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The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 06 - 12 April 2016

Gateway towards Diversifying Botswana’s economy

Wednesday 06 - 12 April 2016

Take your Career to the Right direction

Supplement to the Botswana Gazette

BHRDS career fair bridges skills mismatch


Arts, Science, Medicine and Tourism which are in short supply,” he revealed. HRDC Sector Committees which were formed last year offered career guidance to prospective tertiary students at the fair. Each of the committees is made up of between 12 and 15 industry individuals in specific sectors and people are drawn from businesses, labour unions, civil society, advisory, steering, support and regulatory agencies, education and skills training, as well as professional employer and employee associations.

“ other stakeholders to bring about the Jobs Summit which was held late last year,” he said. Dr Molutsi says they expect to host another job summit in October this year and that potential sponsors are very eager for it to start. “We want to close the gap between the demand and supply of labour and we can do that by controlling factors such as access to education, quality, and equity for those who are possibly marginalised in the provision of education as well as the relevance of that education. We have even produced our career guidance booklet in braille form,” he said. Dr Molutsi said a database from the Directorate of Public Service Management shows that Business and ICT graduates make the majority of the 22,000 unemployed graduates. “We have now advised DTEF (Department of Tertiary Education Financing) to cut back on sponsoring those two fields and increase on Agriculture, Creative


he Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Fair and Career Guidance Clinics (BHRDS) of 2016 were recently opened at Ditshupo Hall in Gaborone. The fair which is running for the seventh year in succession opened with scores of tertiary school hopefuls and school going children seeking guidance on future careers. The Fair came in a different format this year, with the Career Guidance replacing the Conference component which had been part of the week long event. “This year’s fair focuses on career guidance and counselling,” said Dr Patrick Molutsi, Acting Chief Executive officer at HRDC. “Last year, we brought in the careers theme together with counselling and we found that we were overloaded with organising three different events at the same time, hence we partnered with

Last year, we brought in the careers theme together with counselling and we found that we were overloaded with organising three different events at the same time

Wednesday 06 - 12 April he Botswana FAIR Wednesday 062016 - 12 T April 2016 Gazette PageH2 HRDC T10

City and Guilds awarded 2nd “Best Professional Body” at the BHRDS Fair 2016

City and Guilds Country Manager, Mr Cassius Mmopelwa receiving an Award for “ 2nd Best Professional Body”

Mr Mmopelwa assist a prospective student

Ms Batsile Pilane proudly holding their excellence award

The City and Guilds International stall at the fair


ity and Guilds, one of the world’s leading reputable vocational education business operating in Botswana triumphed, at the annual Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Fair 2016. They were named one of the Best Professional Bodies at the career fair awards ceremony on their 5th year participating. This internationally recognized vocational education body is visioned to enable people and organizations to develop their skills for personal and economic growth. Operating around the world offering an unrivaled range of internationally recognized qualifications that equip individuals with skills that match the business strategies of tomorrow and employability at the core of their objectives. With values of integrity, leadership and imagination, they believe education is a life-long journey therefore, they design qualifications at many levels to suit the evolving needs of learners as they progress throughout their careers from entry to senior management level. According to Mr Cassius Mmopelwa (City and Guilds Country Manager- Botswana and Zimbabwe), they went to the fair with the aim to inform students about their quality products and their benefits particularly in the engineering fields. These qualifications support creation of jobs and business opportunities to support a broader national goal of economic diversification. He emphasized that they noticed changes in the activities at the fair this year. These includes new institutions participating and the deliberate inclusion of

CONTACT DETAILS: Kgale Terrace Plot 135, Unit 10 Gaborone International Finance Park (Next to Game City Mall) Gaborone, Botswana T: +267 3901935 / +267 3901943 E:

Ms Gontle Ikitseng briefing students about the City And Guilds products and services

