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Video Contest DOWNLOAD Struggling To Generate Targeted And Responsive Leads?

Powerful Technology Helps Newbie Generate 3,000+ Targeted And Responsive Leads

Watch this video to see how these template based viral video contests generate leads by THOUSANDS without spending a penny!

Create Viral Video Contests Within Minutes Rapidly Build Your List Of Targeted And Responsive Leads Create Engagement And Increase Brand Awareness Totally Automated Traffic Generation and Sales

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Complete Social Media Integration - Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr

Video Contest DOWNLOAD

Am very happy user of this contest system, running two campaigns and generated over 3000 leads and those leads are very targeted and responsive as well. I only spent USD 100 on facebook ads to get this results.


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Create a contest in 2 minutes using DFY Video templates


Generate massive traffic and leads

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Monetize the traffic and profit INSTANTLY!

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See How Our Customers Are Faring With Contests:

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Video is officially the best way to sell products online and a lot of video marketers are having serious success using underground strategies that pull in massive crowd and engagement every single time. There's no doubt that video is the hottest thing in marketing right now... you just can't promote a product or get leads anymore without a professional video if you really serious about engaging your audience. And do you know what pulls in the audience? The technology that we have. We don't mind being boastful about it - we've paid our dues. When Neil and I first started, we were running services for other people - with ZERO clue how to do marketing for ourselves. We saw trends come and go - but we saw one thing that was common EVERY TIME! If you can engage and get your message to go viral - you can sell - over and over again...

Contests Are The Game-Changers They Answer The Question - "What's In It For Me?"

Whether you are starting with NO audience or MILLIONS of audience (that companies like Mercedes and BMW have)...contests WILL help you increase your reach. When a contest is run effectively it is a great way to build a strong following. People might not know about a brand or a business until they have heard about it after their family, friends and social cliques share them - and a contest definitely helps them do just that. Now you can make that happen...

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Video Contest

Generate THOUSANDS of new visitors, HUNDREDS of new leads Equaling HUNDREDS of dollars in profit. And all this not just once but rather day in, day out!

Everything's Done-For-You and Ready-To-Use Stop spending that wad of money on traffic! WITHOUT Breaking a sweat at all! ALL BY LETTING THE SYSTEM do it for you! In ANY NICHE! Everyone likes videos, everyone likes contests, everyone will love Video Contests

Here's what you get withVideo Contest

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Build an Email List Generate an auto-pilot list by getting your customers to optin and participate in the contest.

Readymade Templates Get started with done for you 5 Video Templates. Now you don't need to wait to get started!

Facebook Integration Video Contests has MULTIPLE FB integrations. Post on FB, share on FB and more... powerful!

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LinkedIn Integration Be the first to storm the professional networking site with autopilot lead-gen!

Tumblr Integration Your users can share your contests with this on Tumblr!

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Google+ Integration With this integration, your visitors can EVEN share this on Google+ and get organic rankings for you!

Twitter Integration Want to get your page tweeted? Sure! You can add that into a contest and get tweets to you!

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YouTube Integration Need more likes on your videos? Need more subscribers? Sure - you can do that here too!

Instagram Integration This is a NEW feature that allows people to follow your Instagram handle!

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Pinterest Integration Your visitors can earn additional points by sharing your contest on Pinterest too!

Survey Inclusion You can ask your visitors questions to collection additional information from them! POWERFUL feature!

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Viral Views this is the COOLEST part of this app - "force" people to check out your pages and get even more views.

Viral Sharing You can even "force" your customers to share your page to get additional points - MORE traffic

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Email STMP No need to get any autoresponder service. Just hook up your SMTP provider with Video Contest platform and start mailing

Contest Widgets To make it easy for you to customize your contests.

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Statistics Gather all the info regarding your users to gain an insight into what kind of contests are well received!

I've been marketing my business for over 15 years and I love this contest system. This contest system is an easy to use system that lets me set up a contest in under 5 minutes. I have given away everything from protein powders to an Apple Watch. It really is a no brainer if you have any type of business and you're looking to increase your social awareness. Two thumbs up!"


Engagement is the key to social media marketing. With this contest system I can do

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several major things: 1) create engagement 2) receive leads 3) create content for social. The ROI on the program is off the the charts.

Rico Glover

Video Contest DOWNLOAD

An Entertainment And Monetization Combo!

Video Contest is one of a kind web-system that helps you engage your audience and gets them to share YOUR money page with their friends, families and colleagues.

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This is word of mouth marketing at its finest! The ease of use for Video Contest is STUNNING, allowing you to seamlessly create ANY level of contests with MANY different entry possibilities. And here's the thing:

Run Video Contest Contests On Multiple Platforms

Your Website

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Our Website

We have been developing software for a long time, and we know that many people don't even own a web-page. But that shouldn't stop you from running a contest, should it? After all, you could still direct people to an affiliate offer and make money with it...

