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Township of Nipigon Learns More about Nuclear Waste Management.......................... Township of Nipigon representatives visited Toronto recently to meet with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) to learn about Canada’s plan for the longterm management of used nuclear fuel. The ‘learn more’ opportunity, funded by the NWMO, included a detailed briefing by NWMO staff, and a tour of the Pickering Waste Management Facility, where used nuclear fuel is currently stored on an interim basis. “Regardless of where this Depository is eventually located it will have an impact on all communities” commented Mayor Richard Harvey. “As Community Leaders we feel it is important to be engaged in the process to protect the interests and concerns of our community.” The NWMO said that it anticipates that it will take between seven and ten years to decide on where to locate the deep geological repository and associated facilities. “This is a very long learning process that is just beginning,” continued Harvey; “Ultimately, there will have to be a compelling demonstration of willingness expressed by the citizens of any interested community, after a long period of site assessment, before it is selected to host the project.”

In June 2007, the Government of Canada selected Adaptive Phased Management as Canada’s plan for safeguarding the public and environment over the very long time in which used nuclear fuel must be managed. The plan requires that Canada’s used nuclear fuel be safely and securely contained and isolated from people and the environment in a deep geological repository in a suitable rock formation. In May 2010, the NWMO published a process for identifying an informed and willing community to host the project. “Nipigon Council has not made any decision about the project whatsoever”, said Councillor Louise Dupuis. “As we learn about the deep geological project and the site selection process, it is important that the community, including neighbouring First Nations, learn along with us.” The Township is considering asking the NWMO to create an information kiosk for the Township where people can drop by and pick up material at their leisure. Backgrounders on various topics will be available and a touch screen television will be installed where people can watch animated videos of the project and on used nuclear fuel transportation. The Nipigon delegation included Mayor Richard

Standing in front of a dry storage container (DSC) at the Pickering Waste Management Facility are from left to right Greg Imhoff, Alec Blyth, Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Name, Name, Levina Collins, Richard Harvey, Sarah Lewis, Louise Dupuis, Lindsay Mannila and Bill Scott, OPG. Photo Submitted

Harvey, Councillors Louise Dupuis, Levina Collins, Gordon Mackenzie and James Foulds, Chief Administrative Officer Lindsay Mannila, Economic Development Officer Sarah Lewis and Economic Development Committee member Greg Imhoff. For more information about the NWMO, and the site selection process, please visit: Canada’s Plan for the Long-Term Management of Used Nuclear Fuel – NWMO Frequently Asked Questions: 1) What is Canada’s plan for the long-term management of used nuclear fuel? In 2007, the Government of Canada selected Adaptive Phased Management as the plan for safeguarding

the public and the environment over the very long time in which Canada’s used nuclear fuel must be managed. The cornerstone of this plan is containment and isolation of Canada’s used nuclear fuel in a deep repository constructed in a suitable geological formation, in an informed, willing community. The plan will be implemented over many years through a process of phased and adaptive decision-making, guided by citizen engagement and the most advanced knowledge and expertise. 2) What facilities will be constructed? This national infrastructure project will involve the development of a deep geological repository with placement rooms for used nuclear fuel, approximately

500 metres underground. Supporting this repository will be an underground demonstration facility, surface buildings and a centre of expertise that will become a hub for national and international scientific collaboration. 3) How much land is required? The project will require a dedicated surface area of about 100 hectares (250 acres) for the surface buildings and associated facilities. The underground repository itself will require a subsurface area in suitable host rock of approximately 2.5 kilometres by 1.5 kilometres (375 hectares/930 acres) at a depth of about 500 metres. 4) What are the transportation requirements? Used nuclear fuel will be Continued on Page 2

