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By Nancy Newton Š

CONTENTS 1. Introduction


2. Have the body of your dreams


3. What is creative visualization?


4. How creative visualization works


5. The importance of relaxation


6. Breast enlargement using creative visualization 26 7. Affirmations


8. Goal setting


9. Visualization 1


10. Visualization 2


11. Visualization 3


12. FREE BONUS CHAPTER Using creative visualization to rejuvenate your body and enhance your good looks

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INTRODUCTION The aim of this book is to increase the size of your breasts using creative visualization. Therefore, its contents have been condensed to supply you with only the relevant important, information needed to achieve these specific results. The precise, detailed action plan, has been designed to allow you to follow my simple instructions, with ease and ultimate success.

Let me begin by saying that I don’t profess to be a distinguished author or a professional researcher. I’m not a hypnotherapist either. I am a woman who has come to the realisation that for us to find happiness in this modern-day society, we need to FEEL ATTRACTIVE and BE CONTENT with who we are. To a degree we judge ourselves by the way others see us. A lack of self-confidence, self-worth and shyness may be a consequence of us feeling dissatisfied with our appearance and body image.

Now if something is stopping you from loving yourself, I’m here to tell you ‘YOU CAN’ do something about it.

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I decided to write this book because I was unhappy with the size of my breasts. From my teenage years, their under-development gave me cause for bouts of depression and a lack of self-esteem, which I carried through to adulthood. On the outside I seemed confident and out-going, but inside I felt deeply unhappy.

Being flat chested when your growing up is not something you can easily hide (although being small you’d think you could!) School sports held some painful memories for me, as well did swimming. Any compulsory clothing requirement, such as having to wear a swimming costume and reveal my obvious lack of a figure, I found deeply embarrassing. I felt so very different to all the other girls.

It really did effect my enjoyment of life at such a sensitive age. Then as you get older and wiser, your not so hard on yourself, you look at life differently. Until, there subsequently comes a time in your life when your priorities change. To meet someone special and settling down, choose the right career and feel happy and fulfiled in life, became my main ambition.

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I had a few short-term, awkward relationships before I met my wonderful husband. David taught me the importance of accepting and loving myself the way I am, for which I thank him dearly. All love should be un-conditional, and that starts with loving yourself first.

But unfortunately you would have to be super human to feel like this all of the time. It wasn’t long before my own insecurities reared their ugly head again. Continually accusing your husband of looking at other women is not a stable foundation for a successful and trustworthy marriage to be built upon. I found the summer months the worst. Endless long, hot, sunny days. People having fun and enjoying life. The latest revealing summer trends in all the stores and people exposing as much flesh as possible.

But what you can hide underneath a sweater in the winter, you can’t do in a little summer top. I would constantly think to myself, “I really wish I had a large bust. I would love to feel more feminine and wear the clothes I really want to wear.”

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Whilst I was recovering from a bout of ill health a friend of mine suggested I do a Reiki 1 course. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which I found to be really awe-inspiring and in my case, positively life-changing. I later did my Reiki 2 which developed my skills even more. I also became interested in other alternative health therapies, such as homeopathy and aromatherapy. It was whilst reading a book on guided imagery that I eventually discovered the potential of the mind, and its power when utilised, in helping to create health, happiness and success in life. I read countless books on Hypnosis, Visualization and Imaging. The general hypothesis being,


Well I thought, I have a wonderful husband, a lovely home and we live in a beautiful part of the country, what else could I possibly want...?

This time last year I was a 34a, now I’m a 34c. My breasts grew

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2 cup sizes, just by applying some simple techniques. Using creative visualization I literally saw them larger than life in my mind. My body responded to this imagery and my breast began to expand and develop in size. I noticed an improvement each week, until eventually, I reached my goal of 34c in just 5 months! You have a choice.

You CAN have what you want in life, and to try is simplicity itself.


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HAVE THE BODY OF YOUR DREAMS Everyone has some aspect of their body that they are not entirely happy with. For the majority of us changing this could simply be a question of a new hair style or hair colour, lose a little weight and work out more, or if all else fails, buy a new outfit to cheer ourselves up. Alternatively, you could simply acknowledge your faults and live with them, no one is perfect - right?

But in this day and age its never been more important to look, feel and present yourself to the best of your abilities. Being a woman I feel we have drawn the short straw once again. There was a time when glossy magazines, full of waif-like models of statuesque proportions, whose glamourous lifestyles and film star boyfriends, seemed so unattainable to us mere mortals. To compete with these goddesses would be completely futile.

So that is what we did - nothing! It seemed that to be happy with your lot in life, was to bow down gracefully, and only aspire to

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their beauty. But with the current influx of celebrity gossip magazines on our shelves, it becomes apparent that the majority of these film stars/models have had a little help in creating this flawless image. It seems that, if you ain’t got it to flaunt, you can find a surgeon who will give it to you!

Cosmetic surgery is a multi-million dollar business, and because we are living more and more on credit these days, it has become attainable to the vast majority of us willing to go under the knife.

It’s true that for some people, cosmetic surgery has worked miracles in their lives, and given them back their confidence and their self-esteem.

But what if you DO want to look beautiful, but you don’t want to resort to the operating table.

Apart from the pain and swelling, there’s also the question of the uncertainty as to the outcome. I was one of these people. The idea of, for instance, having your nose straightened or narrowed, or your ears pinned back, seemed perfectly agreeable to me.

