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Shark Bay Visitor Guide

Shark Bay


explore Australia’s most westerly point


Shark Bay offers year round holiday weather, with almost daily sunshine and limited rainfall, so you’re almost guaranteed a sunny day on your holiday. Winter months tend to be a little cooler, with temperatures ranging from the high teens through to the late twenties between June and August.

During the summer months Shark Bay is the perfect paradise for sailing and wind sport enthusiasts with wind speeds averaging 27 kilometres/hour. Many kite boarders and wind surfers return annually to the flat shallow waters in the protected bays with plenty of wind and no swell.

September through November are warmer months but our guests are kept cool by the welcome breezes. December through March tend to be our hottest months, which makes swimming and ocean activities so refreshing.

With calm shallow water extending out several hundred metres. Denham is perfect for the novice trying to learn wind surfing, kite boarding, hobie cat sailing, and other wind sports they might like to try. Day sailors can enjoy exhilarating but safe adventures all within sight of the shaded pergolas on the Denham foreshore.

Mean maximum temperature (C) Mean minimum temperature (C) Mean 9am wind speed (km/h) Mean 3pm wind speed (km/h)





























































Getting here BY ROAD For the private road traveller the Northwest Coastal Highway brings you to the turn off at the Overlander Roadhouse which will take you on to the World Heritage Drive and the beginning of your Shark Bay experience. Group coach tours and excursions also frequently visit the Bay.

BY COACH Services from Perth and Broome are available with a stopping point at the Overlander Roadhouse. A pre-organised shuttle service is available from the Overlander to destinations within Shark Bay. BY AIR Skippers Aviation operate return flights from Perth to Monkey Mia/Shark Bay Airport, approx. 7 kilometres from Denham. Pre- arranged transfer services are available from the Airport. Contact Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery & Visitor Centre 08 9948 1590 for options.

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06 | Hamelin Pool 08 | Shell Beach 10 | Edel Land & Steep Point 12 | Dirk Hartog Island 14 | Denham Editor Shark Bay Business & Tourism Association Design Gayna McBride Design Acknowledgements Photography throughout this publication is Courtesy of Tourism Western Australia, Australia’s Coral Coast and others as credited. This page Monkey Mia (courtesy Australia’s Coral Coast) Cover Turtle Bay, Dirk Hartog Island, Courtesy Elise Hassey All information in this brochure is correct at the time of publication. Copyright@2017

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Our Ancient Land 22 MILLION HECTARES of colourful and diverse landscapes provide unique habitats for many animals and plants, some of which are found nowhere else on earth. The vast seagrass meadows feed and shelter globally endangered species. Shark Bay’s extraordinary natural riches are of outstanding global significance. GUTHARRAGUDA is the Aboriginal peoples’ traditional name for Shark Bay, meaning two waters. Shark Bay is the traditional home of three Aboriginal groups – the Malgana, Nhanda and Inggarda people. The Malgana and Nhanda people dwelt in the region long before Europeans first set foot on its soil. The southern end of the Bay, near the Zuytdorp Cliffs, is Nhanda land, and the eastern shore is Inggarda land while much of the remaining area is Malgana land. Ancient artefacts have been found at numerous sites. Descendants of these people still live in the area and actively strive to preserve their history.

NATURAL FEATURES that contribute to this area: • •

• • • •

• • •

One tenth of the world’s total dugong population Exceptional coastal scenery at Zuytdorp Cliffs, Dirk Hartog Island, Peron Peninsula and the unusual ‘birridas’ (gypsum clay pans) Shell Beach’s Hamelin Cockle Shell Spectacular spring wildflower displays One of Australia’s most important loggerhead turtle nesting areas The meeting place of three climatic zones and tropical and temperate species Many endemic plants, birds and reptiles Gigantic shrubs of the Erica arborea commonly known as the Tree Heath Salt-adapted and genetically unique pink snapper and venerid clams.

Images: Main-Aerial view of Big Lagoon, Francois Peron National Park, (courtesy Australia’s Coral Coast); Right-Pearls, Ship (courtesy Tourism WA)

“By satisfying all four natural criteria,

Shark Bay ranks as one of our planet’s most important wilderness regions.”