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Nipigon-Red Rock Gazette

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Another Soldier Goes Home Today Nuclear Waste Management con’t In the rising of the sun and its going down we remember them. In the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter; in the opening of buds and in the rebirth of spring; in the blueness of the sky and in the warmth of summer; in the rustling of leaves and in the beauty of autumn; In the beginning of the year and when it ends; when we are weary and I need of strength; when we are lost and sick at heart; when we have joys we yearn to share, WE REMEMBER THEM! So long as we live, they too shall live, for they are now a part of us, as we remember them! - Russ Berrie As Dr. Puskas, an orthopaedic surgeon from Thunder Bay left for Afghanistan, he was asked by his son, Will you return alive or in a box?” He said, “Up until that moment, the cost of giving my service, never really hit me.” Jesus’ death enables us to live in spiritual freedom. He prayed not my will by Thy will be done. He desired to please His Father. John 10:10-15...“I have come that they may have my life, and that they may have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.” John 8:36...“If the Son gets you free you are free indeed.” Lives committed to Christ, are given to the service of others. Malachi 1:11...“From the rising of the sun, even to its going down, my name shall be great among the nations.” Chaplain Lenora Rowsell


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transported from the interim storage facilities where it is produced and safely managed now to the centralized site of the deep geological repository. Depending on the location of the site, this may involve the use of road, rail or water transport, or a combination of these modes, which are used widely today internationally. Transportation of this material will need to meet stringent requirements of Transport Canada and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. 5) How will people and the environment be protected? A multiple-barrier system will safely contain and isolate the used nuclear fuel. The repository and containers for used fuel are designed to provide multiple engineered barriers using robust, corrosionresistant materials. A further barrier is provided by the host rock in which the repository is built. The geology provides the principal barrier between the

used fuel containers and the surface environment. Many years of investigation will be involved in demonstrating that the geology in that location meets strict technical safety requirements. Once placed in the repository, the used nuclear fuel will be monitored and retrievable. 6) How will the project be regulated? The project will be subject to a thorough and comprehensive regulatory review process to ensure that it is implemented in a manner that protects the safety of people and the environment, now and in the future. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will review and assess the project and site locations, and ultimately will be responsible for issuing licences authorizing the project to proceed to different phases of its life cycle development. The Government of Canada, through Natural Resources Canada, monitors the NWMO on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with the Nuclear Fuel Waste Act. 7) What are the benefits for a community and region that host the project? The project will be implemented through a long-term partnership involving the community, the larger region in which it is located and the NWMO. It is important that it be implemented in a way that will help foster long-term well-being and sustainability. The development and operations of the facilities will generate thousands of jobs in the host region and potentially hundreds of jobs in a host community for many decades. 8) What are other countries doing? Internationally, countries are at different stages of designing or implementing their long-term management plans for used nuclear fuel. Canada’s plan for a multiple-barrier system based on a deep geological repository is consistent with programs that have been developed in many other countries with nuclear power programs such as Sweden, Finland, France and the United Kingdom.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Nipigon - Red Rock Gazette

Nipigon Council Notes: Clarification of Statements Nipigon Council Glena Clearwater Staff

At the regular Nipigon Council meeting on October 25th 3 corrections/clarifications were made – from the September 27th meeting the remarks, about the arena ice going in earlier than ever, were an observation about the trend across the country and the added cost that some arenas could face; from the October 11th meeting, that Pierre Pelletier and Chris Wrigley were not representing the Red Rock Indian Band, but their own business of the waterfront lots on the Nipigon River and to clarify the recent publicity about the Nipigon delegation going to Toronto to “get an education” about nuclear waste disposal was just that, an “education”. Since it looks inevitable that the waste will go somewhere in NWOntario or out west, people need to know more about the whole issue – Mayor Harvey made it clear that Nipigon has not said anything about having the waste come here. The Nipigon Inn had been advertised as surplus property. A bid was accepted to sell it for back taxes. A request from David Thompson to take away the pile of scrap metal at the landfill in return for a donation to a charitable organization will be forwarded to the Public Works committee. Nipigon’s share of the levy for the TBDSSAB (Thunder Bay District Social Services Association Board) is $165,116 for the year, a reduction of about $3000. It is paid in monthly installments. Payment of vouchers for approval amounted to $19,0742. The minutes of the Recreation Committee included 5 recommendations – 2 of which resulted in very lengthy discussions. Some members of the Committee were in favour of changing a policy, for use of the fitness room, to allow broader criteria for a student fee. In the end it was passed, with changing to the former pol-