Eager prospective students given information and some documents for more information

career clinics. The Career clinics were designed to inform students of available career pathways to avoid mismatch, therefore he applauded HRDC on the successful host of the career fair. They introduced new programmes in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Business Administration, with students showing much interest in the engineering stream. This introduction has seen City and Guilds stall attracts huge numbers of students, City and Guilds became the first professional body to go an extra-mile by introducing upper engineering levels in vocational education.“We believe that more skills development and entrepreneurship approaches should be encouraged to address the challenging unemployment gap. As a Vocational Awarding body we were advocating for students to choose the Vocational Route of study as an available option.” Mmopelwa uttered. Mmopelwa further emphasized that they continuously offer better service to help improve learner performance for success and support employers by delivering relevant qualifications even more importantly ensure that learners achieve their dreams in the most cost-effective and timely ways possible without compromising on quality. City and Guilds assured to bring a refreshed branded stall and introduce more new appropriate qualifications on the next career fair.

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His Worship, Mr Kagiso Calvin Thutlwe- Gaborone Mayor, the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony

Assistant Minister (MOESD) chief guest speaker at the opening ceremony

The acting chief executive officer for (BQA), Mr Abel Modungwa giving a speech

Multitudes thronged the exhibition hall

Dr. Frenando Siamisang - HRDC giving the opening remarks


Dr Patrick Molutsi (HRDC- Acting CEO) giving the overview

Winners of “Overall Best Stall” BA ISAGO University staff receiving their award from Dr Patrick Molutsi- HRDC

Mr Batho Christopher Molomo (HRDCBoard Chairperson) giving vote of thanks

Ramotswa School of the Deaf pupils performing at the BHRDS Fair 2016 Opening ceremony

Sector Committee Career Clinics session in progress


t has become one of the most key fixtures in the tertiary education calendar. The Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Fair has seen Thousands of prospective students over the last several years thronged the fairgrounds in search for study and career path guidance. Different this year was a name change, the fair was renamed Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Fair and Career Clinic (BHRDS), with the addition of sector committees to the program. This as part of efforts by the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC)’s to help address the problem of skills mismatch that has been raised in so many quarters across the country. HRDC Marketing and Communications Manager Faith Tuelo said the rebrand of the fair was a greater part of the change in the approach to tertiary education in the country. She said the organisation intentionally focused the fair away from just providing students with a one stop shop approach for seeking tertiary education placements, to a match up to their renewed mandate, “HRDC being the organiser of the event went through a restructuring exercise that expanded its mandate. HRDC now focuses

on human resource development and that entails identifying skills that are needed for our economy to thrive and this includes both tertiary as well as vocational education. The name of the event previously focused on only Tertiary Education and it needed to reflect that there are other skills development options.” She highlighted that they have seen a rise in numbers of students coming to the fair this year and were impressed by the turn out and participation. Tuelo emphasised that they have added several features including career clinics to the program in order to provide a more in-depth experience for students coming to the fair. “The purpose of the Clinics is to provide Career guidance to prospective leaners based on the twelve sector committees we have established as HRDC to inform them of skills in demand so that when they select programmes of study they do this in line with the labour market needs” she noted. Vocational training has largely been previously neglected in terms of tertiary education, however this year the HRDC included it as part of the programs at the fair in order to show students how critical skills from such institutions are to the economy.

This year’s fair also saw a large turn out by institutions from different sectors. There were also foreign based institutions who had an interest in recruiting Batswana students. “We had a total of 62 Exhibitors, these included locally registered and accredited institutions both offering tertiary and vocational education programmes. We also have intuitions from South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia and Swaziland” Tuelo said. Not only did tertiary institutions show up, government departments dealing with education and other organisations were present. Amongst them were the Department of Tertiary Education Financing (DTEF), Botswana Examinations Council (BEC), Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA), Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) as well as Youth Organisations. Tuelo highlighted that going forward, HRDC aims to better the experience of the students that come to the fair. She said issues such as excessively long lines are being looked into and promising a better fair in 2017, “We wish to manage the long ques better so that they are no delays in getting the students through to the exhibition venues.” by Modiri Mogende

