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The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 - 21 April 2015


and training SECTOR Supplement to the Botswana Gazette

15 - 21 April 2015

Botswana Tertiary Education Fair and Conference 2015 Supplement



ducation is crucial in every society and Botswana is one of the countries which has been fortunate enough to have the Government’s full support. Year after year, a lion’s share of the tax payer’s money is allocated to education during the National Budget speech. According to the 2015/16 Budget speech, “The Ministry of Education and Skills Development receives the biggest share of P10.31 billion or 28.1 percent, which is P512.49 million more than the current financial year’s revised budget. This demonstrates Government’s commitment to increase education funding with a view to supporting human capital development. The bulk of the provision goes towards student Bursaries for post-secondary education at P2.25 billion, subventions to Government supported institutions such as the University of Botswana, Botswana International University of Science and Technology and others at P1.20 billion, costs associated with Levels of Operations arrangement within the teaching staff at P644 million, food and service charges for secondary schools at P342.63 million and In-service Training at P235.83 million.” With the recent

release of the BGCSE and IGCSE results, the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) hosted the Botswana Tertiary Education Fair 2015 (BTEF) at Ditshupo Hall with an aim of educating students, creating maximum awareness about programmes of study offered by various institutions aligned to Botswana’s forecasted labour market demands. Foremost, the BTEF 2015 sought to assist the students in ensuring that they select programmes of study that are accredited from institutions that are registered in Botswana.. The sixth (6th) Botswana Tertiary Education Fair (BTEF) 2015 being organised by the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), was themed ‘Gateway To Realising Your Potential’ while the fourth (4th )Botswana Tertiary Education Conference (BTEC) was anchored on the theme, ‘Promoting Human Resource Development and Employability through Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET). The BTEF hosted 72 exhibitors both local and international and among them were primarily higher education learning institutions, HRDC’s Human Resource Development (HRD) Eight (8) Sector Committees, regulatory bodies, and Government

departments also showcased their products and services. Prospective learners, BGCSE and IGSCE leavers thronged the exhibitions in a quest to make informed decisions. Interestingly, the four day event (BTEF) attracted other service providers (higher learning institutions) from South Africa, United States of America (USA) and a consortium of Russian and Canadian institutions. Locally, over 40 institutions registered with Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) participated in the BTEF 2015 while partners such as Botswana Examinations Council (BEC), Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA), Department of Tertiary Education Financing (DTEF) and Botswana Education Hub (BEH) also showcasing their products and services. Prior to the BTEF 2015, the HRDC also hosted the Botswana Tertiary Education Conference (BTEC) 2015, whose aim was to bring key stakeholders together. Among HRDC stakeholder’s there were career guidance teachers, representatives of the youth, academics, Government policymakers, business entrepreneurs, and captains of industry from all parts of Botswana and the rest of the world. The aim of the Conference was to discuss ways of enhancing Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) skills for the wider population especially among the young people. This

was necessitated by the fact that TVET has been viewed negatively as compared to tertiary education, hence the need to place it at the centre of debate to address the challenge of uptake of TVET skills, while providing policy advice on measures that can sustain TVET sector as integral in the overall development of the nation’s economy. This year’s Conference had attracted strategic participants in the TVET sector locally and internationally from countries such as the United States of America (USA), Germany and in the SADC region (Malawi), while the keynote address was delivered by a Sheffield Hallam

On behalf of BAC Board of Directors, management, staff and students, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our stakeholders for making our participation at the Botswana Tertiary Education Conference and Fair a success. BAC continues to contribute towards the tertiary education landscape of Botswana by providing globally recognised business education. Your engagement with us contributed towards our exceptional recognition for “Best Public University” and “Best Overall Stall”.

University TVET expert from the United Kingdom (UK). The Annual Awards were held on the 26th March 2015 and they indeed confirmed that the BTEF has grown in leaps and bounds as the quality of exhibitions was at an international level. The attendance during the BTEF was as follows; Wednesday 25th March 2015: 9025 Thursday 26th March 2015: 6202 Friday 27th March 2015: 4036 Saturday 28th March 2015: 2417 Total number was: 21 680


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Wednesday 15 - 21 20152015 The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 A- pril 21 April


Hon. Minister Of Education and Skills Development, Dr. Unity Dow giving the official opening address

Dr. Kegalale Gasennelwe-HRDC Board Chairperson, giving the Vote of Thanks at the Official Opening

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) successfully hosted the fourth annual Botswana Tertiary Education Conference (BTEC) under the theme ‘Promoting Human Resource Development and Employability through TVET skills’. This noble event took place on the 23rd – 25th March 2015 at Fairgrounds Holdings, Gaborone. The BTEC brought together key decision makers across all sectors and other key stakeholders such as students, career guidance teachers, representatives of the youth, academics, Government policymakers, business entrepreneurs, and industry experts from all parts of Botswana. The main aim of this Conference was to discuss ways of promoting Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) skills for the wider population especially among the youth. TVET has been viewed negatively as compared to tertiary education, therefore this Conference provided a platform for interrogating thorny issues inhibiting promotion of the TVET in Botswana. The Conference also served as a platform for promoting economic solutions for economic development through TVET, provide advice on

One of the Panelists receiving a token of appreciation from a represantative of HRDC

Dr. Patrick Molutsi, Ag CEO-HRDC giving an Overview of the HRDC mandate

Dr. Fariba Darabi from Sheffield Hallam University, UK Prof. Roy Du Pre-HRDC Technical Advisor giving the giving the first keynote address second keynote address

measures for sustainable TVET Sector in Botswana, creating a secure environment for investment in TVET. Over and above these objectives, the gathering sought intervention to ensure long-term and viability of TVET in Botswana and to enhance youth confidence and willingness to participate in TVET in Botswana. During his introductory remarks at the official opening of the Botswana Tertiary Education Fair and Conference, the Acting Chief Executive Officer for the Human Resource Development Council, Dr. Patrick Molutsi stated, “This year we shall witness the discussions as ignited by the scholars’ papers being presented, leading up to the formation of policies around TVET. Through such discussions, it is hoped that not only shall policy be influenced and subsequently formulated to make TVET courses attractive to our youth, but that the implementation of such policy shall be undertaken with such speed and with seriousness.” Dr. Molutsi also advised that as a country, Botswana needs to shift the paradigm to embrace and give technical and vocational training their rightful place in the contribution to the Gross Domestic Product of this Country. The Minster of Education and Skills Development, Honorable Dr. Unity Dow also graced the event as the Guest of Honor. In her remarks, Hon Dr. Dow acknowledged the success rate of the Fair and Conference over the years as reflected by the

Conference in session

increased level of participation by the institutions and key line ministries, which together add value and shape the relevance of such an annual undertaking in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development’s calendar. The Honorable Minister asserted, “I have intimated in my opening that my Ministry has seen major changes geared towards improving the delivery of quality education to the learners, and I am proudly announcing to you that the recently completed Education and Training Sector Strategic Plan (ETSSP 2015-2020) underscores the relevance, if not the significance of TVET skills as prerequisites to economic diversification, avenues for job creation, solutions to poverty alleviation and ultimately an answer to the beneficiation of our minerals and other products we are endowed with to drive this economy forward.’’ The three days Conference was characterised by insightful discussions from luminaries and specialists in the education and training sector from nations as far as United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa, Lesotho and Malawi as well as Botswana’s TVET experts. The Human Resource Development Council through the National Human Resource Development strategy, hopes that by 2022 Botswana shall be famous for its quality, skilled, well-educated motivated and productive people, therefore initiatives like Botswana Tertiary Education Conference are a stepping stone towards this milestone.

