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What should be considered when buying a home: Location and Finance

or materials because they are cheap. People also tend to put very personal touches to an owner built home such as lime-green and pink kitchen cupboards, different colored sanitary ware in every bathroom. If you plan to keep it forever then those finishes are ideal, but it will be a disaster if you decide to sell it one day. Obviously this does not rule out building your dream home with a professional building construction company. From an estate agents perspective less is more. The more simple quality finishes the house has the more it will appeal to a buyer in the years to come, should you ever decide to sell the property. For example: very ornate ceilings and colored bathroom suites can be very ‘dating’ and before long ‘out of fashion’. Buying your home; The pros and cons PROS If you can  afford to live in a home you own there are so many advantages. Everytime you want to make improvements or spend money on, for example;  planting and maintaining a garden, it all adds to your investment. By buying a home you now have something to trade and sell when you are in a position to afford something bigger and better.

LAME MALEFHO LOCATION It is advisable to “purchase the worst home in the best area, before you buy the best home in the worst area”. Your neighborhood is always the deciding factor with regard to the value increase or decrease of your property. You can always improve a house that is structurally sound, so purchase a home in a favorable area, work on and improve the property. A purchaser is often restricted by what they can afford; luckily a Qualified Experienced estate agent will be able to properly guide/assist you to make the best purchase. Fortunately

for buyers, there are many excellent areas in Gaborone that will hold and increase in value with time. This value is obviously dependent on how you look after the property which includes additions and improvements. FINANCE Taking a mortgage loan for 20 years ± is a big commitment and if you over extend yourself; you may come up against problems later. Often people purchase a home with the intention to rent it out, thereby having a tenant pay the mortgage for you. In principal it seems like a good idea, but you have to allow for the gap between what a realistic

rental return is and what your repayments are. You also have to consider the ongoing maintenance costs, tenants who default on payment, abandonment of utility bills and period/s you have to make the mortgage repayments when the house is empty. Building your own home Unless you are financially sound, building is a dangerous option. There are too many incomplete owner-built-houses out there and you actually reduce the value of the property considerably as there is always the temptation to take shortcuts, and ‘save’ money by using substandard workers and/

CONS You may over extend yourself then you can’t afford to live in it therefore the need to rent it out. Remember If you own a home and rent it out, keep the house maintained and painted, planting trees in the garden, fixing sagging gutters, painting the gate, making sure that the outside of the property is clean and neat. This type of care and maintenance goes a long way in improving the “appeal” value of your home. This will make it easier to find a tenant. A home that is visually attractive is a home that someone will want to live in. Try to avoid putting a house on the market for rent with “promises “ of all the things that you will be doing such as, as soon as we find a tenant “we will” pave the driveway, clean the pool and the house, tidy the garden, fix the silicone around the bath, etc. It really is not appealing to go into a house- even if you want to just rent it when these things are not in order. The type of person you would desire to be a tenant does not want to see a house where the carpets are stained, kitchen cupboards are dirty and the shower has a build-up of soap and grime. You reduce the chances of quickly obtaining a tenant rather than pay a professional company to give your house a good thorough clean.

Home & Design Supplement

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Wednesday 22 - 28 April 2015

The Botswana Gazette

The latest trends in Home Decor

“WE SPECIALISE IN AIR CONDITIONERS” Sales & Services Cold Rooms & Freezer Rooms Ventilation & Heating Kitchen Equipment & Ducting Works Maintenance & Electrical Contractors


Tel: 393 7946/ 319 1549 | Fax: 393 7946 | Cell: 7163 3822 / 7363 3822 Email: | Website:


It can be daunting to choose from the seemingly endless range of patterns, furniture options and finishes available to create a trendy yet unified look for your home. Home owners are always keen to hear which direction to take their next big decorating project and this article shares what is currently trending in the decorating and design world. According to the Huffpost Living, “Modern interior design trends 2015 include classic, retro and contemporary design ideas, traditional and new materials, fresh decorating colors, exotic motifs, ethnic decoration patterns, artistic details and surprising blend of textures. Interior trends celebrate personality, serenity and versatility. Unique character and charming details are important trends in decorating homes. Modern interior design ideas are elegant and sophisticated while showing more individuality.” Wallpaper If you’ve hesitated to decorate with patterns in the past, 2015 is the year to take the plunge. Wallpaper is coming back in a big way and consumers should expect to see an increase in available colors and textures in home stores because everyone is excited to spice up their wall game. So say good-bye to those plain white walls and maybe opt for a deep purple and white flower combination.