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To correct these hereditary traits, where only surgery would be an option, I will not deny the benefits. But to go from 34a to 34c, by having potentially dangerous implants “fitted”, was for me out of the question. Not only do they look unnatural, they are I believe, not natural. With the potential for scarring, leakage and loss of sensation, not to mention the recovery time and cost.

I realised I had to find another way to expand on my small but perfectly formed breasts.

So it then became my mission to pursue a more natural way to enlarge my breasts. This took a lot of time, as I waded through all the paraphernalia available. Documenting every conceivable tried and tested miracle treatment. From high-tech natural tissue growth bra’s, to specially concocted herbal tablets, (plus that secret ingredient!). Other experiments included ‘the old wives tale’ of smearing each breast with pure cocoa butter morning and night. I also performed numerous upper body exercises on a daily basis, but it became apparent to me that, you just can’t tone and shape something that is not there. The results were a waste of money and sheer disappointment every time.

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It took a bout of ill health and time to recuperate that led me to the understanding that we really can make ourselves sick by our negative thoughts and images. Equally, by drenching our subconscious mind with positive life enhancing thoughts and images, we can once again re-establish balance and equilibrium in our body.

I became so fascinated with the connection between the workings of the mind and its control of the body, that I immersed myself in all the literature that abounded on the subject.

I thought, if you can cause a blister to appear on your skin just by willing it to in your subconscious mind, and could equally cause a wart to disappear with the appropriate imagery, I should in theory be able to make my breasts grow in size, by supplying my subconscious mind with a more voluptuous image of myself.

So basically that’s what I did. AND IT WORKS! I was a 34a now I’m a 34c. All it took was a little time and effort, to produce perfectly natural results. What’s more it didn’t cost me a penny, its also increased my confidence and self-esteem.

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If your interested in a serious alternative to cosmetic surgery to enhance the size of your breasts, just follow the simple techniques outlined in this book. Oh, and THINK BIG!

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WHAT IS CREATIVE VISUALIZATION? First of all let me explain that I have not set out to write a book on what creative visualization is, and how it works. For that there are innumerable books for sale on this subject. Therefore, I will just give a brief explanation of the process and theory behind it.

Creative visualization is a technique by which you create images in your mind of something you would like or have come about in your life.

Its perfectly natural, and naturally easy to do. We are constantly creating images in our mind all the time. Some of these images we are aware of, others not. For instance, when you wake-up in the morning you are able to see in your minds eye the outfit you intend to wear that day and how it will look on, without having to sift through your wardrobe, try on a dozen items, with only a mirror for feed-back. What you decide to have for lunch might see you do a mental scan of the contents of your fridge, before you get up and make that sandwich.

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The idea of a holiday might see you sunning yourself on a golden sandy beach, before you’ve even bought the tickets! Everything we do is first an image or idea in our mind. Every action we take was first played through like a mini-movie, so we know exactly which direction to take.

Whether planning a birthday party, or a shopping spree, we’ve already gone through it in our mind first.

Unfortunately, a lot of us create negative images of ourselves without realising it. We want to lose weight, but we see ourselves as fat. We want to be confident, but see ourselves running away. We’d like to give up smoking, but see ourselves enjoying one last cigarette.

Our actions naturally follow the image we have of ourselves in our mind.

Now, in the above examples, if for instance we want to lose weight, we could create a picture of ourselves in our mind as already being slim and toned. This would have the effect of

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allowing us to feel more positive about our body-image, right from the start. This would then allow us to genuinely become motivated and more health conscious. Which would probably make us consider our diet more, without even realising it.

Choosing to eat healthy organic fresh fruit and vegetables, instead of stodgy cakes and pastries. By seeing ourselves in our minds eye as how we really want to be, we will naturally start to alter our habitual actions (in this case the constant cycle of dieting and bingeing) thus allowing us to progress to our new lean body image. Also when we focus on one image of ourselves, we block out all else to the contrary. If you see yourself as slim and toned, you can’t see yourself fat as well.

By daily re-enforcing this image, not only can you change the shape of your body, but your self-esteem and outlook on life will change also, becoming more positive and healthy. By using creative visualisation in this way, weight loss is no longer a challenge, but a natural progression towards the new you.

To picture the end result in this way, is to set yourself a goal.

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Setting goals of things you would like to obtain or achieve in life, is a very important factor when working with creative visualization. I will explain goal setting later in this book. So to imagine your breasts as large and voluptuous you are setting yourself a goal in a similar way.

Use creative visualisation, imagine the end result, focus on this new body image of yourself on a regular, daily basis, until you obtain your goal.

Subtle changes in your life will gradually occur in response to the new image you have created in your mind.

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Now, if all of this sounds a bit too much like hard work, I’d like you to take a look at the picture below.

The woman in this picture is a size 34c. Study the picture carefully. Notice how well proportioned and full her breasts are. Imagine how it would feel to own that body. Now close your eyes for a moment and imagine your breasts are a 34c (or bigger!) Spend a little time doing this and try to develop a sense of genuine belief that your new, large breasts are indeed real. Now, look down at your large breasts, notice how generous in size they are, how curvaceous they feel to the touch. Cup your breasts in your hands, notice their heavy weight and their firm fullness.

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Next, see yourself walking about and as you do, feel their movement, swaying to and fro. Now say to yourself, “Wow! My breasts are huge, really full and generous.”

Now, how easy did you find that exercise?

Were you able to see with great detail, or did you just glimpse a vague outline of an image?

Were you able to sense a feeling of weight and proportion?