icy by removal of the age only and with Councillor Dupuis abstaining from the vote, wanting to consider it in more depth. Councillor Foulds and Mayor Harvey noted just how cheap the Nipigon Fitness Room membership is compared to other towns. Also debated and sent back to the Committee was the idea of providing a monetary incentive to the swimming pool staff/director for being able to increase the numbers of pool users. While some were in agreement, others felt the money could be used to promote the pool use more or provide free swims. Stats on the pool use showed that of 187 students available to take lessons, 120 did in 2011. But daily public swim numbers keep declining. In the end Council supported more discussion on this recommendation. The other 3 recommendations that were passed were to hire Suzanne Kukko to teach dance and Nancy Hall to teach yoga and to have foul posts installed at the ballfields. Council approved the signing of the Waterfront Agreement with NOHFC. Also approved was the signing of the collaborative agreement for the Rails to Trails Committee. Other municipalities will be asked to sign as well and it should be ready to go to the Trillium Foundation for November 1st, being submitted by the North of

Superior Snowmobile Association. Discussions on this project are ongoing. The 3 projects prepared by the CAC will now be taken over by the municipality for further development. The Senior Housing Committee will remain in place with Councillor Foulds spearheading it. Once/If funding applications are available this project will be ready to go. Council agreed that the work, done by the Committee on the Feasibility Study for Senior Housing, would Continued on Page 5

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Our Opinion Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Nipigon-Red Rock Gazette is published each Tuesday by Lakeshore Community Publishing Ltd. 20 Riverview, Nipigon, Ont. P0T 2J0 Phone 807-887-3583 Fax 807-887-3720 2nd., class mailing permit #0867 Subscription Rates: Seniors (65+) $29.00 Local $39.00. Outside 60km $54.00 USA $69.00 (please add 5% GST) Memberships and Associations The Canadian Community Newspaper Association, The Ontario Community Newspaper Association Columns Policy - Letters to Editor The columns and letters accepted by this newspaper for publication, appear at the discretion of the Publisher. Names, signatures and phone numbers must accompany each submission for verification purposes. It is assumed that each submission fairly represents the opinion of the writer. E-mail address Advertising and General Manager Linda R. Harbinson Reporter Photographer/Circulation Pamela Behun Managing Editor Paulette Lalonde Forsyth Publisher Linda R. Harbinson

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editorial... It’s That Time of Year Again to Get Your Flu Shot November already! Time flies, and it always has except now, I think it has rocket boosters attached. Before you know it, we will be sitting around the Christmas tree wondering what the Easter Bunny brought! Well, that’s what it feels like to me...and explains why I feel like I’m always on the run! As of October 31, 2011, the world population stands at seven billion people. That’s one billion more than thirteen years ago, and six billion more than the early 1800’s. And by 2050, the estimated population will reach 9.3 billion--15 billion by 2100. Can the planet sustain us? We can assume correctly that the numbers will put a strain on natural resources, and can hope that leaps in modern technology may solve some problems. But as the United Nations Population Fund Executive Director Mr. Osotimehin stated, “Whether we can live together on a healthy planet will depend on the choices that we make now.” The recently released State of the World UN report also noted that a longer life expectancy has been a factor with the increasing population numbers. The average life expectancy has leapt from forty eight years in the early 1950’s to about sixty eight in the first decade of the new century. However, the population question is not about the amount of space people take up, explained Mr. Osotimehin, it is about equity, social justice, distribution and consumption. Some say that only two billion people could be supported if they consumed food and resources at the levels of North Americans. Now that’s food for thought.