Leather Incubator Plot 4799 / 4800 Unit 9 Gaborone Macheng Way Phone: 310 5330 Fax 310 3334 Cell: 741 991 80 / 726 126 00 Email:

Gold fixtures Home owners are no longer limited to silver or stainless steel fixtures, but have the option of going bold with all gold. Variations of warm metals are everywhere from furniture, hardware, bathroom fixtures and lighting. This means you can bling out your house and could start with the bathroom, no sink is complete without a gold tap according to the trend meter. And since it’s officially on-trend to mix finishes, you may want to consider a bronze and gold lamp fixture for your living room. Colours Pleasant natural room colors and soft pastels are perfectly set off with shades of grey color, soft black and creamy white tones, reinventing classic decorating ideas or bringing beautiful contrasts into contemporary spaces. Cold shades of brown colors, in combination with

granite gray color tones and hints of leafy green colors create beautiful, natural decorating color schemes for modern interior design. Mustard yellow and mauve, all light and deep purple colors, rich blue and pink color shades are modern color design trends in 2015. Deep rich, saturated colour is making a much-anticipated return in sumptuous olive and hunter green, gorgeous garnet and ruby red, and bold sapphire and cobalt. These rich colours are popular for 2015 in luxurious velvet, silk and linen textiles, but are also finding their way to walls in both matte and high gloss lacquer finishes for dramatic and moody interiors. Cowhide Without a doubt, there is nothing more sophisticated than the cowhide rug. Cowhide is the ideal accent texture for 2015’s modern, yet approachable design aesthetic. Designers say elements of cowhide will fight their way into pillows, rugs, throw blankets, and even artwork this year. You can also get a few cowhide pillows, and even a cowhide throw to add the ideal accent texture that’s also an approachable design. Modern furnishings that are designed to display flowers and plants are one of modern interior design trends 2015. Bed headboard designs, contemporary chairs and moder n tables with integrated plant holders, designs used as room dividers feels natural and perfect for decorating eco homes and eco friendly working spaces. Decorating with flowers and house plants is one of cheap and beautiful interior design trends this year. The most interesting homes by far are the ones that tell the story of the life being lived by the owners, so this year consider prioritizing personal over perfect. Photos and favorite bits of art pieces tucked into the frame and an unusual collection are a way of putting more of you to your rooms. To achieve a look that’s clean and crisp on your walls, swap out the gallery style approach this year and go for a single statement piece of art. The over sized pieces are definitely back in season. So throw out that outdated matching furniture, and get rid of your solid painted wall colors. It’s time to bring one of these sophisticated, completely on trend design staples to your home.

The Botswana Gazette

Wednesday 22 - 28 April 2015

Home & Design Supplement

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How best can you use color and Lighting to make your space look bigger? LAME MALEFHO Your home is an important investment. Even when your budget is tight, there are a few basic ways of improving it without breaking your wallet. Many of us don’t have the luxury of having large spaces therefore we will give you two basic and highly effective ways of increasing the depth. With regards to your interiors, when you have a small space there are two basics and money-saving solutions you can apply with to make it appear larger. Color Colour plays a fundamental role in not just the aesthetic and mood, but the depth perception of any space. It plays an integral part of depth perception through the application of certain tone and colour intensities. In a small space, one needs to avoid the consistent application of dark colours and tones as they absorb light which makes a space look smaller than it probably is. The best solution for any small space is to use light colour and tone palettes which are the most ideal as they make any space appear large. Another solution is to use muted or cool palettes, bright colours and only apply dark tones as accents