Chances are you would have answered yes to some of these questions. In which case, let me congratulate you, you’ve just realised your future potential in obtaining larger breasts.

Although the technique needs a little refining, it really is as simple as that! So please don’t get too hung-up with the word ‘visualization’. It’s not an absolute necessity to be able to see your images with crystal-clear clarity. What is essential though, is that your intention is clear.

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If you can see, feel, sense, believe or just know, that your breasts are getting bigger, they will indeed grow, you WILL get results.

Its also a good idea to cut out and collect any pictures you see of women with large breasts, you can then refer to them from time to time for inspiration. The important thing to remember is to incorporate as much feeling and sensation into your visualization as possible, in doing so your image will seem all that more real.

The more real the image appears, the more the brain will act upon these changes, which will determine your success.

Utilise as many of the five senses as you can, to the optimum effect.

So, feel the warmth of the sun, taste the sweet honey, hear the crash of the waves, smell the orange blossom and see the colours in the rainbow. Make it real, believe it is so.

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HOW CREATIVE VISUALIZATION WORKS The physical body is made up of literally trillions of cells. Each and every day millions of these cells are being replaced by new ones. We know that 10% of all cells are replaced every 3 weeks, 25% are replaced every 5-6 weeks and 98% of our entire body is replaced in one year.

These figures are well documented in Deepak Chopra’s ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’. In fact: • Our skin cells are totally new every 30 days • Our liver is replaced every 6 weeks. • Our body is continually repairing and regenerating itself.

The intelligence or genetic code of each cell is in its DNA.

When you create images in your mind over a period of time, the chemical messages you send out from your brain, have a direct effect in the DNA‘s output of information.

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Therefore how you think and act directly influence the cells in your body. When you create an image in your mind (whether the image is a memory or something unreal) consistent body changes and behavioural changes occur.

Now what this means in layman’s terms is that you take control of your life, by taking control of your thoughts.

When you transform your thinking, you can transform your life.

All your ideas, beliefs, emotions, habits, attitudes and memories are stored away in your mind.

If you are not happy with any aspect of your life, decide what changes would have to be made to live the life of your dreams. Challenge these beliefs, ideas, attitudes etc, that you live by, that make the person you are today, and replace them with images of the new you you want to be. By visualizing you are initiating a whole series of chemical reactions in your body, positively re-educating matter!

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There is great power in repeating a thought over and over again.

In time your vision WILL manifest, and the real you will emerge. So you see, you really are in the drivers seat of your own destiny.

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THE IMPORTANCE OF RELAXATION The brain is divided into two hemispheres - left and right. The left brain (conscious mind) function is logical i.e. reading, writing and arithmetic. The right brain (subconscious mind) function, deals with creativity, dreams, symbols and emotions.

By entering into a state of relaxation we are able to access the subconscious mind. At this level our mind cannot differentiate between right and wrong, it only understands direction.

Therefore it is imperative that you are completely relaxed when performing creative visualization.

This will allow the new image to sink deep into the subconscious mind, (the right brain) without the reasoning, conscious mind objecting. Changes will only come about if you consistently reenforce the image, whilst the body and mind are in a relaxed state.

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All the exercises in this book should be performed while the body is completely relaxed.

There are many different relaxation techniques you can use. These include breathing slowly and deeply, whilst relaxing each muscle in your body in turn, starting at your feet and working your way up the body until finally, relaxing all the muscles in the face. Or you could see yourself in an elevator going down each floor from 10 -1, as you stop at each level repeat to yourself that your body is getting more and more relaxed. Another favourite of mine is simply to imagine you are soaking in a warm bath, feel all the tension in your muscles fade away, as you sink deeper and deeper into relaxation.

This is a basic relaxation technique that you can use for all the exercises in this book.

First lie down or sit up straight if you prefer, but make sure your back is supported. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Think of a time when you felt completely relaxed. Some examples could include, lying on a golden sandy beach, feeling

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the warmth of the sun on your body and hearing the ocean in the distance. Or simply listening to your favourite music whilst relaxing. When you’ve thought of an example see yourself step into that picture of yourself, and slowly match your breathing to that of the relaxed person. Spend a few moments just absorbing the quiet. Say to yourself, “I’m going to count from 10 - 1 and with each number I’ll feel more and more relaxed.” Ten deeper and deeper, nine deeper and deeper and so on.

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BREAST ENLARGEMENT USING CREATIVE VISUALIZATION I began my breast enlargement regime by first purchasing a note book and tape measure. So confident was I that I would see results, I wanted to document every part of my study. At the front of the book would be the clinical analysis i.e. measurements and developments. Measuring the individual breast size, taking into account fluctuations due to monthly periods etc, and monitoring their progress. The front of the book would also include my individual assessment on how I was feeling overall with the results on a weekly basis. The back of the book would include the creative visualizations, specifically designed by me for the optimum effect. Since I seemed alone in this study, with no reference books to speak of, I basically made it up as I went along. This fortunately soon worked to my advantage, by giving me the freedom of possibilities, without any preconceived ideas or restrictions.

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I didn’t think to set myself a time limit as such. Large breasts were always something I so desperately wanted (women with flat chests will only understand this). I was determined to put in the time and effort for however long it took. But what I did do was set myself a goal of approximately one year, which I thought was realistic and attainable, or so I thought. Little did I expect to reach my goal so soon and go beyond it!

So I began with the title; Breast enlargement by creative visualization

Goal; To increase my breasts to a size 34c within one year (which I then dated).