Wednesday 06 - 12 April he Botswana FAIR Wednesday 062016 - 12 T April 2016 Gazette PageH4 HRDC T12

ALL SAINTS University scoops

“Best International University” at the BHRDS Fair 2016


Canadian owned, Caribbean medical University, All Saints University (ASU) has been awarded the Best International University at the Botswana Human Resources Development Skills Fair 2016 on their first participation at this prestigious educational exhibition and triumphed. With a current student population of 1,200 students and campuses also in United States of America and the Caribbean, this excellent medical university aims to recruit more medical students from Botswana based on their success with 9 previous Batswana students with the majority of their students also from Africa. It carries on the mission which is to produce compassionate, competent and caring medical experts for the global community which accelerates the vision 2016 of Botswana and beyond. Their affordable tuition fees has seen them enroll and produce hundreds of doctor of medicine graduates in various stages of practice around the world. All Saints University’s well organized stall with friendly assistants (Deans of various disciplines) has promoted even further and the hard-work they portrayed made them the most successful international exhibitor which proves them to be the medical university of choice to enroll at, visioned at assisting in solving the problem of lack medical personnels

affecting Botswana, contributing to economic development of Botswana. The glittering award means that they have a future of the Botswana generation at heart and are here to make students prosper in the medical field which will benefit them to produce a scarce skill in the challenged economy of Botswana. This fully accredited university aims to produce graduates with strong morals and ethical foundation in the practice of medicine and was founded by a group of dedicated medical and business professionals with over 20 years experience in medical education, it is the medical school which will surely provide you with the tools and company you need to succeed in your medical career. They pride themselves with scientific and clinical research to ensure that students understand medicine within the framework of different settings and inculcates problem solving, critical thinking and clinical skills. All Saints University currently has graduates practicing in various stages of their postgraduate or residency training in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Nigeria, India, the West Indies and here in Botswana, the university has been able to establish itself as a medical school to reckon with and promises to bring more opportunities to Botswana in the next career skills fair.

CONTACTS 5145 Steeles Avenue West, Entrance B, Suite 210 Toronto, Ontario, M9L 1R5, Canada. Tel: 8.66.602.955 Fax: 647-436-1635 1727 South Indiana Avenue, Suite 2 Chicago, IL 606, USA. Tel: 1-312-583-1034 Email: Web: or

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Thato and Tshego attending to the enquiries

Goitse, Lorato and Kaelo

IDM shines at BHRDC fair T

multitudes flogged to the award winning IDM stall

The IDM stall


he Institute of Development Management was one of the star exhibitors at this year’s Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Fair and Career Clinics. The tertiary institute which is a unique three state owned entity, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, scooped the 1st Prize for Best Local Public Institution for a second year running. IDM Marketing Manager Chris Moiketsi said their plan was to beat all the other institutions at the fair in terms of the aesthetic of the stall and the number of visiting applicants, “we got the same position last year and next year we want to take the Best Overall Exhibitor.” Moiketsi said the school has been a part of the fair since its inception in 2010. He highlighted that by doing so, they have realised a good rise in interest from prospective students in the courses which they offer. He said the fair has grown significantly over the last six years, “IDM has been taking part since the inception of the fair in 2010. We have witnessed the growth of this fair year in and out. The increasing number of participating institutions and the level of commitment and competition has grown.” This year’s fair was significantly different from previous ones for several reasons. Firstly, the fair saw a change in name from the Tertiary Education Fair to Botswana Human Resource Development Skills (BHRDS) Fair and career clinics. The name change came with an enhanced program aimed at optimizing advice on career and study choices that prospective students are to make. Moiketsi said he was impressed by these new additions to the fair. He noted that IDM took part in most of the sector committee workshops for the students. “Off all the sectors which have been identified by HRDC, IDM is involved in 70% of them.” The school also used the fair to launch some new course offerings that will be starting this year. Moiketsi explained that they aim to break the mould of public institutions being known for lacking flexibility and innovation, “we recently introduced two indigenous degree programmes which are only found at IDM, no other College or University has them in Botswana. We are an innovative institution that gives private colleges a run for their money. Our aim in this year’s fair was to maintain our 1st position of Best Local Public Institution and more importantly, to increase the number of applicants by 50% from the previous year. We achieved all the two.” One of the new courses on offer at the school is The Bachelor of Archives and Records Management, a program which comes at when the economy is in dire need of professionals in this field. The Bachelor of Office Management is one other programme which focuses on progression of Secretaries. One of the key pillars of this year’s fair was directly affecting change to the challenge of unemployment amongst the youth. Moiketsi stated that it’s a challenge as a school that they take seriously. “One thing we do is to train students on programmes that are relevant into today’s economy. We have faced out programmes in the past which we realized will not add value to a fresh pre-service graduate. We incorporate business skills and ICDL into almost all our programmes in order for our graduates to be self-employable and not necessarily rely on government.” IDM plans to return to the fair in 2017 bigger and better in terms of their exhibitions and course offerings.

