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‘Hoezo word ik geen oma?’ Homo’s en ouderschap, wat zijn de mogelijkheden?

door Sara Coster


en jonge homo vertelt zijn ouders over zijn seksuele voorkeur, en één van de eerste gedachten van zijn moeder is: “Maar dan word ik geen oma.” Hopelijk is dat de laatste jaren aan het ombuigen naar: “Gelukkig leven we in 2017 in Nederland en ik ben benieuwd of je uiteindelijk kinderen wilt en in welke constructie dat zal gaan gebeuren.”

‘Why Won’t I Become A Grandmother?’ A young gay man tells his parents about his sexual orientation, and one of the first things that springs to mind of his mother is: “But that means I won’t become a grandmother.” Hopefully this idea is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and changes into: “Fortunately we live in the Netherlands in the year 2017, and I’m curious to see whether you’ll end up having children, and how that will happen.” What different routes are possible for gay couples to have children?

Welke constructies zijn er mogelijk voor homostellen om kinderen te krijgen? De mogelijkheden zijn adoptie, pleegzorg, draagmoederschap, co-ouderschap of een donor. Meer dan Gewenst (de Nederlandse stichting voor roze ouderschap) organiseert op zaterdag 11 maart een speciale dag voor homowensvaders. Eerst wordt de documentaire Het zaad en de 11 eitjes vertoond (over een

These are adoption, foster care, surrogate mothers, co-parenthood or using a donor. Meer dan Gewenst (the Dutch foundation for gay and lesbian parenthood) will organize a special day for gays with a desire to become a parent on Saturday, March 11. The day will start with the documentary “Het zaad en de 11 eitjes” (The Seed and the 11 Eggs) about a young gay couple with a great desire to have children, encountering many obstacles in their path. This is followed by an information meeting in which all options are discussed. “Hands-on” experts tell their story, and a lawyer specialised in family law will

explain how the law works. Below you can find is go to an information meeting (€ 210,-). This is quick overview of the options a gay man has if he followed by five obligatory information meetings (€ has a desire to become a parent. 1385,-). Next, a household survey will be undertaken by the Child Welfare Council. You have to indicate, Adoption among other things, what “special needs” you find The country of origin of the child determines acceptable. Think of mental or motor retardation or whether you can adopt as a same-sex couple. problems, and all kinds of diseases. If everything This is only allowed in Portugal, South-Africa, is in order, you will be issued a permit in principle, the Netherlands, and the United States of with which you go to a licensee. Then, the waiting America. If you want to adopt a child, you must period starts. submit a request for a permit in principle (beginseltoestemming). If you meet certain criteria The costs of an international adoption from the (for example the age criteria), the first thing to do United States (where most Dutch same-sex couples

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