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Tori Amos: ‘I would love to be a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Tori Amos’ music has always resonated with the gay community. ‘Silent All These Years’ has probably been the pre-comingout-soundtrack to many gay teens, she’s talked about feeling like the odd one out, and in early interviews she confessed to having been taught about oral sex by gay visitors of a piano bar she used to perform at. During live performances in 1998 she dedicated the song ‘Merman’ to Matthew Shepard, the victim of a gay hate crime in Wyoming. She also wrote ‘Taxi Ride’ (originally titled ‘Just Another Dead Fag’) about a group of women who lost a gay friend. In reality, one might suggest the song was about make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin, who Tori felt was abandoned by his mostly female group of celebrity clientele when he was diagnosed with a rare and eventually fatal pituitary tumor. And of course she recently covered Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ during a show in Austria. Amos recently released her new album Unrepentant Geraldines on the Mercury Classics label. Gay&Night sat down with her right before a mesmerizing performance at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

That must be an interesting situation? It must be, but she doesn’t know anything different. She’s grown up like this, she’s been surrounded by them all of her life. For her, those songs are kind of like nursery rhymes. And at home, I’m mom. Even on the road, when we’re backstage or whatever, hopefully there are healthy boundaries. There are things I might talk about in song, that I wouldn’t talk about as a mom, because it would be crass. And she’s not my girlfriend, she’s my daughter. I try to be warm and fuzzy. I’m mom, who gives you a nice, safe hug. We talk about things, like books she’s reading… We were just talking

On your previous albums, you’ve sung about some pretty hardcore stuff, such as rape, masturbation, one night stands… How do you talk about those topics with your teenage daughter Tash?

controls on Tash, as far as what she can and find it anyway. I really believe that. She’s in

You should be a judge on that!

boarding school, are you kidding me? If we

Oh, I would love to! Can you put it out

put parental controls on the computer, we

there? That’s one thing I would still really

reckoned that I would probably be the one

like to do in life. So we talk about that stuff,

who would be locked out of the computer.

but there are other things we don’t talk

We don’t really talk about songs like that.

But then that means that she can discover

about. It’s a fine line.

She doesn’t really ask about them. Nothing

what she wants. She doesn’t ask me about

has been censored for her, she has access to

certain things, but that doesn’t mean she

the catalog, she’s been on tour with me, and

doesn’t have her opinions and observations.

she’s grown up with it. We don’t have any


cannot watch. We felt that she’s going to

about RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Gay&Night Juli 2014  

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