Goitse receiving certificate of participation from HRDC

Bigman and Segametsi processing applications

Tumie and Botshelo attending to the applicants

Kgakgamatso helping applicants

Mumsy listening attentively to a question

IDM staff holding the trophy for Best Local Public Institution

Botswana Accountancy College BAC: Pioneers in providing quality education Shinesand atglobally the BTE Fair 2015 competitive graduates

Wednesday 06 - 12 April he Botswana FAIR Wednesday 062016 - 12 T April 2016 Gazette PageH6 HRDC T14

Saturday 28th March, Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) concluded ther successful attendance of this year’s Botswana Tertiary Education Fair RORISANG F) and Conference. At MOGOJWE BTEF 2015, BAC was presented with both the ‘Best lic University’ and ‘Best Overall Stand’ awards for their exhibition.

of BTEF and underscored the importance of TVET to economic diversification, job creation, poverty alleviation and beneficiation to drive Botswana’s economy fairprinciples provided anofopportunity for stakeholders make an informed choice of their forward.The The TVET effectively prepareto scholars with skills relevant career. It provided a platform for Tertiary schools and industry players to closely interact for the modern economy. Scholars who are equipped theoretically and have With the country’s education system being the topic of discussion and debate in most with the potential students, understand their capabilities and provide guidance on practical working experience easily their adapt to the working environment are in conversations, it has become imperative that institutions of higher learning in Botswana options available to them totoachieve aspirations. platinum sponsor the BTEF BACinwas ablethat to facilitate inclusion of are geared demand. be moreofproactive and2015, deliberate ensuring their academic offerings at producing industry-relevant graduates. It is in regard thestrategic Botswana Accountancy Furthermore, BAC contributes significantly to national goals, positioning itself as a leader elegation from Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) inthis the UK. that BAC’s College (BAC) has pledged to make a contribution to the Human Capital Development in providing quality Business education and training that is recognized in Africa and 1. ner, SHU highlighted aspects of the Technical and Vocational Education BTEF is also an opportunity to give high school graduates an idea of what careers and Capacity Building for Botswana with specific reference to Entrepreneurship in relation across the globe. ning (TVET) theme of the conference. delegation included Dr. Fariba are possible and how BAC can help achieve them. BAC provided an interactive to Curriculum Development andThe Employability. “Thestand aim is to promote Botswana’s Brand asvisitors a knowledge-based as engraved abi, SHU’s Lecturer in International Business, who delivered a keynote address; exhibition this year, which immersed into virtualeconomy, worlds from the within the Botswana Education and Training Sector Strategic Plan (ETSSP 2015-2020) Speaking at the Official Opening of the Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Alisha Ali, Senior Lecturer in Service Sector Management, who presented on School of Computing and Information Systems, to Accounting and Finance as Fair and Career Clinics, BAC Executive Director Mrs Serty Leburu reiterated the importance which was launched last year by the Honourable Minister of Education and Skills role of technical vocational training in has developing SMMEs. Business andDrLeisure. Unity Dow. The plan mentions that “Through a planned and careful of thisand conversation andeducation said: “A boiling debate over the years been aroundwell the as Development first for the relevance BTEF Conference, demonstration of BAC’s innovation, or irrelevanceand of theaskills that graduates acquire at tertiary level. Locally, several development of human capital, the Education and Training Sector Strategic Plan seeks to refocus education training of social and economic aspirations researchers have that there is a skills mismatch between skills that employers screened a presentation byfound Professor Isobel Doole from the UK. the Professor The BTEF 2015our ended on aand high note towards for BACfulfilment as they were awarded the top prize require and those that graduates possess. This current reality calls education providers identified in our Revised National Policy on Education (RNPE), the National Development le, the Deputy Dean and Professor of International Marketing from SHU, then for the Fair under the categories Best Public University and the Best Overall Stand to assess and amend their programmes so that the right graduate characteristics are Plan, our Vision 2016 and as well as the Millennium Development Goals.” icipated in the panel live awards. This is the second year that BAC has been recognised as the Best Public produced. ” from the UK via Skype. As aatstrategic partner in the human capital development drive, BAC Sponsored the University the annual BTEF. Botswana Human Resource Development Council Skills fair and Career Clinics Cocktail This year’s 2016 BHRDS Fair theme was “Guidance for Human Resource Development; Honourable Minister of Education, Dr. Unity Dow, voiced her appreciation Gateway towards Diversifying Botswana’s Economy”. The aim of the 2016 BHRDS Fair was to advise and coach the Botswana General Certificate in Secondary Education (BGCSE) school leavers on career paths marketable in Botswana. 2 3