I then set about measuring my breasts, which I must admit did feel a bit strange. I measured myself by wrapping the tape measure around my chest and over the nipples. I exhaled fully, as I quickly noticed my breathing was altering the results. Then I measured each breast individually from the nipple to the bottom of the breast. I wrote my findings in the specific - right breast,

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left breast, column in my book. I made these measurements exactly half way between menstrual cycles, to keep them as accurate as possible. You can choose to measure yourself at any time of the month as long as you are consistent.

Because I’m lucky enough to maintain an overall stable body weight, I just concentrated on measuring my breasts. If you are one of those people whose weight does tend to fluctuate quite regularly, you might like to measure your waist and thighs as well. Then you can take into account any significant weight gain, and adjust the figures accordingly. Measuring your breasts on a weekly basis might seem a little too disciplined for some. If you prefer not to, that’s perfectly fine. Although I did find that measuring my breasts each week was like setting the bar a little higher each time. The results, whether they were insignificant at first, or positively conclusive as time went on, gave me such an overwhelming thrill.

I remember constantly thinking to myself, “I’m making this happen, and I’m doing it myself!”

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How quickly your breasts develop is entirely down to the individual. My breasts began to grow quite noticeably after the 2nd week. Then 2 months later I reached a plateau, where my breasts stayed a stable b cup size. Although I was thrilled with the results, the focus was then on myself to try harder. I kept pushing myself with sheer determination, but with little if no effect, until suddenly I became aware of the error of my ways.

I realised that my striving and negative internal dialogue was proving counter-productive to what I was trying to create.

Also confusing issues whether I actually deserved larger breasts came into play. So I just relaxed and let go more. I began to say affirmations to myself (repeating a positive statement that something is already so). An explanation of how affirmations can be used to your advantage are described later in this book. This seemed to kick-start the growth rate once again.

Then after 5 months, or twenty-two weeks to be precise, I reached my goal 34c!

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Please don’t get too hung-up with how quickly you see results. If you become too obsessed with expecting too much to soon, you could be jeopardising everything. What you don’t want to do is set your goal in an unreasonable length of time. The results might be small at first, or they may be unbelievable, either way you don’t want to put any doubt in your mind that its not working or you can’t do it.

I found that initially I was constantly checking myself in any mirror I caught my reflection in. I found myself scrutinising my breasts and judging my progress. It was only while writing an account of my thoughts and feelings each week in my book, was I able to realise my obsessive, grasping nature at achieving fast results.

So set aside a specific time each day to do your creative visualizations. Affirmations can be repeated silently or out-loud to yourself anytime, preferably when you are relaxed or not focused on what you are doing, e.g. when your ironing, waiting at a bus stop or soaking in the bath. Then for the rest of the day try and forget about seeing results.

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Your breasts WILL develop and grow, but only if you stop forcing them to.

It’s also a good idea not to tell anyone what your doing, keep it to yourself. When you’ve reached your goal, then you can tell everyone. (If they haven’t noticed already!) That way you won’t have their negativity or discouragement influencing your success.

Another positive outcome of obtaining larger breasts through creative visualization, was my increase in confidence and selfesteem. I felt, even after the first week, so much happier within myself. I found I was walking tall with my shoulders back and my chest pushed forward, as if ready to accommodate my new size breasts.

Even though there may have been little significant change in the size of my breasts initially, I felt all woman inside. I felt able to converse with the opposite sex confidently. Where as before I felt very insecure and would always fold my arms across my chest.

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I now am able to look men in the eyes, even when their eyes are else where!

Equally I now look upon women with larger breasts, not with envy, but with a sense of pride and equality. I now acknowledge the fact that we as women, are all blessed with different assets and attributes, but its how we feel on the inside that really effects us in relation to the body we inhabit.

When we change our specific body image to a more desirable one, through creative visualization, not only can we change that body part, but WE change also, and become more desirable and content in ourselves.

I created several visualizations to enlarge my breasts. Some quite short with intense focus on the breasts themselves swelling and growing, others much longer and progressive in content. You should be able to find the time to do at least some of these visualizations daily. I found that by alternating the different visualization exercises I had created, allowed me to keep the images fresh and focused. You can use, or start off with these

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exercises, but feel free to adapt or change any of them as you go along. If you only feel comfortable doing a couple of these, then have a go at creating your own. What’s important is that these images FEEL REAL to you, that way your body will except and act upon them sooner.

I had a clear intention to commit at least 45 minutes morning and evening to creative visualization.

It must be said that the outcome of your success will largely be determined on the time and commitment you put into it. A minimum of 20 minutes will be sufficient, any more than that, even better. I found the creative visualization experience quite enjoyable and liberating and frequently found myself doing more than 40 minutes.

I think the thing to remember is, do as much as you comfortably can. Don’t strain or force yourself excessively, as this could prove counter-active to your success.

33 ©

There will be times, as I found, when my visualizing seemed so vivid that I couldn’t understand why my breasts weren’t yet as big in real life. Just remember, you are creating a new you in your world of dreams, but you have to carry on living in the here and now. So continue to visualize daily and carry on with your practical everyday living.

Be patient, the results will come in stages. With gentle perseverance you WILL achieve larger breasts.

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AFFIRMATIONS Affirmations are an excellent tool in re-programming your mind. By repeating positive phrases of something you want or have come about in your life, you are over-riding the continual commentary (most of which is negative) going on in your mind.