FRANCOIS PERON arrived in Shark Bay in 1801 as the zoologist on the French ship, Geographe, with Captain Baudin. His observations were of great importance to the natural history of the region.

MANY SHIPS have met their end in waters around Shark Bay. The histories of these shipwrecks can be examined at the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery & Visitor Centre.

Australia’s pearling industry began long before European settlement. North Australian coastal dwelling Aboriginals harvested the abundant pearl shell from the shallow waters and had a well established trading network for pearl shell.

Two wrecks located in 2008 were not the result of the elements or the hidden reefs. These were the HMAS Sydney (II) and the HSK Kormoran. A memorial with the names of the men on the HMAS Sydney (II) now stands in front of the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery & Visitor Centre. The battle between these two ships on 19 November 1941 caused their mutual destruction. All 645 men perished from the Sydney, 82 died from the Kormoran and 317 were ultimately captured by Australia.

In Western Australia an explorer saw a Aboriginal wearing a pearly oystershell which had travelled at least 500 miles from its point of origin.

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Within Australia, pearl shells travelled further perhaps than any other item.

Hamelin Pool

without stromatolites life as we know it would not exist

HAMELIN POOL RESERVE hosts diverse and abundant examples of stromatolites. Stromatolites are formed from single cell organisms that were the first form of life on Earth 3500 million years ago. A 200 metre boardwalk at Hamelin Pool provides excellent views of the stromatolites, microbialites and microbial mats. They are best viewed on low tide. HAMELIN STATION RESERVE abutts the shore of Hamelin Pool and is a former sheep station of exceptional conservation importance. The purchase of Hamelin extends the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, completing a connected corridor of nature reserves from Shark Bay via Toolonga Nature Reserve, through crown land to Bush Heritage’s Eurardy Reserve and then Kalbarri National Park – a span of over 200 kilometres. Covering 202,644 hectares, the property is situated in a major transitional zone for flora and supports species characteristic of both the South West (Yalgoo) and the Eremaean (Carnarvon) bioregions. OLD HAMELIN POOL TELEGRAPH STATION was built in 1884 as part of the communication line between Perth and Roebourne. The original building is now a museum housing many artefacts.

Images: Main-Stromatolites; Below-Bottom Left, Old Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station; Below-Top Left and Right, Hamelin Station; (all courtesy Tourism WA)

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one of only two places on earth

A walk on SHELL BEACH is like no other. Incredibly, the beach is made up of shells from just one type of animal, making it truly unique. The animal whose shells are so readily seen – the Shark Bay cockle (Fragum erugatum) – is a burrowing mollusc enclosed in tiny bivalve shells a few millimetres long.

Formed from billions of tiny shells, aptly named Shell Beach in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area is a popular destination for visitors. The water is the most vivid colour of aquamarine and makes for the most stunning photographs. Shell Beach is one of only a handful of places on earth where shells replace beach sand in such a dramatic and picturesque way. The beach stretches for 120 kilometres with shells up to 10 metres deep. In years gone by the shells were hard packed, cut into blocks and used to construct a number of historic buildings in the nearby town of Denham. Visit the Pearler Restaurant or the St Andrews Anglican Church to see examples of these shell brick constructions.

Images: Main-Shell Beach, Shark Bay World Heritage Area; Below-Family on Shell Beach (courtesy Tourism WA)

Shell Beach

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the most westerly point of mainland Australia

The landscape at STEEP POINT is in stark contrast with the red sand dune landscapes found on the neighbouring Peron Peninsula. Here limestone dominates, forming impressive 200 metre high cliffs or sweeping white sand dunes and secluded beaches. In 1697, the Dutch seafarer Willem de Vlamingh named the most westerly point of the Australian mainland “Steyle Hock”, or Steep Point in English, when he anchored off the limestone cliffs near the southern tip of Dirk Hartog Island. Today, Steep Point is a popular wilderness camping destination, particularly for fisherman as it offers some of the best shore-based game fishing in Australia. It is a remote area and access is via high clearance 4WD or by boat. Please ensure you are self sufficient for your stay. The ZUYTDORP CLIFFS are some of Australia’s least known yet most spectacular cliffs. They extend from just north of the Murchison River mouth at Kalbarri to Pepper Point south of Steep Point, a distance of some 200 kilometres. The cliffs, rising ominously out of the Indian Ocean to heights of up to 200 metres, were named after the Dutch ship, the Zuytdorp wrecked against the base of the cliffs in 1712. SHELTER BAY, a few kilometres inside the passage from Steep Point, is the most popular camping location for visitors. Access to the water is one of the main attractions here and boats can be launched directly from the beach providing access to South Passage for fishing and diving. Campsites must be booked in advance, contact the Ranger on 08 9948 3993. BLOWHOLES as they are commonly known, are formed by years of pounding surf, which has eroded its way up through the cliffs to the surface. When large waves hit the coast the water surges up through these holes and is forced out, sometimes with enormous power, to form a plume of seawater and mist that can be tens of metres high. Witness this phenomenon at Thunder Bay and False Entrance.