on elements such as feature walls, borders and decorative, design details. As a cheap trick, one can minimize costs and depth perception in a small space by introducing colour and tones through the use of furniture and accessories in a muted space. An important rule to remember is to keep floors and ceilings light; not necessarily white. Light neutral tones are the most popular and functional with regards to floors, but different hues of white on both floors and ceilings are timeless options. Light With regards to illuminating your space, light is the primary factor that determines spatial depth perception. It is highly beneficial to have as much light present in your space as possible. The more light that is available in a space, the more depth can be manipulated to make the space appear larger than it probably is. Light can be introduced into a space through various mediums. Spatial light introduction doesn’t have to conform to the conventional ways which typically comes through windows, doors and light fixtures. A now dated, but renewed and increasingly popular method

of introducing spatial light is through the use skylights. Skylights introduce the most beautiful and uninterrupted natural light into the space from above. Skylights are also the source of magnificent views of the sky which makes the

room look large infinite as well as introducing attractive views into your space. Not just limited to spatial illumination, light can be used as a tool to emphasize certain elements

such as furniture, accessories or to simply create focal points in your space. Other ways of increasing light could be through the introduction of mirrors. Mirrors also serve as a must-have contemporary wall dressing.

Because anything can happen...

e m o H w e In your n

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Sofa 1+2+3 P9999.95

Wednesday 22 - 28 April 2015

The Botswana Gazette

Home Furniture Office Furniture Electronics & home Appliance Carpets,Curtains & Rugs


Chest of Drawer

Sofa Bed P 2499.95

Bed Diamond

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Sofa Circle P 2799.95

Tv Rack

P 799.95

Tv cabinet Denco 04 P1699.95

Coffee Table Round

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Coffee Table P 1399.95

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Tv cabinet Denco 01 P 999.95 Tv cabinet Denco 02 P1049.95


The Botswana Gazette

Home & Design Supplement

Wednesday 22 - 28 April 2015

Lifestyle properties village view Lifestyle Properties has positioned itself as one of Botswana’s leading property development companies. It has an unrelenting dedication to quality, experience and technical expertise within the fields of project management and property development. Founded in 2009, it acquired Jacaranda Apartments in the Village, Gaborone, a then dilapidated property. Its redevelopment into an exclusive up-market living complex has not only enhanced the area in which it is located, but has strengthened the firm foundation on which the 100% citizen-owned company is built.

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Directions: If coming from Naledi Motors, turn left at first traffic lights, take second right, continue straight. Village View on left.



Developed by Lifestyle Properties, Village View is targeted towards young up-andcoming professionals and executives with an appreciation for luxury and highest quality accommodation. The complex is located at plot 5149, Village, Gaborone and is on 18 600 square meters of land in one of the most prestigious and sought after locations in the city. There is easy accessibility to Fairgrounds Business Park, Riverwalk Mall, Jack’s Gym Village and a number of the best private schools in Gaborone. The property consists of 24, 2 bedroom apartments; 12, 2 bedroom premium apartments; 12, 3 bedroom townhouses; and 10, 4 bedroom townhouses. 40% of the units were sold through the offices of Lifestyle Properties and 25% of units were sold with the assistance of prominent estate agencies within Gaborone. Units are also available for rental at affordable prices insuring that quality accommodation is available to all home-seekers. Lifestyle Properties has established itself as reputable company that understands its customers’ needs, developing homes that owners are proud to live in. Furthermore, the company is eager to form development partnerships that ensure affordable, quality accommodation is available to all living in Botswana.

Village View is targeted towards young upand-coming professionals and executives with an appreciation for luxury and highest quality accommodation.


RENTAL FEES 2 BEDROOM STANDARD APARTMENT Unfurnished: P7 500 Furnished: P10 000 Levies: P700 2 BEDROOM PREMIUM APARTMENT Unfurnished: P8 500

3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE Unfurnished: P13 500 Furnished: P17 000 Levies: P1000 4 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE Unfurnished: P18 000 Levies: P1150

Furnished: P11 000 Levies: P750 Contact us: (+267) 75528644 (+267) 72996336

Fahad Patel: (+267) 71509888 Email:


Open 7 days a week

Luxury, Style, Inspiration, Affordable Plot 14383 Gaborone West Opp. Glazing Botswana (Old Auto World Building)

