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Las Vegas Hotels - Tropicana: A Cinderella Story Tenille Taggart - Gay Travel Guru Finalist

Although a blind archer couldn’t miss the Tropicana, this Cinderella of Las Vegas hotels is largely overlooked due to her more prominently known but miserly stepsisters and stepmother, winning attention solely based on uppity names. When you see that little bit of soot has been dusted off the Tropicana and that she’s given a change of clothes, just like beloved Cinderella, you too will see the beauty that lies inside and out!

From the management to the bus boys, hospitality and customer service are at the height of the Tropicana’s daily agenda. The staff at this gay friendly Las Vegas hotel has done everything for me except dry me off after I shower, but with their dedication to customer service, I’d imagine they would gladly do that too if I liked. Their aim is “a 4 Star hotel with 5 Star service.”

But, the Tropicana is far too humble and meek for her own good. Which brings me to my next point, what a steal of a price to pay for such a prized package. She offers Deluxe Rooms at a mere $59 per night. No plebian “standard rooms” here all of them have been completely renovated to give it a much needed face lift yet also hang on to the charming character of one of the last classic Las Vegas Resort and Casinos.

In such an arid climate, the Best Pool in Las Vegas is a coveted title, and this year the Tropicana takes it like a drag queen takes her crown. In addition to the number one rated pool, the highly acclaimed Nikki Beach will be here in Spring 2011. Once Tropicana finally spreads her legs over 4.2 acres of tropical landscape including the 15,000 square foot beach/nightclub it is going to be a whole new Trop.

With the Mob Preview already in place, interactive entertainment technology will bring you the Las Vegas Mob Experience in December 2010. Choose your own adventure as you make your way through the maze of rooms containing thousands of mob artifacts and find out whether you're “whacked” or “made.”

Vegas is renowned for their straight wedding chapels, however the Tropicana is one of the very few Las Vegas hotels that offer commitment ceremonies for homosexual couples in their outdoor wedding chapel. We are one step closer to making life-altering mistakes like straight people can, but for now we can stick to getting “committed” on a whim at the Tropicana! Hopefully by now I have shown you that the soot has been dusted off and the mundane clothes have been replaced with a sparkly new gown. Finally her enchanting character can shine through and keep you coming back for more at nominal prices. Of all the gay friendly hotels in Las Vegas Tropicana alone has my 5 star rating and I promise you will love it too!!

Las Vegas Hotels - Tropicana: A Cinderella Story  
Las Vegas Hotels - Tropicana: A Cinderella Story  

It is a all about the experience in Las Vegas hotels – Tropicana : The Cinderella Story