Some of the Conference presenters on stage

Invited delegates in discussion

For more information contact Marketing and Communicatio


TheWednesday Botswana Gazette ednesday 15 - 21WApril 201515 - 21 April 2015

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Botswana Accountancy College Shines at the BTE Fair 2015 On Saturday 28th March, Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) concluded another successful attendance of this year’s Botswana Tertiary Education Fair (BTEF) and Conference. At BTEF 2015, BAC was presented with both the ‘Best Public University’ and ‘Best Overall Stand’ awards for their exhibition. As a platinum sponsor of the BTEF 2015, BAC was able to facilitate inclusion of a delegation from Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) in the UK. BAC’s strategic partner, SHU highlighted aspects of the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) theme of the conference. The delegation included Dr. Fariba Darabi, SHU’s Lecturer in International Business, who delivered a keynote address; Dr. Alisha Ali, Senior Lecturer in Service Sector Management, who presented on the role of technical and vocational education training in developing SMMEs. In a first for the BTEF Conference, and a demonstration of BAC’s innovation, BAC screened a presentation by Professor Isobel Doole from the UK. Professor Doole, the Deputy Dean and Professor of International Marketing from SHU, then participated in the panel live from the UK via Skype.

of BTEF and underscored the importance of TVET to economic diversification, job creation, poverty alleviation and beneficiation to drive Botswana’s economy forward. The principles of TVET effectively prepare scholars with skills relevant for the modern economy. Scholars who are equipped theoretically and have practical working experience to easily adapt to the working environment are in demand. BTEF is also an opportunity to give high school graduates an idea of what careers are possible and how BAC can help achieve them. BAC provided an interactive exhibition stand this year, which immersed visitors into virtual worlds from the School of Computing and Information Systems, to Accounting and Finance as well as Business and Leisure. The BTEF 2015 ended on a high note for BAC as they were awarded the top prize for the Fair under the categories Best Public University and the Best Overall Stand awards. This is the second year that BAC has been recognised as the Best Public University at the annual BTEF.

The Honourable Minister of Education, Dr. Unity Dow, voiced her appreciation 1







Keynote Address, Dr Fariba Darabi, Lecturer in International Business, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom (UK)


Welcome Speech by Honourable, Dr Unity Dow


Presentation by Dr Alisha Ali, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University


Presentation by BAC Executive Director Michael Lesolle


Speech by Dr Patrick Molutsi, Acting CEO Human Resource Development Council


Sheffield Hallam University representatives


BAC stealing the show at the 2015 Botswana Tertiary Education Fair


BAC Executive Director at the BAC stand


One of the Selfie Competition winners





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Wednesday 15 - 21 20152015 The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 A- pril 21 April

Ms V. O. Damane , Director of Institutional Funding- HRDC giving welcome remarks at the Career Clinics.

Mr Moiseraele Goya, the Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development gave the official opening remarks at the Career Guidance Clinics.

Mrs Margaret Baiketsi, Director- Policy and Planning HRDC giving the overview at the Career Guidance Clinics

Botswana Qualifications Authority CEO, Mr Abel Modungwa giving the vote of thanks at the Career Guidance Clinics.



s a way of addressing the high unemployment rate of graduates, the Human Resource Developmet Council recently launched the Career Guidance Clinics under the theme, “Exploring Career Pathways: Gateway to Realising your potential and shaping your future.” Margaret Baiketsi, the Director of Policy Planning at HRDC gave an overview of the 2015 Career Guidance clinics. She talked about the root problem and gave a narrtive to explain. “Imagine putting your whole strength into debushing an acre of land only to learn after a painstaking day that it was the wrong piece of land. At the end of a hard day’s work your boss tells you, you de-bushed a wrong piece of land and you have to start all over again this time on the right piece of land.”

“This scenario is what is often called the bitter pill to be swallowed at some point. You work hard, often competing with some people who seem to be having it smooth-sailing often feeling like life has been unfair to you. It is possible you are working in the same field with people who are talented who easily flow in their jobs while you are just getting by, more like an eagle attempting to swim with the sharks. It is advisable not to pursue a career in a vocational area you have average ability. It’s amazing that I never speak in seminars and workshops addressing managers and directors without at least over 60% telling me they felt they were in a wrong career. The painful thing is when young people choose popular career fields because their peers find them ‘cool’ but when events unfold they find themselves struggling

either at second year in university and eventually quit or sometimes finish and then go into the world of work and find themselves struggling to secure gainful employment that enables them to use their passions and abilities.” She further said, Others would choose careers because of parental pressure, simply because parents favour and prefer certain career fields based on some reason or the other or because they themselves at some point loved to enter those fields. In other instances it could even be that they are prejudiced against certain fields because of inadequate information about them or some negative information they could have swallowed from some source about such fields. This sounds like in the movie, Three Idiots, when an engineering student finishes graduation and says


TheWednesday Botswana Gazette ednesday 15 - 21WApril 201515 - 21 April 2015

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To start Training at Career Dreams Centre, and get certified if seeking new career opportunities in the Hospitality and Tourism industry and also if you are currently employed in the tourism industry seeking to advance your education and position

CAREER DREAMS CENTER, THE TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY SCHOOL “Career Dreams Center (PTY) LTD” is a hospitality school and vocational training center that offers courses in Food production, Hospitality and Tourism Operations and Occupational Health and Safety. The long-term goal of Career Dreams Centre is to become the hospitality center of excellence in Botswana and across the region. The unique operational nature of Career Dreams Centre and its unique location in one of the world’s famous tourist destination;Okavango Delta gives Career Dreams Centre an edge in the market. “We plan to be more than a great school. We plan to create an environment of luxury that surpasses the service standard being experienced in most hospitality establishments in Maun,” expressed a representative from Career Dreams Center.The concept entails ‘training on the job’ hence the school premises consists of a bar, kitchen and restaurant. Theoretical classes, which follow comprehensive syllabus designed in alignment to Botswana National Vocational qualification Flame work (BNVQF), are complimented by practical training sessions at the school premises and other hospitality establishments. Students are hence exposed to the real world of work

conditions and thus the students are exposed to a “Living Classroom.” “The aim is to raise the skills level of the local tourism work force and therefore the quality of our National hospitality product to an international standard. At the same time the school, aims to improve the employment opportunities, job security and future income of the trainees,” she said. Front Office Operations, Food and Beverages Service, Professional Safari Guide, Cabin Crew and Accounting and Finance are some of the courses offered. The graduates from these courses have a wider scope of industry expectations and have an opportunity to further their studies. The school also offers Cooperate Training to various organizations that are tailor made to fit the needs of their operations. This is mainly done as short courses where our facilitators first carry out a training needs analysis (TNA), then the training will follow based on the outcomes of the TNA. “As we are BQA Accredited, this offers the companies the opportunity to be able to claim back their training fees. This service is mainly available for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry,” she added.

