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finger vein authentication engine (FVAE)

Hitachi’s Fingervein authentication engine (FVAE) provides key elements for biometric Identity Assurance Finger Vein is a proven and robust biometric – Highly tolerant to dirty, greasy, moist, and rough conditions Finger Vein Authentication Engine (FVAE) is highly scalable – Deploy with confidence in small businesses or large enterprises FVAE provides extreme flexibility and supports a multitude of authentication options – Match on Server, Match on Client, Match on Device and Template on Card Intuitive and easy to integrate Algorithm Engine – For existing applications requiring enhanced biometric identity assurance Flexible and scalable costing models – Allowing for effortless user and market adoption Finger Vein – One of the most accurate, fast, non-invasive, private and robust biometric modalities

client/server deployment


Finger Vein (FV) Client

Database FV Server Database access (if necessary) to be applied by server application

Client Application FVAE Client module


Server Application FVAE Server Module

Hitachi Secure BioAPI Runtime Libraries and Device Driver



Accurate Unique vein patterns, combined with Hitachi's finger vein technology delivers high accuracy resulting in some of the lowest Failure To Enroll (FTE), False Reject Rates (FRR) and False Accept Rates (FAR) among the lowest for biometric technologies.

Fast Advanced algorithms ensure vein pattern matching at lightning speeds (<1 second) resulting in the suitability of Finger vein biometrics for a variety of diverse applications.

Confident Finger vein patterns are internal, making forgery extremely challenging. This eliminates concerns around privacy.

Scalable The multi-threaded server architecture of Hitachi's Finger Vein Authentication Engine (FVAE) allows for massive scalability in matching performance, providing a strong and fast identification service for large user populations.

Robust The technology is extremely robust, such that, dry, dirty, greasy or rough finger has no impact on the performance and accuracy.

Versatile With a modest 400 bytes being the biometric finger vein template size, allows for a multitude of authentication options and efficient database management.


finger vein technology

Finger vein technology developed by Hitachi uses near-infrared light for pattern-matching and authentication. This light is transmitted through the finger and partially absorbed by hemoglobin in the veins to capture a unique finger vein pattern profile, which is then matched with a pre-registered profile to verify the userâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s identity.

Extract Match


Mapping the veins


Reference Template stored on the server \ PC or Infra Red Light intensity is adjusted to acquire optimal image


and creating a template

Finger outline is adjusted

on the card

difficulty of forgery Finger vein is an internal biometric, making vein patterns very difficult to obtain or replicate




Special Technology Required


lty of R e

Voice Very Difficult

Known Technology



Moderate Easy




isition zed Acqu ri o th u a of Un Difficulty


finger vein h - 1 module

Compact and Durable Hitachi's H-1 Finger Vein desktop module provides enhanced security, speed and reliability for user identification. The H-1 module is a compact biometric reader that quickly and easily connects directly to any Windows速 based PC. The H-1 module is designed to meet all security and convenience requirements necessary for biometric identification.

System & Interface: Infrared LED and camera, USB 2.0 Accuracy: Quick and Precise Matching Speed: Total Verification Time, <1 second Size (mm): Very Compact, 59W x 82D x 74H

industries Hitachi's FVAE solution and H-1 module are perfect for applications where secure and rapid user authentication is required, such as:

Bank and Financial Institutions





INVIXIUM 1210 Sheppard Ave E. Suite 302 Toronto, Ontario, M2K 1E3, Canada +1 647 725 6100 - Office

about us Invixium Identity provides effective identity assurance solutions globally. As a preferred partner and value added reseller (VAR) of Hitachi's highly scalable Finger Vein Authentication Engine (FVAE), Invixium Identity is able to provide industries such as Banking, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and many more the trust,confidence and security for projects requiring user identity validation. Hitachi's FVAE architecture enables a strong identity framework, making a distinct connection between an individual and their credentials. FVAE provides key elements in the identity management process ensuring a robust, reliable, fast, accurate and secure biometric solution.

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