Images: Main-Steep Point (FINN Films); Below-Left, Camping (courtesy Tourism WA); Right-Blowholes (Willie Hannibal)

Edel Land & Steep Point page 11

Dirk Hartog Island

the largest island in Western Australia

Rich in its history, stunning natural beauty, spectacular landscapes and fishing, the island is an ‘ark’ for endangered wildlife and a great place for an island adventure. Dirk Hartog Island is not only WA’s largest island it is also a National Park. It was named after Dirk Hartog, a Dutch sea captain, who was the first European to encounter the Western Australian coastline. Hartog gave the Australian mainland one of its earliest known names as ‘Eendrachtsland’, which he named after his ship, the Eendracht, which means ‘UNITY’. 80 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide, the island is an important nesting site for loggerhead sea turtles. It is also home to the endemic subspecies of the white winged fairy wren and Quoin Bluff on the eastern side of the island, holds an important pied cormorant nesting colony, which has been identified as an important bird area by Birdlife International. If visiting or camping at Dirk Hartog Island National Park, please note that fees will apply.

Image: Main-Couple Snorkelling at Dirk Hartog Island (courtesy Tourism WA);

Below-Turle Breeding, Dirk Hartog Island National Park (Will Wardle)

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a vibrant seaside community steeped in rich history

The most westerly settlement of Australia, originally named ‘Freshwater Camp’, was proclaimed to be a town site on 3 May 1898 and was later to become Denham after Captain Henry Mangles Denham of the Royal Navy. Denham slowly developed from a pearling camp and station homestead complex into a proper township that serviced the pearling, pastoral and fishing industries of Shark Bay. DENHAM DISCOVERY TRAIL The streets of Denham have many stories to tell, follow the trail to explore just a few of them. The 2.3 kilometre walk trail will take you past sites of interest that will have you thinking about Shark Bay’s traditional owners, early pioneers, preachers, pastoralists, pearlers, prisoners and publicans. SHARK BAY WORLD HERITAGE DISCOVERY & VISITOR CENTRE Come in and talk to the local experts about tours, accommodation and general information on the area. Visit the Discovery Centre to learn about the history or take a walk through the Rose de Freycinet gallery to view the latest art exhibition. Images: Main-Denham Foreshore (Appertunity); Below-Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery & Visitor Centre (Janine Guenther)


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a breathtaking 4WD scenic adventure

FRANCOIS PERON NATIONAL PARK covers 52,500 hectares of arid shrub lands, rolling sandplains and spectacular coastal scenery. Features of Peron Peninsula contributed to Shark Bay’s listing as a World Heritage Area. The park contains important and significant habitats for the conservation of biodiversity. Access between the Peron Homestead to Cape Peron at the tip of the peninsula is via high clearance 4WD or you can join a tour with a commercial operator. A tyre pressure bay is located opposite the homestead for your convenience.

SKIPJACK POINT has a purpose built viewing platform, perched on the cliff edge, for visitors to enjoy the spectacular Cape Peron coastline and wildlife and can be accessed from the Wanamalu Walk Trail. BIG LAGOON is an attractive turquoise lagoon with a campground and BBQ facilities, an excellent spot to explore by sea kayak. Campsites here offer drive-through camp sites for camper trailers, 7 raised tent platforms and 8 lagoon-side camping spots and a boat launching facility. PERON HERITAGE PRECINCT is accessible via 2WD. Past this point however is 4WD only. The Peron Homestead was used as the captive breeding centre for Project Eden as well as the site of numerous animal releases such as the bilby and mallee fowl. Project Eden was responsible for the ecological restoration of Cape Peron from a pastoral station to a National Park.