• Front Desk Operations & Administration • Computer Applications • Occupational Health & Safety • Cabin Crew (Air Hostess) • Hospitality Management • Professional Safari Guide • ICM: Business & Hospitality Management • Workshops or Corporate Training • Hospitality Travel and Tourism • House Keeping Studies • Airline Customer Service • Food Production Course (Chef) • Food & Beverage Service (Waitron) • Hospitality & Tourism Operations


Behind Ngami Toyota, Gabotshe Complex Borolong Ward, Maun 680 1131, 72677723, 73768690



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Conn-eit Design (Broadhurst) EDUCATION AND TRAINING Wednesday 15 - 21 20152015 The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 A- pril 21 April (Tel: 3913974 or 3936035)

Gowns (Purchasing):

Gaborone Private Bag 00331, Gaborone Tel: (+267) 395 6887 Fax: (+267) 318 4431 Email: Plot 38796, Lephala Rd Block 6, Gaborone


Francistown Private Bag F4, Francistown Tel: (+267) 241 0765 Fax: (+267) 241 0766 Email: Plot 11243,Kubu street, Block 10, Francistown

Degree Students (ARU) Graduation Date: like us

1st November 2014 (07:00 ho

Registered & Accredited


Registration Venue:

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Examinations Office (Admin “Raising a Generation of Prosperous Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders”

30th October 2014 (09:00 – 1

Rehearsal Date:

ABM University College, Bloc

Minister of Education and Skills Development Dr. Unity Dow at the ABM stall with ABM Business Development Officer Mrs. Neo Segadika

Rehearsal Venue:

ABM scoops third prize at the Conn-eit Design (Broadhurst Botswana Tertiary Education (Tel: 3913974 or 3936035) Fair 2015

Gowns (Purchasing):

In its pursuit for excellence, ABM strives towards achieving its goal of becoming the Certificate to Advanced Diploma University of Choice with our main focus being Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Graduation Date:

Nomvula Khonzapi- ABM Marketing Officer receiving the award for 3rd Prize in the Best Local Private Institutions category looking on is Matlotlo Tshimologo,ABM Marketing Assistant.

Development. The entrepreneurship focus addresses the unemployment challenge, not only in Botswana, but also in the region, while the leadership development component contributes to the development of leaders of tomorrow.

15th November 2014 (07:00

As the oldest private tertiary education institution, we are committed to enhancing Deadline for Registration: 30th October 2014 the employability of all our students, and our curriculum has been developed with a

strong emphasis on industry relevant skills, underpinned by sound understanding of the industry. This is achieved through maintaining close partnership with industry. Industry attachment forms a key component of our curriculum delivery with our students.

Registration Venue: Office (Admin ABM UNIVERSITYExaminations COLLEGE GRADUATION 2014 Rehearsal Date: Rehearsal Venue:

14th November IMPORTANT DATES2014 (09:00

We offer Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Professional programmes in the following areas: Degree Students (ARU) • Business Administration •Graduation Day Care Management Date: 1st November 2014 (07:00 hours) • Early Childhood Education Registration Venue: Examinations Office (Admin Block) • Insurance Practice and Management Date: 30th October 2014 (09:00 – 11:00 hours) •Rehearsal Risk Management •Rehearsal Leadership Development Venue: ABM University College, Block 6 Campus. • Entrepreneurship Development (Purchasing): Conn-eit Design (Broadhurst) •Gowns Marketing Management • Business Management (Tel: 3913974 or 3936035) • Tourism & Hospitality Management • Financial Management Certificate to Advanced Diploma • Human Resource Management Francistown •Graduation Electrical & Electronics Date: Engineering 15th November 2014 (07:00 hours) Private Bag F4, Francistown • Business Information Systems Deadline for Registration: 30th October 2014 • Computer Engineering Tel: (+267) 241 0765 Venue: Examinations •Registration Chartered of241 Procurement Supply (CIPS) Office (Admin Block) Fax: Institute (+267) 0766 and •Rehearsal Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) 2014 (09:00 – 12:00 hours) Email: Date: 14th November

ABM University College, Bloc

Conn-eit Design (Broadhurst (Tel: 3913974 or 3936035)

Gowns (Purchasing):

Mompati from the ABM Marketing team assisting prospective students

Gaborone Private Bag 00331, Gaborone Tel: (+267) 395 6887 Fax: (+267) 318 4431 ABM Admissions team- Monica, Matlotlo and Mosa Email: Plot 38796, Lephala Rd Block 6, Rehearsal Plot 11243,Kubu street, Block 10, Venue: ABM University College, Block 6 Campus. Gaborone Francistown OVER 25 YEARS OF EDUCATING THE NATION Conn-eit Design (Broadhurst) (Tel: 3913974 or 3936035)

Gowns (Purchasing):

like us

Registered & Accredited


Gaborone Private Bag 00331, Gaborone Tel: (+267) 395 6887 Fax: (+267) 318 4431 Email: Plot 38796, Lephala Rd Block 6, Gaborone

Some of the prospective students visiting the stall

like us

Francistown Private Bag F4, Francistown Tel: (+267) 241 0765 Fax: (+267) 241 0766 Email: Plot 11243,Kubu street, Block 10, Francistown

Registered & Accredited



“Raising a Ge Entrepreneur Keemenao assisting prospective students

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE “Raising a Generation of Prosperous

TheWednesday Botswana Gazette ednesday 15 - 21WApril 201515 - 21 April 2015

PC Training scoops international award

PC Training students at the BTEF


C Training and Business College has received a Century International Quality ERA Award (Gold Category) for Commitment to Quality Leadership, Technology and Innovation at a Bid Group One (BID) convention in Geneva, Switzerland on March 22nd 2015. The College’s CEO Jayandra Ramnundlall, was among more than 70 other award winners from around the world given their prizes by the President of the BID Group, Jose E. Prieto, who said the “award recipients are icons of commitment to leadership, technology and innovation, making them models for others in their sectors”. BID is a Madrid-based, privatelyowned organization of international specialists which provides consulting services in a variety of business areas, including performance quality and innovation. PC Training was specifically recognized for its impressive programmes in the field of Work Integrated Learning (WIL), which increases the rate of employability of learners, as well as its commitment to promoting technology by providing its students with free access to high-tech devices and data networks. “We pioneered the introduction of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in the Higher Education (HE) and Further Education and Training (FET) arena in Southern Africa in 2012, when we provided our learners with Tablet PCs,” said Ramnundlall. “This allowed us to make education more accessible both geographically with Open Distance Learning (ODL) and without time constraints”. “More than 40 000 Tablet PCs have since been distributed to learners making this initiative a pioneering one on a Global scale.” PC Training has been recognised on numerous occasions over the years and its impressive list of awards includes the Standard Bank, Durban Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Award for 2010; the First National Bank KZN Top Business Award in the social and community services category for 2011; the Top Gender Empowered Company, education and training in 2012; and the Best Computer Training Institute / College in the Pretoria News Awards in 2013. “We live in times of exponential change so it is critical that we equip the next generation of learners in a cutting edge environment in order to be competitive on a global scale,” added Ramnundlall.


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Are YOU considering a seat at University? Register for a Distance Learning Degree, Diploma or Higher Certificate! DIPLOMAS (NQF 6) DEGREES (NQF 7) • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) • Information Technology Specialisation: Marketing, • Computer Applications Accounting & Human Resources • Business Administration • Bachelor of Business Admin • Bachelor of Science: Info Tech • Bachelor of Public Management

• • • •


Business Administration Information Technology Systems Engineering Local Government Management


• Business Administration • Generic Management • Information Technology • Systems Engineering • Technical Support


• Human Resources Management • Office Administration • Project Management • Production & Operation Management • Supply Chain & Logistics Management • Computerised Bookkeeping






+267 745 97177

PC Training & Business College (Pty) LTD is registered with the Department of Higher Education & Training as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997, Registration Certificate No. 2000/HE07/008 & as a Private Further Education College under the Further Education & Training Act, 2006, Registration Certificate No. 2008/FE07/050


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Wednesday 15 - 21 20152015 The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 A- pril 21 April