A lot of these thoughts sound like an old tape recording, reflecting all our habitual thinking patterns we have become unaware of, creating our personality and influencing our lives. By practising positive affirmations, we can replace these old negative thought patterns with positive new ideas and concepts. With each new affirmation you do, its a good idea to start by saying them aloud to begin with, as time goes on you can simply repeat them to yourself in your head. For an affirmation to be successful there are a few things you have to remember.

1. One of the most important factors to consider is the careful wording of the affirmation. This should be done in a positive, generating way. Always affirm what you do want, not what you don’t want. For example you could say; I have large voluptuous

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breasts, rather than; I would like my small breasts to be bigger.

2. You should always phrase the affirmation in the present tense, as if what you want to have come about, has already happened. This will suggest to the subconscious mind that the statement is already true, and will be acted upon accordingly.

3. Keep your affirmations concise and to the point. Affirmations that are too long and wordy become watered down in their meaning and too cumbersome to use. A clear statement which conveys an intense feeling, is less likely to be discarded after a few weeks.

4. Instead of just simply repeating your affirmation by rota as many times as you can, try and generate as much feeling and positive energy whilst saying it. Emphasise every word you say. Try and suspend all feelings of negativity and doubt, instead create a feeling of belief that what you are saying IS TRUE.

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5. One of the most common reasons why an affirmation seems to fail, is because it was used for too short a period of time. It has taken many years for our beliefs and attitudes to grow within us. Therefore we are not going to change over night. But the process of using affirmations is both powerful and life changing. We can, by using affirmations, over-ride the old tape recording in our mind and instill our new future possibilities.

37 Š

Here are some affirmations for you to choose from. Repeat regularly everyday whilst doing your visualizations, for however long you like.

My breasts are fuller, firmer and larger My breasts are now large and voluptuous Everyday I can feel the weight of my breasts increase My breasts are now the perfect size ....? My breasts feel full and heavy I feel my breasts tingle and swell as they grow Everyday my breasts are growing larger and larger My new fuller breasts make me feel happy and confident My breasts are healthy and growing bigger and heavier I love my large breasts My large breasts make me feel feminine and sensual

38 Š

GOAL SETTING Goal setting gives you a sense of direction and purpose in life to follow your dreams and ideals. The process of setting goals can be a bit tricky. Not knowing what you really want in life can make the process of setting goals complicated and confusing.

But, by making them simple at first, short term and easily obtainable, you will gain much confidence and experience and know what feels right for you. Goals should be specific and clear, that way you can follow them effortlessly without striving and pushing yourself.

If you decide over time that your goal doesn’t inspire you anymore, feel free to change it. Your not tied to a specific goal indefinitely, it might change as you do. Now, your immediate goal in life is for larger breasts, next year it could be for a certain model of car, or a better paid job, in five years time it could be to settle down and have a lovely home and family life.

39 Š

Therefore, choose a goal of something that you definitely want, and give yourself a realistic period of time to achieve it in.

I gave myself one year as I had no idea how long it would take. I eventually reached my goal in a little over 5 months. So be as specific as you can, but also go easy on yourself. You’ve heard the saying, ‘all good things came to those who wait!’ I would rather you obtain your goal in x amount of months, than feel a failure after just one. So write your exact goal in your book or on a piece of paper.

My goal was; To increase my breasts to a size 34c within one year.

Your goal could be; To have my breasts fit my 34c black bra perfectly in 6 months from now, May 2006.

Then when you next go shopping you could purchase some new lingerie in your goal size (in this case a 34c bra). This is something I did, it will add some substance to your goal,

40 ©

something genuine to work on. Shopping for lingerie was never a very enjoyable experience for me. Beautifully designed bra’s in such delicate colours never look as desirable when they are shallow and padded out. I even felt a little embarrassed purchasing them. I felt that the teenage store assistant serving me was secretly gloating to herself as she confirmed my size by shouting it out loud! So I just bit the bullet and bought a bra a couple of sizes bigger than my size. I even tried it on when I got home, felt a bit silly, then quickly put it away in a draw!

But by buying that bra my goal became real, tangible, a serious obligation that I was determined to meet.

I even incorporated it into my visualization and constructed a suitable affirmation to accompany it, i.e. ‘I’m now wearing my 34c bra which I fill perfectly.’ If even this feels a little too adventurous to you, you could set yourself a goal of increasing your breast one size bigger to begin with, e.g. 34a to 34b in say 3 months or whatever your comfortable with. Then when you’ve reached your goal you can confidently set about constructing a new one, of maybe increasing your breasts one size bigger again.

41 ©

SO TO SUMMARISE: Define your goal, keep the wording of it clear and concise.

State exactly what you want and when you want it. Write it in your book and keep it somewhere safe, for your eyes only. You can refer back to your goal every now and again just to make sure its what you really want. Then, If you feel your ideal has changed, you can revise and reshape your goal accordingly.

Oh, and be sure to give yourself a big pat on the back when you’ve accomplished your goal!

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VISUALIZATIONS Read through the following visualization exercises a few times to familiarise yourself with the content before you begin. Or alternatively, you can make yourself a tape recording you can then listen to.

