs to children with profound physical disabilities thanks to a record breaking donation of £110,000 from low stake gaming operator Praesepe. The cheque, which was presented by Praesepe CEO Nick Harding to CHIPS co-founder Linda Lindsay at the charity’s annual golf day held at Wentworth, covers the first nine months of 2014 and is a 10 per cent increase on the figure raised by the company in 2013. In a statement issued to staff and colleagues in the low stake gaming sector, Praesepe CEO

Nick Harding said:“This is a massive achievement and I would like to thank all of the Praesepe team in all of our AGCs, FECs and bingo clubs for the fantastic effort they have all put into our fund raising this year.You should all be very proud of yourselves in the knowledge that we continue to help,in a big way,children who have absolutely no chance of getting these special wheel chairs without your help.In my view we have the best and most committed staff in the industry and every venue has really pulled out all the stops to hit their fund raising target.” He added:“I would also like to place on record my sincere

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will be s he



Bookies tackle machines issue head on

Jukebox revival strikes the right chord



ity and me to oing ke it to ”

31 September 19 - September 25, 2014 • No. 2386 •

s on sector’s real issues

is contributing to the demise of our High Streets. I also think it is important to remind our stakeholders thatAGCs are a legitimate and welcome part of the High Street. They bring choice and indeed colour to streets that are sadly seeing variety replaced by homogeneity; charity shops, bookies and estate agents seemingly being dominant.” The wider point, in White’s view, is that coin-op is just like every other business. He explained:“We just happen to be in the leisure machine sector, across our membership from

manufacturer to operator to venue. BACTA can speak more about business issues and will be suggesting as part of our strategic thinking that we do just that. We need to improve our image.” A couple of weeks ago,White attended an Association of British Bookmakers event that launched research stating that problem gambling is going down and that the ABB Code is having a positive impact. Later the same evening he attended the casino industry's launch of their selfexclusion system. He told Coinslot: “I was particularly impressed by the National Casino Forum's PlayingSafe principles which drive that industry’s social responsibility programme. The bookies have also launched a responsible gambling body to provide oversight of the work they and indeed others are doing in this area.” In White’s diary for this week are meetings with the Bank of England, Coinslot, Nick Clegg’s special adviser, the CEO of the ABB and Mancom. BACTA’s CEO, it seems, is certainly going for the jugular when it comes to representing the industry’s interests.

ooks with £110,000 CHIPS donation port, especially of our 5-a-side tournament in June which has become the biggest sporting event on the UK gaming industry calendar.” Linda Lindsay, co-founder of the CHIPS Charity, commented: “This is truly wonderful;the hard work that everyone at Praesepe does in order to raise these funds is remarkable.The total raised by Praesepe over the years is close to £400,000, a fantastic sum which has helped to change PRAESEPE CEO NICK HARDING many lives by giving children the PRESENTS A CHEQUE FOR £110,000 TO LINDA LINDSAY, CO-FOUNDER precious commodity of mobility OF CHILDREN'S CHARITY CHIPS and with that independence. On behalf of all of us,and most importhanks to partners and col- tantly the children that you have leagues in UK and European helped, thank you from the gaming for their generous sup- bottom of my heart.”

BACTA backs business rates campaign CAMPAIGN

ACTA joined forces withleading business interests to take out an advert in the Daily Telegraph this week to campaign for reduced business rates. Helen Dickinson, director general of the British Retail Consortium, explained:“The advert takes the form of a full page open letter in the Daily Telegraph - with company logos underneath - calling on all parties to commit to fundamental reform of the system in their manifestos. “I am delighted that 107 companies representing a cross-section of UK business have signed up (including retailers, manufacturers, property and leisure businesses), the advert is now finalised and we are all set to go.Without your support this would not have been possible. I strongly believe that our call for fundamental reform is greatly strengthened when we act together. “I am sure you have witnessed the increased media interest in the Scottish referendum as a result of the recent tightening of the polls. We have therefore decided to bring the advert forward one day to Tuesday. This is still close enough to the start of Party Conference season, which kicks off for Labour in Manchester next weekend - which was the reason for the original timing. “We want to build on the cross industry support of the advert and so have also created a web page to enable other companies to sign up. If you are aware of other organisations or industries that are also concerned about the issue then please do bring our campaign to their attention. The page is at BACTA CEO John White explained the trade body’s involvement in the advertisement:“It is part of what we need to do I think to change the narrative of the industry which in part needs to say that we are just like any other business and


we are a legitimate and valuable part of the High Street, have a manufacturing base or are a leisure provider to venues such as pubs.We do,I think, tend to get seen as something different because it is gambling and because we are heavily regulated.”



ohn White, BACTA CEO, is taking a forthright stance on the tone of national press coverage in recent weeks. He told Coinslot: “Some of you may have seen press coverage over the weekend in the Independent in Sunday referencing emails BACTA had received and suggesting AGC’s are using the Luxury Leisure case to get B2 machines. We pointed out all the inaccuracies in the story to the IoS last week, but sadly the tenor of the article was once again critical.” White continued: “Putting all of

this to one side, I do think the article illustrates how it is all too easy for journalists to slip into the negative narrative about our sector and that this then forms the basic premise of the articles I have so far seen. It is disappointing but does mean we have our work cut out to change that narrative. Again this is very much part of the strategic thinking I have been sharing with members over the past few weeks as I prepare a strategic plan for the association. He concluded: “We are a good, legitimate and fun part of the leisure sector. We are a business like any other and have nothing to be ashamed of.”

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Coinslot September 19 - September 25, 2014





Bookies form responsible gambling body BOOKMAKERS

The UK’s four largest bookmakers have joined forces to promote responsible gambling. William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Paddy Power have committed to a package of measures launched in order to address public concerns about the sector.

illiam Hill,Ladbrokes, Coral and Paddy Power have come together in order to show the UK that they are committed to promoting responsible gambling,with particular reference to the use of FOBTs. The voluntary measures will see an end to the advertising of sign-up offers onTV before the 9pm ‘watershed’, mindful of children and young people watching. This will be matched by a voluntary ban on the advertising of FOBTs in shop windows and a commitment that 20 per cent of window advertising will carry responsible gambling messages.These measures come


into force on October 1. A new independent watchdog called the Senet Group will also be established by the quartet next year with a view to holding the industry to account. It will be headed by an independent standards commissioner and aim to protect “vulnerable” gamblers, as well as having the power to “name and shame” or fine operators in breach of codes of practice. Ladbrokes CEO Richard Glynn said the companies were “alive to the concerns of the public to keep gambling a responsible and fun activity.” James Henderson, chief

executive of William Hill (pictured), said:“The launch of the Senet Group sets a benchmark by which we and the betting industry can be judged.” The Standards Commissioner will be appointed through a transparent appointment process, run according to the Nolan Principles. Carl Leaver, CEO Coral, stated:“We are listening and taking action today to address public concerns. The creation of the Senet Group marks our commitment to the promises we make to you today.” The voluntary measures, which go beyond those

required by the government and regulators, will apply to William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Paddy Power.The companies are inviting other gambling operators to join the Senet Group as a mark of their commitment to responsible gambling standards. Patrick Kennedy, CEO Paddy Power, concluded: “Putting responsible gambling at the heart of our business is simply the right thing to do.” In April, the government announced that local authorities would be given more power to control the number of betting shops opening in their area.

Suzo-Happ acquires Comestero Group ACQUISITION

and peripherals specialist Suzo-Happ has acquired ItalyPbasedarts Comestero Group, a leader in payment technology and selfservice equipment to the carwash, gaming, laundromat and vending industries throughout Europe. The Comestero Group range of products and services incorporate award-winning design and cutting edge electronic technologies. The acquisition significantly expands Suzo-Happ’s presence in key European markets - Italy,

France and Spain. It also broadens the company’s diversification with access to new end-markets through Comestero Group’s carwash and laundromat automation components. Comestero Group’s

products include the RM5 coin validator that when combined with Suzo-Happ’s hoppers and other coin dispensing products, give customers access to complete coin handling solutions that together represent an installed base of more than 2,000,000 units. Comestero Group has more than 5,000 customers that are an important addition to Suzo-Happ’s growing customer portfolio and their 150 employees are a critical expansion of resources and human capital. Davide Chionna, Comestero Group president, said: “Suzo-

Happ has always been a key part of our build-buy partner innovation strategy. Suzo-Happ’s commitment to support our speed of innovation and the level of quality offered by Comestero Group’s management will allow us to be an industry leader to our valued customers through our sales force, productive capacity, service and after-sale support.” The acquisition provides SuzoHapp access to new technologies including Europe’s leading closedloop cashless system. It will also result in significant operational

synergies in combination with the parts and peripheral specialist’s existing European business including a broadened suite of products for vending component solutions and overall manufacturing capacity. “The transaction combines complementary strengths to create a unique company with unprecedented capabilities in coin handling and the next generation of payment processing,” said Harald Wagemaker, Suzo-Happ executive VP of sales and marketing, Europe (pictured).

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B2B COMMENT NEWSWEEK INNOVATION Jukeboxes continue to play a major part in our leisure offering. But what’s driving this growth and strength? 12

Talarius vows to be the ‘best in town’ ADULT GAMING CENTRES

A new growth strategy has yielded impressive results as employees look ahead to another successful year at Talarius.

alarius,the UK’s largest operator of adult gaming centres, Tvowed to be the ‘best in town’ at its annual conference on 4 September 2014.Two hundred and fifty employees from all parts of the business gathered at the ICC in Birmingham to celebrate the firm’s success over the past year and devise ways of working together to ensure that members of staff on the frontline are able to provide the best possible service to their customers. The company’s strong financial results were reflected under the employee reward scheme, launched last year to demonstrate recognition for Talarius’ top performing staff. The vast majority of venue managers were awarded bonuses, and three venue man-

agers, one business development manager and one engineer were rewarded for their excellent performance, with an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for the Global Gaming Expo. The reward scheme formed part of Talarius’ wider long term growth strategy to increase its market share and ensure Quicksilver, Silvers and Winners venues across the country are welcoming more customers through their doors. The three main pillars of this strategy, outlined to staff at the same event the previous year, were: to invest millions of pounds to modernise its venues; significantly improve the machine estate; and provide extensive training and

development for employees across the business. Indeed, Talarius’ results over the past year have already indicated that the investment is bearing fruit and helping to build the platform for long term sustainable growth. Commenting,Talarius’ chief operating officer Peter Harvey said:“We have had a fantastic year at Talarius, and it’s great that we are able to recognise and reward our colleagues for all their hard work, on which the company’s success depends. Our business is about people, so together we need to understand, support and enable our frontline to ensure that the customers enjoy our facilities, keeping them coming back again and again.” PICREF: 2386-PeterHarvey

Bath bingo hall to make way for casino DEVELOPMENTS

The Gala Bingo hall in Bath’s Sawclose is set to close before the end of the month, to be eventually replaced by a destination-style casino and hotel complex. long-surviving bingo club in Bath is to close, A to pave the way for a new casino development. It brings to an end the most recent of many transformations for a Grade II building that dates back to the 19th century. Apart from what is left of the original facade, the building is due to be demolished as part of plans to bring casino-style gambling back to Bath for the first time since the Georgian era. The go ahead has been given for a £14m redevelopment involving a casino, hotel and two restaurants,

according to the Virtual Museum of Bath website. Gala Bingo has been the occupant since 1986, but the building pre-dates them by 100 years. It had opened originally as The Pavilion Music Hall, constructed by Frank Kirk on the site of what was Bath’s hay and straw market. A series of transformations and alterations followed. It was re-constructed by architectural firm Wylson & Long in 1895, and re-opened as a live theatre re-named Lyric Theatre.Taken over by the MacNaghten Vaudeville Circuit of variety theatres

in 1905, it was re-named Palace Theatre of Varieties. Films were screened as part of the variety programme in the early days, projected from a Bioscope machine.This was the case until 1919,when it reverted back to variety theatre use although occasional films were still screened in the 1920s. The Palace Theatre was altered in the 1930s, and was given a single straight balcony. It was closed as a variety theatre in 1955.The

following year, it was converted into the Regency Ballroom, which removed the stage and side boxes in the auditorium. By 1968, however, the ballroom had been closed and converted into a bingo club. In 1976, while the bingo club was being operated by Zetters, they converted the former upstairs theatre bar into a 53-seat cinema, which was named the President Cinema. This operated until the mid-80s when Gala Bingo took over.