BA ISAGO University College TOP COLLEGE at the BTE Fair 1


6 2






nce a by w gain B inni A ISA C GO p ateg ng t the h s Coll tall. BA ory and e first roved t p h ege with ISAGO also at rize as at it is o trac the bran Univ t The Bes ne of th ing ersi che t t h e in C y s u Co C in G g Adm ollege abo ollege e num llege i stituti i s h s ons r b n th a i i o s inqu on er d a ne, F a p ranc citizen s of app e Priva of choi enro iries we ersonn dedica c isto o t l e t llme re m wn wned icants e Sect e et a l on th ed tea nt a and priv sign or t m e n r a in Mau e d gi t This ven cord ti ground of Ac n in e Univ g at me ersi adm ade Bot w abo year, t h w ty swa m ic issio h i v na. n le th qual h ensu ic (Fac Ban e. The e stall t i i r fy a u k r ter o e in R ing an top gr ttracte n th ing stu d that lty wis d e o e den e sp Hea al Esta Financ sser pr d top a ts a the st ) and ot. te, B chie ogra lth a e, B ude lso a Co ve S m nd S pply nts’ afet C (Hon m (Ho mes w rs rang ing f Whe s) in n y e i or n s r M ana Qua ) Risk e BCo g from said n quest g m m n e t 4 m a i , “I i i 0 ty S n ent. wan oned o elig urve nagem Econo point ib n t er ent ying m inst le for, to be why t , Dip & Ins ics, BC s and hey ” sa itut a t u om l o r B i a id w “We o ma A in O nce, BC in love n in the one pr ISAGO ant to c s c o , t the upa OM env country spectiv I want udy at tion Mr. i B e r , al t ” onm A o s T ent said th tuden know ISAGO Coll adu, V t a e w , .“ e nd a s o h stud ge’s he ice Pre mbi ther o It is th ich pro ome st u ne, enc e be g Hal ents.Th artwarm sident, e of whi st p ramm dents l, a S e Co l A t e e i r h n c i v fe e Co I will port lleg g lan adem lleg w oth ate ter am ers tiary e.” said be enjo ing Com e has em dscape ic Affa q , y uipp stud ” It is o ed by plex an barked and rob irs and ed, the ents ur vis u da o R s n e t s the Pav new c e ’ exp ion t u a rric rch de ill o s erie The nce contin tudent ion. Th velopm ulum a , said i n e . ttra u s ” e s s e “T n e t in and itut imp t i rovi July 2 facilitie of a M cts lots he the more w on has u n 0 s lt g on o 15 w p i s bot Seme ill be r ipurpos f and ame ti dely in osition h e e s a t t m o e s h e d u d r. y t of outs trateg e vigo e Afric itself clas ” He fu and i r a ide s an rthe the es desi ously e n cont to play d in r bord gned ac ine xp clas CAP ers o to p loring nt and ritical r s p f o r t T r o Bot l 1. ION swa vide st ospect he rest e in the Ms A S s, p of th na. udy SAD o . s opp e C si And ortu sibilitie world region Mr. ngh, MA whi s, o nitie r of r . k t p le BA et s to p A stud ortunit at priv isAg du, vice ing And o B A ents ies fAit te inst univer preside usines from 2. s itu ht n s d t ity tio uel stu coll ,AcAd evelop n” o 3. den fro eMi Men ege ts cA Mh BA rec tM ffA eAd isA Being A eiv AnA irs ing o g inf s f & ou sis M t orM res ger (Mi 4. h Ark ted eA niv eAr A dd wA eti At tio ers the ng the nA 5. it M coM rd for “ ch(left le) exc ost vis Bout th y colle stAll Mu ) B e nic ite ge’ st ite ep Ati d locA s d r ons 6. uMBrel prospec BA isA ogrAMM represe ( hrd l lA ntA t e g BA c), tiv 7. isA s At the ive stud o colo s e giv go rfu ent the Bot ing l s teA lAr stA sw hol stu Mh AnA gel At den old yv the ter ding BA ll ts 8. ing isit B t i t t e A i he ds s ef 2 ry BA i A t e tAt g rop d sAg o 0 u eo 15 cAt un hy os ft ion tAf he fAir iversity fM Art eMB coll 201 BA i er 5 ege giv sAg ing o univ Ap r osp









t in







line registration.

APE YOUR FUTURE INGPROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING TheWednesday Botswana azette ednesday 15 - 21 AprilNOW 2015 15 - 21WApril 2015


ET9 Page T 13

For more details contact us on: Tel: +267 (0)3952362 / 3952366 Email:


2 CIMA UNIVERSITY CLUB 3 Introduction CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is the largest professional accountancy body of management accountants. CIMA was founded in 1919 and now has more than 227 000 members and students in 176 countries. CIMA is establishing University Clubs in selected Universities in Botswana. What does the University Club involve? The University Club provides undergraduates of any study programme intending to pursue a CIMA programme on graduation the opportunity to register at a nominal fee of £10 per year.

Chartered Institute of What are the benefits of joining the CIMA University Club? Management Accountants (CIMA) 4



When you join the CIMA University Club you join a reputable, international professional body at a nominal fee;

IMA is the world’s largest qualification and is a valuable qualification • of You will receive discount professional body Chartered in its own a right. With it oneof can25% achieveon a your exemptions fees for each year you remain a CIMA University Club Global Management Accountants, understanding accounting, of three (3) years. This effectively means 75% off the exemption fees if you member onsolid graduation upoftobasic a maximum and offers the most relevant accounting management accounting and business qualification for a career in remain business. a member principles. for three (3) years, 50% off for those who remain members for two (2) years and 25% off for one “We have members and students in 178 The CIMA CIMA professional qualification (1) year. Currently, exemption fees are capped at £165; countries, making our qualification the comprises nine separate subjects that preferred choice for employers. This is are in three pillars and three Magazine from any apple store for free and enjoy great content on your • Download theorganized Financial Management enhanced by the recent joint venture with levels. The pillars which are Enterprise, devices. the American Institute of Certified Public Performance and Financial represent Accounts (AICPA) which has over 400 000 specific areas of knowledge while the three members in 145 countries. Through this levels of Operational, Management and What do youmost require to register? joint venture, the two of the world’s Strategic represent levels of Achievement. prestigious Accounting bodies, AICPA and The Operational and Management levels CIMA, established the Chartered Global earn you a Diploma in Management and • Evidence that you areDiploma a registered student at your university; Management Accountant designation which an Advanced in Management sets new standards for global of of Accounting. Thus qualifying the £10. notion that • recognition Payment a registration fee of Management Accounting. This international every level at CIMA from CBA to Strategic designation recognizes the most talented level is a qualification in its own right.“As of and committed management accountants 31st DecemberUniversity 2014, we had 350 registered Join CIMA’s undergraduate Club now. Then you too can become one of the more than 227 000 members and with the discipline and skill to drive strong members. CIMA qualification is such that students world. Begin your journey to Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) with CIMA. business performance, ” says Letusaround Chinyepi, theupon completion of the studies, a student Chartered Institute of Management is given a period of 3 years to gain practical Accountants Country Manager. He further experience from a relevant field before online atbeing to benefit from this special offer. Enter promo code goes on to add Register that, This performance accepted as a member. So, I might is guided by the CGMA competency be having more than 350 members who ‘REG10BWA15’ during the online registration. Framework designed to help management are probably working in an irrelevant field accountants and their employers and not qualifying for CIMA Membership. It understand the knowledge requirements is really important for organizations to give and assess the skills needed for both current this exceptional beings work related to their and desired roles. qualification to really benefit from having With only one center in the country, a CGMA in their organization to steer their Chinyepi points out that they have plans businesses to a sustainable growth,” said of further expanding to the Northern Chinyepi. part of Botswana in the coming year. “We Chinyepi further pointed out that, “In all are strategically located at Plot 50374, honesty, we can enroll as many students BICA House, 1st floor, Southern Wing Fair as possible in a year as the program is grounds Financial Center, Gaborone. We designed in such a way that one can study in have plans to open a branch in Francistown a way that suits their lifestyle. There is Online that will take care of membership needs in learning through which is the northern region. We want CIMA to be an interactive e-learning environment that face classes, distance learning and to diversify the economy from sustainable business management,” country wide and not only focused on only covers the entire CIMA syllabus for each online or blended learning.” heavy reliance from non-renewable added Chinyepi. one side of the country,” he said. At entry subject and, that helps “To date, we have 2050 students resources like minerals and focus As part of their achivements at the level, CIMA offers a Certificate in Business one learn, practice and revise for exams. In and I will like to see an increase in entrepreneurship which is a very Botswana Tertiary Eduaction Fair Accounting for those with little or no these form of study, there are a variety of in the student population given good intervention. My expectation 2015, this professional association accounting background with 5 papers that products and services available , including the current economic situation for will be for the government scooped 2nd Best on the Best can be completed in 6 months in the new study texts, Exam practice kits and revision the corporate world to really yield through Ministry of Education to Professional Bodies category and syllabus though equivalent to programs cards. Lastly, there is the common form with to their perceived desire through sponsor more CIMA students as he said it is testimony of quality that takes 24 months to 48 months. The Cert majority of students, Learning Partners. This employing CGMA’s. Presently, the the qualification through its pillars qualification association. BA forms the basis of the CIMA professional offer a range of tuition including face-togovernment of Botswana wants and levels prepares students for