Images: Main-Bottle Bay, Francois Peron National Park; Below-Hot Tub & Shearing Shed, Peron Homestead (all courtesy Tourism WA)

Francois Peron National Park

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Monkey Mia

the famous dolphins of monkey mia

Renowned as one of the best and most reliable places for dolphin interaction in the world, Monkey Mia is the only place in Australia where dolphins visit daily, not just seasonally. Researchers from across the globe come here to study these fascinating creatures. WHY IS IT CALLED MONKEY MIA We can tell you for sure that “Mia” is the Aboriginal word for ‘home/camp/resting place”. There are a few different stories for the “Monkey” part but no-one really knows for sure. The Nomenclature Advisory Committee of the Dept of Lands and Survey has given us a few suggestions;

• In 1834, a ship named the Monkey was dispatched north from Fremantle, in search of a supposed wreck on the coast. The wreck they were searching for is now thought to have been the Zuytdorp, a Dutch East India Company merchant ship which smashed against Shark Bay’s coastal cliffs in 1712. No wreck was found and the ship returned to Fremantle. During its voyage the Monkey may have anchored in the beautiful waters of what is now known as Monkey Mia. • The Malay pearlers who camped at this location had pet monkeys. • Pastoralism was a big industry in the early days of the area, with sheep and goats being farmed. ‘Monkey’ is also thought to have been an Australian colloquialism for sheep. Entry fees (used for the management and care of the local dolphins) apply to the Monkey Mia Reserve. Images: Main-Monkey Mia Dolphins; Below-Couples relaxing at Monkey Mia (all courtesy Tourism WA)

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Meet the locals

From top right: playful Pelicans and cheeky Emus, look down for Thorny Devils, Sand Crabs and the little Echidna. Image: Main-Couple walking at Cape Peron, Francois Peron National Park (courtesy Australia’s Coral Coast); This Page-Locals (courtesy Tourism WA); Sand Crab (Willie Hannibal), Town Maps (courtesy Shire of Shark Bay)

Denham & Monkey Mia Maps

Cape Inscription

Cape Peron

2 4



Skipjack Point





9 9 16


4 19



Francois Peron National Park

3 10



Monkey Mia


Big Lagoon




Peron Heritage Precinct





Quoin Bluff



Dirk Hartog Island National Park





Ocean Park

1 2


rip rst Ai






Little Lagoon

3 5 3 1


Eagle Bluff


Steep Point

Edel Land & Steep Point

Shelter Bay

9 8


Shell Beach

4 12 11

Thunder Bay Blowholes

6 2 2

Nanga Bay



Zuytdorp Cliffs False Entrance Blowholes


Sealed road Unsealed road 4WD track 4WD Only World Heritage area boundary Marine park boundary National park boundary


Kilometre distance between points


Shark Bay Marine Park

Shark Bay World Heritage Area Come on a remarkable journey through country, immerse yourself in the cultural experience, discover the pristine natural features of Shark Bay SHARK BAY is one of the few sites in the World that satisfies ‘all four’ of the natural criteria to be listed as a World Heritage Area. 1 Natural Beauty

Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve

2 Earth’s Evolutionary History: The famous Hamelin Pool Stromatolites 3 Ecological Processes: An ongoing geological process the largest seagrass banks in the world

Hamelin Pool



Old Telegraph Station Hamelin Station Reserve North West Coastal Highway 41 km

4 Biological Diversity: Pensinsulas and islands of Shark Bay Important habitats where threatened animal species still survive

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top things to do

20 things to see & do for free

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Experience the amazing World Heritage Drive, one of WA’s top trails Visit the Stromatolites - the worlds oldest life forms Stop by Shell Beach, voted top 21 Beaches of the World (National Geographic) 4WD to Steep Point - most westerly point of Australia View the sharks and rays from the boardwalk at Eagle Bluff Go bird watching, we have up to 230 bird species in Shark Bay Make use of the free BBQ facilities at Little Lagoon or the Denham foreshore Swim in crystal clear waters or just lay on the beach Walk the Denham Discovery Trail Catch some squid off the Denham jetty under lights Take a swim to the pontoon opposite the Discovery Centre Go fishing: on the beach, jetty or by boat Take advantage of the conditions and SUP, kayak , windsurf or kitesurf Pay your respects at the HMAS Sydney II Memorial Relax and have a picnic on the Denham foreshore Spot the marine life at Little Lagoon creek lookout Add a thong to the ‘Thong Shack’ at Denham Lookout Have fun at the shipwreck themed playground on the Denham foreshore Be mesmorised by the sun setting at Australia’s most western point