You know fall is here when it’s dark at 5 o’clock, the rakes come out of storage and the Health Unit publishes the annual flu shot clinic schedule. In the past, those over 65 years of age and people with health issues that affected their immune system were the ones recommended to get the flu shot. And, many people thought that even if they did get the flu, they would be strong enough to fight it off or only have to take a few days off work. A few days off work is not big deal, so why bother getting a flu shot? In recent years, experts in infectious diseases have expanded their recommendations on who needs the flu shot to include everyone over the age of 6 months, including generally healthy people. Healthy people may not be at high risk for flu complications but could spread the flu virus to someone who is at risk. Flu immunization is important for those who may be considered a “close contact” of high risk groups. According to Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization, close contacts can include those who: work in health care facilities, including health care professionals, office, maintenance and cleaning staff live in the same home as someone who is at risk for flu complications (e.g. people with heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes) care for an elderly parent or other family members who are considered at high risk for flu

complications come into contact with infants under the age of 6 months since infants at this age cannot receive the flu shot live in a household where a newborn is expected during the flu seas provide regular child care to children under the age of 24 months, whether in or out of the home. Getting immunized for the flu is not just about protecting ourselves; it’s about protecting everyone. In fact, the more people who are immunized and protected from the virus, the harder it is for the virus to spread. This is called “herd immunity.” Through herd immunity, everyone has a role to play in reducing the

impact of the seasonal flu in our community. The province has provided enough flu vaccine to immunize all those who want or need the flu shot. Flu shots are available, for free, from health care providers or you can visit one of the flu clinics offered by the Health Unit. There will be a clinic in Red Rock on Tuesday, November 8 at the Public School from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. The following day, on Wednesday, November 9, a clinic will be held in Nipigon at St. Edward School from 6:00 to 8:00pm. If you have any questions, visit or call the Nipigon branch office at 887-3031.

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Nipigon - Red Rock Gazette

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Paulette Lalonde Forsyth

My World.......And Welcome To It

I know you don’t want to hear it, maybe some do, but Christmas is just a blink of Rudolph’s nose away. Now don’t get all huffy on me, because whether you deal with it now, or during the Christmas rush while you’re having a string of hot flashes and singing “Let it Snow” to yourself in an effort to cool off, it’s gonna happen. For me, starting now would mean less frenzy later. I might even get to enjoy the season of merriment naturally instead of it being wine induced after a free for all at Walmart. Remember that Christmas is only as stressful as you make it...and on that note, I am the creator of my own musical called ‘Christmas Chaos.’ It starts out rather slowly with not much action, but ends in a blaze of glory with fireworks and usually a surprise ending that even I didn’t see coming. And it comes with an Adult rating due to the language. This year I hope to

be different, because this year, I’m going Disney! No, I’m not going to Disneyland, but I’ve decided I’m going to make Christmas magical and as light as the white snow on a winter’s night where I lay outside in my nightgown, making snow angels. Fruit cake should not involve anxiety and the excuse of expense. It should be made with the thought of tradition as it has been for centuries by our womenkin. Christmas baking should not be a chore and a curse, but a gift to your family and friends. Presents should not be bought with absence of mind but presence of thought. Christmas trees decorated with seasonal joy and void of all loathing have a special sparkle to them. It’s going to be a wonderful creating Christmas this year, because I’ve summoned the aid of three Disney princesses: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White (better known as ‘the daughters’). They have unknowingly agreed to help with the cooking, baking, cleaning and decorating. It will be a task to keep them on task, but I think whatever is listed in

the contract should be honoured, even if their signatures were forged by the evil Queen. I’m not really worried about Cinderella because she usually will roll up her sleeves and dive right in. Sleeping Beauty is a little harder to deal with because she has a tendency to do exactly what her name says. Snow White, on the other hand, can be of assistance as long as we keep her away from apples...or in this case, HBO. Alas, Jasmine will not be here to usher in the Christmas season, unless a Christmas wish is granted and she arrives Christmas Eve on her magic carpet! I’m so excited!! The only thing written on my magic mirror list is Christmas present shopping, and that I can do with silver bells on my feet and Christmas joy in my heart. Well at least until Captain Hook (the husband!) finds out I’ve blown the budget again and hides my purse in ‘Neverland!’ No. He wouldn’t. At the very least, he shouldn’t. He’s all too aware of my power to cast spells of doom and gloom on his well laid voyages (plans) and ‘shiver his timbers!’