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New arcade proposal met with predictable opposition

Bournemouth to lose amusements as seafront revamp begins


lans to open an amusement arcade on Barrhead’s Main Street are being opposed by the town’s community council. The plans are currently pending consideration by East Renfrewshire Council’s Planning committee,however,fears have been raised over the negative impact of such premises. If approved by elected councillors,the former Cafe Mocha on Barrhead Main Street would become an amusement arcade,although it is not clear at this moment in time who is heading up the plans or what kind of amusement arcade it would be. The community council announced its opposition to the plans in a response submitted to East Renfrewshire Council, with a spokeswoman for the group,Rena McGuire,telling local


press:“The Barrhead Community Council is concerned that the introduction of an amusement arcade in this location will undermine the transformation of the town centre which is a key component of the Local Plan. “This concern is based upon the operational characteristics of an amusement arcade with the congregation of young people, many of whom are unemployed and with a tendency for antisocial behaviour. “These concerns are strengthened by the impact of the smoking ban which would result in customers of the proposed amusement arcade congregating outside the property immediately adjacent to food outlets and a chemist shop which attracts a wide range of the community and particular female elderly and families.

“In this regard, smoking outside a corner unit immediately adjacent to a bakers shop is likely to result in contamination of food stuffs within the shop. “It is also a concern of the community council that the location, adjacent to a concentration of methadone outlets at Boots,Lloyds Pharmacy and Frasers Pharmacy is already a source of concern over anti-social behaviour of drug addicts and that any additional source of potential conflict is entirely unacceptable.” Questions have also been raised over whether or not the establishment would have an operational age limit of 18 or what opening hours it would operate, however this information is unlikely to become public until an application for a licence.

UK breaks inbound tourism record


Dedicated to the UK market UK reached a record 19.8m visits in the seven to July 2014 - including a record 1.6m incomTinghemonths don’t miss it! holiday visits in July - with inbound visitors spend- 15th & 16th October 2014 Chelsea Football Club T: +44 (0)1582 767 254 E:

ing £11.3bn - up 3 per cent from last year. Visits from Europe and ‘other countries’ were up 9 and 4 per cent respectively,while business trips grew 5 per cent,holiday visits increased by 9 per cent and visits to friends or relatives grew 9 per cent. Visits from the ‘rest of world’ markets (outside Europe and North America) reached a seven-month record of 2.94m - up 1 per cent from the January-July 2013 record. In July alone, the number of visits to the UK by overseas residents rose by 2 per cent compared to July 2013, and for the period from May to July 2014,visits were up 5 per cent, though spend went down 4 per cent. Patricia Yates, director of strategy and communications at VisitBritain, told hospitality trade press: “Inbound visits to Britain remain on track for a recordbreaking year in 2014.We are in a position of strength as we approach the peak summer months, with holiday visits driving these records.VisitBritain will continue to bring together tourism businesses to grow Britain’s fifth largest industry and deliver jobs across the country.” The return of visitors from established European markets such as France and Germany, combined with growing interest from wealthy consumers in emerging economies such as Asia and the Middle East, bode well for the end of the year.


ll temporary amusements besides a Victorian-style A carousel are to be removed from Bournemouth’s Pier Approach as work to transform it gets underway. The site is one of the first to benefit from Bournemouth Council’s 20-year strategy to reconnect the Grade II-listed Lower Gardens with the seafront, which will include better lighting and landscaping. It is hoped visitors will be given a better first impression of Bournemouth beach once the multi-million pound revamp of the Pier Approach area is completed. Councillor Lawrence Williams, cabinet member for tourism, leisure and culture, said: “The majority of our visitors form their first impressions of the seafront when they enter via the gardens and Pier Approach, so the future presentation of this space is vital if we are to inspire a new generation to visit Bournemouth. “The demolition of the Waterfront Imax building and the site’s subsequent re-landscaping into an events area were the first steps taken towards achieving our aim of transforming the seafront and building a better Bournemouth.” Bournemouth Council has provided £4m to fund phase one of the improvement works and hopes future investment will come from external grants and the private sector. The Pier Approach project is scheduled to be finished by Spring 2015.

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Essex operator invests heavily in new machines OPERATORS

Advance Leisure Amusements has undergone an impressive expansion since its foundation in 2005. The firm recently added South Parade Pier in Southsea to its growing portfolio. dvance Leisure Amusements is a small family run business based in Harlow, Essex. Founded in 2005 by Stephen Springett, it was originally a machine sales-based company. By October 2007,the company had sites all over the country.This is also when it became a limited company. In 2011,Springett decided to take on a business partner as he had built the business to a size that was no longer manageable on his own. Furthermore, he felt he needed a business partner to take the business to another level.


Daniel Jones would become the second director of Advance Leisure Amusements Ltd. Since Jones joined,both of them have gained more sites, even buying out Kingsway back in 2011. In 2013, they decided to take things to a different level and run a small arcade on South Parade Pier, which is currently being renovated and waiting to reopen. Springett and Jones have over 40 years’ combined experience in the coin-op industry. In 1998, Springett started working for CVA underTerry Farr,who helped

him learn his trade for the next eight years. In 2004, he decided that he wanted to start working for himself again. Springett invested all the money he had and with a bank loan brought his first Luton van and his gaming licences to begin operating. His first warehouse was located in Brentwood. Tom and Tandy Haulage Company, a trusted and reliable haulage company for many fruit machine traders let Steve rent his second warehouse. From then on, he has continued to build the business on his own,striving to acquire

more sites and greater sales. Jones has over 20 years’ experience working for Petron Amusements. Starting as a van driver delivering machines,he went on to build machines for Global Games, finally becoming operations manager until his departure. Springett told Coinslot: “We were contacted in March 2013 by the new owners of Southsea Pier, who had been recommended by one of our

The council boarded the front up.The new owners are now undertaking all the repair work, which is currently in progress, and we are preparing to re-open in spring 2015. Springett revealed the firm’s plans for the next six months. “We have recently invested heavily on the newer £100 jackpot existing clients, to take over machines from Bell fruit. running of the arcade.After Machines such as The Big viewing we decided to give it One,Deal or no Deal Windfall a try.We had to buy equipment and Deal or no Deal Box 23.” He concluded: “We have to fill the venue and rented some of the bigger, newer also purchased some of the newer Reflex machines such cranes from Harry Levy.” He continued:“We opened as Fiddle a Fortune, Hot Shots a month later and had a suc- and Hit the Drac Pot.We plan cessful summer. Unfortu- to try some of the new Gnately in September 2013,the Squared games.We have also pier itself was deemed unsafe started to roll out the Sound due to a combination of neg- Leisure V-hubs in many lect, storms and high winds. venues with great success.”

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Weather only one factor affecting visitor levels says latest attractions report FOOTFALL

Operators are often quick to blame the weather for poor takings. According to the Attractions Management Handbook 2014 they’d be right - but only up to a point.

he Attractions Management Handbook 2014 has made a correlation between poor weather and poor takings,but admits that there are several other factors which affect attendance levels and cashboxes. The latest annual publication for the attractions and entertainment sector states:“The UK market is a good focal point for understanding the relationship between the two (poor weather/poor attendance levels), given that the country’s weather is so often a subject of heavy discussion!” It continues:“Year-on-year change in rainfall (mm) over the last five years shows a link between attendance and weather. More rain leads to drops


NEW DATES FOR YOUR CALENDAR: 13 – 15 JANUARY 2015 ExCeL London Exhibition Centre

in attendance; less rain, growth. In 2001, there was significantly more rainfall than in 2010 (99 per cent more) and theme park attendance in this year fell by 0.6 per cent. In 2010, there was significantly less rainfall than in 2009, and theme park attendance grew by 2.1 per cent.” The discoveries go on:“Despite finding some evidence of a possible causal relationship between weather patterns and attendance levels, numerous other factors contribute significantly to the performance of the attractions market,such as economic conditions; reinvestment; strength of marketing campaigns; special offers or strategic linkages between parks (e.g. Merlin’s two for one deal); expansion of the park and the addition of other components to the destination (e.g. accommodation).” In other words, we can all moan about the weather but have we done enough to market and promote ourselves properly? Now that is a question that isn’t fully tackled in the report.

Wetherspoon worth a punt - Investec PUBS

n a recent trading summary, Investec analyst Andrew Fitchie has advised people to buy Ishares in pubco JD Wetherspoon. He stated: THE AMUSEMENT & LEISURE SHOW T: +44 (0)1582 767 254


Presented by

BAC T A Representing the British Amusement Industry


Presented by



“FY14 results were a touch ahead of our expectation, driven by a small beat at the sales line and at the operating margin. Cash generation remains strong at the operating level and this funded a year of major investment both in new (46 pubs opened) and existing facilities. The current year has started well (LFL +6.3 per cent), comfortably ahead of peers. Our DCFbased price target increases to 885p reflecting this. Reiterate - buy.” The analyst explained that FY14 was a year of investment, with circa £98m spend on new pubs, circa £56m on existing pubs and IT and circa £24m on freehold reversions. Fitchie concluded: “LFL sales in the first six weeks were up 6.3 per cent. This is ahead of recent comments by industry peers, and ahead of JDW’s position this time last year (+3.6 per cent). We remain comfortable with our FY forecast of 3 per cent LFL sales growth, alongside 40 new openings. There are no substantive changes to our forecasts, other than minor tweaks, e.g. relating to variances in the number of shares in issue. The key risk remains changes in the consumer environment.”

Robbery victim turns antagonist HOLIDAY PARKS

robbery victim has been found guilty of using the confusion A caused by an attack on a seaside caravan park as cover for a sneaky raid on a second safe. Joshua Youens-Stunell broke down in tears in the dock of Exeter Crown Court after a jury found him guilty of stealing £8,270 takings from the safe in his own office at the Golden Sands Caravan Park entertainment complex in Dawlish. He was employed as bar manager at the holiday park last summer when it was targeted by four armed robbers. He witnessed a savage attack on his colleague who was struck with an axe and a hammer. Youens-Stunell suffered a blow to the head as he was forced to hand over £10,000 bank holiday takings he had just brought from the entertainment complex and put in the safe. He called for the police and ambulance and when they arrived he walked back to his office behind the bar area where he stole a further £8,270. He hid the cash under a caravan, but during the night the envelopes in which it was packed started to come apart and a tourist alerted police after seeing banknotes blowing across the site. Youens-Stunell claimed he hid the money because he was terrified the robbers would return and try to seize it but the jury rejected his story after hearing crucial evidence about the layout of his office. He denied theft but was convicted. Judge Erik Salomonsen adjourned his sentence for a probation report. During the trial the jury heard how he claimed to be so traumatised receiving a bang on the head and seeing his friend injured in the robbery he was not thinking. He said:“My intention was just to secure the money in the safe.I know it sounds ridiculous but I felt I had to get the money out of the complex.”