• • • • • • • • • •

Visit the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery & Visitor Centre Watch the world famous dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia Join a Wildlife cruise to see dolphins, dugongs, whales, turtles and more Head out on a fishing charter to try your luck Visit the local aquarium and see sharks being fed Take in the magnificent landscapes on a scenic flight Experience an Indigenous cultural tour Explore the area on a quad bike tour Join a 4WD tour of the National Park Learn about our pastoral history and have a soak in the artesian hot tub at Peron Homestead Experience the unique Dirk Hartog Island - an ‘ark’ for endangered wildlife Dive into a shark tank or scuba dive at Steep Point Hire a SUP, kayak or paddleboat or join a tour to explore Shark Bay waters Take a ride on a camel at Monkey Mia

Explore and Discover

• • • •

Image: Main-Kite Boarding, Shark Bay World Heritage Area (Drew Wassman)

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you will be amazed at the breathtaking display of colour

Shark Bay is one of the most diverse botanical areas in Western Australia. More than 850 species have been recorded here, where the flora of the temperate southwest meets the flora of the desert and the tropical north. Of these 850 species, more than 150 are of special scientific interest and several are exclusive to this amazingly unique area. Shark Bay has one of the longest wildflower seasons. Depending on rainfall, the best display of wildflowers in Shark Bay is between July and September. Some of the most outstanding and abundant species include: • • • • • • • •

Shark Bay Daisy (Brachyscome latisquamea) Shark Bay Mallee (Eucalyptus roycei) Tamala Rose (Diplolaena grandiflora) Dune Wattle (Acacia ligulata) Everlastings (Schoenia cassiniana) Feather Flower (Verticordia cooloomia) Halgania (Halgania littoralis) Scarlet Runner (Kennedia prostrata)

Carpets of yellow and white Everlastings will welcome you on your drive down Shark Bay Road as you turn off North West Coastal Highway. To see specimens of Shark Bay Daisy and Tamala Rose we suggest a visit to Nicholson Point in Denham, you’ll smell the fragrant air as you approach. If you are searching for the Shark Bay Mallee, this can be found in the Tree Heath which is located at Southern Nanga Bay and Eastern Tamala. Happy Wildflower hunting.


Images: Main-Couple enjoying wildflower picnic; Below-Left, Tamala Rose; Right, Shark Bay Daisy (all courtesy Tourism WA)

underwater odyssey

These sheltered waters support the world’s largest meadows of seagrass and is home to a population of more than 10,000 dugongs, humpback whales and the famous bottlenose dolphins of Monkey Mia. In and around the bays, inlets and islands you will find a host of wildlife including turtles, prawns, scallops, sea snakes and sharks, sponge gardens and other invertebrates, together with a unique mix of tropical and temperate fish species. Divers can look forward to an underwater odyssey with corals in large patches such as at Broadhurst. Monkey Rock out from Steep Point in about 6 to 18 metres, is one of the area’s most renowned dive sites. Dive charters are available and this is recommended as the best way to dive in Shark Bay if you don’t have good local knowledge. Non-divers can have just as much fun, with an array of marine or boat-based adventures on offer. They include daily tours, boat cruises, fishing safaris, sea kayaking, whale watching and much more. The Shark Bay dolphins have long been renowned for their use of marine sponges as tools. Previous research has demonstrated that dolphin mothers’ pass the tradition of sponge use down to their daughters and some sons and three generations of spongers have been observed so far in Shark Bay. Above information obtained via Images: Main-Shark Bay Marine Park (Will Wardle); Below-Scuba Diver & Dugong (Shark Bay Dive); Bottlenose Dolphin (courtesy Tourism WA)

Shark Bay Marine Park page 29


r Like s at A u

ist o

is cat 2 Cru

in this incredibly untouched World Heritage Area.