Tel: 3924866

At TOP TILE we offer you the best without breaking your budget.We have beautiful and functional bathroom accessories to grant your bathroom a harmonized look. From Tiles, Bathtubs, Jacuzzis,Toilets, Showers, Shower Heads, Bath Vanities, Basins, Faucets and many more. Complete Your Bathroom Project In Style

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Wednesday 22 - 28 April 2015

2YHU8 Years



2 0 1 5

1 8 9 7

12th March to 10th May 2015


The Botswana Gazette









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The Botswana Gazette

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Wednesday 22 - 28 April 2015

Protect your home from Break-Ins with these simple security tips

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a burglar. Make your house look occupied even when you are away to discourage burglars from coming in. Use automatic light timers in and outside the house and have them turn on and off in a way that simulates your normal patterns. A cheaper option would be to ask a friend to house sit for you or switch your lights on and off regularly while you are away. If you can, have your calls forwarded to your cell phone while you’re away as burglars sometimes call the house to see if anyone’s home before a break-in. Always park your car in the garage with the garage door closed when you are there. That way someone watching for patterns won’t know your car isn’t there when you’re gone. Make it harder for burglars to break-in Burglars are attracted by easy access, so it is important to do everything possible to make this harder. Never leave doors or windows unlocked, and never hide a key to your house outside in obvious places like under a door mat where it can be easily found. Put up signs that indicate your home is armed with a security alarm or camera to keep potential


to ensure your home’s security.

Burglar y is rapidly becoming one of the most common crimes in Botswana, with this in mind protecting your home and family should be a the top of the list of to do things. While it is important to ensure that your home is protected and safe by using one of today’s advanced home security options in place, there are other simpler and cheaper ways

Below are a few tips to help you with a few home security options that will give you peace of mind Get to Know Your Neighbors Neighbors are very essential to home security. The best home security comes from neighbors who are always looking out for one another, so make it a point to meet and get to

know your neighbors that can keep watch for your home when you are away. It is important to also organize a neighborhood watch program that everyone from the neighborhood can benefit from. Do not advertise that you are away In the interest of home security, never leave notes on the door informing guests that you are away as this could be an invitation to

criminals at bay. It is advisable to also cut back tree branches that hang over the roof, and remove any lower branches from trees next to the home that may be used as point on entry to your home. Consider using locks that have an internal anti-saw pin that makes it difficult for a thief to saw through the bolt with a hacksaw. Also, some locks come with an antidrill feature using hardened steel chips inside the lock that will destroy a drill bit in case a burglar tries to drill through the lock. Install an alarm system Home security alarms are not a guarantee that burglars will not enter your home but they do make it more difficult by increasing the risk that the burglar will be seen and caught. If it’s obvious your house is alarmed, the burglar may look for an easier target. It helps to choose a home security system that uses motion detectors and can also arm all windows and doors that could provide access. Also use the yard sign that say your house is protected by a home security system and never post your pass code next to or on the home security alarm key pad.

The best home security comes from neighbors who are always looking out for one another, so make it a point to meet and get to know your neighbors that can keep watch for your home when you are away.

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Unit # 12, Ipelo House Plot 103, Gaborone Intl. Commerce Park, Gaborone, Botswana P.O. Box 26 ADC, Gaborone, Botswana

Home & Design Supplement

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Wednesday 22 - 28 April 2015

The Botswana Gazette

Is your property adequartely covered? House owner’s policy has been designed specifically for residential properties, which are not multi tenanted and generally owned and occupied by the same person/s and or tenanted. Financial institutions will insist that there is a House owner’s policy in force when they offer a mortgage and many banks also insist that the insurance is arranged through them unless satisfactory alternative arrangements are made. Whilst this arrangement is deemed to be conditional selling the institution is able to ensure that the premium is paid monthly or annually and the policy is not canceled. Whilst House owner’s policies differ the core perils are the same and the differences really being cosmetic with various add ons. The policy not only covers acts of God but also various other perils including negligence. The main perils are as follows; • Fire, lightning, explosion • Storm, wind, water, snow • Bursting, leaking overflowing of apparatus. • Theft • Impact • Rent • Liability There are number of lesser defined