1. CIMA’s student commitee events coordinator Ms Abigail receiving a certificate of participation from HRDC’s Director, knowledge Management Mrs Masego Mokubung at the BTEF Awards Ceremony. 2. Mr Brian Mmirwa, CIMA student commitee vice chairperson receiving the award of “BEST EXAMINATION BODY” from Project ACCOUNTING Coordinator, logistics SHAPE YOUR FUTURE IN Assistant PROFESSIONAL NOW of HRDC Faith Tsie. 3. A CIMA representative at the stall giving students information about services provided. 4. The information filled CIMA stall at the fair. For more details contact us on: 5. Abigail assisting students in front of the CIMA stall. Tel: +267 (0)3952362 / 3952366


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Wednesday 15 - 21 20152015 The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 A- pril 21 April





hen the Institute of Development Management (IDM) was established back in 1974, its main focus was on in-service courses that were meant to close the education gap for people who were already working and wished to sharpen their managerial skills. However, IDM has since moved from that monopoly and have introduced Pre-service courses for undergraduate students who have just finished their Form five studies. IDM Marketing and Events Specialist Chris Moiketsi said there are trying to move away from the perception that IDM only trains people who are already working. He said IDM exists to assist organizations to meet their management needs through training, consultancy and research services. He stated that these services are also available to local and international organizations wishing to improve their management performance, design and improve organizational management procedures, conduct feasibility studies and market research, and provide general advice and guidance at all management levels. He added that they also



1. Mr William Sekgatsa, Mr. Chris Moiketsi and Mr.Kaelo Ranku receiving the 1st prize award for “Best Local Public Institution” at the BTEF 2015 awards ceremony 2. Ms.Merapelo Mphinyane (BSc Business Admin student) assisting an applicant 3. A spacious and office-like IDM stall at the fair 4. Kaelo, assisting applicants to shape up their futures 5. A student thrilled by a choice of programmes at the IDM information stall 6. Goitse assisting the elders who did not want to be left out, IDM offers part-time and distance learning programmes 7. The IDM team captured in their busy and informative stall confidently holding their award

started offering pre-service courses in 2007 even though a lot of people still consider them a training institution for those in service only. “We want form five leavers to know that we cater for them too. We started with 105 students in 2007 and have since trained over 3000 students who are now working. We do not only boast about our courses at IDM, our actions speaks for us. Our faculty consists of people who have been in the industry and are able to help our students apply theory to practical work. We produce graduates who are not only taught theory but boast of the practical part of their courses also because of the kind of lectures that we use at our institution. We started with short term interventions, but we have managed to stay relevant and change as market demand changes,” said Mooketsi. He revealed that the institution opened a branch in Francistown last year as part of their expansion, with the Maun and Gantsi branches on the pipeline. IDM is a public institution that was established by three countries, Botswana, Lesotho and



Swaziland since they were all small governments at the time and could not do it individually. It is registered and accredited as a training institution by the HRDC and BQA. It is also certified by Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS). Full time classes are conducted daily from Monday to Friday. Evening classes are also conducted daily and are specifically designed for those who are not able to attend day classes, especially the working candidates. IDM also offers some programmes on Block release mode where an organization can agree to release an employee for four days in six weeks to attend the programme. Some of the programmes are conducted during weekends. IDM has three disciplines (faculties) that include Business and Information Resources Management, Human Resource Management and Organizational Development and Public Health Management. IDM also offers post graduate programs. These include the MSc Project Management, MSc Supply Chain Management and the Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation.

TheWednesday Botswana Gazette ednesday 15 - 21WApril 201515 - 21 April 2015


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Wednesday 15 - 21 20152015 The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 A- pril 21 April

City & Guilds promotes new qualifications 1






CAPTIONS 1. City and Guilds’s Mr Cassius Mmopelwa receiving a certificate of participation from Director, Knowledge Management (HRDC) Mrs Masego l. Mokubung 2. Mr Cassius Mmopelwa receive an award for 3rd Prize, “ Best Professional Bodies” from HRDC representative 3. Students being briefed about the City And Guilds products and services 4. Mr Cassius Mmopelwa assisting a prospective student 5. The City and Guilds International stall at the fair 6. Eager prospective students given information and some documents for more information


ity&Guilds has recently added new qualifications in Engineering, Business and Administration as well as Hospitality and Catering to their already wide range of vocational qualifications. This was revealed last week at the Tertiary Fair where they were promoting the new qualifications to prospective students and tertiary institutions. City & Guilds Country Manager, Cassius Mmopelwa said their courses focus on the practical skills needed for a range of different careers in variety of sectors, and can be used as part of the contribution towards professional registration. He stated that their courses are created in collaboration with industry leaders and employers, which mean institutions can feel assured that they will help provide their learners with the right skills to succeed. He said the Tertiary Fair also gave them an opportunity to help advice students on what to consider when choosing their qualifications and colleges to study at and to unlock their career potentials

and discover who they may be tomorrow. “We were promoting our qualifications at the Fair because we want to show that we are consistently upgrading our qualifications in line with international standards, and that we are able to stay current by moving from old approaches to new ones. At City & Guilds our purpose is to enable people and organisations to develop their skills for personal and economic growth. It’s about tapping individual potential to help people develop the skills they need to succeed, the skills that help them progress into a job, on the job, and onto the next job. Our aim is to become the global benchmark for workplace skills and professional development. We are doing this by providing the highest quality assessment, learning and career support. We do this by working with education providers, companies and governments in over 80 countries,” said Mmopelwa. He also noted that they work in collaboration with industry experts to make sure their graduates have the skills that

employers are looking for, adding that their qualifications are recognised internationally across a number of countries, and combine practical skills with relevant underpinning knowledge, making their candidates ready for employment. He also shared that one of the most prominent challenges that they face is the lack of more training centres that have invested in resources to offer more technical skills qualifications in areas such as, Welding and Fabrication, Manufacturing Engineering, Maintenance Installation and Commissioning, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. City & Guilds is global leader in skills development, providing services to training providers, employers, and trainees across a variety of sectors to meet the needs of today’s workplace. Their qualifications and apprenticeships are valued by employers across the world, helping individuals develop their talents and abilities for career progression.