A former Botswana Accountancy College Business Hive society, Edward Johnson, a very successful young and vibrant Farmer who graduated from the BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance program about 2 years ago. He addressed the guests on his Entrepreneurial development. This is a society of highly motivated learners who are groomed into business leaders and entrepreneurs through accelerator projects while they are still in school. It is through the Business Hive that we challenge our students to compete, to innovate, to apply their skills and engage in industry projects. Through the extra-curricular platforms, BAC is able to offer skills development workshops, summits and mentorship for our learners to exploit their potentials. Although these have called for the use of extra resources, we have seen the value add in having these initiatives.


dinner. During her key note address, Mrs Leburu explained, “I cannot over emphasize the importance of industry partnerships. It is a thread that makes the graduate’s fabric, without them our graduates will not be employable nor will they get experience or words of wisdom to ready them to be entrepreneurs and employers.” Mrs Leburu also applauded HRDC on their and articulated the significance of the HRDC Skills Fair and Career Clinics 3. initiative. It is a great opportunity for all stakeholders to make a difference but most importantly for students to make an informed choice of their career.

The college has been a pioneer in providing quality education and moulding globally 1. which Keynote Address, Fariba competitive graduates for two decades, during is has evolvedDr from predominantly Darabi, Lecturer in International training professional accountants into a Business School offering a variety of Business, Sheffield business programmes, in addition to Accountancy, Finance and ICT.Hallam It is also offering University, United Kingdom Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Insurance just to name a few. As the College (UK) operates in an increasingly competitive regional and global environment, the programmes are therefore delivered in collaboration with international partners.




Executive Director giving a presentation 3. Presentation by Dr Alisha Ali, Senior Lecturer,the Sheffield Hallam on entrepreneurship. I had shared University picture


4. Presentation by BAC Executive BAC Alumni Mr Edward Johnson sharing his Director Michael Lesolle entrepreneurship development



Welcome Speech by Honourable, Dr Unity Dow


1. BAC Executive Director Ms Serty Leburu (third from right) receiving the award with BAC team 2. Prospective students gathered outside the BAC stall 3. Prospective students at the BAC student center 4. School of Business & Leisure representative interacting with prospective Prospective students with abyBAC 5.BAC Speech Dr representative Patrick Molutsi, 3. students Cocktail5.Dinner MC, Head of Marketing and Acting CEO Human Resource Corporate Communications MphoCouncil Mokgosi 4. 3. Development


