Gay Weddings and Marriage Magazine Winter 2015

Page 73

For their wedding, the couple booked the Taj Boston Hotel as it’s not only a fine luxury hotel but a place that can accommodate Indian traditions such as having an open fire, an integral part of the traditional wedding ceremony. To ease the difficulties of coordinating a Boston wedding from California, they looked to secure the expertise of a wedding planning service. After hearing from many sources they chose Mint To Be Events, a subsidiary of Boston Sound and Light Company LLC, a popular wedding vendor in the Indian wedding circuit within New England. The goal was simple. Get married in a traditional Hindu ceremony, have Indian music and culture be prominent throughout the event and allow everyone to have as much fun as they possibly can without just a “Gay� theme. Easy, right? Unfortunately the first obstacle was to find an Indian priest willing to perform a Hindu ceremony for a gay couple. Despite being rejected 6 times, the planners were able to procure an Indian priest to perform the ceremony, a welcome sign of the changing Indian culture. The second difficulty lay in coordinating the ceremony itself as many of the traditions are not designed for two grooms. After consultations with the priest, parents and planners, they were able to come up with gender neutral versions of all the main ceremonies. / GWM 71

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