TheWednesday Botswana Gazette ednesday 15 - 21WApril 201515 - 21 April 2015

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New Era 40x7

1. Miss Nsiiwa Kule receiving an award for New Era College for the “Best Upcoming Institution” at BTEF 2015 2. Enthusiastic prospective students completing application forms for various programmes of interest 3. A state-of-the-art look of the frequently visited New Era Stall at the fair 4. New Era College Representative assisting students.5. Mr Kitso Bakhobi giving students insights about the New Era College offerings 6. Mr Santo Lebogang giving an eager prospective student information about New Era College 7. Ms Nsiiwa Kula receiving certificate of achievement from the Director knowledge management(HRDC) Mrs Masego L Mokubung.


ew Era College is amongst Gaborone’s tertiary education institutions that aims to provide quality education and training in an inclusive environment that will foster student learning and development of academic excellence, while upholding ethical and social responsibility within its community and the society at large. As one of the exhibitors at this year’s Tertiary Education fair the college went an extra mile and introduced for the first time degree programmes in the Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics disciplines. The institution offers degree programmes that take both academic and practical pathways to teach the student and equip them for the trade with an emphasis on entrepreneurship.


“New Era College offers diverse scarce skill programmes such as Engineering and Hospitality. Special emphasis and time is spent with students at foundation level to improve their maths and science skills required for the engineering subjects. Our academic support centre helps students enhance their performance in Mathematics and Science to assist their success in the study of engineering. The College and its programmes are registered and accredited by Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA),” said Leana Betteridge of New Era College.


Strategically located in Gaborone in Block 8 the college is constructed on more than eight hectares of land. It has a state of the art campus infrastructure that facilitates a conducive learning environment and encourages the personal development of the student.




The College is part of the New Era Group of Companies that have primary schools and educational facilities throughout Botswana, and there are plans to develop additional branches of the College in other cities of Botswana. Speaking about courses they offer that are not yet saturated and can offer job opportunities in the future she said, “Electrical and Electronics Engineering with careers in these fields: Mining, Building Services, Power Services, Transmission and Distribution, Digital Systems, Electronics, Maintenance and Engineering and Consulting Engineering. Telecommunication Systems with careers in the following fields: Aircraft and Electronic Industries, Fixed and Mobile Telephone Networks, Software Engineering, Military, Naval, and Police Communications Systems. Construction Industry with careers in the following fields: Site Supervisor, Agents, Building Instructor (Clerks-ofWorks), Building Research, Quantity Surveying and Site Surveying.” She went on to say Engineering is a scarce skill requirement in Botswana. “More students need to have interest in these programmes. Encouragement can be offered to the prospective students to take up these studies and build a career in this field. The Tertiary Education Fair catered for the majority of students in the radius of 100 kilometres. New Era College met with students from various towns and villages of Botswana and propagated their programmes and gave them the relevant information. In the future we will offer Mining Engineering and Entrepreneurship degrees as well,” she said.

36158, Block 8 Gaborone Botswana P.O.BOX: 402134 Gaborone Botswana



WHO GETS TO APPLY FOR NEW ERA? Students who have completed their secondary/high school leaving examinations such as BGCSE or IGSCE or equivalent, and who have a pass in English, Mathematics and Science, are eligible to pursue the College’s engineering programmes. Entry to the hospitality programmes requires a completed high school examination and a pass in English language (but not in maths and science). Sponsorship is available to Botswana citizen students who have obtained 34 points and above for Engineering programmes and 36 points and above for Hospitality programmes. Self-Sponsored students are also accepted in the programme.

+267 3933533/584 +267 3933541

+267 73933533 71374587 / 72881887

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Effective Supplies E ffective Suppliers is a 100% Botswana citizen owned business that found a niche in the supplies industry. They currently supply safety shoes (wholesale), cleaning services and supply laboratory equipment as well as consulting on science experiments (Biology, Physics and Chemistry). They also supply engineering equipments to technical colleges and Universities and also to other engineering organizations like

Botswana Power Corporation for on the job training. They aim to become the leading supplier of science equipment and services in the country through adherence to international quality standards and best business practice. The company sets itself apart from its competitors through their robust marketing and exciting products. “Unlike our competitors we do not wait for tenders to be floated but go directly to the customer’s door and

Wednesday 15 - 21 20152015 The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 A- pril 21 April

present our services. By doing this we have been able to meet our client’s needs and expectations. In the case of science projects we sell a set of experiments, where if you want to learn about a certain topic we sell you the full set that will cover the topics. Unlike our competitors who wait for tenders which looks for certain equipments. We bring everything and put it in a case that has about 30 experiments. We ask our clients to give us their course objectives and we recommend the experiments they need, tailor made by our manufacturers LUCAS NUELLE (German Engineered), PHWE (German Pure Sciences), TEKTRONIC (USA Measuring and Monitoring Instruments), ARMFIELD


Effective Scientific Glassblowing services in Botswana with a range of high-quality custom scientific glassware. Our products range from simple, standard laboratory glassware (flasks, condensers, adapters, columns, etc.) to complex technical systems involving custom glass apparatus integrated with diverse laboratory hardware. Our glassblowers also provide general repair service for most types of cracked or broken glassware. In addition to manufacturing and repairing specialty glassware we sell a full line of borosilicate tubing and rod. Our clients include research and development laboratories in the biotechnology and environmental sector, optical and lighting industries, major government and university labs, and pharmaceutical, food and drug, pulp and paper, and wine industries. We also sell to other glassblowers, to the art glass community, and overthe-counter to the general public


We provide basic training on glass handling and advanced Glass Blowing for lab technicians.


Postal address: P O Box 45573, Gaborone, Botswana Physical address: Plot 104, unit 6C, Gaborone International Commerce Park Website: WWW.NEO-TECH.BE Cell: +267 73001751/ 71319066 Tel: +267 393 5170 Fax: +267 393 5171 Email:

(UK Structural Engineering) . Currently our main clients are the University of Botswana and BIUST,’ said the company’s founder Shathani Masole Mbaakanyi. He went on to add that in the next two or three months they will be opening a Glassblowing workshop. “Our initial plan is to repair laboratory glassware from all schools across the country, which can be burnt, melted and a glassblower can re- shape it into a shape one wants. You would find that there is much glassware thrown away in laboratories because they are considered to be waist. So the glass blower is able to judge if a glass is repairable, repair and sell it at a lower price to the government to save taxpayer’s money. Our products range from simple, standard laboratory glassware to complex technical systems involving custom made glass apparatus integrated with diverse laboratory hardware,”Mbaakanyi said. In addition to manufacturing and repairing specialty glassware they sell a full line of borosilicate tubing and rods. Their clients include research and development laboratories in the biotechnology and environmental sector, optical and lighting industries, major government and university labs, and pharmaceutical, food and drug, pulp and paper, and wine industries. They also provide basic training on glass handling and advanced Glassblowing for lab technicians. Effective Supplies was amongst the organizations that showcased at this year’s Education fair. Even though it was the only business of its kind as the event was highly attended by tertiary institutions who are their main target. “Our observation at the fair was that out of maybe the 20 that showcased there was only one private university that offered Science and Engineering subjects so the majority of our target market which are private universities offer social science subjects like Business and Social Sciences which are unfortunately currently flooded in the job market. So we would like to encourage the government to sponsor more science and engineering students, and most importantly, Batswana Engineering and Science academics to set up private technical colleges that offer basic to advanced engineering courses” he said. He indicated that Science and Technology is amongst the promising subjects of the future when it comes to creation of employment. “Even here in Botswana we are talking of innovation and the only way to innovation is through science and technology. If you look at our engineering courses you will find that we offer qualitatively and technologically advanced solutions for laboratory training including Renewable Energies, Electrical Power Engineering, Electro pneumatics, Hydraulics and Automotive Technology among others. These are technologies that individuals can sell, so you can imagine what difference we could make if more people were trained in these engineering and science related courses. Also, our approach to learning is based on the German training philosophy whereby students do Blended Learning. This is the blending of theory, animation, simulation and practical learning.” “Not only do we offer training solutions to students, but we also train the trainers. This is done through a manual software and also onsite training on equipment use More about Effective Solutions The business started operating in 2008 and has over the years acquired experience in the supplies business by supplying both the government and the private sector.