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B2B COMMENT NEWSWEEK CHARITY The industry likes to give big and proved the point at a sports dinner charity for the BiG Foundation. 24

Official Charts Jukebox finds its spiritual home

Winners Bingo ‘discusses future’


Where better for the first ever jukebox of the Official Charts Company to reside than in its own headquarters. ollowing the landmark agreement penned in London, January 2014 between Sound Leisure, Soundnet, Gamestec and the Official Charts Company, Sound Leisure has recently installed an Official Charts branded digital jukebox into the Official Charts Company head office in central London. The machine, which is updated remotely with the weekly Official Singles Chart and Official Albums Chart Top 40, now takes pride of place among the gold discs and photos of myriad chart heroes that adorn the walls. Chris Black, managing director of Sound Leisure,commented:“The


Official Charts Jukebox that is currently being rolled out throughout the UK by national machine operator Gamestec is having a tremendous impact on site. It seems only fitting that the stars that appear on this machine have the opportunity to see how their music is being displayed in pubs and clubs across the UK when they visit the Official Charts Company headquarters. It is another proud moment for all concerned with this project.” The contract between Sound Leisure, Soundnet, Gamestec and the Official Charts Company - the biggest of its kind in recent history was officially signed off on the opening day of EAG International

Expo 2014. Under the terms of agreement,Gamestec will have 250 new Official Charts Jukeboxes sited this year, each of which will bear the distinctive Official Charts branding. In addition to the eyecatching livery, the jukeboxes will come loaded with a unique Official Albums Chart feature, exclusive chart news and artist content powered by Britain’s fastest-growing music website,plus the all-important Official Singles Chart. Peter Davies, commercial director of Gamestec, commented:“It’s entirely fitting that an example of this ground-breaking jukebox should feature so prominently on


inners Bingo has confirmed discussions are taking W place about the future of the lease on its Hatter Street premises in Bury St Edmunds, which is coming to an end. A statement was issued followits own ing inquiries by local paper, the turf where it will be exposed to Bury Free Press, in response to some of the biggest names in the readers’ concerns over its future. music industry.Furthermore,we’re A spokesman said they were delighted with the incredibly posi- ‘unable to comment any further at tive reaction we’ve had wherever this time’. this machine has been sited and with the great working relationship with Sound Leisure, Soundnet and the Official Charts Company. It serves as a great testimony to the fact that there is still huge demand for innovative new developments in the pay-to-play music sector.”

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Coinslot September 19 - September 25, 2014



Redemption fuels rise in footfall at Olympia Simple attention to detail and good customer service of his redemption offering saw footfall surge for operator Will Bollom this summer.


value for money and trying to make sure that players leave the arcade with a bag of goodies feeling happy. “We’ve been doing redemption here for a long time now, so we do have a good following.At the end of the day, we make sure that what we offer is what our customers want. “We are the sort of place that gets multi-generational visitors, so we monitor that, ensure that there are appropriate prizes and keep the hot lines well-stocked. Although he had yet to analyse the figures, Bollom confirmed 2014 had been a better year for visitor numbers. The weather had almost been too good,he said:“Footfall has definitely been up this year.The first


part of the summer holidays, when we saw some terrific weather, was a little bit harder for us, as people weren’t coming off the beach until later on, which made for longer days for us. But all in all I am pretty pleased. “If this good weather can continue for a few weeks longer and give us an Indian summer,then so much the better. It’s the shoulder periods either side of the season that can make a big difference.” It was a stark contrast to previous market conditions:“We’ve had a couple of tricky years here at the seaside, particularly after the flooding down in the South West. Although we weren’t affected, it was a difficult winter for us, because as far as the rest of the country was concerned,

anything south of Bristol was under water, thanks to perceptions engendered by the news coverage.” The other major factor for success had been the marketing and regeneration efforts his resort had undertaken, Bollom said. He explained: “Weston has undergone an awful lot of investment, both private and from the local authority, and it is marketing itself as a proper seaside destination. Anything that reinforces the idea that a UK holiday is quite acceptable will help. “It’s getting harder to take children out of school and summer travel is expensive, so seaside destinations seem more en vogue than they have been for some time.”

Work to restore Dreamland’s Scenic Railway begins AMUSEMENT PARK

he revival of Margate’s Dreamland amusement park has Tmoved a step closer after work to restore Britain’s oldest surviving rollercoaster began this week. On Monday, contractors Topbond started restoration of the iconic Grade II-listed Scenic Railway on behalf of Thanet District Council. A complex programme of work will be carried out on the historic structure over the coming months, ahead of the Easter 2015 opening timetabled for Dreamland. Leader of Thanet District Council Iris Johnston said:“It is very exciting to see work start on Britain’s oldest surviving rollercoaster.

“The Scenic Railway is synonymous with Dreamland and the council is very proud to be leading the way, breathing life into Dreamland once again.” Preparatory work recording the Scenic Railway’s building and structure for historic pur-


South Parade Pier secures HLF funding


combination of good weather and redemption’s continued growth in popularity has helped to boost visitor numbers at Weston-superMare’s Olympia FEC. Owner Will Bollom said the performance of his business over the summer season had gone some way to alleviate the impact of flooding suffered by the South West over the winter. He told Coinslot he hadn’t done anything drastic with the Olympia’s redemption offering, but had worked even harder to perfect if than before. Bollom said:“People expect a little bit more than they ever did and we are happy to give it to them, in terms of what they can save up for and win. It’s all about


the enormous achievement of the Dreamland Trust’s ‘Save Dreamland’ campaign. “Work on the Scenic Railway is one of many crucial steps in our work towards opening a re-imagined Dreamland”. Ahead of the anticipated 2015 opening, award-winning designer Wayne Hemingway is working to create a unique vintage-style amusement park, with attractions including thrill rides to classic sideshows taking their place alongside cafes,restaurants poses has already begun,but this and retail spaces. Once open, the team behind week the phased programme started with the relocation of its Dreamland hope it will play host to large-scale events, national motor house. Eddie Kemsley, project direc- festivals and visiting attractions tor at Dreamland, said:“This is an to celebrate the history of popuimportant milestone in Dream- lar British culture, music, film land’s history and is symbolic of and design.

group aiming to buy and South Parade Pier has Tbeenherestore given a £10,000 start-up grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. South Parade Trust said the money would be used to enlist the advice of leisure industry experts for a business plan, with the ultimate aim of buying and restoring the pier. Leon Reis, chairman of the trust, told local press: “This is essential for gaining the millions of pounds of investment and grants we will need to buy, rebuild and redevelop the pier. “We want the pier to be a great regional tourist attraction again and a local community and charitable hub.” The pier is currently administered by a consortium of six businessmen who claim to have bought it, although the sale has not yet been finalised. Despite this, surveyors for the consortium have said work to survey and start remedial repairs is being carried out as scheduled. However, Reis said that the trust would be ready to step in and provide a safety net for the pier should the sale fall through. He said: “We are preparing for the consortium to either walk away or take over and then find out that the pier collapses and then walk away.”

Dedicated to the UK market don’t miss it! 15th & 16th October 2014 Chelsea Football Club T: +44 (0)1582 767 254 E:

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24 B2B listings and industry marketplace

26 This week’s machine charts

27 Classified sales, job and business opps

Essential Guide to...

Jukeboxes & Music Solutions Inception



Utilising paper rolls and metal disks, mecha-

Released in 1946, the Wurlitzer Model 1015 (the 1015 Bubbler) achieved massive success, selling over 50,000 units in its first two years. The popularity of the jukebox reached its zenith around the end of the Second World War. By this time, over threequarters of records produced in the United States were shipping directly to jukebox units.

Today, modern jukebox manufacturers are embracing the connected future. Creating machines that link to cloud storage and massive music databases, while linking up with smartphones and advanced multiroom systems.

nised music boxes and player

pianos were the first coin-operated musical playback devices. 1890 saw the Edison group release the first patented coin-operated phonographic playback device, which provided users with one of four listening tubes.


Jukeboxes ‘hugely important’ to the diner experience, says Ed’s Diner CEO Andrew Guy talks to Essential Guide about the thematic significance of the jukebox, and Ed’s Diner’s defiance of wider market downturns.


Essential Guide to Spares & Components Next Week Coinslot SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

d’s Diner was something of a novelty when it first opened it’s doors in 1987: a fully-fledged all-American diner, complete with chrome finishings, vintage jukeboxes, fast-food and sassy service, slap-bang in the middle of London. Its initial location, just off Soho’s old Compton street, still runs a bustling trade, and the intervening decades have seen the company expand exponentially across the country. With the jukebox being an iconic symbol of post-war America, Ed’s chief executive Andrew Guy explained how important track-selection was to the business’ information-age patrons.


“The jukeboxes are of a huge importance,” he says. “They add to the 50’s ambiance that we do our best to recreate within our diners.”Aesthetics aside, Guy argues that the boxes serve a deeper function: “They add to the look and feel of the place, but they also make a marked impact on customer engagement - creating that nostalgic feeling for everyone that interacts with them.” Ed’s operates replica Seeburg dimeselectors: with customers making their choices via wall-mounted units, fed back to an AV system which cues the selected tracks for play. “We’d love to use originals,” Guy comments, “but sadly it’s not possible to find them in sufficient numbers when we’re opening a diner on average every month.” In days gone by, wall-mounted units represented the height of technology: providing diners with a primitive form of remote control. Whilst technology has moved on, the appeal of old-fashioned track-selection persists. “Our jukebox takings are impervious to seasonal trends,” says Guy.“They’re used consistently at every diner wherever and whenever we open.” Irrespective of the nostalgic appeal, surely the recent economic downturn saw customers tighten their purse-strings when it came to the additional music amenity? “Absolutely not,” Guy responds,“if anything, our jukebox takings increased.We only charge 20p per play and donate all those proceeds to charity, so it’s a low-cost benefit, and there’s the added prospect of giving to a good cause”.

Created for your customers. Designed for your business. High quality proven technology By using industrial standard components we have ensured that we have maximised reliability, minimising your costs and maximising your profit. The Jaybox V3 is fully upgradeable on a component level, which future proofs your investment.

Engineer friendly Engineers have full access to all components, allowing for faster repairs and replacement of parts with no need to send the box back to base. We also offer engineers full training and support, including spares kits and a helpline 7 days per week.

Customer friendly The Jaybox V3 gives our customers many flexible options; allowing up to four music zones and integration with other broadcast and media providers. This allows operators to meet the individual needs of their sites.

Remote management You have full remote access to the management of your Jaybox V3, allowing you to see exactly how it is performing. Remote access also allows identification and repair of many problems without the need for a site visit, reducing the costs for engineer time.

Soft landing technology The hard drive is protected from sudden power loss with a back-up power supply and an automated shutdown process which reduces the likelihood of hard drive failure, again reducing your potential costs.