events which are too numerous to discuss in this article. There are also conditions applicable which vary from policy to policy. The theft cover is for fixtures and fittings and does not relate to furniture or personal possessions which is covered under a different policy (Householders policy) Generally a fire causes the most damage and in addition to paying the cost of repairs the policy will also pay for alternative accommodation or if rented the loss of rent for the period of re- instatement. This also applies to damages caused by any other peril mentioned. The policy will also respond if you become legally liable to pay compensation for accidental death, bodily injury or illness or accidental loss or damage to property. This is normally limited to P 2500 000. Below are few pointers to avoid a claim being declined and or adjusted downwards. • The buildings must be insured for the current replacement value which must be adequate for the 12 month period. The value of the land should be excluded. This value must include costs such as


2 bedrooms, open plan lounge and kitchen, bathroom, plus free standing bachelor’s pad with own bathroom. Plot size 900 m2. Price P900,000. Kushatha 74382052

demolition, debris removal and professional fees. • The sum insured must not represent the amount of the mor tgage, especially if the property was purchased some time ago. • Ensure that the description of the buildings is accurate. If there are thatch roofs, timber frames they must be mentioned. • Complete the proposal form as accurately and as honestly as possible giving exact details about previous losses and claims. • Policies are quite clear about the duty to minimize any potential loss. Don’t expect to be indemnified if there is undue exposure to the property insured. This also relates to lack of maintenance. Our homes, to most of us, represent our biggest investment. Fires in houses, especially winter, severe storms, high winds can cause extensive damage to properties, even those well maintained. The cost of repairs can have a devastating financial impact. A House owner’s policy is one of the least expensive. People often tend not to insure their houses once the mortgagee is paid. This could result in a second mortgage to pay for the repairs.


2 beds, f/kitchen, lounge, bathroom, walled, plot size 925 m2. Price P600,000. Kushatha 74382052 / Kenneth 72760271



Modern and spacious, 3 beds, M/ensuite, lounge, dinning, f/kitchen, S/Q walled, electric fence, fully paved Plot Size 463 m2. Price P1,400.000 Contact Kenneth 72760271

PROPERTY VALUERS ESTATE AGENTS PROPERTY MANAGERS Unit 5, 2nd Floor, Block D Grand Union Building, Gaborone Tel 3163727,74382052, 72760271


Neat and compact house offering 3 beds, M/ensuite, lounge, f/kitchen, dining area, walled, electric fence, motorized gate. Price P1,000,000 Contact Kushatha 74382052

FOR SALE-Extension 10


House- 3 beds, m/ensuite, lounge, f/kitchen with electric stove, all rooms with air-cons, S/G, Walled, electric fence, motorized gate. Plot size 1171 m2 “Suitable for commercial use”. P2.200,000 . Kenneth 72760271 3 bedroomed townhouse, m/ensuite, lounge, dining, fully fitted open plan kitchen, S/G, well maintained garden, communal pool, Walled, electric fence, 24 hours security. Price P1.350,000. Contact Kushatha 74382052

The theft cover is for fixtures and fittings and does not relate to furniture or personal possessions which is covered under a different policy (Householders policy)

FOR SALE -Block 8 3 beds, m/ensuite, family bathroom, f/kitchen, lounge, dining s/q. walled Plot Size 604 m2 P1,600,000 Kenneth 72760271

Phakalane House-3 beds, m/ensuite. P5000. Townhouses-4 beds, m/ensuite, fitted kitchen, Communal S/pool, S/G, walled, electric fence, motorized gate. P7 500. 3Beds P6 800 Extension 9 Flats- communal pool, 24 hours security, 3 beds P8 500, 2 beds, P7 200. Extension 3 Town houses- 2 bedrooms P6 000/P5 200, 1 bedroom, P4 500.


Broadhurst Space suitable for salon/butchery P7 800. Lobatse 1255m2 shop P8 500. MASA Retail store 33m2 P8 500 + VAT+ LEVY G WEST Warehouse 867m2 P45/m2 CBD 209 m2 Office 80/m2 + VAT FAIRGROUNDS Offices from P2 900 to P8 000. Kushata: 3163727, 74382052, 76166851

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