TheWednesday Botswana Gazette ednesday 15 - 21WApril 201515 - 21 April 2015

PageET15 T19

Botswana International University Botsw International Univ t of Science & Technology of Science & Technology







Prospective students gets a taste of BIUST at the TEC Fair


The Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) brought most of its the academic staff, directorates, and student ambassadors to the Botswana Tertiary Education Fair to give prospective students a feel of what to expect if they choose to enrol with the University.

understanding of the BIUST academic offering.

The team provided prospective students with information on academic programmes that BIUST offers, hence providing prospective students with a ‘gateway to realising their potential and shaping their future’ as per the theme of the event.

To ensure easy access, application forms and informational booklets have been distributed to all secondary schools around the country for the convenience of the prospective students. Prospective students who want to apply to BIUST can also send a request through email and an application form will be sent to them as soon as possible. They can also download the application form from the website.

The academics had an opportunity to guide prospective students to make informed decisions concerning their programme choices. The University is consistently working with captains of industry to ensure that its programmes meet the industry demands and requirements. The prospective students were given one-on-one interviews with the relevant BIUST Colleges so as to make sure that they choose the right programme, taking into account the labour market dynamics. The face to face interaction made for heightened

Driving Change

Prior to the fair, BIUST embarked on a media campaign using various platforms to advertise its programmes, application requirements as well as the application process.

This year, BIUST stall attracted multitudes of prospective students who showed interest in various programmes offered by BIUST, especially the newly introduced programmes for 2015/2016 such as Chemical and Forensic Sciences, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, among others.

Captions 1. BIUST Team with the 2nd Best Public University

award from HRDC

2. Prospective students being briefed on Geology



3. BIUST representative giving a presentation on how the

microscope works

4. Student ambassador briefing a prospective student on

student life at BIUST

5. BIUST representatives informing prospective students

about College of ICT

6. BIUST representative staging some chemistry experiments

The fair ended on a high note for BIUST as the University was awarded 2nd prize under the category of Best Public University. | facebook: biustbw


twitter: @biustbw


7. Prospective Post graduate student being assisted on

Postgraduate Programmes

youtube: biustbw

PET16 age T20


Wednesday 15 - 21 20152015 The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 A- pril 21 April P O Box 601016 Gaborone,Botswana Physical Adress: Kopanyo House Annex Opp. Min of Agriculture Plot 5131 Call: +267 3167046 Fax: +267 3167079 Email: &

Admission June 2015 open for Prospective students who meet the following requirements: 36 Points BGCSE for Government Sponsorship; Maturity Age; Best six subjects from any of the following; Letter from Employer 1. English Certified Educational Certificate 2. Maths Omang 3. Science 4. Commerce 5. Accounts 6. Development Studies (DVS) Mode of Study: 7. Computer Studies Full-time, Part-time & Distance Learning 8. Business Studies

GAE Centre of Excellence in the provision of

of Proffesional Technical Education as a Business Accounting Technology knowledge dissemination


Advanced diploma in AccountingComputer Studies (IADCS)

Technician with Computer

JUNE 2015 of Accounting INTAKE Association of Accounting Entreprenuership Association Technician (AAT) Information Systems OPEN registration with Certificate till end of601016 MAY P O Box Online Based Examination Gaborone,kopanyo house 2015 +267 3167046 fax 3167079 Certificate/Level 2

Business Diploma

Advanced Diploma

cell +267 73688620

Diploma/Level 3

Government sponsorship available

Advanced Diploma/Level 4


Advanced diploma in

GovernmentBring sponsorship the following: Certified Copies of ID available BGCSE Certificate



Since 1997

18 Years in the Tertiary Industry

Since 1997

TheWednesday Botswana Gazette ednesday 15 - 21WApril 201515 - 21 April 2015

Students listening attentively at the Career Guidance Clinics

Students in their discussion groups at the Career Guidance Clinics

Students discussing at one of the break away sessions at the Career Guidance Clinics


PageET17 T21

Students at the official opening ceremony of the Career Guidance Clinic

to the parents ‘here is your Bsc in Engineering Certificate, I got it for you as you wished, now it’s time for me to train in the field I have always loved.” If you are going to spend over 80% of your life at work, as often as the case will be, is it wise to leave your choice of a career to chance or luck? Many things have changed in our present world and careful consideration of your choice of vocation has never been more complex than now. Even more complex is the unavailability of accurate information from which to base your decisions. Okay, if there is a correct way to choose a career, which one is it? Three things matter in your career choice according to the career focus model, (1) the world of the SELF; (2) the world of WORK, (3) the world of STUDY AND LEARNING. Nowadays organisations are searching for best talent. Best talent are those people who are able to perform extraordinary roles in their chosen fields and bring about results to organisations. Baiketsi advised that, “This is where you need to put a concerted effort to develop an insatiable ability to learn (accelerated learning) by which you are always gaining relevant competences in solving problems, thinking critically, decision making and creative thinking. In the employment situations you need to have employability skills that help you to excel at whatever you do. These skills are obtainable in the world of STUDY AND LEARNING through formal and informal learning. Formal learning is through College, University and Academies, while informal

learning is through personal reading, listening to media presentations on various topics of life, seminars and presentations by experts and personal study programmes. Eventually your talent is like liquid. It doesn’t have shape. It takes the shape of whatever container or character that possesses it. Your talent without development may go to waste.” At the same time she said one needs to develop your talent to be attuned to opportunities that arise in life. Talent without opportunity is like a boat on dry ground. “You need to prepare for opportunities as these help you to achieve your dreams in life. I always say ‘it is better to be prepared and not have an opportunity than to reach the place of opportunity and not be prepared’. One of the ways of you getting ready for opportunities is learning to assess problems and life and matching them with your abilities and competences. The long and short of it is, never live your life by default, live by design. Plan your career as if it was your last day to live.” The Tertiary Career Clinics have many objectives, some of which include: to equip young people with the skills to enable them to set viable goals, continually learn and value add to their future workplace, build networks with prospective sector of employment or employers, appreciate all types of careers and how they contribute to a well functioning society and equip students with information to positively engage their parents and other career influencers.

