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Club Calendar

Club Calendar _____________________________________________ 3 Churchill Weekend Trip Report ________________________________ 5 Aussie Disposals discount offer ________________________________ 7 Warburton Day Run Trip Report ______________________________ 13 Club Clothing Order Form ___________________________________ 16 October Committee Meeting Minutes __________________________ 19 Covershot - Rob G at Churchill.

Club Contact Details Toyota Hilux Four Wheel Drive Club of Victoria Inc. P.O. Box 6070 Collingwood North VIC 3066.

Committee Contact Details President:

Craig Fearn 0418 389 685

Vice President:

Steve Park 0408 510 233


Dave Forsythe 0418 511 749


Rob Gardner 0408 646 728

Public Property Officer & Sergeant at Arms

Rob Howard 0400 783 875

Trip Coordinator

Matt Anderson 0413 256 551

Association Delegate:

Troy Garner 0409 407 031

Media Editor:

Paul Crossley 0404 294 302


Steph Etienne 0411 335 855

Assistant Editor:

Dale Foulkes 0417 389 679

Club Meetings The third Wednesday of the month at Father Flannigan's Hotel Cnr Alexandra Pde and Smith St, Collingwood 3066 Starting time 8:00pm.

Magazine Contributions Any contributions to the magazine are welcome! The deadline for inclusion is the end of the month. Email to: Snail mail to: 63a Albert St, Darley 3340 Views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the Toyota HiLux Four Wheel Drive Club of Victoria Inc.


Toyota Hilux Club of Victoria

Club Calendar October 1st

Committee Meeting– The Pub


General Meeting


Day Run - Big River


National 4x4 Show - Jeff's Shed

November 31oct– 4th Nov

Cup Weekend - High Country Trip


General Meeting - Father Flannigan's Hotel


Day Run—TBA

December 3rd

Committee Meeting - The Pub

6th - 7th

Christmas Trip - O’Tooles Flat



Toyota Hilux Club of Victoria

D N E K E E W L L I H C R CHU 8 BER 200 O T C O 4 12 - 1

Churchill 2008 Friday 12th Sept 2008 to Sun 14th

Sep 2008

Leader Rowdy Maps Used Vicmaps; Yinnar North 8121-2-N & Yinnar South 8121-2-S & 2008 Edition of Yinnar 8121-S. Also help from Troy’s GPS in his radio.

to Apex Park. It is on the Morwell River Rd, but the shelter is no longer there. It is a bit disappointing, because there are so many

memories of club activities at the hut, like Rob cooking Dave’s dinner, and the famous knife fight.

other wood. There is a good variety of fuel we have brought to have a fire. We all go to bed early Just after sunrise 6.15 we cook up lots of stuff like bacon eggs tomatoes sausages hot coffee egg & bacon rolls. We headed out of the campsite at 8 am. 253167 We head down Livingstone Rd. We hit the bitumen Head up the roads East and get into the Grand Ridge Plantations. We get onto the Grand Ridge rd. We take a right into Aspen Trk There is a lot of blue metal at the top We go into a logging area. The road is not well worn so only about 6 mths of work has gone on in here. The track is bumpy because the metal on the road has not been worn down by the heavy trucks. We get to ZigZag Trk at 8.45.

We air-down and lock in the hubs. We set up camp in an area denuded It is only 10 minutes and we hit the of anything other than few concrete main Rd without incident seats and chairs. We find Extraction Trk The place is full of rubbish. It is a It looks slippery but it has not been sign of modern society. well used . There are a few trees across the Trk We have brought our own fire place, and begin with pallets and About every 2 minutes we come

Who went ; Humph in the single cab Hilux, with rowdy the navigator, Plumma in the 60, Troy in the red Dual Cab Hilux, old rob in the white Dual Cab Hilux. 253002 52.5 4.29 PM 6.47 Get to Boolara it’s 140 kms Meeting place is the Boolara Hotel 8 O’clock Friday. Only one member is there on time. The barmaid has served up the best feed of chicken and prawns with vegetables. After a round of drinks it is off to the campsite. When we leave the pub we head on

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Toyota Hilux Club of Victoria


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across a fallen tree. Thank god our members are skilled chainsaw operators.