Nipigon Council Notes continued................................. Continued from Page 3

be part of the municipal 5 year Strategic Plan and the Official town plan. A group of 10 citizens, from all walks of life and of all ages, formed a committee to work with Councillor Dupuis and CEO Lewis to brainstorm ideas on how Nipigon could move forward and continue to have a sustainable future as a community. Consultants have been hired and questions were given to the committee to answer and then be discussed at the second meeting last Wednesday. On November 16th the consultants will meet with the committee and council for further discussions. The consultants will be using this information and the background information on Nipigon to present a package to Council that could then be worked into the 5 year Strategic Plan and the official plan for Nipigon.

(There were 3 EDC items on the Council agenda that seemed to deal with some of the same concerns, so that discussions became a little confusing because of the connections to all 3 – if the above section has errors it is not on purpose but because of the complexity of the 3 items) Through NOHFC youth intern Charmaine Beaulieu has been hired to work with CEO Lewis as a project coordinator. Minutes of the Fire Department meeting were accepted as was the need to have the building sprayed for the cluster flies. Comments were made on how bad they were this year in many buildings and homes. Under sundries information was read from the Thunder Bay District Health Unit; a follow up letter was read from a meeting councillors attended in Windsor; the agenda for the Thunder Bay District

Municipal League was discussed; the MNR issued a notice of brush pile burning; a health survey was received from the Metis Nation of Ontario; information was read from Wendy Landry, president of the Thunder Bay District Association of the Metis Nation that they might be interested in setting up a satellite office in Nipigon; the press release re the visit to Toronto to the nuclear waste site by town representatives was discussed; Councillor Mackenzie is interested in forming a citizens group who would be interested in educating residents on Nipigon becoming a Litter Free Community; Councillor Foulds mentioned that despite much advertising there was only one vendor interested in operating the Community Centre canteen and although the rent is lower than some other years it is Continued on Page 6

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Nipigon - Red Rock Gazette

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Parks Canada Recognizes Local Volunteers......


Volunteers are the heart and soul of many small communities, and this is especially evident along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Since Parks Canada’s Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area office opened over a year ago in Nipigon, more than 30 volunteers have donated their time to help with the proposed Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area as it moves closer to establishment. Whether it’s by helping Parks Canada staff become more familiar with the area’s amazing hiking trails, organizing special events or delivering community presentations, Parks Canada’s volunteers exhibit unflagging enthusiasm and dedication. Parks Canada is especially grateful to Red Rock Indian Band First Nation’s Women’s Drum Group,

whose performance of an Ojibwe water song was recorded and shared with a large urban audience in Toronto this past summer during the launch of Parks Canada’s centennial celebrations. To recognize volunteers’ hard work and commitment, Parks Canada held a special appreciation event in Nipigon on Thursday, October 20. Many volunteers and their guests came out on a cold October night to attend the reception and receive certificates of appreciation. Two individuals who have helped tremendously over the last year received a Parks Canada 100-year anniversary plaque and backpack. Jimmy McCullough and David Crawford not only helped Parks Canada staff explore many of trails, they also enthusi-

astically shared their wealth of knowledge of the Nipigon area. This information will help the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area work with local communities to develop outstanding experiences for visitors to the area. Volunteers will continue to play an important role with the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, and Parks Canada staff looks forward to working together in the years to come. If you are interested in volunteering with Parks Canada, please visit the National Volunteer Program website at lunteer or drop by the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area office in Nipigon at 22 Third Street, next to the Paddle to the Sea Park.