VISUALIZATION 1 Relax, close your eyes. Imagine you are on your own private beach. The sky is clear blue and the heat of the sun is beating down on your body. You walk upon the white powder sand, warm and soft beneath your feet. Until you come to a perfectly smooth rock. Place your towel on the sand and sit down, crossed legged, with your back supported by the warm stone. You look out at the ocean before you, its reflective surface shimmering and glistening, dazzling your eyes. You notice the sea ebbing and flowing as the waves come tumbling in. Its very bright. The sun starts to feel hotter as it rises in the sky, with just a slight cooling breeze to keep you feeling comfortable. You feel totally relaxed. You place both your hands in your lap with the palms facing upwards, and you say to yourself, “The heat from the sun will now stimulate my

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breasts to grow, until I am able to eventually cup them in my hands.” Notice as the suns rays beat down on your body. Feel your body heat up and glisten as you begin to perspire. Feel the pumping of your heart, throbbing and pulsating in your chest. You feel an enormous swell of energy flowing into your breasts.... Filling each breast allowing them to grow.... Your breasts are becoming fuller, larger and heavier.... Feel the suns warmth pulsating in your breasts, increasing circulation - producing energy - stimulating growth.... Your breasts are becoming fuller, larger and heavier.... Feel the energy swirling in your breast tingling and warm - as they grow bigger and bigger.... Extending outwards and downwards towards your hands. Spend a little time watching this happen, until you are able to cup your breasts in your hands.... Feel how heavy they weigh.... Your skin feels soft and warm .... Notice their perfect proportion and shape.... You feel wonderful. Say to yourself, “My breasts are now large and voluptuous. I feel curvaceous and sensual. I am now a perfect size?” Now remain as you are, sat on the sand, or stand up and walk about on the beach. Spend as long as you like there. Get accustomed to your new fuller figure, and how you feel.

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VISUALIZATION 2 Imagine you are in a lush meadow. Its Summertime. The sun is glowing yellow in the sky, its heat warming and relaxing you. You look out across the meadow. In amongst the grass you see a vast expanse of flowers, their colours vibrant and beautiful, gently swaying in the warm breeze. You see swallows darting and diving as they catch flies and hear birds singing in the distance. As you walk across the meadow you notice seedheads drift into the air and float off in the distance. Continue to walk until you see before you, a large tree stump in a clearing. Your body is feeling tired and heavy in the heat. You walk over to the tree stump and sit down on it, happy to take the weight off your feet. You look around you and notice how peaceful this place is. You close your eyes. Feel the heat of the sun warming your body. Take a deep breath and as you exhale you let out a sigh of contentment. Notice as you take your next breath in, you feel your chest expanding, rising upwards.... Breathe out. Take a deep breath in and feel the oxygen filling your chest, supplying nutrients to your breasts, stimulating cell growth. Feel the sensation that your breasts are increasing in size.... Breathe out. Breathe in and feel your breasts becoming fuller and larger as the blood flow

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increases and cell growth multiplys. Your breasts are growing bigger and bigger.... Breathe out. With each breath you take you are pumping more and more nutrients into yours breasts, allowing them to increase in size. Your breasts are becoming fuller and firmer. Breathe in and feel the enormous flow of energy filling and expanding your breasts, allowing them to become even bigger and fuller.... Breathe out. Breathe in and feel your breasts pulsate and grow as the blood flow increases, watch them swell and expand and become bigger and fuller, larger and heavier.... Spend some time with this, feeling them grow with each breath you take, until you are finally happy with their size and shape.... You stand up and as you begin to walk across the meadow you become aware of the weight of your breasts for the first time. You look down, astonished by their size and perfect proportion.

They are absolutely magnificent. You feel beautiful - like a goddess!

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VISUALIZATION 3 Imagine you are walking down a well lit corridor. As you walk you notice doors on either side of you. The doors are white and clinical with a ‘Cosmetic Surgery - Keep Out‘ sign on each one. You carry on walking until you eventually come to a pale green door. The sign on this door says ‘Natural Breast Enhancement‘. The door is open and you walk in. You find yourself in a large room. It has a light and airy feel to it. There is a large window at the far end, with a sheer curtain covering the window, draped down onto the floor. The light is flooding in. Infront of the window is a comfortable chair, with a small table next to it and along the length of the wall there is a huge cabinet.

You walk over to the cabinet and open the door. You find inside hundreds and hundreds of small bottles. You reach in and take a bottle and read the label on the front of it. ‘Pure Breast Enhancement Serum - Concentrated One Dose.’ You walk over to the window and hold the bottle up to the light. The clear liquid is full of tiny iridescent glitter, sparkling and shimmering. You walk over to the chair and sit down. Feel the warmth of the sunlight on your body, you feel very relaxed. Unscrew the lid on the bottle

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and drink the complete contents. The liquid is sweet and perfumed. As you place the bottle down upon the table you feel the liquid flow down your throat and into your chest. You immediately feel a tingling sensation in your breasts.

You look down and in the light you see the iridescent particles sparkling and spinning in each breast. They are reacting with the heat of your body, stimulating growth. Your breasts start to pulsate and tingle as they start to get warmer. You watch in amazement as your breasts begin to grow.... They become fuller.... Expanding.... Swelling.... Increasing in size.... Actually feel your breasts pushing outwards.... Feel the weight of them as they become heavier and heavier.... As they become fuller and bigger....

Spend some time watching your breasts expand and grow.... When you are satisfied with the size and fullness of your breasts you notice the glitter particles spinning slower and slower until they eventually disappear. Your breasts are now the perfect size and shape.

Repeat your affirmation several times now to yourself to re-enforce

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that image. You now stand up and feel the curve of your new breasts, the weight of them in your hands. They feel fantastic. You feel wonderful, all woman. Stay in the room as long as you like, with a sense of achievement and deep satisfaction that you have accomplished your goal. When you are ready to leave the room, know that you can return at any time.