Humph has difficulty. Then 1 min- slippery spot. Humph has a few ute later another tree across the goes but just digs it up. He hooks track up a winch in a couple of spots.

Get to Extraction Trk at 9 o’clock A little way down is a tree that needs to be cleared. Rowdy puts on his chaps and protective specs, and saws the tree. In three minutes there is another tree down.

A bit further there is another but it is small enough to drive over.

The sixth fallen tree is in the gully just past the river, so we wait whilst the track is cleared. The exit from the river is interesting. It is slippery. It is a pine forest. It is Churchill.

The next tree is small, but head height The next section is steep into creek. Humph is parked in the water whilst Rowdy clears the tree on the other side of the creek. We believe this is Smiths Creek. Coming out of the creek is OK but further along there is a rutted and

Next up is Rob. Then Troy comes up with his front locker engaged. He puts the boot down & runs into a tree. It knocks a branch down onto his bonnet. Plumma has no trouble coming up the slippery hill. It’s now 10 AM so we are on our way up the hill. The rest of Extraction track is easy. There are pine needles and wet patches in the low spots but it is a medium difficulty. There appears that there has been no traffic on this track. We get to the top of Extraction at 10.15. The sign at the top says “Clay Trk” so Extraction changes its name after it goes across the Creek. We are at Grand Ridge Road. We are going to find Gunya Shortcut Track. Pass Devil’s Pinch Rd on the right Pass Ronick’s Rd on the left. Gunya Stortcut is pretty overgrown. Fairly boggy, and some slippery sloppy bits going downhill. Just stay in the ruts and hang on – gravity is driving the truck. There is a pretty good hole. At the intersection of the Morwell River Rd we turn right Further up the road we pass a ewe with a shitty tail, and her lamb. Then we pass the Radburns Rd turnoff. Go past the intersection of


Toyota Hilux Club of Victoria

Livingston & Grand Ridge Rd. Grand Ridge road used to be called the Midland Highway on he old

at 2.25 PM.

some indecision we go down Ritchies.

maps. We take Track 50 to the left. This is a hardwood plantation . it’s a dead end track so we come back to Grand Ridge Road. Go past Yard Road. Fifty five track. Fity Four Track Get to English’s Corner. We go along a bit and proceed down Una Track. There is a gate at the end. Freehold land – so we turn around. Take the Yarram rd and pass Anderson on the right. Pass Charcoal Trk on the right. Kelly Trk & Jeff track cross the Yarrum rd. We go left in De Bois Track. This area has been clear-felled. Beautiful views all around. We stop for lunch. It appears the loggers have put in their own roads and not returned the original tracks. We leave the lunch spot at 1 O’clock. We can’t find our way and have to turn around at a logging coup. Back to our lunch spot. We can’t find the lower entrance to Jack Track so we go to the top of Kelly. There is 1.5 kms of blue metal laid out. The track that remains is only half a km long. It is an easy push with a bulbar, and only a single tree need to be chain sawed. At the bottom of Kelly is the Jack River. We cross the river

Its 3 O’clock when we come to a track that ends high above the road. We turn around, but then Plumma finds a track off to the right. It is a goat track that leads down to the road. We stop for a breather.

Web find nice campsite. We decide to stay here

At 4 pm we stop and saw a couple of trees across the road No 31. Then we arrive at the corner of Ritchies rd & Chesnut Trk. After

There was a hut here but a huge eucalypt fell across the centre & made it into a corrugated pancake. There is a railed yard for horses but is in disrepair. After getting some firewood from a nearby dead tree, we rested around


see through the rain. It is a fine soaking rain. This tower is 740 metres high. It is nine o’clock

We go down Perrys rd. We turn into Rd 13 Mad Mile Rd.

a comfortable fire. We cooked up pasta, rice mixed grill and vegetables. We sat around the fire but went to bed really early.