Fully automated All of our music, system backups and software updates are either delivered automatically to units with an internet connection, or available to download and install manually via USB. Music updates are made up of approx 250 new tracks per week, including all UK album & singles chart entries

Interest free credit Jaybox can offer you an interest free credit option, allowing you to purchase the Jaybox V3 and spread the cost over a period of time in order to minimise your outgoings and protect your cash flow (subject to status).

Trade in Jaybox will give you up to £600 for your old Jukeboxes against the purchase of a new Jaybox V3, providing a fantastic, cost effective way of upgrading your old technology.

Three year Guarantee

The Jaybox V3 Maximum quality Maximum flexibility Maximum profit Minimum cost Contact us now for a

FREE TRIAL Tel: 01768 214410

We at Jaybox have put our money where our mouth is, and every Jaybox V3 comes with a full three years parts and components guarantee. No more costly repairs, just peace of mind knowing that all parts failures are covered and components will be replaced the next day.

Try before you buy We are so confident that you will be delighted with your Jaybox V3 that we offer a free trial period. Contact us today to arrange your free trial!

All about the music.


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Essential Guide to ... Jukeboxes & Music So Sector Overview SWOT ANALYSIS

Let the music play With actual numbers of jukebox orders on the rise, both in terms of on-site and domestic use, the sector currently ranks as one of coin-op’s success stories down to the continued commitment of both manufacturers and content providers. ith music festivals in the UK getting bigger and more frequent and the likes of Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes allowing internet users to buy,create and share music, the sale and use of jukeboxes has risen in tandem. Barely a month seems to go by these days without news of major deals being done in the jukebox sector, and because of this the sector is looking like one of coin-op’s strongest. The UK jukebox sector has always thrived on the fact that its leading lights have competed so strongly that new technologies and innovations are always coming to market. Furthermore, the sheer number of potential sites has seen smaller players with their own USPs enter the market to take their own slice of the digital music pie. Today’s digital jukeboxes offer a much greater choice of tunes and functionality than the oft-lamented vinyl and CD ones of yore. In addition to the thriving single site market, entertainment centres and, most recently, themed restaurants,have helped the UK’s jukebox operators branch out into areas which were previously no-go areas. It’s been nine months since the EAG International 2014 showcased a blinding number of brand new product launches from jukebox manufacturers, underlining their determination to stay ahead of the curve – and in front of their competitors. It is testament, therefore, to the constant need to create and innovate on the part of the UK’s jukebox providers that such a product still thrives, but in a way that the likes of Wurl-


Coinslot SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

itzer couldn’t have possibly imagined. It’s almost two decades now since the biggest companies involved in jukebox manufacture embraced both internet connectivity and digital music provision. It is therefore not surprising that the depth and breadth of choice available on these shores alone is so vast, yet ultimately so user-friendly. While all the manufacturers showcased this week have worked hard to make choice and ease of use two of the most important features of its products,many strategic differences have emerged as we approach the halfway point of the 21st century’s second decade. For example, certain jukebox manufacturers have chosen to attack the domestic market and broaden the scope in terms of previouslyuntried venue styles, such as themed restaurants, while others have looked to mainland Europe and beyond to expand their horizons. Furthermore, newer entrants to the jukebox market have looked to introduce innovative features, such as quizzes, karaoke, video footage and bingo with a view to tailoring their music content to suit the ambience of individual venues. Despite the above differences, however, professionalism, attention to detail and strong after-sales support, based on open dialogue with operators, unite the UK’s jukebox providers. In contrast to a lot of ‘old school’ coin-op fare which has survived largely on its novelty and feelgood factor, the UK jukebox sector has looked at how it can best take advantage of the possibilities opened up by wireless connectiv-

ity and online and smartphone synergy.The ‘touch and slide’ interface which is part and parcel of all touchscreen-enabled smartphones and tablets, for example, is nowadays pretty much the norm in UK-based jukeboxes. The relationship between the latest jukeboxes on the market and smartphone/tablet use extends to app usage nowadays too, with bar managers or landlords able to remotely program thousands of tracks on their venue’s jukebox via an app.There is also an app available which allows customers to select tracks from their smartphones/tablets which they pay for via Paypal, thus propelling the pay-toplay concept of jukeboxes into the cashless arena. Lately, a noticeable trend in jukebox provision, certainly in this decade, is that extraneous, confusing, features have largely disappeared,with manufacturers realising that tracks relevant to the site’s audience, userfriendliness and simple to understand functions are the key fundamentals of cashbox success.Furthermore,pubs and bars have kept the price point down to a sensible level, with £1 a play generally being the most expensive charge. When major operators such as Gamestec, Sceptre Leisure and Essex Leisure, to name three, commit to making large jukeboxes orders when a case could be made for bulk buys of other forms of coin-op entertainment, it is a sure sign that not only manufacturers and content providers are doing the right thing but also that there is still a strong customer demand for music when they are out having fun.

SWOT ANALYSIS JUKEBOX SECTOR STRENGTHS • Simple to use and affordable from end user perspective • Enormous breadth and depth of choice for all concerned • Small footprint/wall space required WEAKNESSES • New features and functions can only succeed if advertised and marketed correctly • Sometimes jukeboxes can be ‘lost’ in pubs offering Sky Sports OPPORTUNITIES • New types of sites, such as restaurant chains • Overseas distribution • Online and wireless connectivity THREATS • Rise of food-led pubs and bars with Sky TV • Pub closures

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c Solutions

B 2 B


The sound of the future A robust summer is leading into an exciting autumn for Sound Leisure, as the company’s innovation driven 2014 continues unabated. ith an exciting new product in the field, backed up by a leap forward in technology, jukebox manufacturer W Sound Leisure is delighted with its summer performance. “The summer of 2014 has seen a marked improvement on previous years,” said managing director, Chris Black,“with the factory still running at full production levels. On the operating side the cash in box has suffered slightly due to the good weather and the World Cup, however we are seeing the returns improving week on week and the early signs for September are looking fantastic.” The company’s latest vHub jukebox integrates with social media sites such as Twitter and Flickr, also partnering with Soundnet’s soundjack app to allow customers to control a venue’s music via their smartphone.With these advances in technology key to the modern jukebox, what innovations does Black think the sector needs to crest the next horizon? “The jukebox sector is constantly innovating, so we are

really seeing smaller steps in software tweaks and offers, rather than giant leaps in new technology,” he said.“The soundjack app has obviously been a recent and considerable innovation and although this is still in its infancy we believe that this technology will be key to moving forward with many other new ideas.” He also highlighted the development work done in a less glamorous, but still vital, areas of the business.“One side of the Sound Leisure offer that is often overlooked is the work that goes on in the background regarding servicing and support,” said Black.“This has seen some major innovation over the past 12 months with the introduction of Quick Support, which allows our engineers to remotely service customers jukeboxes on site or in their workshops.” Maintaining the creation of new concepts at this pace is something Sound Leisure prides itself on.“As a business we never stop, every day of the year we have dedicated team members working on the new ideas and

development.” The company’s latest products are bolstered considerably by a tie-up with the Official Charts Company, who have lent their branding to a jukebox for the first time. “This ensures that Sound Leisure jukeboxes offer the end consumer unrivalled access to every Top 40 single ever to be produced,” said Black,“and provides a simple way to search for their tracks. Being able to display the weekly charts is probably the most important single offer that Sound Leisure and Soundnet have brought to the market in the past 10 years.”

Coinslot SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014



“ “ “

“ “





The new rental deal is an H[FHOOHQWZD\WRJHWWKH EHVWGLJLWDOPXVLFSODWIRUP to our customers - the software is the best on the market. MAT SHARP JRC ENTERPRISES, CORNWALL












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â&#x20AC;&#x153; â&#x20AC;&#x153;

The VHub exceeded expectations and outperformed any other MXNHER[RQVLWH BRIAN CAMPBELL FAIR CITY AMUSEMENTS, PERTH









12+,''(1&+$5*(6¯12)866 6281'1(7 6281'/(,685(

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Essential Guide to ... Jukeboxes & Music So Market Analysis STATE OF AFFAIRS


Innovation the key to enduring success, says Kirby

Halcyon days for the digital jukebox

Ahead of their appearance at the Autumn Coin-Op Show, NSM Music’s Alex Kirby spoke to Coinslot about the current and future make-up of the jukebox sector. S: How is the sector performing in wake of the wider growth in the UK economy? AK: Our feedback from operators is that the jukebox is the one product which has been least affected by the recession. However, the tough economic climate saw footfall in pubs suffering, and an increase in the number of pubs closing down. It was inevitable our sales would be affected as well. We did notice a rise in orders in the latter part of 2013, and the start of this year was certainly very good.Summer 2014 saw a slight lull on jukebox sales sector-wide, due, we suspect, to the world cup and hot weather. One product that has done exceptionally well and broke the trend has been our new Icon: Background Music System (Icon: BGM), for which we’ve struggled to keep up with demand. Autumn is usually a profitable time of year for us, but we’re staying realistic: there are still lots of pubs closing, and people’s social habits have certainly changed. Still, feedback from operators remains extremely positive, jukebox sales are back on the rise, and we are feeling very optimistic for the coming months.


CS: NSM Music was founded in 1952. How has the business continued to adapt? AK:Through innovation and through the creation of pioneering products. NSM adapted from vinyl to CD early on, and even patented the idea of downloading music to a jukebox as early as the mid 1980’s. We launched the world’s first digital jukebox, LeisureLink, in 1998, and two years later launched the Chameleon, which allowed its operator download new data and alter any setting from their PC, wherever they were in the world: something that was completely unprecedented at the time. I think it’s crucial to keep on the edge of your seat in this line of work: the industry is constantly changing, as are the habits and expectation of the public.As new technology evolves, our ways of thinking evolve, and bring new ideas to the market place. CS: Has the change of the pub sector away from wet sales altered the character of NSM trading? AK: Whilst the character of the pub-sector is undoubtedly changing, there is still a massive market for jukeboxes and we’re always developing new technology for the sector.That said, we think it’s in the provision of background music that we can meld into the food-led pub environment. This is what prompted the launch of the Icon:BGM,following a successful trial period with 4 major pub groups. CS: How seriously does NSM take the threat of Coinslot SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

alex lee foreword

The term ‘renaissance’ gets overused in this publication, largely by me, but judging by the number of high-profile jukebox deals which have been done this year, the little box that plays music selected by customers is enjoying one of its best years for quite some time. SM Music, Sound Leisure and Jaybox have all launched new jukeboxes and music solutions this year either as N brand new products or easier-to-use, more content and

music piracy? AK: Very seriously indeed. If you have an operator playing music illegally in their venue, it makes it impossible for other operators to compete against them.There has to be a level playing field for operators, and the only way to get it is for the marketplace to be policed.Anybody caught operating illegal music has to be prosecuted and the issue needs to be publicised further to ram home the message. It’s a topic that’s couldn’t be closer to home for us, as it’s our livelihood. We’re constantly talking with PPL to come up with new ways to help police and dissolve any threat of music piracy. CS: Do you foresee any emerging markets as yet unexplored by juke manufactures? AK: NSM’s bread and butter is in the provision of jukeboxes to pubs, bars and clubs. Interestingly, we have noticed an increase in home sales over the past 18 months. I think this is mainly due to the change of how people socialise. Our products evolve in tandem with new markets and opportunities - it’ll be exciting to see where it goes.

functionality-packed updates of previous models. Ancillary products have also emerged this year, such as tablet-based devices for management and updates. Apps to complement all the above have entered the market in 2014 too, making for a landmark year in digital music provision and its management. With all the above in mind, the jukebox is enjoying a new heyday thanks to the digital revolution. Back in the 1950s, the jukebox was a focal point for young people and the bars and cafes that sited them were the places where they could hear new record releases for the first time. The same is still happening now with digital content, but quicker and more efficiently as pre-releases of the latest tracks can be sent to the latest digital jukeboxes, even before the songs become available in the shops or as MP3 downloads. There will always be a place for pay-for-play music in the kinds of pubs and bars that attract a young clientele, or indeed any venue that is looking to create a specific kind of atmosphere aimed squarely at the type of crowd it wants to attract. The cream of the UK’s jukebox manufacturers are pushing digital technology to its limits - one only has to visit a bar or pub on mainland Europe to see how far ahead the UK is in terms of digital jukebox manufacturing. To their credit, the UK’s foremost jukebox manufacturers have focussed just as much on value for money as they have on cutting-edge music provision, which is of course evidenced in the sheer number of deals which have been covered in Coinslot over the last 12 months. It would be fair to say that the above stakeholders are truly at the vanguard of digital jukebox creation and that, among them, they can supply pretty much something for everyone, from straightforward updates, through handcrafted one-offs for domestic use to ground-breaking brand new digital products. As a major fan of music myself, I can’t understand why every public space in the land doesn’t have a UK-manufactured jukebox!

