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Wednesday 26 April - 02 May 2017

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Yes, fitness is a lifestyle sleep.  True fitness is a lifestyle choice that includes much more than a gym membership or some time spent exercising. A gym will not make up for poor fitness choices throughout the rest of the day. To achieve fitness, you will need to alter your lifestyle to include both a commitment to exercising and ensuring proper nutrition. Without both, a goal of fitness will be much more difficult to achieve. Ultimately, it does not matter

Ultimately, it does not matter where you work out as long as you get a great workout



itness is a holistic term that includes physical and psychological well-being. Physical fitness is a

general state of health and wellbeing and more specifically the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities. Fitness involves workouts

of the mind, body and spirit. It includes cardio, weight training, proper diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins and other nutrients and proper

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where you work out as long as you get a great workout. As long as your workout has all of your focus and effort that is appropriate to your current fitness/health level it is irrelevant if it is in a gym, a garage, a basement, the park or at the beach. Do the best you can, for yourself, every

day, every time you work out. In addition, I believe the gym and your workouts are just one aspect of your overall fitness. Other aspects include but are not limited to: 1. Eating healthy food you prepare in appropriate portions. 2. Making sure the meals you consume have a good balance of macro and micro nutrients. 3. Getting enough rest and sleep. 4. Always ensure that your workouts are a blend of resistance training, cardio and flexibility. 5. Wellness is a part of being fit too. Try reading one book for personal enrichment and one book for pleasure. Turn off the TV. 6. Try meditation and yoga. 7. Consider charitable activities that help others focus on health and fitness. Fitness is so much more than what happens at the gym, it is a lifestyle: “Mens sana in corpore sano” meaning  “A healthy mind in a healthy body,” good luck as you try and turn your lifestyle around.

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leep is important. In our busy lives and schedules sleep can be seen as less important than other activities. A good number of us give up on some sleep to catch up on other things like work, playing games or late night TV. Getting less than normal hours of sleep per night has been linked to weight gain and increased stress. Just one or two nights of skipping sleep can affect your ability to concentrate, making you irritable, moody and even

depressed. There are a number of ways in which lack of sleep leads to weight gain. Sleeping fewer than 7 hours causes one of the following; • An increase in hunger and appetite. • An increase in cravings for high carbohydrates, high kilojoule foods. • A slowdown of metabolism so more fat is stored in your body. • Tiredness and lack of energy. • Increased levels of stress hormones. • Increases in insulin resistance that can lead to type 2 diabetes. • Insomnia along with other common



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sleeping problems are often caused by bad habits reinforced over many years. A few adjustments and changes of lifestyle and attitude towards sleep can greatly improve your quality of sleep. Synchronizing your sleeping habits with the patterns is ideal; getting a better sleep means working with your internal ‘clock’, not against it. Aim to get up at the same time every day. This strict routine will help set your body clock. You will find you get sleepy at about the same time every night. The feeling of tiredness is our bodies’ signal to rest; listen to your body and go to bed when you feel tired. Avoid going to bed if you don’t feel tired. Lying awake can reinforce bad sleeping habits. Spend some time outdoors in early morning sunlight, this also helps to set your body clock. Sleep can improve the quality of one’s life and as such there’s a price to pay for extra comfort which it can bring and it should be used to its fullest potential. Sleep can’t just be sleep for the sake of lying down and shutting the brain down for a while; it should be relaxing and with that being said the sleeping environment may as well be improved to a desirable standard. Invest in a comfortable mattress, ensure sleep clothing, bedding and room temperature are comfortable. Make sure the room is dark and quiet and use it for sleep and or intimacy. Avoid watching TV or talking on the phone so you don’t associate your bedroom with activity. Good sleeping habits will almost draw a closely correlated relation to a healthy lifestyle in the sense that habits like afternoon naps when avoided will not impact negatively on productivity at work or elsewhere- since most of the general population is engaged at that time of the hour. Use the last hour before sleep to relax your mind and body, take a warm shower and avoid activities that are mentally stimulating. Try to avoid caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee, cola or chocolate close to bed time as these can stimulate the mind, instead try a warm milky drink. Do not normalize taking drugs since the repercussions upon exposure may not be desirable in the short or long run. Things like cigarettes contain nicotine which is a stimulant and smoking before going to bed increases your heart rate and BP. This is likely to keep you awake longer. Alcohol may help you doze off but it disturbs sleep rhythms, it prevents deep sleep so you won’t feel refreshed in the morning. You are also likely to wake up regularly due to thirst or to go to the toilet. sleeping pills also should only be used as a temporary last resort and under strict medical advice. They have a number of drawbacks such as causing daytime sleepiness, also after regular use falling asleep without them can be even

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ver the last decade something strange and significant has happened; the multi-cuisine restaurant has made a huge comeback for patrons to wine and dine and it can only mean one thing- Culinary as an art is back and is being appreciated. Different restaurants have different specialities which best define their concept of culinary art, affirming the fact that cooking is a form of expression. The idea of fast, casual food and fine dining has been implemented in most restaurants for customers to be spoilt for choice. There is something about eating at a restaurant which seems special and to be conveying something about one’s choice of place to eat and the food to eat; in fact, eating in some restaurants just outright says you are a special kind of customer. It is always upon an entrepreneur to decide which type of restaurant to venture and specialise in. The coffee shop- type of restaurants do not only provide daytime coffee these days. They also provide tea and casual meals. Some Chinese restaurants specialise in breakfast more than just the Chinese cuisine. Some restaurants specialise in single items like pizza, sandwich, buggers, African and international foods. Consider visiting a lovely coffee shop on one relaxed morning: Just get to Mugg & Bean which happens to be one of the preferred restaurants in town to get a feel of this. Fast food operations happen to specialise in one or two main entrées such as hamburgers, pizza and or chicken. These operations may provide salads and or ice cream services to their customers. The preparation of such food products is generally simple which may involve two or more steps. The full-service operations offer complete and varied meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This type of restaurant has multiple entrees for each meal period which may include soup, salads and or deserts. Most full operations will provide customer seating and may include the liquor. If you want to wine and dine, Botswana Craft Courtyard restaurant has one ideal meeting place for a business breakfast or a relaxed lunch. They have the selection of delicious traditional meal which they specialize in. It’s ideal for individuals to


harder. Finding the cause of sleeping problems and dealing with them is a much better long-term solution. So, depending how individuals appreciate the value of good quality sleep, it’ll simultaneously be linked with a healthy lifestyle because almost all bad sleeping habits translate to undesirable circumstances in the near future, immediate or later. Greater education is necessary to help people understand the value of sleep and the lifestyle benefits it brings, and more than that- the lives it could save by curbing avoidable health complications.

Wednesday 26 April - 02 May 2017 LF3Page 25 explore the food world so one can always consider the type of restaurant to visit. International cuisine has provoked the interest of many people in Botswana. Most individuals now have the desire and hunger to explore international meals, some have specific interest to taste Chinese cuisine for instance. Beijing Red Lartern Chinese restaurant is one restaurant which an individual can consider visiting to explore the meals. More than just being about filling up the stomach, food specialty has heightened Culinary art as a vehicle towards meal diversity, expanding choices and promoting the artistic skills of chefs. The other benefit is the intercultural exchange as local restaurant are now specialising in a variety of international cuisine.

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