8.20 Rowdy clears another Tree. Plumma has a twig in his radiator fan making a bit of a racket, so we stop to clear that out.

At 8.30, we find this is another We were all up at 6.30 and troy had dead-end, so we turn around. already stoked the dead fire. Across the track is a large tree, so Troy cooked porridge. Rowdy & we make a side track. Humph had bacon & egg rolls & Plumma had lettuce & orange juice It is 8.40 when we get out of Billy Trk At about 8.20 the rain starts to spit Go past Mad Trk in the right and the sky goes grey. We panic and pack up really fast. We heads down a Trk that has a As the rain At quarter to eight we are ready to few fallen trees. falls Rowdy clears the trees go. Up the difficult looking exit. We head NE. When we get to the end it is the fire At Ritchies we head East past Jollys lookout tower at Mt Hoogley on the left. Then at 8.05 we are at the Jumbuck corner.

There is a pine plantation to the left. Take a left into Island Block Road.. It is some kind od trial site as indicated by a few signs. About a km down the track is is getting too thick so we turn around. The rain has now slowed to a drizzle. We are on another track – unnamed and we stop to clear a tree. Ten another tree. We are in a Blue Gum forest. We U-turn, and park in a wide flat area where we take all the foliage from the undercarriage and have a refreshment break. We find another track but the end is blocked. It is a steep climb out and Humph has the winch out. We get out even though Plumma has been up and down the track chewing it up.

At 10 o’clock we come to a T inter-

We hear the footy results and Collingwood is eliminated. We pass Bull Ant track on the right. Then a light shower falls from the sky. It’s just enough to keep the dust down At 8.10 we are Billys Creek Trk It looks like an old logging Trk. There is scrub brushing up against the car and a few overhanging branches The road surface is fine green grass. There has been no traffic along here. You can feel the rough rocks that have been put down for the semis to haul out the timber.


The view is spectacular if you can

section but turn left as there is a

Toyota Hilux Club of Victoria

huge tree across the track Another U –Turn then we go Track D8 It is a pine plantation and leads to a cleared area. It is very wet and rough. The ruts have been made by a D5. We come back to Duncans and can see a large town down in the valley. Make our way to Jumbuk Rd and U -Turn. Then to intersection of Jeeralang North & West Rds. A skippy jumped out in front of Troy.

We make it back to Reidy’s Road and hit the bitumen at 12.50 PM .

Churchill 1.05 PM at the servo to air-up. We have done about 250 kms in the forest over the two days

Thanks to Rowdy for leading us to Churchill.



Toyota Hilux Club of Victoria

September 21, 2008

but then we turn right at Old Warburton Rd. We stop at 10 15 and airdown the tyres. We take Crusher mine Trk- It has the typical Warburton rich red clay and this track has some serious ruts. No water so we take it easily. A bunch of trail bike riders pass us. Our first challenge is greasy red clay It gets the heart beating. Now we are on Mount Bridge Road. We are heading south toward Britannia Crk Rd.

The meeting place was Yarra Junction, but one idiot went to Yarra Glen. It is 9.50 when the last member arrives at Yarra Junction.

Yarra Valley – West Gippsland Adventure Map Edi- Pete has a bit of trouble. He took one of the deep tion 2. ruts, had a few goes. Ian We headed East and Dave gets caught on a slight rise & Colin snatches him out. took a Clayton’s corner,

The Leader is Dave Key in his white Suzuki Colin with Bianca & Max in dual cab Hilux Purple Pete with Jonas in the Patrol Ian in his extra Cab Hilux Rob in Dual Cab is writing the trip report Map used is the Rooftop’s


Over the next hump he gets legless so Colin comes back again and snatches him over the slippery bit. The next kick in the track, Ian has a couple of runs and finally chooses a good line and gets up beautifully. Now we find a big mud hole with 4 sets of ruts. We all take a different line. Everyone is through. Now we come across an inland lake – full of mud.