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c Solutions

B 2 B

Market Perspectives MOBILE


Application pays dividends

Atmosphere and content: the binary code of jukebox provision

With apps and rentals from Soundnet providing the jukebox with a new lease of life, the company is focused on perfecting the rollout of its latest projects.

The sales director of Cumbria’s digital-jukebox pioneers, Jaybox, surmises the key to success within the sector lies in serving customers their atmosphere of choice.

oundnet has attempted to shakeup the enrith-based Jaybox was formed in 2005, jukebox sector in recent months with the by friends Graham Bolderson,a software Sintroduction P of the soundjack app. Enabling engineer, and telecommunications develfriends on a night out to control the music in their favourite venue with a smartphone or tablet appears to provide jukebox operators with an exciting new income stream and early feedback seems to indicate just that. “We are still in the early stages of testing and steadily rolling out VHub, but the interest soundjack has generated has been really positive,” said Soundnet’s Toby Hoyte. “The reaction by users to the app has been outstanding. Everyone agrees it is slick and that soundjack represents the future direction the industry will take. There is definitely new income coming to the jukeboxes via the app.” Soundnet themselves have been inspired by the app’s early performance. “We have lots to work on,” said Hotye, “and new developments will be announced soon.” Its rollout has been boosted by Soundnet’s newly introduced rental offering, which lower the initial outlay for operators, allowing them to pick up the latest hardware without breaking the bank. “The Soundnet rent/purchase offer has gone down extremely well with both smaller and larger operators,” said Hoyte. “There are several reasons for this: Firstly the massive investment that many were forced to make in new £100 jackpot Category C machines following the triennial, which affected cashflow. Then the competitive price that we offer has also attracted a lot of people who realise the quality of the product. Finally, customers have appreciated the fact that we have made the rental process simple and fuss-free.” This influx of new machines has also helped the dampen the traditional summer lull. “On the whole, most operators would say that all machine income does dip in the summer months,” noted Hoyte, “but we have also seen some income on juke sites improve over the summer. This may be due to the surge of VHubs hitting sites, as it’s currently the highest earning Sound Leisure jukebox in the UK.”

oper Duncan Wood. During a discussion over a pint in their local back in October 2002, the two lamented the lack of choice in the venue’s jukebox, and resolved to create a digital model of their own.The first Jaybox was sold four years later. From humble beginnings, Jaybox is now one of the country’s leading provider of digital jukeboxes, employing nine full-time members of staff. But the company still retains the convictions that underlined its conception.“JayBox was founded on the principle that it’s all about the music,”sales and marketing director Jamie Barnett told Coinslot.“To this end,we always ensure that we have the tracks our users want.” The logic is sound: a decade ago, it was Bolderson and Wood’s frustration that in a digitised, online world, it still proved difficult to access their choice of music that provided the initial impetus behind the Jaybox venture. As a consequence, the company have taken steps to ensure that their customers won’t have to face the same problem:“We’ve provided a request feature that has enabled our jukebox users to inform us directly if there’s a track that’s not available to them,”Barnett tells us.“We then process their request and in most cases can provide the specified content within a fortnight.”In Barnett’s opinion, it’s this service which marks Jaybox out from the competition:“We deal with these request without bias: it’s what makes us believe that we offer the most complete music package on the market.” With the jukebox sector reliant on the pub industry,which in recent years has seen decreased footfall and increasing rates of closure,one could be forgiven for assuming Jaybox’s fortunes had suffered during the economic downturn. But Barnett is clear: “We’ve actually continued to gain market share throughout the recession.”He attributes the results to the attractive business case the Jaybox product-range presents:“We offer unparalleled content in tandem with the provision of a three year warranty ensuring no parts costs.” Whilst some suppliers have viewed the veering of the pub-sector away from its tra-

dition wet-led roots with alarm, Jaybox is stalwart regarding the value of its product.“Yes,the pub sector continually evolves,”comments Barnett.“Delivery methods may adapt,but the draw to any venue is simply about creating the best atmosphere:and that’s what we try to do.” With the company born out of a desire for innovation, Barnett prides Jaybox on dealing with any technological and market adaptions


the future might bring:“We constantly review our strategy and product evolution.” However, he is quick to add that technological progression won’t eclipse the company’s core focus:“Whilst we pride ourselves on innovation we tend to avoid introducing new technologies just for the sake of it. We simply aim to ensure our products best meet the needs of our customers.”

Coinslot SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

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Essential Guide to ... Jukeboxes & Music So Market Perspectives




Automatic Machine Services (AMS) are looking forward to the latter months of 2014, as they anticipate a rise in revenues from jukeboxes both classic and modern.

A jukebox for every angle A multi-room system with a conversion kit to match has made Affordable Leisure’s jukeboxes the talk of the town. ffordable Leisure’s range of high quality jukeboxes was born from a collaboration with Mexican multinational Arion. The Latin Americans’ desire to enter the EU jukebox market was matched by Affordable’s expertise in the sector and the region. Thanks to 24 months years spent crafting the software required to create some of the most exciting products on the market, Affordable has now been offering popular jukeboxes for a number of years. This includes models such as the Soho, which adds a 19 inch LCD monitor, karaoke capabilities and much more to the standard jukebox offering. The new Biré model is also making waves, thanks to its compact size that doesn’t skimp on powerful features. One of its most prized abilities, is the Multizone software that comes included with every machine. Multizone enables operators to specify different sections of their venue to play different music. That means that a group of girls in the garden could select one track, while a gathering at the pool table plays music more aligned with their tastes. Deployment in the field has shown that Multizone can earn operators up to four times as much money as a regular jukebox, all from one single product. The success of this feature has grown thanks to strong word of mouth, as happy customers have shared their stories of success. This software innovation has been so popular that Affordable Leisure has begun offering it as part of a new conversion kit. Any older digital jukebox can be turned into a Multizone machine, with these kits forming an increasingly central part of Affordable’s business. In fact, any device with a touchscreen and coin mechanism can be transformed into a jukebox. This will also hook the device into the online cloud system that supports the software for all Arion jukeboxes. Operators keen to jump on board, but unsure about making a large initial outlay, can make use of Affordable Leisure’s rental systems, which allows them to lease a jukebox for 24 months, before being give the option to purchase it outright.


Jukeboxes can be a party catalyst ven the most popular coin-op machines will take a slight dip during the summer months and jukeboxes are no exception, but with autumn and winter around the corner, operators such as AMS are confident of a return to form. “Over the summer months most equipment performance suffers as regular players take holidays, spend more time at home with family or reside in the pub garden,” said company director, Jason Jarrett. “As we are now entering the autumn period things are starting to move forward once again.” Despite this traditional dip some savvy venues have found ways to work jukeboxes into their customers’ predilection for outdoor entertainment.“Jukeboxes in particular have taken a slight dip in takings,however most locations now utilise outside speakers on a separate zone to cater for the shift in used space,” said Jarrett,“and those online models who are up-to date with new tracks every week normally remain very consistent with takings, as regulars always look for the new chart releases to play first. It is always about ensuring the right application of equipment for each venue, something we take great pride in at AMS.” That process of pairing the right product with the right venue requires operators such as AMS to consider a variety of factors, including a machine’s aesthetic qualities.“The look of the equipment is very important,as it needs to appeal to all different locations who try to be individual in their style and décor,”said Jarrett.“The jukebox needs to stand out well enough to attract users, but blend into the surroundings so not to be an eye-sore.We all know the look of the iconic Wurlitzer jukebox, with the coloured bubble lights, and may agree this is a beautiful piece of equipment, however it won’t suit a modern trendy bar as much as a sleek black modern day Venue Hub. So the look and appeal of the Juke Box has to suit the venue, fortunately today’s manufacturers seem to have most tastes catered for.” There remain many venues that could benefit


Coinslot SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

from the addition of an attractive jukebox, with Jarrett noting that,“those venues who want to create a good atmosphere throughout the week and have the option of a ‘party’ feel at the weekends generally benefit most from a quality jukebox.” With an experienced operator at the helm, smart programming can transform a jukebox. “Getting the mix right for the week day trade together, with the weekend trade is the hardest part, as often these requirements are so very far apart,” said Jarrett.“However, with careful programming of the BGM timers, enabling and disabling certain categories at certain times of certain days, together with educating the customer on different options the jukebox offers, a good result is never far away. Jukeboxes have come a long way from the very first Rock Ola that my father supplied which only offered 40 records.” So far, that many now include integration with social media and the ability to dynamically update over the internet.“At AMS we worked closely with Sound Leisure and Soundnet earlier this year to be the very first operator to achieve 100 percent rollout of the Soundjack application to all of our Venue Hub estate,”said Jarrett.“Together with the Generation 2 software, which includes Twitter feeds, Flickr access and the ability to create a ‘Dance Me’ video has exceeded our customer’s expectations from the ‘box on the wall that plays music’.” Looking to the future, Jarrett expects mobile technology to play a greater role and has a few pipe dreams of his own that would inject the sector with new energy:“I am sure there is more in the pipeline for smartphone interaction to come in the future,” he said,“however I would be keen for someone to create an on-line phenomenon which grows to be as popular as the ‘icebucket challenge’. Perhaps people video themselves dancing to a certain track in their local pub which is being played by the jukebox? That might give the cashbox a bit of a boost!”

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c Solutions

B 2 B


Icon BGM: queuing ambience at the touch of a button its Icon BGM (background music) application earlier this summer, LNSMaunching Music have already seen great suc-

As well as the facility to browse the online NSM Music library containing well over 120,000 tracks, operators cess, with over 300 units sold throughout are then able to download up to 1,750 tracks to the device at any one the UK and Ireland. Developed in conjunction with PPL,the given time. In a marked step-up from SpoUK’s music licensing authority, and oper- tify and other MP3 streaming applicaating from any 8 to 10 inch Android tablet tions, Icon: BGM allows users to create device, the BGM offers pubs, bars, restau- playlists, and then queue them to play at rants, shops and hotels an affordable legal specific times of the day or week, providalternative to the use of other MP3 appli- ing operators with the control and flexibility to create the perfect in-situ cations.

ambience for their location. NSM’s library offers an eclectic range of categories, from current chart-toppers to golden oldies, bhangra, whale sounds, and many more.A special request facility allows users to petition to make a specific track available, if not currently covered by

the NSM range. In combination with remarkably low hardware and running costs, the underlying reasons behind the early success of NSM’s latest product, currently under trial with four leading UK pub groups, are in little doubt.