Breathe in the fresh salty air of nature’s aquarium on the only boat licenced to interact with marine life in the exclusion zone on a 1-3 hour cruise. Tours include Monkey Mia Marine Life Cruise, Fresh n Wet Cruise & Sundowner Cruise.

Spoil yourself & explore Shark Bay on a special private 1-4 day cruise. Private tours include Discover Dirk Hartog Island, Steep Point Adventure & Cape Peron Escape.

D N A G N I D E E F K R A SH S R U O T M AQUARIU stralia’s most


eT TIckLIne on !


See some ofeAliufe on a guided amazing mahrina marine biologist tour wit

D N A G N I V DI S I R A F A S MARINdaEy of excitement Join us for aeep Point and exploring StIsland. Dirk Hartog vailable

PADI Courses a e v i d y a b k shar Book online at

S R U O T D 4W Y A B K R A SH adventures to

kr oo u Bo T e Your n onLI ! W no

1 Ocean Park Rd, Shark Bay, Western Australia, 6537 • Tel. 08 9948 1765

Exciting 4WDustralia’s most some of A d significant impressive atunral treasures na

/oceanparkwa /oceanparkwa /oceanpark_wa

Aquarium Open 7 days 9AM-5PM • Oceans Restaurant 9AM -3PM • Overlooking the ocean • Air conditioned • Casual dining • See sharks, rays and dolphins from the balcony • Light meals Kids menu • Vegetarian options • WI-FI • Licensed bar • Functions • Parties • Weddings • Gift shop • Dive gear & tank refills • Interactive guided tours • Natural history tours

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30/03/2017 4:28 pm

Shark Bay live aboard fishing charters 70ft Lady Grace Fishing remote areas off Steep Point & Dirk Hartog Islands All fishing gear, on board accommodation and meals supplied Bookings call : 08 93392432

Half Day Full Day & Sunset 4WD

TOURS Come stay with us & immerse yourself in the Shark Bay wilderness. For accommodation or tours

0407 890 409 page 33


Meet the

Call 1800 871 570 Image: Relaxing on the foreshore at Denham (courtesy Australia’s Coral Coast)

Guest Services Deluxe Rooms

all day dining

LICENSED BAR & Â Restaurant

Accommodation: Deluxe Spacious Ensuite Rooms Personal Balcony (*Ocean View Rooms) Free Continental Breakfast Iron facilities, Free Wifi & IPOD Dock Tea & Coffee making facilities Microwaves in rooms TV, Foxtel & Free Movies (2 channels) Secured Undercroft parking $10 p/d Free external Parking Family Options on request: Rooms with adjacent door Bed configurations - King or Twin Rollaway & Sofa Bed available Resort Facilities: Swimming Pool Guest Laundry Undercover Secured Parking Car Hire & Airport Transfers Dining Choices: Fully licensed Bistro Oceanview Alfresco Dining Daily Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Menu Lounge & Saloon Bars & Bottleshop Conference & meeting facilities Functions & catering

a: 73-75 Knight Terrace, Denham WA 6537 p: +61 (08) 9948 1133 e: w: @hrsb_wa heritageresortsharkbay

Oceanside Village SHARK BAY WESTERN AUSTRALIA +61 (0) 8 9948 3003

absolute beachfront

We offer modern self-contained 1 & 2 bedroom villas, conveniently located walking distance to shops and restaurants and only a short drive to the famous Monkey Mia Dolphins & Francois Peron National Park. Free Wifi & Foxtel Fully Equipped Kitchen Linen & Towels Guest Laundry

Swimming Pool Air Conditioning Guest BBQ Area Ample boat & trailer parking 117 Knight Tce, Denham, WA Freecall 1800 680 600

BOOK TODAY | 9948 1385

We are centrally located, only 50 metres from the main beach & conveniently within walking distance to the main shopping area of Shark Bay. We also hold the title of the Caravan Park closest to the most westerly point in Australia. Pet Friendly | Gas Refills | We Sell Ice Onsite

under new management

family friendly 'stay at the park with a pool'

(08) 9948 1387 BOOKINGS: 1800 803 492

Caravan & Tent Sites | Ensuite & Budget Cabins Pool | Convenience Store | Camp Kitchen | BBQs 10 Spaven Way, Denham, WA Gas Refills | Ice | Pets Welcome

t Mos s ’ a i tel” tral “Aus terly Ho Wes

Th grea e “Old P t atm ub osph ”, ere!