Jim McCullough, Greg Stroud and David Crawford. Photo submitted by Parks Canada

Nipigon Council Notes continued... Continued from Page 5

cheaper than the town operating it; CAO Mannila asked about entertainment for the annual town Christmas supper and it was agreed to hire a professional comedian as a change from music; Works Superintendent Aitken asked that residents put all garbage containers on the front streets and not lanes starting the week of November 7th and Council will hold a special public meeting on November 2nd at 6 pm to discuss the MOU for the Lake Superior Discovery Place. Mayor Harvey spoke of attending a district meeting with Canada Post set up after much to do and concerns about the idea of post offices closing. He (and

Canada Post reps from Winnipeg) was disappointed at the turn out – one elected person or employee from each community attended! The group was assured that no post offices are to be closed, except the Dorion one because of the lack of a business to take it over. If one becomes available, it can be reopened. A reminder to residents that burned out street lights should be reported to the town office so that they can be listed for replacement once a month. Audience member Doris Williams thanked Council for replacing the damaged trees along Front St. and offered her services to help Councillor Mackenzie with his plan for more greenery in the downtown area.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Nipigon - Red Rock Gazette

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Winter Birds of Interest....................................... Glena Clearwater Staff

Greg Stroud, who works for the NMCA, is an ardent bird watcher. To share his passion with others, he spoke at the monthly Horticultural Society meeting. Armed with colourful slides of local birds, he provided some humour as he offered his own version of songs and whistles that identifies the birds! Most of the birds were familiar to many of the 33 people present, but it was interesting to learn that many of them are also native to Newfoundland, Stroud’s home. He had photos of winter birds to watch for, such as 2 kinds of chickadees, 3

Breast Screening Challenge Deemed a Success “A terrific response by women in Northwestern Ontario,” is how organizers of Friday’s Breast Screening Challenge described the day. As of 8 pm Friday, 122 women received a mammogram and became new clients with the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP). We are absolutely delighted by the -number of new clients who are now part of the Ontario Breast Screening Program,” says Lori Della Vedova, Manager Screening Programs at Regional Cancer Care. “The OBSP office phone was very steady as new clients were registered all day long across the region. We came close to our ambitious goal of 150,” Lori explains. “We congratulate all the screening sites involved in Thunder Bay and across the region in Kenora and Fort Frances. Special thanks to all the women who took time out of their busy day to participate in this Challenge.” If you are eligible to join the Ontario Breast Screening Program but did not participate in the 2011 Breast Screening Challenge, OBSP is encouraging all women ages 50 and over to join the program at Continued on Page 8

kinds of woodpeckers, nuthatches, sparrows, pine siskins, even a possible cardinal and lots of finches. Stroud also showed different kinds of feeders to use, different seeds and how to create a very easy feeder from a large pop bottle. A highlight of the evening was a penny auction of items relating to birds, with the proceeds of $295 going to the Nipigon Hospital Long Term Care unit. President Elvie Choiselat urged those present to support the Society by buying an annual membership. In order to apply for a grant

to support the work of the Society, certain criteria must be filled, one being a specific number of members. Memberships can be purchased from Ilona Drumm. Anyone spotting a unique bird for the area should be sure and give Greg a call. He will grab his camera and head out – even in -30C weather if it means capturing the bird on film! Cell 708-4576 or or 887-5537 At the beginning of the presentation, Stroud also had slides of the NMCA and its relevance to this area and to all of Canada.

Greg Stroud of the NMCA invites anyone who spots a unique bird in the area to contact him at Cell 708-4576 or 887-5537 or Glena Clearwater Photo

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Nipigon - Red Rock Gazette

Breast Screening Challenge continued........................ Continued from Page 7

anytime. To make an appointment with the Ontario Breast Screening Program, phone the tollfree number: 1-800-4617031. In Thunder Bay call: 684-7777. About the Challenge: The Challenge is held annually to encourage women aged 50 and over, to join the Ontario Breast Program Screening

(OBSP). The goal was to offer breast screening mammograms to over 150 new clients in one day. Appointments were held at four locations: - CML Imaging at the Port Arthur Health Centre The Linda Buchan Centre at TBRHSC - Riverside Health Care Facilities Fort Frances - Lake of the Woods District Hospital – Kenora

Two drop in screening sites were held at: - OBSP Mobile Coach at Intercity Shopping Centre CML Imaging at the Port Arthur Health Centre For more information, contact: Kim Latimer Regional Cancer Care Northwest Tel: (807) 6847239 Cell: (807) 6218177

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Nipigon Runner Excels in Saskatchewan Kyle Salmon, a grade 12 student athlete at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame (Wilcox, SK) won the Qu’Appelle Valley District Cross Country Running Championship held in Lumsden, SK on Oct.6, 2011. Kyle advances to the Saskatchewan Provincial Cross Country Championship at Middle Lake (SK), Saturday Oct.15, 2011 At the Provincials he placed 25th out of 250 runners, mainly due a severe nosebleed. He kept running, but was breathing in blood by the end. As his Mom said "With the expected time he's been having he would have placed about 10th and unfortunately you only get one shot at a race." Glena Clearwater - Photo

Be Rabies Wise!