Dave needs to use the tirfor

We have a bit of a fool Next is Ian. He has to around with Ian’s radios, Pete goes through. winch using Colin’s snatch because he can send but Then when he comes back, block & tree trunk protec- not receive. We are still on Britannia Range Track. he is caught up in a really tor. steep hole. Colin has the urge to try a We turn left into Ellis different line. It is not a Track. good choice. Pete snatches Some guys in a 40 series him back. see us turn down here and Then he goes the track on run to have a look. In 10 minutes we come to full noise and goes through The is a very ugly section easily. Pete does the same another hole. which Dave has driven Then we go to the top of into. Beyond that is a rock There is a chicken track so the hill and have lunch. garden. Dave goes that way. But the Suzi goes down. It is 3 o’clock when we fin- We decide to winch back

It takes a snatch from 2 vehicles to pull him out of the mud. He has some cleaning to do.

ish lunch (Where has th


e Suzi gone?



Toyota Hilux Club of Victoria

Equipment usedColin’s snatch Colin’s block Dave’s snatch rope Dave’s tirfor Pete’s tirfor handle The exit from Ellis is downhill. Deep ruts but easy because it is dry. Colin finds it easy

Broken vehicleDave; dinted back quarter, dinted side – both sides

Back to Launching Place to air-up Pete; huge gouge mark from tree Thanks Dave for a great day Ian; RH brake Rob G. globe Pull awardToo many to remember


Club Clothing Order Form Price




Trim Colour Size

Ladies 3/4 sleeve T-shirt




Mens short sleeve T-shirt




Needle out Polo shirt




Lightweight Pique Polo shirt




Poly fleece Vest




Contrast 1/2 zip Polyfleece Top




Splice 1/2 zip Microfleece Top




Contrast Panel Polyfleece Jacket




Chambray Long sleeve shirt




Hooded Jumper








Trekka Waterproof Jacket




Total Name: 16

Contact Number:

Toyota Hilux Club of Victoria

StaySafe Pty Ltd 50-52 Merola Way Campbellfield, VIC Australia 3061 Ph: (03) 9357 8713 Fax: (03) 9357 8715 E-mail:



Toyota Hilux Club of Victoria


Location: The Pub


Meeting open: 8.06PM

Date: 1/10/08


Craig, Troy, Dale, Steve P, Steph, Paul, Plumma.


Matt, Dave, Rob G.




VHCHA newsletter, LROCV, Trackwatch, National 4X4 Show.

Presidents Report:

Craig attended the Association AGM with Troy.

Treasurers Report:


Equipment Officers Report:

Dave Key to return Tirfor, first aid kit, camera to Matt, Rowdy has Chainsaw, tarp poles. Rob H has tarp, pegs, recovery bag.

Association News:

Annual report has been Tabled, Minutes Tabled, Agenda Tabled. Income^ $440k — Expenses ^ $470k = —$30k Loss for 07/08 Discussions about 4X4 National Body Members to get down to Track Classification Training

Editors Report:

Trip reports received. Need General interest articles............

Media Officer:

Churchill footage is off the camera. Steph dropped off some old additional footage. Mt Skene, Mt Sunday, Labatouche, Churchill will be the next production

Trip Coordinators Report:

As per Website.

General Business:

Update/revamp to be done to the Club Policies. Club Spit- Bookings to be done via the president only $100. fee If clean and in perfect working order when returned $70. back If bottle returned not refilled - $20. cost Spit must be returned within 2 weeks, $10 per week if late. Humf to be presented with a slab of XXXX at next general meeting.



Bullivants donations to be raffled off at next GM. Only open to financial members. Possible reward for Clubman of the Year. 4X4 Association New website. Members’ details available through Google?

Meeting Closed:


Next Meeting: Wed 5th Nov at Father Flannigan's Irish Pub 8.00 pm



Toyota Hilux Club of Victoria

Full Bore September October 2008  

Full Bore September October 2008

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