“The Old Pub”

Shark Bay Hotel/Motel & Restaurant A visit to the famous “Old Pub” is a must when you come to Shark Bay. Mix and mingle with all the “characters of Shark Bay” in our typical Aussie pub. Clean, comfortable rooms at budget prices. Great food, great atmosphere.

Welcome to the Old Pub

Play Pool & Darts

cular! as specta Lunch w ing Fish with hit eat Fresh W beer! Gr la ld o c e ic Pau an nk you – a th e ic v ser

Fun pub, good vibes, great staff... – Millie

Ocean View

The only TAB in town

atmospheres One of the best ast! on the west co back there :) Can’t wait to be – Storm

Restaurant with Atmosphere

iendly Great place, fr views ul tif staff, beau Paul – s er be and cold

Great food, cold beer, frie ndly well trained staff, rooms are excellent for a country pub, view out the front door is to die for. over all a gre at place to visit and stay for a while. – Bo b

Friendly Locals

Amazing Sunset Bar

Comfortable Rooms

Just a nice country pub. Friendly staff and some amusing locals – Rudi


43 Knight Terrace, Shark Bay, Denham WA 6537 P: (08) 9948 1203

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ALL MECHANICAL REPAIRS New Car Servicing and Diagnostics QualiďŹ ed Mechanics

TYRE SERVICE Fit - Balance - Align Automotive Batteries

SMASH REPAIRS All Recognised Insurance Repairs TILT TRAY TOWING Vehicles - Boats - Trailers Caravan Recovery and Relocation Anywhere - Anytime

Mick: 0427 333 590

Michael: 0467 670 136

Windscreens Caravan and Trailer Repairs

52 Vlamingh Cres Denham WA 6537



BREAKFAST – LUNCH – DINNER Situated mere metres from the shores of Dolphin Beach and affording picturesque views of Shark Bay, The Boughshed Restaurant delivers a unique culinary experience.




7A M

1 Monkey Mia Road Denham – CALL (08) 9948 1320 TO BOOK A TABLE

relaxed easy, seaside dining atmosphere Fish and chips on the foreshore, sitting out on the deck at one the many alfresco dining areas, casual cafe’s, more extensive menus at the hotels and resorts, it is all here waiting for you!

The Old Pearler Restaurant an evening meal in this nostalgic little gem made out of shells on the Denham foreshore is a ‘must do’ on the itinerary, be sure to book or you may be disappointed. Oceans Restaurant - Just 10 kilometres out of Denham, Ocean Park is not just about our ‘Award Winning’ Shark Feeding experience it is also an awesome place to start the day sitting on the deck overlooking the bay for breakfast or a memorable lunch. Heritage Resort - Every day at the ‘Hero’ on the foreshore in Denham starts with a great cooked breakfast offering the lot! Lunch & Dinner options include out on the deck watching the spectacular sunsets or sit inside in the air-conditioned comfort of the licensed dining room.

RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort - The Boughshed Restaurant has a great range of local favourites - a great place to eat while you watch the famous ‘Dolphin Feeding’ experience. Open for Breakfast, Lunch or a delicious evening meal. ‘Monkey Bar’ is open from midday until late, sip a cocktail in a relaxed casual setting. Shark Bay Hotel - this popular hotel right on the foreshore in Denham is a favourite hangout of the locals. Full dining menu in a relaxed casual atmosphere, enjoy a beverage as you watch the fishing boats come in for the day. Bakery & Cafes - breakfast, coffee or lunch, stroll along the foreshore in Denham in the evening enjoy a wood fired pizza. page 43

Sharkbay Visitor Guide 2017  

Gayna McBride Design - I would like to share my most recent achievement | Designing the Shark Bay Visitor Guide. I endeavored to feature the...

Sharkbay Visitor Guide 2017  

Gayna McBride Design - I would like to share my most recent achievement | Designing the Shark Bay Visitor Guide. I endeavored to feature the...