Coinslot SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

2386-p12-23-Essentials_Coinslot NEW 16/09/2014 16:45 Page 8


B 2 B

Essential Guide to ... Jukeboxes & Music So Products SOUNDNET

Soundnet builds from firm foundations New ways for operators to get their hands on the successful VHub jukebox are allowing more and more venues to plug into the soundjack-powered future thanks to Soundnet. oundnet has its roots in the music industry and together with Sound Leisure’s manufacturing excellence, the two companies have grown to dominate the UK ‘pay-to-play’ pub music landscape. This year, the launch of the VHub Gen 2 provided the perfect platform for Soundnet to achieve two very important objectives: to help operators invest in new technology through new sales and an attractive rental deal and the launch of the innovative soundjack app. The V-Hub, which had been previously released to great acclaim, was reworked to be even more intuitive to the user.A camera


was added and new apps including Twitter and Flickr meant that the jukebox now reflected the expectations of the pub-going music lover. A number of large orders followed and Soundnet launched a hugely successful rental offer for the VHub from £34 a week, with full ownership after three years in order to stimulate the sector, which was just emerging from a time of economic challenge.Also with the huge cost of the jackpot change and an upsurge in jukebox interest, rental packages offer operators flexibility with their cashflow in order to make the most of the latest technology. "We looked through the available

options the obvious choice was the new VenueHub,” said Nick Wheeler, teasing and approvals manager at Select Gaming.“The rental package was extremely attractive and definitely made the investment more manageable.” With Soundnet’s recent acquisition adding extra financial muscle, these deals are set to continue and give a much-needed boost in machine quality to the sector. The launch of the soundjack app was achieved in late Spring, following extensive trials. Nothing like this has been successfully launched in the UK before, but Soundnet recognised that this was the logical direction for the company to take.All

online jukeboxes can be soundjack enabled and the app is available to download via the App store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).It is still early,but the reaction to the app from users and operators has been extremely positive. “The benefit to us is to increase the cash in box.The soundjack app on any phone allows a larger customer base to access a database of millions of tracks of music via the jukebox and gives access to the music from anywhere on site, such as from the pool room, whilst dining or even just sitting in the beer garden,” says Chris Harrison, operations manager at Alan Davis Automatics.



Survey says JayBox on the right track

Jukebox sales unabated for S

A wide ranging industry survey indicates that JayBox has its priorities in the right place, as they continue to produce jukeboxes strong technical qualities backed by reliable customer service.

Sound Leisure’s bumper year continues, with VHub’s continuing to roll out across a variety of new and exciting venues.

most important thing in business is always listen to your customers" says “JamieThe Barnett, sales director at JayBox. "They are the ones who buy your products and use your service and you need to ensure you are relevant to their needs". To that end, JayBox has conducted an industry-wide survey to find out what operators regard as the most important factors when purchasing and supplying jukeboxes and it has revealed some interesting information. “Sending out the survey to over 300 industry professionals has given us some interesting insights into how businesses and product expectations are changing,” says Barnett. There were some strong trends in the survey results, with 100 percent of respondents saying reliability, technical support, music costs and price were all important or very important factors. Over 70 percent reported that additional feaCoinslot SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

tures like bingo, pub quizzes and so on were not important, with nobody at all saying that these extras were very important. This is a marked change from 18 months ago. Equally, 90 percent say that internet connectivity is now important or very important. This large shift from previous information reflects the growing importance of connectivity to jukebox users. In summary, the survey indicated that technical support and reliability were vital, that customers wanted a Jukebox to focus on its primary task of playing music and taking money and that connectivity and the ability to interface with other devices was becoming an important factor - one that will only increase in the future. “These surveys help JayBox shape our strategy and ensure that what we do is focused on the needs and demands of our customers,” says Barnett. “JayBox has

focused on technical excellence, backed up by a three year warranty, which keeps support costs down and on the highest quality provision of music to maximise revenues for our customers. All of our boxes are internet capable and the service is available at no extra charge.” Jamie went on to say: "In a demanding business environment with changing technologies it is vital that we constantly strive to give our customers what they need to meet the requirements of their customers and maximise their profits. 2014 has been another good year for JayBox, with over 12 percent growth year on year and with current development plans and active communication with customers and other industry professionals we expect 2015 to be even better.”

his year has been incredible for Sound Leisure and music partner Soundnet. It Tkicked off with an amazing order for 250 jukeboxes from the UK’s largest operator Gamestec, in association with the Official Charts Company. Other large orders followed from Sceptre Leisure, Essex Leisure, Oasis Retail Services, Fair City Amusements and others. “To have signed so many excellent orders at a time when the industry is still reeling from the recession and legislation changes, truly proves that our customers recognise the quality of the product and are willing to invest because of the high cashbox returns and professional support that we offer,”said Sound Leisure managing director Chris Black. VHub Gen 2 not only harnesses the latest technology - including the soundjack app, which enables customers to remotely

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c Solutions



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sales continue for Sound Leisure Another popular feature on the VHub Gen 2 is Dance Me.This gives customers the ability to create a“tongue in cheek”personalised dance video by capturing a photo of the user’s face and superimposing it onto a pre-rendered character.This humourous new feature attracts customers as well as acting as a viral promotion for both VHub and the venue. The VHub jukebox platform represents the most advanced jukebox technology available, combining state of the art features with an intuitive control system. Featuring more music than any other jukebox in the world,VHub has access to millions of tracks through the ‘On Demand’ service. Combine this with the UK Official Singles Charts (available exclusively on Sound Leisure digital jukeboxes) and you have the most diverse collection of music available.Don’t like a track,artist or genre? No problem, VHub can be profiled to choose and pay for music - it also incorpo- ensure the music library fits with your rates Flickr and Twitter feeds and boasts requirements. Want more control? OpWeb online machine management, Dynamic profiles can automatically which minimizes machine downtime and change the music library throughout the means that many faults can be remedied day to ensure customers can only select tracks which work for your venue. remotely.

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B 2 B


B2B Gaming Machines

B2B Gaming Machines


Sports dinner raises £12,000 for charity B2B Juke Box Specialists


Italian football legend Marco Tardelli. Rugby stars such as former player, Rory Jenkins, and current Wasps players, Andrea Masi and Carlo Festuccia as well as half of the Esher RFC first team also attended. Alongside sports stars were key players in the betting and interactive gaming industry and corporate guests. Richard Hogg, director of BiG, commented: “Sport has always had a magnetism over the nation and being able to harness its power for so many superb charities has produced some terrific results. To raise funds in our first year of running the event is a magnificent achievement and I am already looking forward to the next one.”


and gaming markets and underlines our commitment to the markets we serve,” commented John Vallis, UK sales director & VP amusement sales EMEA. As the industry’s largest supplier of components and spare parts throughout the world, Suzo-Happ continues to grow through increased sales and acquisitions. Growing demand leads to a growing team. Marks commented how pleased he is to be joining at industry giant, stating: “I am really relishing the opportunity to work with the industry leading component supplier and taking on a new challenge in a growing industry sector.”

ast week, The BiG Foundation Sports Dinner, the only sports dinner in the betting and gambling industry, raised over £12,000 alone from the raffle and auction in its inaugural year. £2,000 was pledged by gaming executives to join John Barnes on stage while he performed his World Cup rap. Rugby star Austin Healey hosted the event that aims to improve and enhance the quality of life of injured, sick, or terminally ill individuals globally, with a focus on the healing power of sport. The Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair provided the location for the evening’s festivities, which was attended by high-profile guests including high jumper Dalton Grant and



B2B Machines

To subscribe please call Sarah Haworth on 01204 396 397

Coinslot SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

SUZO-HAPP UK EXPANDS SALES TEAM uzo-Happ UK has appointed Brian Marks as regional sales executive. SMarks strengthens the internal sales team and brings much industry experience to this position having garnered over twenty years of coin-op experience in key UK and European market segments, namely amusement, bingo, vending and gaming. “Brian’s knowledge base is excellent. It fits in perfectly with the Suzo-Happ philosophy of providing ‘best-in-class’ solutions in all key segments for components and spare parts. He brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in both domestic and European markets, this appointment will further strengthen our presence in the amusement

DISTRIBUTORS BANDAI NAMCO PREPARES FOR EAS andai Namco is heading to the European Attractions Show with the expo B marking the first European showing of Lost Land of Adventure. This strategic shooting game features an industry first a dome-shaped mega-screen on a two-

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B2B Marketing Get great PR from the industry experts

player cabinet, resulting in a completely immersive experience. Other video titles from Bandai Namco at EAS will include Deadstorm Pirates SE, Dark Escape, Super Alpine Racer, Aliens DX and Batman - the latter three developed in association with leading design house Raw Thrills.



ewark-based manufacturer Reflex Gaming have just launched their latest Category C title, Hit the DracPot. Players take on the role of Prince Dracula himself, working their way through their castle, from the dank dungeon up to the heady heights of the tallest towers in this multi-stake, ÂŁ100 AWP. With an additional, â&#x20AC;&#x153;blood-bankâ&#x20AC;? super-game feature giving use an additional chance to bag a cash prize, Reflex will need more than just garlic to keep operators away from this tongue-in-cheek addition to their portfolio.



eeds Leisure has some of top performing Cat C machines on the market currently on its books. These latest titles from Bell-Fruit and Reflex Gaming are complimented by a range of other products, covering everything from boxing machines to lotech casino games. Leading the pack for Leeds Leisure are Deal or No Deal titles Bankers Offer and DOND Live - alongside the new ÂŁ100 release from Reflex, Hit the Dracpot.

MARKETING RLMS SALES CELEBRATES WEBSITE SUCCESS LMS Sales is preparing to mark what has proved to be a hugely sucR cessful first year for its corporate website ( this month. The national distribution firm, part of the Astra Gaming Group, has seen its website go from strength to strength, attracting a significant volume of visitors in the last 12 months and a surprisingly high number of unique users. Sales and marketing co-ordinator Martyn Allsop, who was instrumental in the creation of the site, commented: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Since the launch of the website, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve noticed a steep rise in visitor traffic. The number of page views weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve experienced has been more than 60,000 over the last 12 months, and they have originated from a total of 7,120 unique visitors who look at, on average, five pages every time they visit.â&#x20AC;? RLMS is focused on maintaining that momentum and has assembled what it believes are 10 good reasons for customers to visit the website. MD Phil Boulton noted: â&#x20AC;&#x153;When we set out to launch, the brief was to deliver a website that would function as a focal point for sales and much more besides. As a result, we have a site that is innovative, userfriendly and, most of all, hugely informative in terms of the vast breadth of great product that we have to offer. It is refreshingly different and a welcome alternative to what the market has come to expect over recent years.â&#x20AC;?

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B 2 B

Sponsored by



CATEGORYC (£1/£100 Max.)

CATEGORYB3 (£2/£500 Max.)


