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Outgames Golf Monday 25th July TEXAS modified scramble

Flight A (Tee-Time 10.32

Flight A

Ian Abuan Guido Loyola Marlene Levesque

Ian Abuan Tim Seabrook Grant Wardlow

Flight B (Tee-Time10.40)

Flight B

Timothy Seabrook Leonard Herman Sandra Bars

Kahina Morisset Evelyne Penin Cristy Barsky Geordie Stowell

Flight C (Tee time10.48)

Flight C

Grant Wardlow Lawrence Leverone Corinne Hunt

Corinne Hunt Sandra Bars Marlene Levesque Lynne Madden

Flight D (Tee-Time 10.48)

Flight D

Kahina Morisset Toni Cole Geordie Stowell

Toni Cole Lawrence Leverone Leonard Herman Guido Loyola

Wednesday 27th July MEDAL play

Flight E (Tee Time10.56) Evelyne Penin Lynne Madden Cristy Barsky

Complimentary Breakfast will be served in the Clubhouse at 9.00

Scramble: Prizes will be awarded to the winning team along with daily prizes on course for longest drive, nearest to pin etc Medal Round: Outgames Medals for Men’s 0-15 hcap, 15+ hcap, Womens 10 + hcap MODIFIED* TEXAS SCRAMBLE RULES *MODIFIED = 5 Tee Shots per player

1. Each team will consist of three players. 2. All players can tee off at each hole. 3. The nominated team captain then selects the best drive and marks the position (within 6 inches) with a tee peg (not nearer the hole). A minimum of five tee shots per player to be used. 4. The other players then retrieve their balls, to play from the location of the chosen tee shot. 5. The player whose ball has been chosen then plays his next shot first. 6. The remaining players then play within six inches of the tee peg (not nearer the hole). Note! Golf balls shall be placed on closely mown areas and dropped if the chosen ball in play is in the rough or a hazard. 7. The above method of play is followed until the green is reached. 8. On the green the same method applies. The ball chosen is marked by a putter head length and players putt from the same spot in turn. 9. Each player must mark the ball after putting. Play continues from each chosen position until the ball is holed. 10. The score is the total number of shots from the chosen spots (including the tee shot). Note! If a player putts and misses but then inadvertently knocks the ball into the hole, then that score counts. (Let everyone hit from one spot first) LONGEST DRIVE RULES (LD) -The longest drive shall be the drive deemed furthest from the tee box and in the fairway only. -Drives in the rough, sand, hazards, trees or not on the correct fairway shall not be eligible for longest drive. -After out driving a marker, the player should write their name on the marker and place it in their current position, after playing a stroke. CLOSET TO THE PIN RULES (KP) -The closet to the pin marker shall be placed at the spot of the closest shot to the flag stick. -Tee shots must come to rest on the green in order to count. Shots on the fringe or rough do not count. Shots resting on the green, up against the fringe collar, do count as on the green.

-If a player has a shot come to rest closer to the hole than the current marker, they should write their name on the marker, and place it in their current spot. -Paces or steps should be used to the measure distance. On closer distances, club lengths may be an easier, more accurate way to determine who is closer. YOU MAY ALWAYS REMOVE LONG DRIVE AND KP MARKERS IN THE WAY OF A STROKE.



Alberta street, Vancouver (off 49th avenue) 2 days of Golf at Langara Golf Course, Vancouver July 25 practise day (10.30 tee off) July 27 tournament round (10.30 tee off) Contact Mike Fox To Get There: GRANVILLE STATION, GRANVILLE ST @ W GEORGIA ST, VANCOUVER Connect with the Canada Line Southbound and get off at stop 49th AVE LANGARA COLLEGE

Outgames Golf Tournament  
Outgames Golf Tournament  

2011 North America Outgames Golf Tournament Vancouver, BC, Canada July 25-31, 2011