Dr. Siamisang


Guest of Honor, Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development Honorable MP 7. BAC stealing the show at the Fedelis Molao and BAC Executive Director 2015 Botswana Tertiary Education Fair Mrs Serty Leburu


Invited guests


Sheffield Hallam University representatives




Botswana Accountancy College won this year’s Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Fair and Career Clinics Best Public University Award. This is the second year the college wins the 1st prize under the Public University Category. Speaking at the fair, Programme Leader for Bachelor of Honors International Salon 8. 9 7. Management, Mr Petrus Mathebula said the fair gave them a platform to showcase their programmes. “In collaboration with international universities, research was conducted to provide input to understand what the

| GABORONE Tel: +267 3953 062 Fax: +267 3904 103 | FRANCISTOWN Tel: +267 2410 558 Fax: +267 2410 534


BAC Executive Director at the

BAC stand own businesses. Mathebula industry needs in terms of the courses we managing their 7. Mr Loeto offer. From our research we discovered that said this will help address the current high 9. One of the Selfie Competition most businesses especially in levels in the country. 8. Tourism BACand teamunemployment winners Hospitality, Hair Dressing and Beauty Therapy The design of the stall was to demonstrate lacked youth participation. The college has innovative and creative ideas based on the always been known as an accounting school theme, hence winning the award. He said but it has diversified to bridge the gap so as the fair has grown over the years ever since to empower young entrepreneurs. As a result it was introduced and the biggest in terms of additional programmes like International prospective students engagement and was Finance and Banking, Business Management very well organized. and Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership were added,” said Mathebula. Business Hive is a student Business Club created to mentor students in starting and



The Wednesday Botswana Gazette WApril ednesday 06 - 12 April 2016 06 - 12 2016 HRDC FAIR H7 Page T15


Communications Officer -Naledi Thophego

Communications Officer Mmona Tshweu

SRC President of Arthur Portland College

SRC President of BA Isago University

Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) recently participated in the Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Fair and Career Clinics (BHRDS).The fair was held for the aspiring students who have completed JC / BGCSE. The private and public institutions came under one roof to market and promote their products and services. BQA regards the Fair as noble and insightful in, “selling what is in the education and training basket, sharing experiences and establishing networks and linkages’ “BQA has been established to coordinate the development of the National Credit and Qualifications Framework and it is through this that levels will be defined to allow articulation and progress from Level 1 , which is Primary School Leaving Examinations, to level 10 which is Doctoral level ,” said the BQA Communications Officer Ms. Naledi Thophego. Thophego added: “The Framework ensures that learners receive portable qualifications that will allow graduates to further their studies both nationally and internationally seamlessly. The objective being to produce graduands that are

job ready, can self-employ and can compete very well globally. She also said BQA is tasked with the development, coordination and monitoring of common quality assurance platform across all the three subsystems of the education and training system thus General Education (GE), Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) and Higher Education (HE). This is to standardize quality across the education and training system. Thophego went on to explain that BQA has protection of learners, as one of its key functions. This includes ensuring that training and education providers enroll learners for quality assured learning programmes, taught by qualified teachers in favorable and well equipped learning environments, amongst others. BQA ensures compliance to set standards and requirements through audits and site visits. “The Authority monitors and audits all accredited education and training providers in the country to ensure continued compliance with the provisions of the BQA Act through scheduled and unscheduled audits. Unscheduled audits are done when a

complaint has been raised against a training provider. If a noncompliance is detected the provider is instructed to address it within a specified period failing which the Authority can suspend, withdraw or revoke in whole or in part the accreditation granted to the provider.”, she explained Student Representative Council(SRC) presidents of BA Isago University and Arthur Portland College, who graced the BQA stall, explained to the high school leavers the importance of enrolling with an accredited institution for approved learning programmes. They encouraged potential learners to ensure that they enroll for programmes that are in line with their career choices. Thophego said in conclusion that “BQA would like to assure students, parents, stakeholders and the public that it is committed to ensuring quality education and training in Botswana. The Authority will enforce rules and regulations as necessary”.