Single site


UK Box Office Chart

This Last Week Week Name / Manufacturer

This Last Week Week Name / Manufacturer

This Last Week Week Name

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 2 9 5 6 4 3 10 -

DOND Winfall BFG Hot Shots REF Worminator QPS DOND Midas Touch BFG Fiddle A Fortune REF DOND Powerplay BFG DOND Lucky Streak BFG DOND Crazy Chair Gold BFG Best Of British REF DOND Time to Play BFG

Taken from a representative number of sites around the UK Supplied by national operator

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Slotto 500 Astra Magic Lotto Ultra Novomatics King of Slots Blueprint Triple 8 Barcrest Mega Bars Big Hit Project Coin Rainbow Riches Community Cash Barcrest Lady Luck Reflex Triple 7 Barcrest Abet Astra Magic Lotto 2 Novomatics



FEC - family

This Last Week Week Name / Manufacturer

This Last Week Week Name / Manufacturer

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Encore T7 (GP2) SG Gaming Encore T7 (GP3) SG Gaming Magic Games 3 (s/d) Novomatic X3000 Multigame Amatic Magic Games 100 Ultra Novomatic Magic Games 3 Novomatic Triple 7 (GP2) SG Gaming FTL Ultimate Gamble Project Triple 7 (GP3) SG Gaming Solid Gold Astra

Based on data from a minimum of 10 locations. Supplied by Praesepe

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Members clubs

This Last Week Week Name / Manufacturer

This Last Week Week Name / Manufacturer

Magic Games U/R Novomatic Rainbow Riches Party Barcrest Free Play 70 Project Pure Gold Project Find The Lady 70 Project Party Time Arena (4 Player) Astra Win Wall Celebrity Astra Sevens Up Electrocoin Party Games (4 Player) Astra Magic Games S/D Novomatic

Taken from a representative number of sites around the UK Supplied by Amusement Equipment Co Ltd

Coinslot SEPTEMBER 12 - SEPTEMBER 18, 2014

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

Highest Earning Tracks on Sound Leisure jukeboxes This Last Week Week

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 2 4 3 8 -

Rude Magic! Prayer In C (Robin Schulz radio edit) Lilly Wood & The Prick Budapest George Ezra Waves (Robin Schulz Remix) Mr Probz Ghost Ella Henderson Am I Wrong Nico & Vinz Black Widow Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora Stay With Me Sam Smith Happy Pharrell Williams Won't Look Back Duke Dumont


Based on data from four sites Amusement Equipment Co Ltd

FEC - adult 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

UK Jukebox Chart http://www.sound

Bullion Bars (3 Player) Astra Party Time Classic (3 Player) Astra Party Games (4 Player) Astra Double Cash Astra Adders And Ladders(4 Player) Vivid Rainbow Riches (3 Player) Empire Goldrush Stampede (4 Player) Barcrest Party Time Arena (4 Player) Astra Party Time (3 Player) Astra Golden Games (3 Player) Mazooma

CATEGORYB4 (£2/£4000 Max)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Sex Tape Lucy Before I Go To Sleep The Hundred-Foot Journey Guardians of the Galaxy Let's Be Cops The Inbetweeners 2 The Guest If I Stay Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Based on data supplied by a representative number of UK sites Supplied by RLMS Sales

CATEGORYD (10p/£5 Max.)

1 8 6 5 9


1 5 2 3 6 10

This Last Week Week


Lets Get Jackpotted Reflex DOND Live BFG Galloping Jackpots Reflex Street Casino Storm Flamin’ 400 Reflex

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 3 2 5 49 8 6

In The Lonely Hour Sam Smith Lullaby And The Ceaseless Roar Robert Plant X Ed Sheeran Royal Blood Royal Blood Wanted on Voyage George Ezra Ryan Adams Ryan Adams Legend Bob Marley & The Wailers Caustic Love Paolo Nutini El Pintor Interpol Stars Collabro

Downloads This Last Week Week

Based on data from representative sites. Supplied by sector professional


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 4 7 5 3 33 2

Blame Calvin Harris ft John Newman Prayer in C Lilly Wood & Robin Schulz Shake It Off Taylor Swift Walking With Elephants Ten Walls I’m Not The Only One Sam Smith Black Widow Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora Superheroes Script Amnesia 5 Seconds Of Summer New Flame Chris Brown/Usher/Rick Ross Won’t Look Back Duke Dumont


27 28 29 29

Crown Direct Leeds Leisure Data Leisure JNC Sales


B 2 B

To advertise: Contact Kathryn Norris on 01204 396 397



07595 568078 07595 568078 For Sale



4 BOWLINGO LANES Fully workinng

£18,000 Teleph p one 01702 466342 or email Julie_lasvegas@btin


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£3,495 £2,995 £2,995 £1,995 £1,995 £1,795


£13,495 £8,995 £7,995 £6,995 £6,495 £6,195 £3,495 £2,995


£6,995 +VAT

All prices subject to VAT and Carriage

gaming...and so much more!



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Leeds Leisure Ltd


B 2 B

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LETS GET JACKPOTTED .................................................... £1,895 FLAMIN 400 NEW ................................................................ £1,895 AL MURRAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BIG NIGHT OUT..........................................£895 COPS SMASH & GRAB............................................................£795 GOING FOR GOLD ................................................................£550 COPS PLATINUM......................................................................£445 RONNIE Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;SULLIVAN .............................................................£375 STAR WARS ................................................................................£325






RANDOM GOLD DOUBLE UP £100 .................................£795 POUNDSTRETCHER £100.....................................................£795 RANDOM GOLD £100 ..........................................................£795 CASINO DIAMOND BAR X 7 £100 ...................................£795 ROYAL RICHES ..........................................................................£595 CASINO MAGIC 7â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S.................................................................£395 FIND THE LADY ........................................................................£395 MIDAS TOUCH ..........................................................................£295 DOND CASINO .......................................................................£295 ROLL X .......................................................................................£295 THE FULL MONTY ..................................................................£295 X FACTOR ..................................................................................£295 JOKER POKER 20P £10 ...........................................................£295 WIN CAN ALLEY......................................................................£245 CASINO MONOPOLY ............................................................£195


FAST & FURIOUS DRIFT TWIN........................................ £3,495 FORD RACING TWIN ........................................................ £2,395 AFTER BURNER SINGLE .................................................... £1,695 TIME CRISIS 3 DELUXE....................................................... £1,295 TIME CRISIS TWIN STD...................................................... £1,295 CHASE HQ 2 SSD .....................................................................£995 BATTLEGEAR 4 SSD ................................................................£995 TABLE TOP ARCADE MULTI-GAME (NEW) .....................£895 SILVER STRIKE BOWLING .....................................................£350


FIRE & ICE ...................................................................................£895 GARLANDO SPEEDY 7FT ......................................................£745


JAKAR BOXER MATRIX ..........................................................£695 PRO BOXER................................................................................£395

Tim Stanhope, Keith Parker or John Hood Tel: 01132 040885 Fax: 01132 560180 John mobile: 07766 247876 Email: Unit 59/62L, Springfield Commercial Centre, Bagley Lane, Farsley, LEEDS LS28 5LY



LOTTERY 500 .............................................................................£395

B3 £500

MAGIC SLOTS............................................................................£895 KING POTS.................................................................................£745 WORLD OF GAMES ................................................................£695 FREE PLAY 500 ...........................................................................£595 SUPER 500 ...................................................................................£595 DOUBLE ACTION SLOTTO ..................................................£495 PARTY SLOTS .............................................................................£495 MEGA BARS ..............................................................................£495 MONTY PYTHON ...................................................................£395 RAINBOW RICHES ..................................................................£395






WIZARD OF ODDS ............................................................... POA EASTERN PROMISE .................................................................. POA HIT THE DRACPOT ................................................................. POA STREETS CASINO (DIGITAL) HORIZON ..................... £1,595 GALLOPING JACKPOTS .................................................... £1,395 HAPPY HOUR (DONGLE NOT INCLUDED) .............. £1,195 STRIKE GOLD (DONGLE NOT INCLUDED)............. £1,095 JAIL BREAK ............................................................................. £1,045 MONOPOLY TAKEOVER.................................................... £1,045 DOND LIVE ................................................................................£995 DOND BANKERS OFFER ......................................................£995

£70 AWPS

DOND PERFECT GAME .........................................................£225 HOT HOT HOT ........................................................................£175 PACMAN POWER ....................................................................£125 INDIANA JONES HOLY GRAIL ............................................£125


PARAGON TT 09 FULLY LOADED......................................£795 PARAGON TT ............................................................................£545 PARAGON PRO 23...................................................................£395 DEAL OR NO DEAL ................................................................£275

0,%!3%#!,,4)-/2+%)4(/./2*/(./.s6)3)4/527%"3)4% 777,%%$3,%)352%#/5+ 7%(!6%-/6%$4/.%702%-)3%3 UNIT 59/62L, SPRINGFIELD COMMERCIAL CENTRE, BAGLEY LANE, FARSLEY LEEDS LS28 5LY

Best of British

To subscribe, or

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DATA LEISURE SALES LTD. Unit 12 Data House, Trent Industrial Estate, Duchess Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UT REFLEX GAMING £100 WIZARD OF ODDS ...................................... £2,225 HOT SHOT ................................................. £2,225 FIDDLE A FORTUNE ................................... £2,225 LETS GET JACKPOTTED ............................. £1,595 LL TRAIL OF RICHES .................................. £1,395 GALLOPING JACKPOTS .............................. £1,395 CASH ENCOUNTER..................................... £1,245 LADY LUCK TRAIL OF RICHES .................... £1,245 SNOW WHITE & 7 TENNERS ...................... £1,195 JACKPOT ISLAND....................................... £1,150 PAYMAKER ................................................ £1,050 DOUBLE AGENT ......................................... £1,045 ALICE IN WONDERLAND ................................ £895 BELLFRUIT GAMES GOING FOR GOLD ...................................... £1,050 JAILBREAK................................................. £1,050 BULLSEYE ON THE OCHE ........................... £1,050 MONOPOLY TAKEOVER .............................. £1,050 FAMILY GUY DRUNKEN CLAM .................... £1,045 DOND LIVE.................................................... £995 SPANK THE BANKER ..................................... £750 LIVE THE DREAM .......................................... £645 MAKE OR BREAK .......................................... £645 CLUB B4 DOND LIVE......................................................POA ALICE QUEEN OF HEARTS .......................... £1,895 LETS GET JACKPOTTED ............................. £1,895


88 56


TEL: 0117 9382552 AFTERSALES TEL: 0117 9382225






Data Leisure Sales

£70 MACHINES DIAMOND GEEZER ........................................ £295 STAR WARS DEATH STAR ............................. £195 DUBLIN YOUR MONEY ................................... £195 ON THE FIDDLE............................................. £195 TAKE IT OR LEAVE ........................................ £150 CRAZY TRAILS ............................................. £150 PACMAN POWER UP ..................................... £145 £5 MACHINES DOND GOLD ................................................. £275 DOND MEGA ................................................. £275 POOL 7X4 TOURNAMENT ....................................... £795 6X3 TOURNAMENT ....................................... £795 7X4 PRINCE .................................................. £745 6X3 PRINCE .................................................. £745 7X4 WINNER ................................................. £645 6X3 WINNER ................................................. £645


POOL (USED) 7X4 TOURNAMENT ....................................... £345 7X4 MAYFAIR................................................ £265 7X4 REGENCY ............................................... £265 MISCELLANEOUS £100 AZTEC TREASURE ......................................... £600 DOUBLE DOUGH 7 ........................................ £500


