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Gay Destination - Sin City, Hold the Sin Nick Vivion – Guru I smiled to myself as we pulled up to the church of In-N-Out burger in a limousine. Another item crossed off my bucket list, another experience savored. I didn’t get to make my pilgrimage in the Rolls-Royce going into my gay destination gay Las Vegas, so I was pleased as punch to make it happen on the way out. A double-double with animal style fries and a Neapolitan milkshake in the back of a limo was the perfect way to celebrate winning the inaugural GayTravel Guru position, Vegas-style. In-N-Out is my perfect gay destination The previous 36 hours were a blur, and time kept moving slower the closer I got to the deadline. Had I arrived in this gay destination yesterday or the day before? Did I drink beers with locals until 2am or was that a dream? Had I really swam in Le Reve’s tank at the Encore? What am I doing here again? Looking back on the whirlwind experience of documenting my stay in Las Vegas, I am nostalgic. It was such a great group of people, sharing such a diverse set of perspectives. It was interesting to watch how each of us tackled the Final Challenge, whittling down the myriad of activities in gay Las Vegas to showcase our own talents while highlighting the best of this gay destination. Except that there wasn’t much sin involved at all! While gay Las Vegas still maintains a decadent vibe of anything-goes fun, this gay destination has evolved to include Cirque de Soleil shows, high-end shopping, roller coasters, and enough restaurants to keep you satiated for a lifetime. It’s not defined by sin anymore, but gay Las Vegas continues to appeal because it is a gay destination that becomes whatever you make it. Both my burger and Las Vegas are cheesy, but seriously: there’s something here for everyone. My mission for the upcoming 6 months of traveling to gay destinations across North America is very similar: The professional in me says I’m excited to share a variety of experiences reflecting the diversity of LGBT travelers, from hiking to cooking classes to family-friendly activities. The honest truth is that I’m just a guy who is celebrating a big victory with a cheeseburger in a limo at a great gay destination.

Gay Destination - Sin City, Hold the Sin  

Las Vegas aka “Sin City” is a perfect gay destination where you can have 24 hour entertainment With a number of gay clubs no matter what day...

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