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Pergolas and Pavilions


rolling green hills of South East Pennsylvania is the home of the largest concentration of Amish people in the world. Away from the main road and tourist traps is some of the prettiest country you’ll ever see. People from the Northeast aren’t surprised when they pull up behind a horse drawn buggy, but for those visiting for the first time, it’s a startling site. You’ll see well-kept houses, barns and silos sticking up amongst lush green fields of corn and tobacco. Along with plenty of horses, cows, chickens, goats and deer. Most of us are still farmers and we love our land, but starting a few decades ago, many of us became builders. We continue to follow our code and our way of life because of the way it keeps us together morning, day and night.

Our hope is that we can be a part of bringing your family closer together.


to Amish Country.

Here is what a few people have had to say about their experience: The quality of the wood and construction is absolutely phenomenal. Much better than we thought even possible. - Frank M. Greenville, SC My daughter Chelsea loves to come spend time with me in our new gazebo. She loves it. - Stephen S., Lancaster, PA The Grandkids call it “Grandma’s second home.” She loves to go out there to get away, and also to spend time with the grand kids. - Glen B., York PA Our neighbors told us one day, the deck was ripped off, and the next they saw a brand new sunroom. Amazing! - George and Leah M. Belaire MD. We were concerned that maybe the vinyl might be shaky or flimsy. Then I caught my teenage sons chasing each other around the roof. This thing is built like Fort Knox! - Linda S., St. Louis, MO First, I had them build and install a gazebo and sunroom and I thought, “Why not ask them to build my garage?” I was amazed at the quality and how in sync they were putting my garage up in 2 days. - Raymond P. Lancaster, PA

12’ Octagon Vinyl

Features: Screens and Special Order Door, Standard Cupola, Straight Railings, Half-moon Braces, Composite Flooring

12’ Octagon Vinyl Features: Metal Balusters, Victorian Braces, Scalloped Fascia, Standard Cupola, Screen System

12’ Octagon Wood Features: Natural Unstained, Cedar Shake Roof Optional Composite Floor, Straight Rails, Half-moon Braces, Standard Cupola

10’ Octagon Vinyl Features: Curved Roof, No Upper Rail, Victorian Braces, Scalloped Fascia

12’ Octagon Cedar Features: Double Roof, Screen System, Optional Wood Door and Screen Frames, Half-moon Braces, Straight Rails

10’ Octagon Vinyl Quarryville, PA ˜

All Standard Features: Straight Fascia and Railing, Half-moon Braces, Composite Floor, Cupola, Low Maintenance Vinyl Ceiling

10’ Octagon Wood Features: Curved Double Roof, Scalloped Braces, Scalloped Fascia, Spindle Rails, 10” Floor Joists and Step, White Paint, Cedar Shake Roof

12’ Octagon Wood Features: Wood Painted Ivory, Metal Balusters, Composite Floor, Turned 5"x5" Posts, Rubber Slate Double Roof, Scalloped Fascia

12’ x 16' Oval Wood Features: Unfinished with Optional Cedar Shake Roof and Double Railing

12’ x 20' Oval Vinyl Features: Double Roof, Cupola, Spindle Rails, Straight Fascia and Half-moon Braces

12’ x 18' Oval Vinyl Features: Double Roof, Scalloped Fascia, Scalloped Braces, Spindle Rails, and Vertical 4-track 3-season Windows (clear material is vinyl not glass)


8 Sided 6’ - 18', 12 Sided 20' - 30'




8’, 10’, 12’, 13’ x 10’ - 28’

8’, 10’, 12’, 13’ x 8’ - 28’



Brite White













Dual Brown



Dual Black

Charcoal Grey

Harvard Slate

Dual Grey

Forest Green


3 Tab Asphalt and Architectural Dimensional

Rubber Slate Chestnut Brown



Midnight Grey

Aged Redwood National Blue


Cedar Shakes Standard Roof Double Roof


Flooring Weatherwood

Cape Code Gray



Pressure Treated




Posts Split - wood only


Victorian Spindle

Our kits are available with easy-to-read instructions for “do-it-yourselfers” that enjoy doing their own projects. You can always choose to hire our staff or a local builder to build it on site.

Sunburst Electrical Package Includes Switch & Outlet




Straight Fascia and Half-moon Brace

Scalloped Fascia and Brace

Custom Structures


Dozens of homeowners and municipalities save thousands of dollars on construction and design costs while achieving a more functional and visually appealing end result on custom and commercial projects. Recently, we built a 6-sided pavilion attached to a rectangle, and then a pergola extending from there. We did this particular project with a simple sketch and no engineering costs. The 24’ Pavilion and 48’ custom pergola was designed and built by our firm along with our Canada Distributor and D. A. Dale Building Designs, the company the provides all the certified engineered drawings for our gazebos.

Love of beauty is taste.

The creation of beauty is art. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson There are no idle hands in our currently all-Amish shop in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. At any one time, we have from 5 to as many as 20 structures moving through the shop. There is an assembly-line approach where each man has his job and where everyone pitches in to help when needed.

Our pressure treated lumber has a limited lifetime guarantee and is impenetrable to termites and fungus.

All deck boards are milled at our plant to be smooth and rounded on the edges, ready for bare feet on day one with no splinters or knots.

Tongue and groove ceiling creates a more attractive look. Roof is strengthened by double 2" x 4" rafters. (not flimsy single 2" x 4")

Double 2� x 6� floor joists remilled in our shop for superior fit and strength

Standard Features on all Wood Gazebos b

Hand Selected, Premium pressure treated lumber on deck, fascia, posts, frame – better than Premium #1, the best lumber money can buy. Cupolas are standard on all of our gazebos and provide real ventilation.

