The Knot Special LGBTQ Edition 2015

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find a location that you both love

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best man or maid of honor in case of emergency. This

The perfect venue for your

way, he or she will have all

ceremony and/or reception

the tools to fix any issue that

is one that only needs a few

may arise and won’t need to

accessories to make it your own,

come to you.

as opposed to completely over-

keep your guests in mind when planning a destination wedding

hauling a space into something you want. (Transformations of this nature equate to big bucks!)

send out save-thedates soon after booking the venue

Typically, couples will pay

The objective of the save- the-

hotel rooms for the duration

date is to ensure that

of the event, but it’s uncom-

your guests have ample time

mon to foot the bill for your

to make the necessary

other guests’ airfare and

arrangements so they can

lodging. Having a destination

attend. This is especially

wedding may be costly for

true for a destination

your guests, but they’re often

wedding, which will require

weekend-long events, and

advance planning to book

the people closest to you

travel and lodging.

don’t make your seating chart until you’ve received your guests’ RSVPs dinner, this will help make the process go much more

“Delegate tasks to eliminate as much stress as you can. Being a control freak will only hurt you in the end.”

exactly how many units will be needed for printing purposes (think menus, escort cards, wedding programs and favors).

keep in mind that most wedding venues have a maximum capacity

the expense.

delegate small tasks and projects to your attendants Eliminate as much unnecessary stress as you can. Don’t be a control freak—it will only hurt you in the end.

don’t try anything new a month before the wedding! Don’t overdo it in the tanning salon, don’t get an intense facial or chemical peel, don’t try any new medications or workout

Most of the time, maximum capacity also means a very tight

supplements, and so on. It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying

floor plan or a cramped dance floor, so try to stay under that

something dramatic so you look your best, but more often than

number by 20 to 30 guests.

not, it falls short of expectations, or leaves you with results that

give your guests a favor at the end of the event as a token of your appreciation

can impact your appearance in a negative way.

While it’s customary, you can have fun with it. The favor should

above all, remember that it’s one day and it goes by faster than you could ever imagine!

be something you love as a couple, and could possibly tie into

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy every moment.

the theme of your wedding.

compile a master list of all pros

Michael Russo has been planning events for celebrities and influencers for over 10 years. He’s been featured on The View, Entertainment

This includes their contact name, email, phone number, function,

Tonight and Access Hollywood, and his work has appeared in People

time of delivery/service setup or arrival time. Give this list to the

and Us Weekly.


smoothly. Plus, you’ll know

wouldn’t miss it, no matter


If you’re hosting a sit-down

for parents’ and siblings’