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So we've given you the possibility of running Video Contests on ANY page of your choice! Set and forget!

You can use Video Contest to:

Spread links on Facebook, Twitter & dozens of social media sites Email their friends, family and lists about your site Get people to sign up on your site (opt in) Create articles, press releases, Hub Pages & many other types of content, linking to YOU Create reviews for your product Record YouTube videos about you & their experiences with your products They'll even write your website content for you!

If You're Serious About Engaging Your Audience Then This Is Indispensable...

Video Contest DOWNLOAD

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So, the logical question is... Who can use this tool? This is simple...

Video Marketers

Run contests to get more views

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Affiliate & SEO Marketers

Generate instant traffic in any niche

List Builders

Add new leads to your funnel every day

Facebook Marketers

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Run contests within Facebook

Local Consultants

Run paid promotions for your clients !

Anyone who wants push-button traffic and sales can use Video Contest? Feeling lazy and don't want to run FB ads? No worries - fire up Video Contest and get ABUNDANT Traffic! Don't have any more paid traffic budget left? No worries - fire up Video Contest and get ABUNDANT Traffic! Look, it doesn't matter who you are or what you're doing. If you want to finally be successful online, make the money that you want and live the lifestyle that you dream of, Video Contest. This simple web interface can be run from any computer and build your online business from scratch. It's the closest to having a "money machine"!

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Watch How EVERY Element Inside Video Contest Helps You Generate Autopilot Leads And Sales

Pick Your Favorite Template

Video Contest provides you with 5 readymade video templates that you can pick and choose with a single click. Just pick a template of your choice and proceed...

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Change Contest Details

Editing a contest is really simple. Just use our preset content including images or swap it out with your own image, text or video. We are ready to proceed to the next step...

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You can ask your participants to register via multiple methods - email, Facebook or Twitter. Just get them to join in with their favorite channel and capture their email address!

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Pick Your Prize

Generally, we've found something as simple and cool as Amazon gift cards work well. But we leave the choice up to you...and it's quite simple to setup!

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Add 11 Contest Options

We give you participants OVER 11 different ways to participate in the contest - use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Viral shares and more...

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Publish Your Contest

Once you're done, just preview and publish your contest. You can either leave it on our site or simply take a script and put it on your site as a popup!

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Publish On Facebook

Once you are happy with the results, you can also publish this contest on your fan page tabs. Publishing is easy - just hook up your Facebook account and you can publish it on any page.

Maximize Your Results With Video Contest

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Instantly create profit pulling contests Use our beautiful, mobile friendly templates or create your own Get organic traffic with both social sharing and longer time on site Track your results through our POWERFUL admin panel Reward action any way you want and get paid with INSTA-sales! Build TRANSLATION-ready contests by simply using language that you want! Build your social media presence with our Facebook Integration

Now you might be thinking this costs AT LEAST 3 figures. I mean, we could charge $497 right now, and it would still be a great deal, because you'd make that money back with one single contest - let alone 100s of contests that you could run. And in fact, that's how much it's going to cost once the launch period is over. But we want to make you an offer you can't refuse! You see, the catch is that during the initial 4 days, Video Contest will be available for a STEAL of a price! So it's actually going to be MUCH less than what you think. In fact, not even half of the $497 price tag we put on it. And certainly much much lower than what it would cost you to outsource it all or build it manually... Got your interest? Click the "Add To Cart" Below And Get Your Hands On This Amazing Software That Will Solve All Your Money Making Problems For Life!

Video Contest DOWNLOAD

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You can agree that the price we're asking is extremely low. And that's going to change quickly!! The price is rising with every sale, so it won't be long until it's more than double what it is today! Just take action... and We promise you won't be disappointed!

To your success,

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P.S. You can try RISK FREE Video Contest for 30 days!! Run a contest. Drive some seed traffic to it. And if you cannot INSTANTLY get the page to get more FREE traffic, we will quickly refund you your money back! No questions asked! Just test it for 30 days and if you're not satisfied let us know and we'll refund you - no tricks, no questions, no hassle. Either you'll love this superb tool, or your money back.

Video Contest DOWNLOAD

P.P.S: Don't Procrastinate - Take Action NOW! Get your copy of Video Contest

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By now you should be really excited about all the wonderful benefits of such an amazing piece of software. It's the best VIRAL TRAFFIC marketing solution available at an unbeatable price, there's plenty of proof it works and it comes with an ironclad money-back guarantees. And then don't regret later when it costs more than double... or it's even completely off the market! Video Contest DOWNLOAD

Video Contest DOWNLOAD

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Video Contest DOWNLOAD  

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