Floor Decking is 2” x 6”, not 5/4”x 6”. Each floor joist is 2” x 6” wrapped with 2” x 6” octagon/rectangle. 3-Layer laminated posts preserve beauty and durability for years without splitting that commonly (almost always) occurs with solid posts. 8” to 10” Top Plate (depending on size) which forms the ring around the gazebo between the posts, and the roof structure.

Today’s pressure treated lumber requires corrosion resistant fasteners so our gazebos have stainless steel screws in most applications.

Railings are each made using three (3) 2” x 4” sections (not 2” x 3”) for sturdiness, safety, and structural integrity. 2” x 2” straight spindles, (the vertical part of the railings) are each machined/joined with a 22 ½ degree slot. Roof Rafters are either double 2” x 4” or single 2” x 6”. (Some competitors use single 2” x 4”.) Spindles are each secured with 4 stainless steel finish nails. Ceiling is pressure treated Tongue & Groove.

Railings made with three, 2" x 4" and 2" x 2" straight balusters. (typical builders use 2” x 3”)

Three piece 4"x 4" laminated posts (solid 4x4's split, crack and twist)

2” x 6” half-moon braces with 1” x 3” trim.


It’s value is unending. It’s beauty is unchanging. It’s serenity is unwavering. The two biggest reasons to go with vinyl are aesthetics and maintenance, not so much durability. You won’t ever have to stain or paint your gazebo. It will only require washing now and then. If you prefer the way wood looks, you should know that a wood gazebo will last just as long as vinyl, it just requires more maintenance.

Railing Bases and Top Rail are Both Filled with 2” x 3” Lumber for Unshakable Sturdiness and Durability

Ours floors have a natural wood texture rather than a particle board looking surface.

Vinyl covered ceiling for low maintenance. Double 2” x 4” rafters or 2” x 6” depending on size for additional durability.

Every floor joist is hand-selected and milled at our shop to precise dimensions, providing for a smoother floor, and greater durability.

Standard Features on all Vinyl Gazebos b

Top Quality heavy-duty vinyl resists chalking and cracking and requires minimal maintenance. 5/4” x

6” composite decking available in 5 different colors is durable and maintenance free. Cupolas are standard on all of our gazebos and provide real ventilation.

Stainless steel screws used throughout. 3.5” x .131” Hot Dipped Galvanized nails used in framing. Double 2” x 6” pressure treated floor joists with limited lifetime warranty against termites and fungal infestation. T-shaped vinyl railings “stuffed” with 2” x 3” pressure treated lumber. Posts and Beams stuffed with pressure treated lumber – no shaky or flimsy members anywhere in the structure. Half-moon vinyl braces

Stainless steel screws used throughout. 3 ½” x .131” Hot Dipped Galvanized nails used in framing.

2” x 2” vertical square spindles in railing and top rail. Each spindle is set securely inside 2” thick lumber. 30 Year architectural shingles. Vinyl covered ceiling for low maintenance. Electrical Package only $150 and includes outlet, switch, and fan/light wiring. 8” or 10” top plate depending on size. Double 2” x 4” rafters or 2” x 6” depending on size for additional durability.

2” x 2” vertical square spindles in railing and top rail. Each spindle is set securely inside 2” thick lumber.

Half-moon vinyl braces and top rail standard on all vinyl gazebos for added elegance.

Popular options are reasonably priced like screens, Victorian braces, benches, double roof, bell roof.


10’ x 10' Wood Pavilion Oxford, PA ˜

Features: Wood Pavilion with Deluxe Posts, Cedar Shakes, and Tongue and Groove Ceiling - mounted over a paver patio

12’ x 16' Vinyl Pavilion Features: Standard Vinyl Ceiling and Posts, Custom Light Package (not visible)

10’ x 12' Wood Pergola Features: White Paint, Standard Half-moon Braces, Deluxe Posts, 2" x 8" Pressure Treated Rafters and 2" x 4" Cross Rafters

14’ x 16' Vinyl Pergola Features: Deluxe Braces, Decorative Lattice Work, 2" x 6" Vinyl Covered Rafters with PVC Scalloped Ends and 2" x 2" Cross Rafters


Ontario, CA - “The Grand” Pavilion 24’ x 24’ with double roof, railing, 10’ eave height, half moon braces. Pergola 8’ W x 48’ L x 9’ H. Wood Pergola custom engineered by our contract firm, D. A. Dale Building Designs, Lancaster PA.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. ~William Shakespeare

Commercial If you are in charge of a commercial project of any size, we have the ability to handle whatever you need, whether it’s a 30 foot octagon gazebo, an aviary to house peacocks at night, or a town pavilion to hold picnics. We can provide you with engineered kits for your construction crew to assemble, or we can come to the site and assemble it for you. We’ve done both many many times from Canada to Florida to California. If needed, your structure will be modeled and certified for the necessary wind load and snow load. Our team of engineers have stamps for any state.

Quality O Style I Artistry

Our builders are passionate about woodworking. They aim to build structures that are premium quality, with a refined style and superior craftmanship. We guarantee you the best for the money, straightforward pricing and communication, customization and variety, easy construction and delivery choices. Let us help you create a relaxing retreat guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Dealer 2011 Catalog  

2011 Catalog for our Gazebos, Pergolas and Pavilions.