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FREE BONUS CHAPTER USING CREATIVE VISUALIZATION TO REJUVENATE YOUR BODY AND ENHANCE YOUR GOOD LOOKS ‘Mirror mirror on the wall’ - What you see when you look in the mirror can make or break your day.

If you like what you see, you feel good about yourself and life in general. If you don’t, you could end up wasting your time and energy criticising others just to boost your ego. Have there been times when you’ve looked in the mirror horrified, at not recognising the person staring back at you.

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When this happens to me its usually when I’m feeling down on myself or depressed. Very often what we see when we look in the mirror is a reflection of how we are feeling on the inside. These negative emotions play havoc with the natural ageing process. Projecting us literally at warp speed through time, suppressing blood flow, drying the skin and dulling the eyes.

Happiness is one of our greatest allies when it comes to looking beautiful.

When you see people laughing and cheerful, notice how they look naturally healthy too. Their faces positively glow with youthfulness, and their eyes sparkle. But its all very well me saying to you, “don’t worry - be happy” when in reality its raining, the kids are sick and your late for work.

It’s times like these when to get through the day, is the only thing on your mind. Then, when you get home it doesn’t end there, the family need feeding, the dog needs walking and your feet are crying out for some TLC.

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It’s little wonder we look forward to the holiday season and plan with excited anticipation (sometimes many months in advance) a vacation. To get away from it all. A fortnight in the sun to relax, re-charge the batteries and do as we please. To pamper ourselves a little and enjoy life more, is all it takes it seems, to return refreshed and rejuvenated.

But why wait all year for that fortnight break, the Greek island, ski holiday or country retreat, when you can go anywhere in the world at any time - in your mind! All it takes is say 20 minutes.

You could visualize yourself at a health spa (why not push the boat out and have it on a tropical island, somewhere in the Indian Ocean, perhaps?) Indulge yourself in any spa treatment of you choice. Feeling a little tired and jaded? Visualize yourself having a deep heat body massage treatment, with the most exotic and expensive ingredients money can buy - because you’re worth it! Feel the warm oil as its poured on your skin. Smell the sweet aroma of jasmine, passion flower and honey. Feel the tension just slide away as the masseur gets to work, first on your shoulders then your back.

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Finish off by having a luxury facial with rose oil and linden blossom (nectar from the tree of life). Just watch those wrinkles disappear!

By doing a visualization like this not only helps you feel incredibly relaxed and content, but also when done on a regular basis, will literally rejuvenate and refresh your body and mind. Your face will take on a clarity and glow. You’ll feel happy inside, because you’ll feel attractive and desirable on the outside.

The possibilities are endless when using creative visualization, and it really does work.

All you need to do is set aside a little time for yourself. Get a routine going, of say 20 minutes twice a day.

Find somewhere you wont be disturbed, somewhere you can relax in peace. You could visualize first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep at night. At these times your mind is naturally relaxed and more receptive to suggestion.

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Do this everyday and you’ll soon form a habit of using creative visualization as part of your every day life.

By using creative visualization you can tackle some of the more specific hereditary traits you may have inherited from your family.

Weak fingernails for instance, dry skin/poor complexion, wrinkles, thinning hair etc. Lets take weak fingernails as a example. Use your imagination to conjure up a way of correcting this problem. Make your imaginary solution as simple or out-landish as you like. For instance, in your visualization you could see yourself painting your fingernails with a bottle of ‘diamond hard’ nail varnish (containing real diamonds!) As you apply each coat of varnish to your nails, see the diamonds in the solution solidify and set, creating an impenetrable surface of strength and beauty. Feel the glossy nail surface, shining and smooth yet tough and rock hard.

Make the image as real as you can, smell the varnish, see the diamonds sparkling in your nails etc. Then say to yourself, “My nails are now of supreme strength and durability”.

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Repeat this visualization and affirmation every day and you’ll soon see signs that your nails are indeed becoming stronger.

The need to look attractive and youthful has never been more important than it is today. As we grow older the natural pull of gravity takes its toll. The fine expression lines that begin to appear on our face in our early to mid twenties, go virtually unnoticed and un-challenged. Then when we reach our thirties, even though we still feel as physically fit as we did in our teens, our faces begin to show the first subtle signs of aging.

The fact that our laughter lines and frown lines may not concern those near and dear to us, is of little significance to how we feel about ourselves.

Skin that has sagged and/or lines that have deepened can become bothersome to the point of depression. Its time to take action. For some people this could mean drastic action, such as cosmetic surgery. The face lift is an extremely popular surgical procedure. Extensive incisions are made in the front of the ear, behind the ear and into the hairline. The skin is literally pulled, stretched

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and tightened to such effect as to hopefully achieve a more youthful looking skin.

Liposuction to the face and neck has increased dramatically in popularity, especially in the younger patients (30’s and 40’s). The procedure is not as complicated as a facelift, the recovery is much less involved and the results are said to be nearly as good.

For those of us who find all of this a bit too barbaric, do not wish to go under the knife, but don’t mind a needle, there is the option of a non-surgical procedure, such as Botox. Botox belongs to a class of drugs called botulinum toxins. It is used to treat frown lines and crows feet. Tiny amounts of Botox are injected by a fine needle into the wrinkle producing muscles in the face. Botox blocks transmission between nerve endings and muscle fibres causing weakness and temporary paralyse of the muscle contractions. Its effectiveness largely depends on the clients skin type, skin thickness and degree of wrinkling.