Wednesday 06 - 12 April he Botswana FAIR Wednesday 062016 - 12 T April 2016 Gazette PageH8 HRDC T16

HRDC signs MoU with Ghanzi Brigade


uman Resources Development Council (HRDC), a Government parastatal established by Ministry of Education and Skills Development to strengthen the system level capacity of the Education and Skills Development sector in Botswana, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ghanzi Brigade Development Trust at the HRDC Conference Room on the the 30th March 2016.

According to a media release from HRDC, this official partnership is part of their journey to promote methods of skills development. The MoU records an understanding between the two parties in areas of common interest where cooperation is essential for the effective and efficient capacity building and demand driven skills development in performance of their respective functions. This is to facilitate collaboration on the

Arthur Portland Representative guiding prospective students an their programmes

Students being assisted at the Arthur Portland stall

Multitudes thronged the huge and open Arthur Portland stall at the BHRDS Skills Fair 2016

The Arthur Portland Team posing with their award for 2nd “Best local upcoming institution”

Arthur Portland sees growth at BHRDS Fair MODIRI MOGENDE


p and coming tertiary institution Author Portland exhibited at BHRDS fair and career clinics for the third time this year. The school which provides courses mostly in the critical sector of finance and accounting was one those recognised for their stall exhibitions during the week long fair that saw thousands of prospective tertiary students from all over the country. AuthorPortland took home the second place award in the best local upcoming institution category. Marketing Manager at Author Portland Harriet Chipasha said they returned to the fair with the goal to continue to provide career guidance to prospective students, a critical role in a tough period for finding employment. She noted that the institution has model itself around the importance on market information in the decision making processes and the value of information therein which in turn helps them to decide on which courses to offer in the a particular market. The institution which currently operate in the heart of Botswana’s centre, Fairgrounds, has established itself as a go to school for professional development. The school has invested in providing a conducive learning environment and staff that matches up to the professional needs of students studying towards accountancy and business.

They have formed significant relationships in order to continue their growth in course offering, these partnerships include the Botswana Institute of Charted Accountants (BICA), international bodies such as the Charted Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. The partnerships are meant to also provide reassurance to the students that enrol with AuthorPortland that they are studying within an institution that is not only recognised locally but also internationally. Chipasha said the school has ensured that its courses are relevant and in touch with what the market needs by aligning themselves to the HRDC’s plan of turning around the education and training system of Botswana from a supply led system into a demand driven system. “We have done this by offering courses that are in short supply sector” she stated. She said during this year’s fair they saw a lot of interest from students exploring possible careers in accountancy, business and management. She highlighted that they were able to assist most of them with their questions about the courses. “I can happily tell you that we managed to enrol 200 students from the fair alone” Chipasha stated. Going forward the institution aims to form even more partnership with other bodies in the accountancy and business space in order to provide diverse courses within the respective fields.

provision of demand driven skills to both national and international learners and partnership with the Barefoot College of India for effective and efficient facilitation and coordination of training undertaken under the endorsement of the Barefoot College.This will also enable sharing resources on specific items for which the parties are collaborating including benchmarking and other capacity building initiatives. HRDC is responsible for providing policy advice on all matters of national human resource development; coordination and promotion of the implementation of the National Human Resource Development Strategy; development of the National and Sector Human Resource Development Plans and planning and advising on tertiary education financing and work place learning. Ghanzi Brigade Development Trust is a Government vocational training institution visioned to be the world class provider of quality, accessible and equitable long life education and training. They offer training in various courses including, Auto Mechanics, Bricklaying and Plastering, Certificate in Computer Studies, Certificate in Accounting and Business Studies, Electrical Installation and Maintenance among others, providing a conducive environment for learners to acquire relevant and competitive skills for self-reliance and poverty alleviation.

BHRDS Supplement  

Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Supplement