PET18 age T22


Making an Educated Choice


onsidering studying overseas? This can seem like a maze at times. Here are some things you can, could, should and ought to consider in finding your way through this maze to your goal. Costs – know your budget Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Mauritius, Malta and Cyprus are popular study destinations and the costs involved vary significantly. Know your budget and be realistic in choosing a destination that lies within your means or that of your parents or sponsor. Currently, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are more costly than the UK, with Malaysia, Mauritius, Malta and Cyprus being kinder on your pocket. More affordable options Whilst Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand are popular study destinations, they may lie outside your budget. A number of Australian and UK universities now have campuses in places such as Mauritius, Malta, Malaysia, Dubai, Republic of Cyprus and South Africa, which are fully accredited in their

country of origin as well as in the country in which the campus is located. Each offers the same curriculum as the home campus so you can, therefore, transfer to the home campus should your budget allow. These off-shore campuses offer tuition at a significantly lower price point and living costs are less. Destination Once you have decided on a country, look at universities offering your choice of course and familiarise yourself with entry requirements, which very considerably. For an undergraduate degree, consider whether you want a generic degree such as business followed by a specialised master’s degree in Sports’ Marketing or Banking & Finance, for example, or a specialised first degree such as Engineering followed by a generalist master’s in Business Administration or Project management. Hidden benefits Look carefully at benefits that are not immediately obvious. At some universities successful completion of your undergraduate

course in accounting gives you exemption from the first 9 ACCA papers. At others, an engineering degree will allow you to join a relevant professional body and still other courses offer you inbuilt industrial training. Look also for a sandwich (UK) or co-op (Canada) courses. A sandwich course allows you to gain one year of employment in the area of your study. In the UK this is usually after your first two years of study. After your internship you would then return to the university to complete your final year of study. Having a degree plus 12 months’ work experience may give you a head-start in the job market. Entry requirements Ensure that your qualifications meet the entry requirements of your chosen university since these requirements vary considerably from institution to institution. If they do not, most universities provide pathway courses. These bridging courses take from 3-10 months depending upon your qualifications and grades. Upon successful completion, you then progress to your degree. A pre-masters semester is also available to enhance academic writing skills and provide essential research methodology skills for those looking at a masters by course work or

Study at Monash in Australia, one of the world’s leading universities

CRICOS provider: Monash University 00008C

Monash is a prestigious destination that is ranked in the world’s top 100 universities*. With a total of 18 subjects ranked in the top 50^, Monash is globally renowned for academic excellence.

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* Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 2012 – 2015 ^ QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2014

Wednesday 15 - 21 20152015 The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 A- pril 21 April a masters by thesis, which can then lead to a PhD or Professional Doctorate. Pathways and entry points There are various entry points at which you can access tertiary education. The most popular pathway is Foundation Year which is accessed upon completion of IGCSE/BGCSE. The length of this course will vary according to the institution and your results but is generally 8-10 months depending upon start date. AS results will also give you entry to Foundation pathways and in some cases to an accelerated course. A-level and will give your direct entry to year 1. Foundation year is also open to AS and A-level or IB students whose results do not meet direct university entry criteria for their chosen course. English language requirements A number of countries have tightened the language requirements for visa applicants. Most recently, as from April 2015, for example, the UK will only accept one English test and all applicants are required to sit this test. Again, test scores required vary between institutions, so enquire. Finance Generally, you will be expected to self-fund your studies or find a sponsor. Scholarships are few and far between and normally awarded on academic merit. Some universities offer partial bursaries in the form of a reduction in fees. Some also offer a discount if the tuition fees are paid upfront at the beginning of each year. Normally, you will need to pay a deposit of at least one semester’s tuition fees in order to secure the documentation you need to apply for a visa. A few universities will agree to an instalment plan. Apart from tuition fees you also need to factor in living and accommodation costs. Most reputable universities have a scholarship site on their webpage with information that may be helpful to you. Rankings Treat rankings with care and know what you are looking for. A particular university may be ranked no 75 or 60 in the world but if you look at individual courses you may find that the rankings are much higher. If you consider Monash University Australia, for example, whose advertisement appears below, you will find that internationally it is ranked overall 70th (QS Ranking 201415) among the top 100 universities in the world but for Pharmacy and Pharmacology it is 8th, Education 6th, Law 16th,, Accounting & Finance 20th and 22nd for Chemical Engineering. Within Australia it is ranked 1st for Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Communications & Media and Pharmacy & Pharmacology. Application process and visas You may apply online but some universities, particularly in Australia, will ask you to apply through a representative. Reputable universities will list the representatives in your area on their website. A good representative will assist you in all aspects of your application (including accommodation and visas) and generally you can expect a quick turnaround time – a conditional offer often within 24 to 48 hours. A representative will also help you process your student visa application, often an overwhelming process. Provided you have the correct documentation and an unconditional offer from your university, your visa should not be problem. They will also help you secure the accommodation of your choice. Accommodation Usually available on campus and will be arranged during the application process or you can opt to live off-campus either with a family, in a house or flat sharing with 2 or 3 other students or in privately owned and operated student residences. Universities usually suggest a student should live on campus for at least the first year to allow easy acclimatisation to the new country and way of life and easy access to the university and all the facilities on offer. Working Work regulations vary. Currently most countries allow you work 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight during the semester and full-time during semester breaks and most have an employment office to assist you. Post–study work rights and visas also change from time to time, so you need to know what the current regulations are for your destination. For example, if you complete the last two years of your degree in Australia, then you are eligible to apply for a 2 year post-study work permit. In the UK, a sandwich course (see above) will provide you with a full year’s work experience during your studies. In some countries, you are expected to leave after you have completed your studies, unless you have found an employer who is willing to offer you a contract and assist with the relevant visas. Barbara A.H. Butchart and Ellen Chokwe Educational Counsellors and Consultants

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THE HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (HRDC) HOSTS THE SIXTH BOTSWANA TERTIARY EDUCATION FAIR (BTEF) 2015 The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) held the sixth Botswana Tertiary Education Fair (BTEF) at Ditshupo Hall from the 25th – 28th March 2015 under the theme ‘Gateway to Realising Your Potential and Shaping Your Future’ . The objective of the BTEF was to offer potential learners the opportunity to actively interact and identify the career choices in programmes offered in each institution exhibiting. Since its inception in March 2010, the Botswana Tertiary Education Fair has become a calendar event for Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) leavers and other prospective learners interested in furthering their studies with over 21 000 students attending the BTEF over the four (4) day period.The BTEF 2015 attracted 72 exhibitors from countries such as Botswana, South Africa, the United States of America, Russia as well as a consortium of Canadian Universities. HRDC Stall at BTEF 2015

In its endeavour to implement the National Human Resource Development Strategy (NHRDS) whose vision is that “By 2022 it will be universally accepted that quality, productivity and motivation of Batswana will be Botswana’s single greatest and most valuable resource”. This has therefore necessitated HRDC to establish seven (7) Sector Committees in the areas of Mining, Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Tourism, Creative Industries, Agriculture, Health, Information and Communication Technology and Finance and Business Services. The Human Resource Development Sector Committees did set up marquees with an aim of educating the learners, creating maximum awareness about programmes of study aligned to Botswana’s forecasted labour market demands, and persuaded prospective learners to choose programmes of study stipulated as skills in demand within the exhibitions from various institutions locally and internationally.

Sector Comittees career guidance booths

A prospective student collecting information from one of the institutions

One student from Maun, Lizzy Boitumelo jubilantly remarked how she wasn’t aware of the many career options available in the Health and Agriculture Sectors and how she had always thought one could only be a farmer but was delighted to establish that there were so many options available within the various sectors. Speaking during the event, HRDC’s Head of Marketing Communications and the BTEF Project Manager Mrs Faith Tuelo asserted “HRDC has created the platform for students to explore their career choices and make informed decisions that will have a meaningful impact in their careers. I am happy to inform our stakeholders that the BTEF 2015 was a resounding success that can be measured qualitatively through the adjudicators report and quantitatively through attendance” In conclusion, HRDC is mandated to diversify the knowledge economy of Botswana, and HRDC has vowed to execute this mandate through developing the skills of its people first.

Prospective students enquiring on courses

Prospective students listening attentively

ons at: +267 3930741, Email:

BTEF 2015 exhibitors

Prospective students looking at Institutions Prospectus

Eager prospective students queueing to enter Ditshupo Hall

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Wednesday 15 - 21 20152015 The Botswana Gazette Wednesday 15 A- pril 21 April

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