Rabies is a preventable disease. It is transmitted through a bite or scratch of an animal. WITHOUT MEDICAL TREATMENT IT CAN BE FATAL. Avoid wild animals, such as foxes, raccoons, skunks, bats. If you are bitten by a wild animal, you should immediately wash the wound with clean water and soap, apply an antiseptic, contact your doctor and REPORT THE INCIDENT to the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. For further information, contact the TBDHU at 1-888-294-6630 or visit

Nipigon - Red Rock Gazette

On November 11 the Nipigon Legion Branch # 32 is having a Special Welcome Home Ceremony. 6:00 pm Symposium 7:00 pm Ceremony/Supper Everyone is welcome to come. Tickets are available at the Legion Club Room

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FOR RENT - RED ROCK 3 story walk up building in Red Rock, Ontario. Available immediately. 1 bedroom $400 + hydro, 2 bedroom $450 + hydro. Call (807) 886-2826

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real estate PROPERTY FOR SALE: 21 acres available at Mountain Side Drive, Walker ’s Lake. Price negotiable. Call: 823-0329 FOR SALE: Two-storied house for sale, 209 Walker St. New kitchen/living room wood floors. New patio door to deck and new kitchen window. Call Peter or Mary: 824-2339 or 8242351

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Be Bear Wise - Fill bird feeders only through the winter months - Keep meat scraps in the freezer until garbage day. - Do not leave pet food outdoors

Visit your local Library this fall and discover a whole new world.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Nipigon - Red Rock Gazette

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OPP Says Now is the Time to Get Ready for Winter Driving Every year, the first snow fall comes before many Ontarians are ready for it and according to the OPP, it is wise to keep one step ahead of it by getting ready for winter driving conditions on Ontario roads and highways. Preparing yourself and your vehicle for the harsh winter weather ahead can go a long way in reducing collisions - something the OPP sees far too many of every winter. Getting Your Vehicle Ready: • Install four winter-rated tires before the first snowfall. • Have an ice scraper or snow brush in your vehicle to keep your windows, signals and lights clear. • Top up your windshield washer reservoir and keep an extra one handy. • Keep your fuel tank at least  full so you don't run out of gas should you become stranded and to prevent condensation from forming in your gas tank.

• Keep a fully stocked emergency kit in your vehicle. • Have your vehicle serviced to avoid preventable breakdowns. Adjusting your driving habits: • Drivers must SLOW DOWN! - Speed too fast for road conditions is the #1 cause of winter collisions. • Drive according to the road and weather conditions. • Leave extra spaces between vehicles Stopping distances are at least doubled on snowy roads and even longer in icy conditions. • Know where you are If you require help in an emergency it will delay the arrival of emergency responders if you don't know your location when asked. • Monitor road and weather conditions - Plan your trip and check local weather conditions before heading out.

• Check the Ministry of Transportation website prior to heading out on any trip during the winter Please do not call 9-1-1 or

the OPP for road reports); instead log onto: ca/english/traveller /conditions

Hunters Remember: Safety First when out Hunting. Be sure to always wear your hunter orange clothing.

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Nipigon - Red Rock Gazette

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011


Grace United Church Monday & Thursday 8:00 p.m. 1-888-939-3333 6000 readers in Nip- igon, Red Rock, Dori- on, Hurkett, Beard- more, MacD...


Grace United Church Monday & Thursday 8:00 p.m. 1-888-939-3333 6000 readers in Nip- igon, Red Rock, Dori- on, Hurkett, Beard- more, MacD...