Contact Karl or Steve on Tel: 01706 883838. Fax: 01706 883839. E-mail: Coinslot SEPTEMBER 19 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2014


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Coinslot September 19 - September 25, 2014

Comment Let’s hope the open letter works

“Reduce taxes for all legitimate businesses”

alex lee comment nd so John White’s impact on BACTA in his short time as chief executive continues. This week, BACTA contributed to an advertisement in The Telegraph, in the form of an open letter from a number of businesses and trade bodies, appealing for fairer treatment by all parties in terms of business rates. While the use of an open letter in a national newspaper is hardly cutting-edge or ground-breaking, what it does show is that BACTA is willing to collaborate with other similar legitimate business concerns when it comes to dialogue with all political parties. As far as I’m concerned, the move comes as something of a watershed in the way BACTA does its work. While the trade body has always steadfastly represented the coin-op sector and put plenty of time and effort into listening to what its members want, the tone seems to be changing.That new tone is one of strength in numbers rather than acting as a separatist body which exists in its own bubble. For my money, this is a positive step towards not just gaining political support but also proving to the wider world that the coin-op gaming and amuse-


ment sector is an honest, regulated industry that, in many ways, is no different to any other UK-based business interest. I also found the wording of the advert/open letter, which included signatories as diverse as the BBPA, Morrisons,TGI Fridays and several other household names, quite interesting and was glad to see BACTA allied with such a professional approach. One part of it read:“A modern, sustainable and transparent system (of business rates) would unleash investment that could bring skilled and entry level jobs and new and expanded businesses into our local communities.” It’s hard to argue with that and simply by being an integral part of the BRC’s campaign, BACTA has, at a stroke, gained a little leverage, a lot of publicity and, eventually, a fair deal of interest as to what it is, what is does and who it represents. The advert/open letter concludes:“It is no longer an option to say that reform is too difficult or complicated and we call on all political parties to commit to fundamental reform in their manifestos for the next General Election.” Dare I say:“Hear, hear?”

Online/land-based bingo synergy alex lee

In the latest industry TV, a pensioner has games aren’t nece

media watch ala Bingo has teamed up with broadcasting service G TV Catchup to launch a new

One of the most important shows airing is Newbie Nation. Showing from 7- 8pm every night, it will help introduce you online channel, Gala TV, to fellow Gala Bingo fans and according to the Irvine Times. users, learn all the latest playGala Bingo’s new partner is a ing tips and, most importantly, successful TV online provider have you feeling like part of the clocking up four million viewcommunity in no time. Another ers every month. programme on the list is On The reason this leading UK the Buzzer. This show is sure provider is so popular is to get you on the edge of your because of the variety and seats thanks to its interactive accessibility it delivers to its quiz - you can sit back and play audience, offering millions of streamed programmes across on the go while learning about 50 different channels. Further- where the big Gala Bingo more, it is available on laptops, bonuses are happening. In addition to the fabulous computers, mobiles and tablets, making the provider an advice and celebrity news, there is also an all-star celeb ideal partner for such a wellcast of presenters that really known brand like Gala Bingo. gives Gala TV an edge within Gala TV broadcasts every the online TV sector. Wellday of the week between 7pm and midnight, and will provide known names like Charlie King viewers with the latest exciting from The Only Way is Essex and Strictly Come Dancing’s jackpots and up to date celebrity gossip. Furthermore, Alison Hammond are just two of the celebrity guests and there will be a range of shows presenters that are lined up for at different times throughout Gala Bingo’s TV channel. the evening that will help you In other news, a hero penplan your evening viewing.

sioner fought off three armed men who raided the bar where he worked, according to the Manchester Evening News. The 71-year-old hurled a tray of glasses at the masked trio - who were carrying sticks - after they burst into Heap Bridge Working Men’s Club in Heywood. Despite the men dragging him to the floor and beating him, the worker refused to open the safe and the gang were forced to flee empty-handed. Police praised the victim’s bravery and said the armed thugs were ‘no match for his strength of character’. They targeted the bar, on Waterfold Lane, at 12.15am on September 7. The first offender was described as 6ft, medium build, with a local accent. He was wearing khaki-coloured clothing. The second man was 5ft 8in and slim, while the third offender was 5ft 6in tall. All three were wearing balaclavas.

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Coinslot September 19 - September 25, 2014 31

“The need for the UK betting and gaming industry to adopt a viable and effective system for the identification and management of under-age and self-excluded players has never been greater.”





“ ”

quote unquote

“We anticipate that retail like-for-like sales will improve as the year progresses and that the momentum in pub partners, brewing and brands will continue.” COMPANY TRADING STATEMENT, GREENE KING

“Don Hesch is the ultimate operator. A competitive, enterprising and ethical businessman, he is willing to push the envelope in his own operations. He also possesses a cohesive vision for the amusement and vending industries, one in which operators can compete and thrive on level playing fields, whether in gaming, amusements or merchandise vending.” NICK MONTANO, VENDING TIMES

“Despite a period of recession in Spain, from which the country is only just emerging, major operator Cirsa has increased its operating profit by 8.3 per cent to €154m for the first half of 2014.”


nergy moves up a gear

e latest industry-related press reports, Gala Bingo has branched out into online pensioner has staved off armed robbers in his WMC and kids playing video es aren’t necessarily heading for the bariatric ward.

video games are partially responsible for the childhood obesity epidemic, since they encourage kids to sit in front of screens rather than go outside and play. If that’s your worry, you might want to… buy your kid a new video game. Just make sure its title contains the acronym NFL, NBA, or MLB. Newly published research suggests adolescents who play more sports-themed video games are more likely to get involved in real-life sports activities over time. What’s more, playing these games appears to enhance kids’ self-esteem by allowing them to develop and master sportsrelated skills and knowledge. Brock University psychologists Paul Adachi and Teena Willoughby followed 1,492 students from eight Ontario, Canada, high

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are putting their wish lists together on issues including business rates and barriers to finance from the main political parties as the annual party conference season looms large. And keeping this in focus is the Federation of Small Businesses.

john allan


Det Sgt Tony Dixon said: “I must first praise the bravery that this man showed to fight off the attackers and make sure they left empty handed. Three men armed with sticks were no match for his strength of character, which did not waver even when they pulled him to the ground and started to assault him. “It also shows the cowardice of these offenders, who were forced to run away with nothing after he stood up to them. We need people who may have seen these men in the area at the time to come forward and contact us on the numbers below.” Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. And finally, video games can be good for you according to the Pacific Standard. It’s widely believed that

Small firms set to demand action at party conferences

schools for four years, from grade nine to 12. As part of a larger annual survey, they were asked how often they had played organised sports during the past month. Their self-esteem levels were measured through a questionnaire given during ninth and 10th grades. On the 11th and 12th-grade surveys, they were asked how frequently they played sports video games. “We found support for a long-term, bidirectional association between sports video game play and involvement in sports,” according to the researchers.

ith the General Election scheduled for May 2015, busiW ness groups such as the FSB are preparing their wish lists to be included in party manifestos. John Allan, chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said in a statement: “This party conference season is an opportunity for all political parties to spell out their offer to small businesses and the self-employed ahead of the election. Small businesses are feeling confident and we need to lock in this optimism to deliver a sustained economic recovery.” There was evidence that small firms were being taken seriously by cross-party politicians in April when David Cameron and Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna addressed the FSB’s annual conference.The FSB is now making members’ demands clear. Allan added:“Business owners will be looking for ambitious plans to rebalance the economy and drive growth and prosperity across every nation and region. This is the time to lower the costs of doing business and to make it cheaper and easier to employ new people.” He believes that small businesses will be asking how each party would tackle key issues, including business rates, rising energy costs, late payments and barriers to finance. Emma Jones, founder of small business network Enterprise Nation, said the government has been ‘in listening mode’ to the needs of small businesses but there is always more to be done.

“Record numbers of people are starting their own businesses so their voices have to be heard. There are 4.9m small businesses in the UK and, since 2008, 90 per cent of job creation has come from small and medium firms.” While business sentiment is fairly positive on taxes and regulation, prompt payment is a huge issue that still needs addressing, said Jones. Alexander Jackman, head of policy at the Forum of Private Business, stated:“We’d like to hear some more encouragement for businesses to access finance, more measures around tackling late payment and extended payment terms, a commitment to regulate less often in employment law as well as a common sense approach towards wage rates.” He added that the details needed to be specific, and he wanted “concrete proposals, not sweeping gestures”. Jackman concluded: “Businesses will want to know the realities of what is being suggested.” In related news, calls have been made for the self-employed to be represented alongside small firms as they make up the fastest growing sector of the labour market at 15 per cent of the UK workforce and they are set to overtake the size of the public sector in 2016. The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed said in a statement: ‘There’s already a Minister for small business, but not for selfemployment or microbusinesses. It’s crucial the UK appoints a Minister for these vital businesses.”

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Coinslot September 19 - September 25, 2014

Newsweek AUTUMN SHOW FIT TO BURST he Autumn Coin-Op show is close to capacity and with twenty companies having confirmed their attendance, only a few stands remain empty. The likes of Astra, RLMS and NSM are busy preparing their displays for the event, which takes place at the home of Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge, from 15-16 October.


ATM STAKEHOLDERS TO ASSESS SECURITY RISKS AT ATMIA GATHERING he ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) is due to return to London for its annual ATM



Policy symposium to discuss future of responsible gambling Research) address current levels of problem gambling,and resultant government policies under proposal.Following the publication of new protocols earlier this year demanding that betting operators required a planning licence from their local council,further government proposals would place further restrictions on FOBTs and on gambling and betting advertising measures. Whilst policy figures make-up the core of the panelists, PPE are encouraging all affected parties: gambling operators and commer-

ext month will see the Public Policy Exchange (PPE) convene a raft of senior policy figures to discuss the future of responsible gambling. The event,titled Gambling Protections, Controls and the Role of Local Authorities, will see guest speakers such as Richard Orpin (head of domestic gambling policy, Department for Culture, Media & Sport), Matthew Hill (Director of regulatory risk and analysis, Gambling Commission), and Heather Wardle (research director, National Centre for Social


Security Conference. Jointly organised by ATMIA Europe and consultancy firm RBR, the event aims to promote awareness of ongoing security challenges affecting ATM operators. With 2014 seeing the end of extended Microsoft support for its Windows XP operating system,

this year’s event will focus specifically on the transition away from XP for affected operators. Other areas of discussion will target on specific European case-studies of organised ATM crime, the ongoing importance of video surveillance, and the latest physical and digital measures

crime-prevention currently available to ATM deployers.

cial stakeholders alike, to contribute their own perspectives by way of two sessions of open debate, claiming the event aims to ensure “that UK gambling continues to serve as a safe and enjoyable form of leisure, and that it remains a vital source of revenue and jobs.” Gambling Protections, Controls and the Role of Local Authorities is to take place at Broadway House in Westminster on Thursday, 2nd October. Interested parties can register their attendance at

Exclusive international guest speakers will include Lysiane Back, vice president of Luxembourg’s Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de ‘Etat, Jorg Engelhardt, vice president global product management and market at Diebold USA, and Marc Lefebvre, head of IT security at La Banque

Postale. Last year, the twoday conference drew 350 delegates from 48 countries, with 40 per cent of the audience made up of bank representatives. The fourteenth ATM Security Conference takes place at the Park Plaza Hotel in London Victoria, October 14-15.

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