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The possible side-effects of Botox include; • Facial pain • Headache • Twitching of the eye • Flu-like symptoms • Muscle weakness • Redness a the injection site • Temporary eyelid droop • Nausea

Now, all the above anti-aging treatments can be expensive and carry an element of risk. Relatively safer options (although not necessarily cheaper!) include all the pills, creams and lotions available. With each anti-wrinkle cream manufacturer, battling against each other (with the promise of significant results within six weeks or your money back) means the choice of creams and lotions available can be an expensive and confusing one. With lotions containing added vitamins and minerals, Retinol, Boswelox, Q10 plus and so on.... there’s something to suit all pockets. I’ve tried them all.

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But for me the most impressive and natural transformation in achieving a more youthful appearance, has been when using creative visualization. I find it is a superb technique in turning back the clock on aging.

Its cost effective (it doesn’t cost a penny) and it really DOES work!

I have developed several short creative visualization exercises to rejuvenate the body and enhance good looks. All of these exercise are simple and effective to follow, but can easily be adapted if you choose to do so.

Do them daily as part of your natural beauty regime, and just notice the difference!

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VISUALIZATION 1 Relax and close your eyes. Imagine you are sat in a comfortable chair facing a mirror. In your reflection you see the worry lines and sagging skin on your face. In your hand you have the latest in ‘state of the art‘ technology - a laser wand. This laser wand is the new, completely safe, alternative to cosmetic surgery. This advanced, skin rejuvenation laser treatment works at lightening speed, one zap and the wrinkles just disappear. You hold the laser wand (which looks like a pen) up to your face. As you switch the wand on, you notice a surge of power and a laser beam of brilliant white light pierce through the top. Carefully direct the laser beam over the wrinkles on your face, as if you were drawing over them.... The light beam produces a pleasing, tingling sensation on the skin.... As you look on you are completely amazed, the lines just simply vanish from your face.... First around your eyes then your brow and finally around your mouth.... You then direct the laser wand towards your neck and adjust the beam to dilate, to cover a larger area. You sweep the laser wand upwards and outwards over your neck and chin area.... With each movement you notice the sagging skin tighten and tone....

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Soon your skin is taut and firm.... When you are completely satisfied with the results, switch the laser beam off. Check your face in the mirror....

You are thrilled with the transformation. Your skin is now radiant and youthful.... See yourself go about your daily life and hear people commenting on how well you look....

You feel youthful and beautiful.

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VISUALIZATION 2 Relax close your eyes and imagine you are laid back in a comfortable recliner and you are about to have a luxury facial.... The treatment promises to take 10 years off your age. The ingredients are all pure and organic. As the lotion is smoothed onto your face you feel a slight warmth, followed by a tingling sensation.... As the massage begins you feel the warm liquid penetrate deep into the skin, nourishing and replenishing the cells, stimulating circulation.... Feel your face become hotter as the soothing nurturing liquid flows across your cheeks.... Notice how smooth and taut your skin soon becomes.... How incredibly silky soft it feels, as the lotion is massage all over your face.... When the massage is complete and all the lotion has been absorbed, you stand up and look at your reflection in the mirror.... You are astonished with the results.... You hardly recognise yourself, you look 20 years younger.... Your skin is perfect.... Translucent and flawless, smooth and totally wrinkle-free.

Select or adapt a suitable affirmation to say to yourself, as you admire your new, totally rejuvenated, wrinkle-free skin.

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VISUALIZATION 3 Imagine you are looking at yourself in a mirror.... Make a point of noticing any wrinkles and/or deep frown lines you have on your face.... Now in your hand you have a rubber and you are about to use it to erase the lines on your face. Feel the smooth rubber as you gently glide it over your skin.... Paying particular attention to the area around your eyes and your brow.... With each gentle movement you make, the wrinkles begin to fade more and more.... You are literally rubbing your lines away.... You watch in amazement as your skin becomes smoother, softer and clearer.... You continue to gently rub-out your wrinkles, until your skin resembles that of a baby's .... Totally rejuvenated, perfectly smooth and beautifully clear. (If you find it difficult to see yourself in this visualization, try instead to imagine a rubber being gently wiped over small areas of skin, erasing the wrinkles clean away. Know that YOUR wrinkles are disappearing as you do this). It would also be beneficial during this visualization to repeat an affirmation to yourself, such as, “All my lines are fading away, my skin is now smooth and soft”.

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Everyday my lines are fading more and more My skin is soft and clear and supple I am slender and toned and healthy I am an unique and beautiful person Any wrinkles are just melting away My skin is glowing and youthful in appearance My skin is refreshed and revitalised and clear I feel younger and more beautiful everyday I enjoy perfect health and total happiness My skin is radiant and beautiful

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This bring you to the end of my course. I hope that you have found my techniques extemely valuable. It’s my sincere wish that you have the perseverance to regularly apply the methods outlined in this manual and finally achieve bigger breasts!

I wish you luck!

This book is designed to provide information on what the author and publisher believe to be beneficial ideas on breast enhancement, good health and motivational thinking. None of the material is intended to be taken as medical advice and does not guarantee breast enhancement or improved health. Before starting any medical program, always consult with your physician. Neither the publisher nor the author assume liability of any kind for any kind for any types of loss that may be sustained as a result of applying the methods outlined in this book, and any such liability is hereby expressed disclaimed. 2002 S & P Publishing 20 Greenfield Ave, Cardiff CF14 1TF, UK

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